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Garrett Johnson Sep 2021
Put them around mine.

Full of fake happiness.
Forced poems.
& eyeshadow.
All as the cars go by.
Of the style.
And demise.
Written weary for the try.
Pretty bi.
Because of course.

Garrett Johnson.
Summer Wright Nov 2019
When we lay together
Our fingers touch the sky
All my fears melt away
My senses are flooded with your
Scent, your soft skin again mine
Your beautiful blue eyes staring into mine.

When we lay together
Everything falls away and it's just you and I
Our bodies intertwined
Entrapped in one another.

When we lay together I can almost forget what you've done
The heart break you've caused me
The utter pain in my heart from you betraying me.

When we lay together, your beautiful blue eyes captivate me
When we lay together, our fingers touch the sky.
Darby Nov 2019
A Bitter Taste is your legacy.
the mark you chose to leave on me;
one of wasted time, and wasted space.
a mark I can't seem to erase;
those words you spoke to me
while laying in my company
over and over and over again.
blink 3 times if you hear me
tobi Dec 2018
i feel like i can’t move
i have no motivation to
so i don’t
but laying in my bed
i also feel so powerful
and like i can change the world
but i can’t
because i’m laying in my bed
lost in my own head
i’m stuck
Phi Kenzie Sep 2018
Arms spread wide
knees bent in respect of tension
attention on your insides
spiraling out in spirit
hearing your heart beat

Feel the hum of life
teem within the absence
Shadow Dragon May 2018
you make most of your mistakes on white linen,
but Im laying on red rose petals.
Vivian Zems Feb 2018
“stay low, go fast,

**** first, die last,

one shot, one ****,

no luck, all skill”

(Unofficial Navy Seal Slogan)

I stand at the graveside watching
as each person steps forward
to throw dirt on the coffin

I study each face closely
and marvel at all humanity
What is it about funerals
that causes all to attend?

And yet in a life well spent
not a visit, not even a scent
I laid down my life, as you see
laid it so they could be free

It must be a sense of duty
now they come to visit me
Oh- the hypocrisy of humanity!
And now another journey awaits me

I soar to meet passing clouds
caught in the upstream of wind
a final glance, and just by chance
I catch your eyes following me

©Vivian Zems
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