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Garrett Johnson May 2019
No directions.

Travel down this here icy river.
Sleep in the car.
Catch a cold.
Burn parallel sticks of cancer.
Back against cold bark.
Lack of confidence.
Black sweater.
She forgot to progress.
Her story was nice.
Dark pine.
It’s getting dark outside.
It’s too good inside.
Buried fire letters.
They were never sent.
I’ll get out of here soon.
Washington county.
Pyro slugs.
All caught up in tear sleeves.
I’ll help your helping hand.
No help here.
The world made cones are my saviors.
Your neon wounds have been saved.
Helping paper cup.
Your friendly neighborhood razor cuts.
Hands grasping forest side.
I’ll forever.
Be by your side.

Garrett Johnson.
Oliver O'Connor Mar 2019
I see, I see
What you don't see

Maybe you refuse
Or glance the other way
You break off your gaze
And dart in the other direction

I see, I see
How you stare at me

You don't want to, yet
You cannot help yourself
In classes, the hall,
As I'm at my locker

I see, I see
That you miss me

You want everything back
Everything right like before
All the kisses, the hugs,
The late night texts -


I see - you see,
It wasn't meant to be.
Grey May 2018
Nights driving home I stop by our spot
A small stretch of road where cigarette paper and energy drinks find home
A blow to my heart as I remember how you use to be
Fearless and caring
Reckless and daring
Strong and free
Bold and wild
We roamed the streets of our town
We ruled the world that was ours
We fell in love now I know to be a mistake
Eagerly I jumped in and asked for you
Anxiously you jumped and asked for me
We were young and innocent
We were foolish and blind
Asking for your hand in marriage was arrogant of me
You asked for me to marry you
Too young. Too stupid. Too boastful.
My soul, I was forever wed to you
So I shall be till the end of time.
You grew up and I was too careless
You left and I was too late
Like the wolf howls at the moon
I will long for you my love
I will love you even though I cannot have you.
A girl who played with satan
Grey May 2018
A Psycopath and A Sociopath
She was my one and only
You may think I'm crazy for still loving her
I suppose a Joker and Harley love never lasts
I was the one who broke her heart
She was innocently in love and I broke her
While I had my fun and games she worried
While I played with the devil she pleaded
I should've seen it before.
The Girl who danced with the Devil was a free colorful soul
She deserves better than the rotten demon
She deserves more than a broken beast.
Now he showed her life and she fell for flowers
Roses and Life are what she deserves.
Blood and Death are my life not hers.
McKenna my dear I will love you till the end of time..
Grey May 2018
The one who loves with their whole heart never sees the future
A love that is endless is broken and burned
She beams with life and gambles with Lucifer
A love that is scorned and purged
He stole your heart away from my broken hands
You fell for him because he showed vibrant colors
I showed you beauty in darkness that is grand
My love stolen by the beauty of flowers
All I have was yours and it was not beautiful enough for you
You are my love in infinite time even if I'm not your love..
Grey May 2018
The past awakens in my weary eyes as I lie here
A beauty beyond the stars
A young innocent love, my dear
We could have soared higher and traveled farther
The hopes of a future within our grasp
A phantom and dark beauty
Would I find love at last!
A pain to leave me with anxiety
Finding love left to the past and haunting dreams of my future
You were the fire that lit my soul
A beauty who stole my heart, you.
I should've seen the end sooner
My love you have gone
A love that will never die
Grey Apr 2018
She gambled with Death
She wrestled with Life
She played with Satan
She was a deadly weapon
She was beautiful Darkness
She was my love for a brief moment in infinite time
She's a beautiful poetic soul
She's a strong lover but also a fierce fighter
She is the one who holds my heart
She is the one who broke my heart
She is the one stolen by time
She is the Girl who played with Satan
Nica Monet Sep 2017
if only you knew
that i love you dearly and true
since then till now, i say
i still do.
it pains me seeing you go
a several days without
saying hello

so i whispered in your ear,
"i missed you"

now yo    u know
that i still think of you
but i gotta let you go,
my princess.
my rose

my tender sweet green eyed beauty
she's one hell of a cutie.
i'm glad we're still friends.
Poetrylover Aug 2017
January 5th....
The day where I lost and left
Everything that I've ever cared about.
On this day I had a doubt,
That our first kiss
was going to be our last.
When our lips danced and cuddled
I felt that the world stopped moving,
What mattered was that moment,
A moment that I was afraid of letting go,
Because I knew
it was going to be my last day with her around.
It broke my heart that I had to leave,
But she brought me back into one piece…
Her warm breath sliding down my upper lip
Felt like that warm breeze
During a cold day,
Our lips were dancing on the tunes of our feelings,  
Our minds are caught up in the moment,
Afraid of letting go.
Every girl after her felt and seemed worthless,
Because no one has the warmth of her lips.
I would love to hold her hand for one last time,
And feel the warmth of her lips one last time.
leaving and  letting go of someone you've really loved is hard. So love your significant others and never hurt them.
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