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4d · 87
Window pane
Styles 4d
A bright soul
so dark it
Breaks my heart.
4d · 456
Styles 4d
Ever since I felt you in my veins
I will never be the same
got me chasing your high
so I can outrun my pain
4d · 70
Styles 4d
an itch
at his back
that he can't scratch
the itch doesn't ever leave
it just fades to black, until one day,
you think it is gone, and it attacks.
4d · 150
Styles 4d
Ever since I felt you;
I rather not live
if l have to live without you
me forgetting you
is doubtful
my feelings for you
are more than just a mouthful
you are the reason
love, at first sight, was so insightful
Oct 5 · 167
I see you.
Styles Oct 5
Love to see you shine
like a star from afar
I see you for who you are
even when you
leave me in
Oct 5 · 126
Styles Oct 5
She's my blessing
learned my lesson
all love is pain
our pain is love
her hurt is my heaven
rather feel soul numbing pain while I am alive
than feel nothing
Oct 5 · 101
Styles Oct 5
Her lips
were two
Oct 5 · 58
Styles Oct 5
Use to be my novocaine
now you are the reason for the pain
may not hurt me on purpose
but it still hurts all the same.
Oct 5 · 658
Styles Oct 5
Her lips
was spoken poetry,
Oct 5 · 283
Styles Oct 5
addicted to an addict,
is an addiction in itself.
the more I fien for her,
the more I realize I need some help.
the more I become addicted to her,
the less I think about myself.
the harder I chase her,
the faster she runs away from herself.
the one thing I need in life  
is the only thing she takes away.
Sep 15 · 295
Styles Sep 15
all the things I have lost
I miss you
the most.
Sep 12 · 901
Styles Sep 12
Sometimes people hurt you;
They don’t mean to,
They don’t intend to,
They just do.
Sep 10 · 2.2k
Styles Sep 10
touch me
tease me
please me
need me
And be greedy
Let our ***
Work us into a frenzy
Don’t be stingy
Touch me
Tease me
please me
Need me
and don’t just say it
Mean it until I feel it
Save the fake for them
Give me the real ****
Let it seep into my soul
Until I feel it my spirit
and became one
with the sum
of the outcome
Sep 6 · 290
Styles Sep 6
In the scarcity of sanity
I agreed to your insanity
Entrusted you with my sanity
And your betrayed it.
It’s a sacrifice of possibility
That you sacrificed so selfishly
I guess, what will never happen
Was never meant to be
Sep 6 · 2.5k
Styles Sep 6
She took me inside her
like I belonged there
We shared a moment;
I felt her world
touched her atmosphere
we went raw
passion has no fear
she became mine
and we came
every where
Sep 6 · 222
Styles Sep 6
I left my scent
on her sheets
so as she lays
she sleeps deep
and dream of we
her tiny hands around my throat
my warm mouth teething her neck
tongue teasing flesh
racing our pulse
lips soaking wet
enticing her selfish needs
her ***** wants most
to be set her free
Sep 6 · 113
Styles Sep 6
In the end
  our history didn't matter
  instead, anger blinded us
  ending our future
  before the present
  even existed
Sep 6 · 2.2k
Styles Sep 6
Before she
she was
already naked
with me:
Sep 6 · 2.4k
Styles Sep 6
Her mound
amounts to
a mouthful of
of the most remarkable
thing I have ever tasted.
Sep 6 · 1.9k
Playing with fire
Styles Sep 6
I wanted to touch your fire;
feel your heat between our flame
I fed into your thirst
Now you prey on me like game
Imploding as we combust
As our skins touch
igniting the spark
That feeds the scorching flame
Burn me deep
Till my windows pane
So forever
This moment
Will remain
Pain is love
So your hurt
I can’t distain.
Sep 3 · 54
Styles Sep 3
My spilled ink:
    Leaked onto her sheets
     staining her *******
     like *** stains
Sep 3 · 139
Styles Sep 3
your love
has poisoned
my faith
in people
my hope
stealing my
Aug 30 · 2.8k
Styles Aug 30
I want to dip
my mind
inside the depths
of your
and salvage
any love
you have buried
inside your soul
Aug 29 · 2.2k
Styles Aug 29
emotions collide
unlocking flood gates
lips locked they are tongue-tied
tongues slidin against each other
bodies grindin against one another
body language speaking the same lingo
sensing the vibes she's dropping
and he's picking up on the signal
Aug 29 · 2.0k
Styles Aug 29
His gentle touch
caressing her face
licking his lips
anticipating her taste

Her eyes staring
at his mouth
awaiting the embrace
anxious with haste

Their lips touch
heart beats race
pulling her closer
tongues together pacing
bodies grinding
waist to waist
no time wasting
climb maxing
to the destiny
that awaits
Aug 29 · 2.5k
Styles Aug 29
The heat of our moment
lite a flame
that can never be distinguished
Aug 20 · 2.5k
Styles Aug 20
I miss the way
your eyes watched me
like a predator stalking its prey
tracing my every move with subtle eye movements
Aug 20 · 155
You asked.
Styles Aug 20
You ask
If I still think of you;
I explain with all honesty
A night does not pass without me
Thanking god that we are the past.
Aug 13 · 594
Styles Aug 13
I hurt myself
because I know
it hurts you
Jul 17 · 4.8k
Styles Jul 17
Lavish lips licking
Lips of lovers kissing
laying limp over one another
Layering the layers together
Naked as the day is bright
No cloud can cover
The love that they
share for each other
Nothing last forever
But never say never
Jul 10 · 982
Styles Jul 10
I want to slither my tongue between your thighs, until your eyes, roll back surprised, at my vibes, as they sympathize, with your needs. Baby breathe, as your lips sheath, my tongue; glistens with ***. Finger-flicking good, until you are done.
Jul 10 · 6.1k
Styles Jul 10
Lather my tongue
In the long lasting taste
Of your lavender lace
Quicken your breathing
Pulse Hastened pace
From Licks lightly placed
In a place that invades your space
The feeling will never be forgotten
And can never be replaced
Like a long lasting taste
Jul 10 · 5.5k
Styles Jul 10
Salacious thought
Brought on by persuasion
A part of the equation
That equals the occasion
Addicted to the rush
The high is amazing
Subside; never does the craving
The need I’m evading
But the flesh is weak
And the need is strong
My resistance is fading
Jul 9 · 4.5k
Styles Jul 9
Eye closed, all alone.
Staring at my phone,
Wondering if it's you calling, ready to bone.
Wondering what it would be like for you to make me moan.
Hopefully dreams became reality, and your hitting it every week
You penetrate right through me, metaphorically and literally...
your words and your touching
******* me mentally  
******* soaked, clinging to my body  
I'm fumbling my words, I don't know what to say
You consume my thoughts, in every which way
Just thinking of you in me, it's somewhat hypnotic
The way you speak, the way you sext, so methodic
Jul 9 · 4.3k
Styles Jul 9
Your taste;
   flavor laced.
   with complexities,
   that are addicting to me.
   tastebuds consistently feening for,
   the texture of your consistency.
Jul 9 · 3.6k
Styles Jul 9
As my lips navigate themselves across your landscape,
                                             seeking your hidden treasure,
                                                  My intentions are revealed.
Jul 9 · 3.6k
Styles Jul 9
Layin on a king-sized bed,
completely naked,  
legs wide spread,
a nectar sacred,
from natures well,
not a single drop wasted,
of the most delicious thing,
I have ever tasted,
life is swell.
Jul 7 · 3.8k
Styles Jul 7
like a song,
     my fingers scored
     I touched your keynotes
     by pressing your buttons
     your moans were music
     to my ears;
Jul 6 · 3.7k
Styles Jul 6
When we kiss, your lips,
communicate your feelings, in ways,
words can't relay,
they always know what to say.
Jul 6 · 3.5k
Lip stick
Styles Jul 6
I want to introduce my tongue
                           to your pretty mouth.
                           so they can taste each other,
                           relish on the flavor of one another.
                           licking our lip locked lips,
                           until our lips stick,
                           like they are stuck to each other.
Jul 5 · 4.3k
Styles Jul 5
Eye closed, all alone.
Staring at my phone,
Wondering if it's you calling, ready to bone.
Wondering what it would be like for you to make me moan.
Hopefully dreams became reality, and your hitting it every week
You penetrate right through me, metaphorically and literally...
your words and your touching
******* me mentally  
******* soaked, clinging to my body  
I'm fumbling my words, I don't know what to say
You consume my thoughts, in every which way
Just thinking of you in me, it's somewhat hypnotic
The way you walk, the way you speak, so ******
Jul 5 · 2.7k
Styles Jul 5
Amongst soft pillows
Clothes flung to the side
Wildly scattered

Two bodies; gathered
Spread across the bed
Laying exhausted
Entangled in the folds of each other
Naked and exposed; they uncovered
Basking on the delights of pleasure
Exhaustion enticed by lust
Jul 4 · 690
Styles Jul 4
Listen to
your inner voice
It’s the only one
that matters
It’s the advice I would whisper in my ear, if I could time travel back in time.
Jul 3 · 2.7k
Styles Jul 3
Touching her flesh
creates a fiction
that ignites
flames that burn
within my *****
my flesh thirsts
for her to quench
my desires.
Jul 3 · 2.6k
Styles Jul 3
Once I touch her;
   I will sign my signature
   All over her, like a tattoo
   A love mark, it shall be
   The permanent reminder of me.
Jul 1 · 2.6k
Styles Jul 1
Captured me with your presence.
Bound me by your grace.
Entice me with your pleasure.
Intoxicate me with your scent.
Spread your limbs across my face
indulge in your flavor
enamor me with the taste
Let me savor every drop
not a single drop wasted
most delicious thing ever tasted
Jul 1 · 2.7k
Styles Jul 1
I love the way you eat me,
treat yourself to my tasty *****.
The feel of your tongue,
as they lather my lips,
your ***** rubbing,
my gums against your lips
My head; dips.
your eyes; solar eclipse.
my fingers; tingling as I
tighten my grip.
with each slippery lick.
you lips start to stick --
tingle my nips --
both hard as bricks.
Using our thump,
******* my slit,
while ******* my ****,
your warm lips,
making me flip --
the suction,
your rhythm,
thick- long tongue,
beating it like a drum.
The finish  - a perfect fit.
Jun 28 · 2.8k
Styles Jun 28
The needs of the flesh that tempt the soul
igniting our desires, setting things upright
vibes vibrating positive vibes between thighs
Ambition eroded true skin; exposed
Jun 28 · 2.5k
Styles Jun 28
The first time our flesh touched
I felt her, like we, becoming us
when she came; I felt the rush
one exploseds; and two erupt
Jun 28 · 2.4k
Styles Jun 28
She seduced me with her eyes,
enchanted me with her thighs.
falling in love is dangerous,
her temptation is my only demise.
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