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Styles May 2014
I am scared to death, of
being scared to death.
In regards to Talent
Styles Apr 2021
I wrap you in leaf,
   and you wrap me in smoke,
together we're dope as ****,
     when I'm stuck,
           lift me,
               like a pick up truck,
                          that's what's up!
Styles Sep 2015
Absent of
Love, is
Styles Sep 2016
should be
the abstract of love.
Yet, not is true in nature.
The very existence of one,
is the very creation of the other.
Styles Sep 2015
A room door smashes
the hinges fall to the floor
young child crying
can't take it anymore
mother fighting
father drunk and
drinking some more
hear momma crying
as the child picks up the phone
9-1-1 calling; now
policeman at the door
momma already lying
putting on a show
Just another fight --
have a good night --
and she closes the door
now he's lying promises hurt us anymore
she loves him so much - our pain they ignore.
Styles Apr 2020
I remember that night
when our stars aligned
the memory still fresh in my mind
attraction at first sight at the speed of light
our worlds collided and our universe was created
the synergy of our chemistry
it mattered mentally so it metamorphosized physically
we didn't make each other, yet, we created us organically
like two atoms coming together
the explosion implodes literally
  manifesting something that didn't exist
creating something that consumes you entirely
Styles Nov 2019
I want to trace
your signature
with my lips
until I can
taste your
Styles Jun 2020
The walls painted,
In the accent of lavender,
air tainted with *** scents,
of him and her.
Styles Jan 2016
I need you like a
skin needs touch
I long for your rush
flowing over me with every touch
my temperature rising
color turning flush
I can never get enough
feeling you on my skin
the longlasting shadows of your touch
fighting off these feelings
is getting tough
I want to consume you
slowly exhale you like a huff
then take another puff
I love you in the flesh
and will remember you as dust
fall asleep in your arms
and never wake up
Styles Sep 2015
Her love is an addiction,
That's way too much for me.
Playing the role of a victim,
My heart still blames me,
for her victory over the rest of me.
It hurts so good, the way she loves --
Changed my life, wrong or right
Slowly she re-writes my whole story.
Fiening for her love, a fien in need of my company. Pains me for her to go, hurts when she has to leave. In her world of addictions, her addict I will always be. Walk away, I've tried -- I wasn't meant to leave. Taking over my life, the trip-- is my destiny. Before I let her go, it will be the death of me. Gave her all of my love, my heart has no vacany. Took my life and stole my soul, her vibes have full control of me. She went from just something I wanted -- to something I will always need. More than just a high, more like a living fantasy.
Styles Oct 2019
addicted to an addict,
is an addiction in itself.
the more I fien for her,
the more I realize I need some help.
the more I become addicted to her,
the less I think about myself.
the harder I chase her,
the faster she runs away from herself.
the one thing I need in life  
is the only thing she takes away.
Styles Nov 2019
I see the sins written in your eyes
no matter what you say
I won't listen to your lies
do what you have to do
at this point, I am not surprised
You are who you are
It's your own demise
fooled me twice
the lessons left me wise
broke my heart once
the scares my only prize
say what you want to say
the truth never lies
Styles Sep 2015
You are an addiction;
                    transfixed -- I am, intoxicated by you.
                    I need to inhale you.
                    watching you exhale is so pleasurable.
                    sensations -- so sensational.
                    you are insatiable.
Styles Oct 2019
Ever since I felt you in my veins
I will never be the same
got me chasing your high
so I can outrun my pain
Styles Jul 2019
Salacious thought
Brought on by persuasion
A part of the equation
That equals the occasion
Addicted to the rush
The high is amazing
Subside; never does the craving
The need I’m evading
But the flesh is weak
And the need is strong
My resistance is fading
Styles Jan 2017
I know that you miss me
by the way you tease
I know that you want it baby
I got what you need
I know you miss us baby
what we got is real
I know how you like it
make you love how it feels
come here let me give it to you
you don't even have to say please
I know how you like it baby
I got what you need.
Styles Jun 2015
She was the dream;
               that nightmares come from.
               An angel without wings,
               even her sins were welcome.
This woman is invincible.
               Thin waistline and beauty- full.
               Dress hugging her thighs; irresistible.
Some just break your heart.
                She tore my whole world apart,
                the more I try and forget her,
                the more I want her; more.
                            Broke my heart; by her principle.
                            Addicted to her love, like never before --
Styles Dec 2014
I think you got me mistaken, for someone else. I don't know you, not the way you think I do. I am want you promised you would never need, the thing you tried to never want, but couldn't resist. The very thought of me sends your pulse racing. Your mouth waters as your mind races as desire clouds your thought. Sad but true I control you more than you do. Inside each and every thought fatal attraction like a drug and the person who bought its based on pure satisfaction to the point  the dependency guides your actions it can be a drug or a human being the same is for you as is for me. An addiction isn't always a drug you need, it's more about what you don't what to feel or see. Lately my vice as been getting the best of me cause it gets me more than I understand me.
Styles Dec 2015
Although I';m touring,
I’m on the road, with you on my mind.
You don't know I miss you,
cause I don't take the time.
to show you how much I need you
or what you meant to me, and without its misery
and without you I would lose my mind
You can’t leave me, Baby - that’s a no no
We can try to hide it, but we both know
this is more than just an addiction
without you I can’t survive
I need your touch, I need your vibes
look almost as good as you feel inside
I know you love it when I touch your thighs,
I see you smiling, while I watch your eyes.
I know you want me,
mutual feeling
we can’t deny.
we shouldn’t fight this feeling
so don't even try.

It will happen eventually,
your body language said, evidently
so let’s just look at this intellectually
let my tongue, stimulate you mentally.
so these words touch you, like you are feeling me.
and you can get the message, like reality.
Don't know if you can tell by my actions
that I love you, with a passion
I need you, so we can float away
Love the way you touch me,
the way you make time go by.
love the way you feel me,
I’m so addicted to your high.
Even when you are gone,
you are right there by my side.
You take my world over,
when you take me to the other side.
Styles Jun 2014
Stop trying to waste your time, analyzing their lies.
It will leave you in a straight- suit: Suited, ready to die.
That's why you being real, is the only real hope,
Real has at, really staying alive.
So don't let them **** your vibe.
The art needs your craft to survive.
These characters needing your mind,
The sheets are feinding for you lines.
These rhythms need your rhymes.
The game needs your heart;
So the art form will be loved until the end of its time.
I need the real thing;
Purest of its kind,
Coming straight from the heart
Spoken from the mind
With real penmenship; word smiths-
Sharper than a thin line.
Quick witted; Stanzas that
Stand, hand-in-hand with mine.
Inspired by emotion; immortalized;
within lines. Talent is a gift;
Being gifted is a prize - and experience never lies.
Life is tricky - Rule one; just keep a few things in mind; themes that keep repeating in your life - use your ability to write to express them, and the utilize the comfort of a notebook to store and remember them; just in case you forget rule one: Note: if you have to look back to see what rule one was, then: my case in point.
Styles Aug 2014
Stop thinking about the lost, forget the cost.
move on, don't even count the lost.
spoken like a Boss, from a Boss.
The power of will, and strength of the mind,
heals everything over time; don't exhaust?
All is, as it should be.
Perfection is only as a could be.
Four shadowing what it would be.
Calling big shoots,
cornering pockets,
until the ball drops.
blowing up spots,
like Small Pox.
Styles Jan 2018
This pain is as painful
as pain full of pain
tears drop and pour
drowning the void that is my core
who fears what is not his own heart
he cares not
like the knot in his throat
he hears not
what his heart doesn't know
he fears not
what his mind already knows
the pain of hurt
seep deep and creep into his soul
the part that is left seeks
the part that made him whole
Styles Mar 2017
I want to lick her dry
like a broken pen
do it so good
make her wet again
until I my point
all the way to the end
do it so good
she asked me to *** again
once again
Styles Oct 2014
Touch my
So I
Can feel

Kiss my
So I
Can breathe
Styles Mar 2020
When I touch you
I feel you
in a way
that touches me.
When they reach for you
they barely grasp you
and still you
let them *******.

Styles Dec 2015
The Heart's saddest fear is realizing that you are madly in love with someone that isn't real.
Styles Jul 2014
Life isn't always easy - if it was, then it wouldn't be called life.
true story
Styles Jun 2017
True love is vane,
      A heart can't feel true love,
                       Until it touches pain.
Styles Jan 2015
When you left, I thought you were gone.
at least that part of me did. the part you always let down.
the part that waited up for you, when you never came around.
Such a small gesture, with an impact so profound.
I learned to be stand up guy, from all my let downs.
learned from the school of hard knocks, graduated with cap and gown.  
I'm finding my way, going through all these up and downs.
getting rid of all this dead weight, can't let it hold me down.
push comes to shove, i gotta find that common ground.
because what goes up, most come down so if you can't swim you drown. That's how most kings lose their crown. Success waits for no one, especially with Karma lurking around.
Styles Sep 2014
I've been calling and texting you all day
Either you mad, or I'm just taking things the wrong way.
We usually work things out, but lately you've been different,
You know what I'm talking bout. Instead of staying, you rather walk out,
Stay out late with your friends, I'm starting to doubt. This type of stress I rather do without.
Styles Jun 2020
The depth of the love,
Is never as deep as the wounds,
The loved leave behind,
When they leave you;
Styles Sep 2014
thought, of your
Styles May 2015
Sometimes being lost is the best place to be.
Sometimes know better doesn't matter.
Never the less, we are all secluded on this hopeless planet, trapped in a world of confusion saturated with hate. Alone facing absent minded people, clothed like a human. Blinded by wealth and heartless pursuit of it.
Styles Sep 2014
Shy look.
Dark grey eyes, same color as a rainy sky.
Full lips,
Full hips,
Full thighs.
Long hair; same color as sun rise.
Long nails; French tips, colored tequila sunrise.
High heels; 6'feet high.
Heartbreaker; broken hearts piled mile high.
Looking for attention,
From all the wrong guys.
Shaking her ***.
Laughing at his lies.
Just to fit in.
****** in.
Now, she's
Ran out of luck
Barely hanging on to nothing.
Styles Jun 2016
I, dip my fingers in your honey sweet sap.
Steering your emotions with sensations of passion.
Loathing the moments in between, with the patience of a feind;
for the instant our flesh meet;
then going far in between --
filling your blossom with seed,
releasing you of your need.
Embraced by your fragrance,
entranced by the scent,
of your bitter sweet, sweetness,
both heaven sent --
dripping from my tip,
the essence of your tenderness.
entrenched by your loveliness.
Styles May 2014
Wanna know a secret?

Sometimes, when I'm alone. I cry, but like a man.
You know, like that man my father was when he didn't hold me.
Because holding me, close to his heart, might teach me comfort; which is a weakness -such a quality is not fit for a man. At least that's the excuse his father gave him. Me, 10, I know better. So my question; who's the real man- The man pretending, or the child paying attention?
Fathers, need to stop being men.
and be Fathers.
Styles Aug 2016
If you were not;
exquisite would be extinct--
opulent is your beauty
your presence is grace
without you I would perish
protected by your embrace
Styles Jun 2015
She ain't a saint.
She's an angel named Sinner.
With lips, so devilish
she'll eat you for dinner.
Styles Jun 2015
To spend a night with you;
I would trade
the sun,
the moon
the stars.
Styles May 2016
I remember when we would fight,
night after night.
Saying mean things,
doing things that weren't right.
Spewing venom that was out of sight
Such a shame....
So ******* lame....
Got so bad, I wanted to be by myself.
Got so nasty, we were bad for each others health.
Ended up walking away, and becoming someone else.
Leaving the past in the past,
Treating the present as its wealth.
I don't rely on anyone, but myself
I might not be picture perfect,
But if ******* worth it.
You just don't deserve it.
The love was good until the real pain surfaced.
luckily, for me - everything that happens, has a purpose.
Styles Oct 2014
Your eyes
So bright
Even the stars
Styles May 2015
An Angel judged by men;
       becomes a person -- judged by fools.
       catering to outlandish rules,
       it's only human.
Styles May 2014
Another day,
Another struggle.
A Father sins,
His sons struggle.
Bad news,
Burst the bubble.
Chill pills,
I'll take a couple.
Life's a fight,
So build with muscle.
Don't blame the game,
Blame your hustle.
If life's a Bytch,
Then rock a muzzle.
If she gets you down,
Just relax and snuggle.
Cause when it rains, it pours;
So splash the puddles.
Late the rich rein, and we're poor,
barely surviving daily struggles.
Scratching away life; daily doubles
The good  doing wrong, to ease the troubles.
Styles Sep 2015
That tiny moment,
before your lips touch mine--
So much anticipation.
it literally slows down time;
                                         is what I live for.
Styles Aug 2016
If I could be anywhere in the world,
                      I'd pick being in your heart forever.
Styles Jun 2014
Take everything you've learned, and know about yourself, and ask yourself a question:

If you had a chance to do it all over, knowing what you know now; think about it, and realize - would it really make a difference?

*I didn't think so...
Styles Jun 2014
I come from the gutter; did I stutter?
Between you and me; it’s one or the other.
Had your back; until we turned on one another.
Testing fate is like playing darts in the dark.
Life changes, people getting picked apart.
Real recognize real: keep playing your part.
New beginnings; no idea where to start.
Life’s a *****; no need for a heart to heart.
Ace up both sleeves; she likes them sharp.
Fat ***** singing; I’m ******* her harp.
You only life once; half the time you are in the dark.
Chasing the American dream; in Congress Park.
Styles Feb 12
I looked on, ******* gone,
watching her thick hips sway,
I can't look away.

Slowly she removes her clothes,
My desire grew ten folds.

The scent of her sweet *****
tickles my nose.
She is aroused,
so I arouse.
Styles Jan 2020
Let's make art.
and by art I mean
combining our minds
as our bodies
taking time
face to face
all at the same time.
Styles Nov 2014
I'm one of a kind.
Stuck in my own mine.
The only place I can find, a calm find,
Is the confines, of my own mind.
And it's fine, at least I've
told myself a thousand times.
Now I'm sick of messing around,
Started laying these rhythms.
In perfect line, one at a time
to inspire these inquiring minds.
So they will find;
History, or Herstory, repeating itself
Line after line; over time.
through these thoughts of mine.
All this sadness, at the expense of happiness;
straight up madness.
Killing yourself with this mad stress,
while chasing success, in all ways.
"Always ends up a mess," experiences says.
Taking baby steps towards more unhappiness.
Worry free days, migrates to migraines, with growing pains.
What's perceived as success, should be worth way much less.
Cost of yourself, at the expense of progress, that does not exist. Got you living a dream, while you losing the rest.
Blood thicker than water, but not baguettes or the flesh.
They will, **** you for the dough, then fight amongst themselves over the wealth. Their net worth, worth more than how they value them self. So you "so soon, they forget." And to, get what they want, or perceive as need, they'll use you to get. So be careful,  in the pursuit of happiness, don't lose sight of yourself. Or it will be your final regret.
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