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Garrett Johnson May 2019
No directions.

Travel down this here icy river.
Sleep in the car.
Catch a cold.
Burn parallel sticks of cancer.
Back against cold bark.
Lack of confidence.
Black sweater.
She forgot to progress.
Her story was nice.
Dark pine.
It’s getting dark outside.
It’s too good inside.
Buried fire letters.
They were never sent.
I’ll get out of here soon.
Washington county.
Pyro slugs.
All caught up in tear sleeves.
I’ll help your helping hand.
No help here.
The world made cones are my saviors.
Your neon wounds have been saved.
Helping paper cup.
Your friendly neighborhood razor cuts.
Hands grasping forest side.
I’ll forever.
Be by your side.

Garrett Johnson.
Oliver O'Connor Mar 2019
I see, I see
What you don't see

Maybe you refuse
Or glance the other way
You break off your gaze
And dart in the other direction

I see, I see
How you stare at me

You don't want to, yet
You cannot help yourself
In classes, the hall,
As I'm at my locker

I see, I see
That you miss me

You want everything back
Everything right like before
All the kisses, the hugs,
The late night texts -


I see - you see,
It wasn't meant to be.
Nica Monet Sep 2017
if only you knew
that i love you dearly and true
since then till now, i say
i still do.
it pains me seeing you go
a several days without
saying hello

so i whispered in your ear,
"i missed you"

now yo    u know
that i still think of you
but i gotta let you go,
my princess.
my rose

my tender sweet green eyed beauty
she's one hell of a cutie.
i'm glad we're still friends.
Amanda Jul 2015
Don't give me dreams of holding her
when she's far from within my reach.
Don't let me dream of her lips
when she's so far away from me.
And don't give me dreams of her legs
intertwining with mine.
Please don't ask me how I'm doing,
cause I'll swear I'm doing just fine.
I can't have dreams of her looking at me
when I lie down and close my eyes.
I can't fathom a life without her
but all I have now are
sleepless lullabies.
Amanda Apr 2015
It's better
that I don't hear your voice
every single night
Because when I do
hear it after
It's as if you
called me up
just to say
one more time.

And *it's better

that we don't see each other
nearly as often
as we used to -
I reminisce
on what we used to do.

And now?
Nothing's changed.
All I (still) want
*is you.
Amanda Feb 2015
I feel too deeply;
I know.
You mustn't tell me
which way the wind blows.
Love is not merely a four-letter word -
something to be taken lightly.
It is a whispered promise
only heard
by those who can truly see.
Seeing with the heart,
sometimes you go blind.
And I swear, I might be..
I'm out of my mind.


It is the skin from which I'm bread,
the blood pulsing through my veins -
It is the thoughts running,
running through my head
with every breath that I take.

I've got memories lined up
like dominoes -
I can tell you which belongs to whom.
These are the stones that life throws,
though you may feel it's far too soon.

Nostalgia is my worst enemy,
yet, we waltz
every single night.
I remember, bittersweet,
her holding me,
& simultaneously trying to forget
with all my might.

But memories,
they're my favorite ghosts
who continue to haunt my dreams.
Where everything is so lovely,
and for once, once more:
everything is what it seems.
Crucifix Feb 2015
Her hair could catch fire to the wind.
Her emerald eyes gave her name away, made the earth stand still every day.
Her body was the sun, she said I was "the one" now I wish to god I wasn't because all that's good is gone.
she didn't leave me without trace of sin, my tears carry on the wind. She left a fire in my soul. Even if she's dead and gone she
didn't leave an empty hole. I can now stand atop the moral totem pole, and god can play his games. But I will only answer when she calls my name.
I miss her a lot.
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