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May 18 · 519
Styles May 18
I miss you
missing me
the way you
miss me
May 8 · 293
Underover lover
Styles May 8
Underover lover;
I lover her.
Apr 14 · 3.2k
Styles Apr 14
I watch her
climb of top

As she mounts me
I slowly fill her up
she rides me
I love the way she bucks

My explosion starts to erupt
Her body quakin
An eruption exploding
my hot lava seeping in
as it over runneth her cup
Apr 14 · 3.3k
Truthfully Tasteful
Styles Apr 14
I want to kiss her lips
Then lick around
her mound

A mouthful of her juices
It’s the only thing
That will settle me down
Apr 12 · 758
Styles Apr 12
Touch me
Like you
Can’t live
Apr 11 · 2.6k
Styles Apr 11
She loves tasting herself
I love tasting her too
The only thing better than her taste
Is enjoying the view
Apr 11 · 2.6k
Styles Apr 11
Sitting here,
wishing she
were here,

In this chair-
on my lap,
straddling me.

Choker on,
wearing a skirt;
pink lace thong
Hair combed long
no shirt on
tats; jet black lace her back

Gently kissing her neck,
she slowly lick her lips,
But, the rest is
all mine...

Her soft skin
rubbing against mine
goosebumps run up her hand
then scatter through her spine

Thin *******
turning me on
I need her energy
Her senses
sense me
her scent
attracts me

The rough material of my jeans
Rubbing against her ****
Buckles your knees
I can feel it
The more I move
the tighter she squeezes it

the stare in her eyes
is her invitation
to my demise;
I have

as she grinds,
absorbing all her vibes
rubbing herself against my thighs-
Leaving her wetness as my prize
Apr 11 · 2.6k
Styles Apr 11
Desperate slutty ****
With an urge for hard **** to ****
Aching to bounce up and down on it
Her ***** inhaling his entire ****;
And swallowing the load whole
And licks up every drop
Apr 11 · 2.1k
Night Rider
Styles Apr 11
naughty secrets.
She never,
keeps them private.

The lust,
the thirst,
the desperate
urge to ride it.

Her wetness,
drooling down her leg.
She smiles.

her legs,

Such a
beautiful sight,

She wants it -
so badly;
her body
can’t hide it.

I want it.
So badly.
I lick my lips,
as I,
slide inside it.

Her wet *****,
so warm,
her moans,
as I pump,
she grinds it.

Three fingers,
make her ***.
And when I use my tongue,
the eruption inside,
between her thighs.

Now her stockings
have a run.
Apr 10 · 2.5k
Styles Apr 10
Touch me,
tease me,
please me.

Just please be,
someone that won't,
leave me.

Believe me,
you will need me,
more than you want me.

For all of now,
and the rest of,
Apr 10 · 2.1k
Styles Apr 10
Admiring her from a distance
with persistence
my body lust for something
that is already mine
and I keep that in mind
as fantasy and desire
with the thoughts
of her body
on top of mine
my body on top of hers
as we whine
so divine;
Apr 5 · 2.1k
Just a fuck
Styles Apr 5
As her eyes teased me,
She pleased me,
fiending for my touch,
her skin needs me - she feeds me.
Playing with my needs, she seized my attention.
Taking over, I flipped her over,
using my T-shirt to tie her hands together
The tighter I squeeze them, the further her legs spread apart,
like a piece of art,
I flipped her unto her stomach,
face down *** up, So I could lick it up
***** poking out, so I **** it up
tongued it down
Deep moans guide my touch
lips, once pink, now blush; flush with lust
Pulled her to the edge of the bed,
then slowly filled her up
Claiming every inch of her
as mine, I can’t seem to get enough
The hunger burning in her eyes,
this is more that just a ****!
Feb 13 · 3.1k
Styles Feb 13
Accept my pleasure
give it new meaning
Take my passion
I need you to want it
Submit to me                                                               ­                                                                 ­                                             until you cant live without it
Feb 12 · 3.0k
Styles Feb 12
I looked on, ******* gone,
watching her thick hips sway,
I can't look away.

Slowly she removes her clothes,
My desire grew ten folds.

The scent of her sweet *****
tickles my nose.
She is aroused,
so I arouse.
Feb 12 · 1.0k
Styles Feb 12
Her kisses leave me breathless
My ***** swell in her presence
I can’t resist her essence  
I fein for her acquaintance
Feb 12 · 2.7k
Styles Feb 12
Submit to me,
your weakness,
for I am the antidote,
that will cure your desire.
In ways your soul will admire.
Give me your body,
and I,
will satisfy,
your needs,
with the pleasure,
I will apply,
in ways ,
you can't deny,
the urge swelling,
between your thighs.
Feb 9 · 2.8k
Styles Feb 9
As she rides me
I feel her stride
align with mine
our spines run
like parallel lines
my hands on her hips
when she dips, my hard tip shifts
and she lifts, bouncing ****
she's straddling my hips
with her thighs opened wide
I'm buried deep inside
she's moaning
I'm feeling the vibes
***** walls stroking my ****
while my tongue kisses are driving her
Feb 9 · 753
Temptation Rising
Styles Feb 9
I want to feel the skin
between and within
her thighs

As I fantasize
my size, starts to rise
and temptation starts to set inside
I want to be inside
her insides
feeling her walls grind
against me
as I slide in deep
our worlds collide
her juices subside
then thrive
my ***** swell intensely
wanting to release inside immensely
I won't stop until I am empty
filling her plenty

it should be a sin the way
she tempts me
Feb 8 · 869
Styles Feb 8
Its been too long since I have seen you;
I need you.
Feb 8 · 2.4k
Styles Feb 8
Rubbing her *****,
through her tight yoga pants,
Her slit, split perfectly by the seam,
at first my glance.

Finger tips,
methodically over her ****.
I can feel the bump,
as my finger humps,
over the fabric,
her wetness,
is lavish.
Feb 8 · 2.3k
Landing strip
Styles Feb 8
I watch as her dress rides up
Exposing her beauty,
freshly cut.
My eyes mesmerized,
by her bare naked surprise,
making my nature rise.
Now it’s time to claim my prize.
Feb 7 · 2.3k
Styles Feb 7
Rubbing her *****,
Through her tight yoga pants
At first glance, the slit, split by the seam
My finger tips, slips, perfectly over her ****
She’s getting wetter with each stroke, it seems
Stroking her bump, as my finger humps,
Her warm, ***** *****, jumps.
Pulsating to my touch.
Feb 7 · 657
Styles Feb 7
We touch each other souls
With each kiss
Our bodies emit
Something so deep,
Only flesh can feel it
Locked into the moment of tension
Legs spreading wider with intention
The warmth of their closeness sets that on fire
etwined. In each others eyes, lost in desire
Feb 5 · 749
Styles Feb 5
Her heaven, makes her hell worth it
Her body language, picture perfect
Her inner feelings, I wish to unearth it
Jun 2021 · 1.2k
Styles Jun 2021
you ever feel so alone
that you are beside yourself
and its the only place you want to be
because you are the only person you can trust.

believe it or not,
if that is that case you have more than so many
Apr 2021 · 1.4k
Styles Apr 2021
I wrap you in leaf,
   and you wrap me in smoke,
together we're dope as ****,
     when I'm stuck,
           lift me,
               like a pick up truck,
                          that's what's up!
Apr 2021 · 2.5k
Styles Apr 2021
"It's funny,
when our eyes touch,
it floors me."
Apr 2021 · 11.2k
Passion fruit
Styles Apr 2021
I peel back your skin
then I press my tongue
against the folds of your flesh
juices flow endlessly into my mouth
your flavors my soul savors as I skillfully finesse
my tongue, fingers and teeth in the depths of your crevasse
immersed in your sweet nectar, the scent stains my breathe
with a scent that is so unique, I can't wait to taste the rest.
Apr 2021 · 10.1k
Styles Apr 2021
Fingers smooth like lace,
placed in between her space,
her lips glazed with her nectar,
taste like cloves and honey,
laced with her amazing grace,
not a single drop goes to waste.
Apr 2021 · 8.8k
Styles Apr 2021
sense'd you
as soon as you
walk'd into the room.

was consum'd
Ever since then
all I can think of is you.
Apr 2021 · 698
Styles Apr 2021
As I reflect
I regret
That the scars won’t
Let me forget;
Apr 2021 · 8.2k
Styles Apr 2021
I have good taste
I crave you.
Apr 2021 · 9.1k
Cuddle me
Styles Apr 2021
I want to spend the rest of the night,
                                        inside of you.
Apr 2021 · 7.6k
Styles Apr 2021
Her eyes lie to me,
as much as they entice me.
Either way,
I am her's
for the
Apr 2021 · 7.5k
Mark my words
Styles Apr 2021
Whatever I don't melt,
with my hands,
I will melt,
with my mouth.
Apr 2021 · 7.2k
Styles Apr 2021
I want to make love to you
the kind of love making that's earth shaking
grab the sheets with your teeth
your nails raking
all real, not faking
deep ******
ribs aching
looking me in my eyes
with your shivering lips shaking
you want it all
and it's all taken.
Apr 2021 · 646
Quick Thought
Styles Apr 2021
May my words touch you
in ways you have never conceived.
Taking your breath away,
until you can barely breathe.
Give you everything you want
and things you forgot you need.
If not a full thought,
let me place just a seed,
You are what you are,
and even more of what you read.
So do as you may
with these words,
enjoy as you proceed.
My pleasure is yours
and together,
this cycle we feed.
Apr 2021 · 7.0k
Styles Apr 2021
lips moving
across my flesh
like a wet brush
on a wet canvas;
                         Cover me.
Apr 2021 · 6.5k
Styles Apr 2021
I know you want it
         my hands
up your skirt
        touching your button
until you squirt
Apr 2021 · 900
Styles Apr 2021
Bless these sheets
With your holy water
Stain me with our sin.
Apr 2021 · 853
Styles Apr 2021
Down on  his lips,
came her mouth!
Pounding her hips,
against his thighs.
His strong hands consuming her Skin
His stiffness in deep,
depths within.
Apr 2021 · 1.7k
Styles Apr 2021
Hand between your thighs
     I can tell by your sighs
     The hunger is not just
     In your eyes
Apr 2021 · 819
Styles Apr 2021
She was the worse nightmare
I had ever had, and loved
every second of it.
Mar 2021 · 5.7k
Styles Mar 2021
inside her
brings me
closer to
Mar 2021 · 855
Styles Mar 2021
has hurt
me so many
times that I am
afraid to trust it again.
Mar 2021 · 5.5k
Styles Mar 2021
Mar 2021 · 1.2k
Styles Mar 2021
The only thing I want from you
Is this moment
sitting next to you, vibing
As I’m feeling you
Your occasionally smile tell me
You are feeling me too
Mar 2021 · 5.3k
Styles Mar 2021
At night
the sight
of your flesh
ignites flames
that entice
Mar 2021 · 5.4k
Styles Mar 2021
Your eye contact
touches me
in places
I forgot
Mar 2021 · 5.1k
Styles Mar 2021
Your eyes
catch my soul
on fire.
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