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Regarding Suzi but it's cold.

Pulsatilla to help.
Distant from.
Persistent smoke pouring.
Photo of boredom.
Soho and never.
Ending because I feel like I'm gonna throw up this neon peering through the hair, the shakes.
**** it's cold.

Garrett Johnson.
Thinkin about that.... oh that's right
LC Jan 2020
sadness took my hand
and refused to let go.
I couldn't stop shivering,
and she was the reason why.
I acknowledged her words
then told her, "it's not you, it's me,"
let go of her hand, and felt warm again.
copious stories
are told about it
and it is of a floating
figure's fit

on one of them
coming into your view
it may give you a
shivering chill's preview

it can be loitering
on a dark stairway
waiting to unnerve
your very clay

dare you walk into
the old mason's yard
for there's a phantom
inside the said yard

Vincent Price can readily
evoke a scream
as his voice lends its self
to such a deem
Wake up cold, shivering, and alone.
When will that change?
Pyrrha Dec 2018
Im full of love
I find it in everything
It fills me up
Yet even when im full of all this warmth
The absence of a place to let it flow into
Leaves me shivering
rey Oct 2018
‘tis the season,
of coldness.
my frost-bitten
figertips are sick
of the cold.
my red nose
and rosy cheeks
burning from the snow.
i wish i could drown
in the hot-cocoas
i long for.
my shivering arms
and cold toes
just want to be warm.
the darkness of the winter
makes the darkness
in my mind
find it’s way back.
spark me a flame—
thaw my cold heart
and hands.
remind me of warm thoughts,
the summer sun,
the burning of hot sand—
ugh, there’s only
snowflakes and frost.
i guess i’ll deal until
the warmness
finds its way back.
III Jun 2018
I so often
Convince my thoughts
That I lose my soul
Among the unknowing
And empty, drifting space
Of whatever it means
To be alive
Because I like the
"Adventure" of it,

But only here,
In the murmuring
Hum of a bedside
Lamp glowing against
The ache of

Only now,
From behind the safety of
My flimsy bedsheets
Covered in lint
Will I admit

I don't know what I'm doing.

And I'm t͢e͢r͢r͢i͢f͢i͢e͢d͢
     I'm doing it all wrong.
Logan Elizabeth Sep 2017
but today the breeze penetrates my clothes
straight to the bone, shivering
without your warmth
the universe knows what today is
as if it were someway to make today one of mourning
my father's birthday
the day I learned you never loved me
the day I mourn the love of the men I crave
the day I mourn a love they are not capable of giving me.
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