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Jul 21 · 5.7k
Mary Jane
Styles Jul 21
She’ll make you use the good Lords name in vain.
One looking in her; no star gaze is ever the same.
Body turning, legs spin and frail,
Socks red as a fox stripped, swirling like a candy cane.
Exotic stares, confident; she can’t be tamed.
She so fine, Whine, might be your name.
With her smoking body; rough on the edges
Burning with passion, pushing me over the ledges.
Let’s call her Mary Jane, like the tattoo says.
Her lyrics stuck in my head, the way she turns and bends.
Leaves much to be said.
She whispered in my ear;

When on stage, close her eyes; so she can disappear.
Her stile there; so it appears.
In her own mind; the picture is clear.
Dancing in bedroom mirror; no one else there.
The gin and tonic, make it clear.
The chasers, chase her fears.
The different pills, keep her sane.
It’s the need for money, keeps her here.
But the fast money, is quick to disappear.
Along with looks; it is part of this atmosphere.

While tattoos fade and wear;
Yet, dark enough to hide her fears.
The Exotic dancers; that nobody hears.
Some will listens, many pretend, nobody cares.
The music playing; more than music to her ears,
The lyrics screaming, making her point clear.
The dark nails, scratching the surface,
She crawl’s near. Matter of fact,
Between me, her, and the beat
There is no one else here.
All eyes on her; squawk and stare.
Longing for attention,
didn’t want it all there.
But talk is cheap; the truth, dare.
Searching for hope, won’t find it here.
All this attention, lacking care.
Jun 25 · 571
Styles Jun 25
She is to beauty
As the Sun is to the sky
Portraits in disguise
Jun 19 · 337
Styles Jun 19
I found you
then you hide from me
I loved you
then you ran from me
I tried to
be there for you
I wanted to
but you have to want it too.
Jun 19 · 320
Styles Jun 19
Just when I started to trust you again, you let me down.

                                                                               - Self.
addiction is a powerful drug
Jun 19 · 387
Styles Jun 19
Dear Love,
I keep thinking
you have taught me
everything thing there is
to know about the word pain,
then I make the mistake of loving again.
Jun 17 · 8.6k
Styles Jun 17
The walls painted,
In the accent of lavender,
air tainted with *** scents,
of him and her.
Jun 17 · 7.3k
Styles Jun 17
Your body language,
Speaks to me,
in ways,
I yearn to understand.
Jun 17 · 474
Styles Jun 17
The air tainted
With the scent of lavender
Walls painted with mud

On her back
She looked down from above
His unshaved skin tickles her thighs
She sighs
Word unspoken
Give a clear directive
she became
while he ravished her
Satisfaction she over-came
all over the furniture
Jun 17 · 6.8k
Styles Jun 17
I am salivating
over your curves
The way they bend in all the right ways
It makes me so stiff
I wish, I could just slide my hands all over her
Listen to you exhale as we go skin to skin
tasting the taste of your tongue
After your delicious lips let me in  
our mouth enveloping each other  
with so much anticipation
we quiver as the nerves subside
as the moment sets in
Jun 17 · 433
The Chase
Styles Jun 17
I would outrun the wind
to catch a glimpse of you;
                                      my Love.
Jun 15 · 392
Styles Jun 15
What once was
may never be
a cruel lesson that life
has taught me
so I savor every second
like it's the last
so it will last as long as can be
Jun 8 · 7.1k
Styles Jun 8
Ever since I made love to you, I’ve been seeing flashbacks that I want to fast forward to the present.
Jun 7 · 381
Styles Jun 7
Last night
When I touched you
I felt something I was longer for
But, never knew existed.
Tonight, I yearn for it,
like a part of my soul is missing.
Jun 7 · 6.5k
Styles Jun 7
It’s like fate
Meeting fate
When two
Jun 6 · 1.4k
Styles Jun 6
When I am inside of you, your moans give direction.
Jun 5 · 7.3k
Styles Jun 5
I want to interlace
My tongue with
The taste
Of your taste
And savor your flavor
Like it’s laced.
Jun 5 · 283
Styles Jun 5
The next time
She lies

Is the lie
It tell
Jun 5 · 251
Styles Jun 5
It was her eyes;
            The stole my curiosity,
             Then ramshackled my heart,
              And kidnapped my soul.
Jun 5 · 212
Styles Jun 5
The closer we get,
The quicker we lose sight of reality,
The faster your clothes come off,
The harder we **** each other,
The tighter we hold one another,
Which makes it worth it.
Jun 5 · 268
Styles Jun 5
The depth of the love,
Is never as deep as the wounds,
The loved leave behind,
When they leave you;
Jun 3 · 1.4k
Styles Jun 3
The taste of her lips;
         brings me to my knees,
         where I melt her in my mouth,
         not my hands.
Jun 3 · 1.3k
Styles Jun 3
The taste of her two lips, brought me to my knees.
Jun 1 · 7.2k
Styles Jun 1
Her body language
Had me reading her lips
like a syllabus
May 31 · 7.8k
Styles May 31
The eclipse
of her lips
into my lips
Taught me
Magic exist
Within a kiss
May 30 · 333
Styles May 30
I apologize
for being hopelessly
in love with the memory
person you used to be

Once again
the person it hurt
was me
May 27 · 411
Styles May 27
are blind
to their beauty
yet they beauty
is worshipped

Such a curse
is nature
May 27 · 5.6k
Styles May 27
She was obsessed with her fear
                     the dangers of love,
                     the agony of despair,
                     the pain of heartbreak,
                     froze her in her tracks.
May 27 · 338
Styles May 27
Like a compass, I am lost without you. Our attraction draws me to you like the my point of existence is drawn to our point of contact. Opposites attract and we are beyond that.
May 27 · 5.4k
Styles May 27
open your legs wide
expose to me
my destiny.
We are about to
make love
and I have
the other half
of our recipe.
May 26 · 4.8k
Styles May 26
watched you for so long
wanted you even longer
my need is growing
urges getting stronger
you are not just a want
you are my hunger
May 26 · 4.5k
Styles May 26
I want to taste
your lips until
your flavor
saturates mine
May 26 · 4.4k
Styles May 26
I want to feel you quiver
under my touch
let my feeling caressing  
your pain
wash them away
our flesh
*** together
as we mesh
I need you
more than
my breathe
May 24 · 4.2k
Styles May 24
He watches her ride his fingers
  Two at a time
  as they slide
deep inside
She rides and grinds 
as their bodies align
   their desires collide
  He watches her eyes roll back
    Two at a time
     as she writhes
      in satisfaction he's hardened
with the gratification
 that she is
May 22 · 3.7k
Styles May 22
touch made him feel
as it revealed
parts of him that he never knew

hunger for her
persistent has his thirst
a feeling
that overcame her
she can no longer
resist it


bodies insist that their flesh touch
satisfaction they crave
destiny they lust
the urge
May 21 · 3.7k
Styles May 21
Your look
The anticipation
Your scent
It stained my flesh
Your lips
The softest yet
Your hands
They left me aching
Your touch
Left me quaking
Your taste
My favorite yet
Our embrace
You won’t forget
May 21 · 3.3k
Hood love
Styles May 21
I want to push my wood
Under your hood
And make you come to me
Like A good girl should
May 20 · 3.3k
Styles May 20
There are parts of her
that are unfamiliar to me
that I would like to acquaint
May 20 · 3.2k
Styles May 20
From the mind of a naughty girl;
                 in that sinful place
                 there is temptation
                 and by placing your finger there
                 you will bring out the devil in her.
May 20 · 320
Styles May 20
Got me staring at her flame  
Slowly pulling on my chain
it's kinda ******* with my brain: to the point
I can feel it in my vein
May 16 · 335
Styles May 16
We walked the path
looking off into the horizon
the sun setting in the distance
the tides clashed with the shore
water as far as the naked eye can see
May 16 · 538
Styles May 16
and saw through each other
like windows
the soul
May 16 · 293
Styles May 16
We watching the T.V
in underwear
that aren't there
without a care
in our dairy air
May 16 · 933
Styles May 16
Broken hearts
never love the same
once broken
they often mend
but never the same
May 10 · 3.6k
Styles May 10
Whisper some ***** **** in her ear, watching wet spot in her ******* appear, sticking my hand down there,
where my fingers dissapear underneath your underwear,
deep beneath
my fingers disappear
Apr 27 · 677
Styles Apr 27
        She taught me
        something about love
        my heart will never forget.
Apr 27 · 290
Styles Apr 27
I wonder what she is doing, now, all alone?
I wonder what she is thinking,
is she sleeping, or on her phone?
I wonder what she feeling,
is she in need, or is she a drone?
I wonder if she is attracted ,
to me, or just the way I bone?
I wonder if she noticed,
me noticing her, noticing my cologne?
I wonder what she is wearing,
underneath her clothes,
hopefully, it's a secret she will share when we are alone.
I wonder if she wants me
the way I want her
that truth
one may never
Apr 27 · 295
Styles Apr 27
I was her destiny
she was my fate
by the time I realized
it was too late.
Nothing last forever
so when it's gone
it's gone for god sake
and when it's love
the pain will make
your heart quake
until your heart breaks
Apr 24 · 454
Styles Apr 24
Best at being me
only I can see
the truth in me
Apr 21 · 5.6k
Styles Apr 21
She had a way of touching me, without touching me.
Apr 16 · 297
Styles Apr 16
We got lost in each other,
for what seemed like forever.

Sadly when she left,
she took a part of me with her,
that I will never see ever,

Love is not what we think it is,
as soon as we start to feel it,
the feeling comes to an end.
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