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Mahima khatun Mar 28
Look outside,
It's a beautiful morning
The sun is shining so bright
Birds singing so sweet
Flowers blooming so beautiful
Butterflies flying so colorful.
Take a deep breath,
Put a smile on your face
Think how blessed you are.
You'll never have this day again.
Start this day with a new hope.
Leave every bad memories behind,
Live this day like its your last.
Make it incredible as far as you can
Smile, enjoy this least you can try.
And don't wait for a better tomorrow
Let's make a better today
Sasha Paulona Sep 2020
If your feelings to be wild, language must be wild.

හැඟීම් වල්වැඳිමට නම් භාෂාව වල්වැඳිය යුතුය.
Chinthana Dharmadasa
jg May 2020
Your deceitful words and actions will forever be in my mind.
They hurt like hell but thank to them i stand unblind
And realize with pain, that you were never mine

You ask for a forgivness i can never give,
Despite how much our voices we crave
with that we shall ever live.

You left me with a fear i've never felt,
Your pain made me forget how i used to melt
in your gaze, but now my heart for peace only prays...
Eternity Mar 2020
no wrong love
no more harm
no more... anymore
Goodbye ♥
How beautiful...
Eternity Mar 2020
I just sometimes
want you always
       but not forever !
Eternity Mar 2020
My words to all of you " Dear Poets ";
Please, be and stay safe <3
Blessed !
Blessed !
Just GS May 2019
Isn't this what you wanted -
This voice, does it help?
No matter, what's been written -
Best keep it to yourself
Your words, yes you with the pen -
Tell truths best unsent, let it die
You opened this door,
To a world made to hide
Friends who knew better
Gone, left you behind
Family, leave them
Less burdened by whys
Madness, you have it -
They need not admire
Talk to yourself
Alone they are fine
I said, talk to yourself
Alone they're just fine
I wish you all the best.
Tony Tweedy Mar 2019
Born of mind and heart and folded by the soul,
thus a poets words are forged.
Cast upon the fickle breeze or dispersed by howling gale,
perhaps to find new minds and hearts in which to grow.
Dwell? or Grow?
“How come the saddest writes
Seem to get all the likes?”

There’s literally a proverb for that,
Misery loves company;

Even in the 21st century.
I was thinking about this the other day
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