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MA Mar 5
You ain't my type of song
I don't even want to sing along
But you're ever so stubborn
You have shattered my cover

And here I lay on this bed
I feel like I'm Rolling In The Deep
Sinking, drowning with the thoughts in my head
Thinking.... we could've had it all
If only I could sing the entire song

We could've Set Fire to The Rain
If that is even a thing
Or stop the Turning Tables
Like we used to play When We Were Young

It does feel like a Million Years Ago
But All I Ask is...
If this is my last night tonight,
Know that I will always say Hello from the other side

I may be Chasing Pavements
But I will always Send My Love to Someone Like You
This is my Sweetest Devotion
So once again I'll go back to rollin'
Just fun stuff I did a few years back.
Richard Frank Feb 14
This day of love,
My heart slowly wants to crack
Slowly and foolishly weak
It starts to crumble into pieces,
Like stars that we once wished to in the sky

A wished selfishly forgotten by the gods
Loved washed away by tears of our broken hearts
But the Gods should remain still,
For this Valentines Day
My heart will never break apart
Mark Toney Jan 3


Mike. . .




Mary :)


                                   Mischievous ;)

Mistake. . .


                                   ~Meh. . .

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
01/03/2020 - Poetry form: Alliteration - Each poem in my Alliterative Alphabet Series describes conversations between two or more people while only using words that start with the first letter of the title of the poem. I’m publishing the poems as I write them on, not necessarily in alphabetical order. My goal is to write at least 26 poems to cover each letter of the alphabet. I hope you find the concept interesting, maybe even clever. Most of all I hope you enjoy them :) - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2020
Starry May 2019
Don't shoot.
Don't run.
Don't hide.
Just fly.
"Idk why she swallowed a fly, I guess she'll die."
Starry May 2019
I start and end with T
and I seem to be very flavorful and glee
with the Tea inside of me
What starts with T, end with T, and has T in it? TEAPOT
Ike May 2019
I hate love my life so much
I wish it would just end go on infinite
If my entire life has been torture
My entire life has been beauty
Every waking moment pain bliss sleep
I can can't decipher or begin to explain
Yet I am forty eight words in.
Forever to end beginning tomorrow
I love with all my heart
I am dead inside.
Tim Garemore Apr 2019
I've a particular bias
against words that don't conform to the way
that appears beautiful to me

Works that are right-justified
or unjustified
or rhyme too much (or little)
even just using bold or italics

I'm amazed at how I call what I make poems
and therefore myself a poet
and find nearly no pleasure in most poetry
I'm so picky about poems I read yet so unwilling to critically evaluate what I write myself.
Outcast Dreamer Mar 2019
Might I be a bit too cold-hearted right now,
maybe a bit confused, lost and wandering...
I mean, decadence is definitely not easy,
face after face changes, nothing is still.

Who am I? Who are you?
I don't know and I don't care,
maybe I do, but it's inaudible...

Drifting, falling, drowning, fading,
waning, losing, slipping, laughing...?

I don't make sense,
I mean, I tried, but it all falls apart...

The chaos in my veins,
Rings loud in my ears,
Sinks numb into my brain,
Wrenches my heart with fear.

Too silent, too loud...
There's nothing that I can visualize.
Me? Who I am?
You? Who are you?
Place? To call home? My own??

Who's the one that laughs so near?

2016 was last when  I posted, but not the last when I wrote.
2019 has been a ****** start. Maybe that's why I am back.
Why did I ever leave?
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