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Sep 19 · 55
SelinaSharday Sep 19
Don't get ahead of me and write your story!

Don't go another chapter.
Thinking the mood will capture.
I'm in time standing still..
With every bit of my own appeal.
In my simple time filled maze.
My own lust craze.
A variety lost in chapter three.
You wont see my feet moving, cuz sum different I see.
Listen you stay writing mental notes
And making quotes.
Of repetitions lil mentions.
Yet I've been writing undisturbed proverbs.
While entertaining fluffy clouds in hidden suburbs.
Speaking unplainly @You
How can you
Understand me to get to
chapter 2.
And see me in chapter 3.
Tell meh you feeling Me.
Selfish..walking talking with a unheard woman.
Right now I'ma be selfish cuz there's not lots in common.
But Im avoiding confusion..
I'm made of words and proverbs emotions and quotations.
And vocals that speak of revelations.
A Queendom nation.
Bell of a heightened Resurrection.
Do I move you to deeper configuration.
Or to liquid confusion.
As a harp I'm played..
My cords play stayed.
Yet to instructions I move, frequently  gently.
Not many clearly see the harmony that guides me.
I am writer. Server..Praiser..Uplifter..Encourager.
Made to stir, seek, employ, create and confer.
A waiter..a humble soul..Qualifier..flower.
@I'm simply__H.E.R. writer.
he quickly says ready set lets go..Lifetime change making moves...The big picture, Oh let's go..
Sep 1 · 84
Sweet N gentle Cup
Hello thought I'd just walk away today!

Not the kinda Lady who'd quickly step a guys way.
I'm a smooth unrushed latte.
cold drink sipped slowly give ya a brain freeze if you got in a hurry.
I'm a colorful cool flurry..
Stir me quick the colors can get too blurry.
Haha lolzz my temp fails.
Train tracks can't be derailed.
A slow story read, browsed gently..pages turned kindly.
I'm not rhyming just to sound pleasantry.
Time I understand..
But its not a reason to step away or get out of line with destiny's plan.
Be about your quick sought errands seek your own plans.
I'm a cool cup of coffee best sipped romantically in the right hands.
By selinasharday rose S.A.M 2020 9/1/20
Slowly yet gently, neva in a hurry..
Jun 28 · 53
SelinaSharday Jun 28
Used To
Used to be glad just to see.
Come through my page when u..  
Get On!
Used @2
get a buzz on you..
Blush its true..
Used to get  Online baby Just 2.. Get a view. Yeah bae its tru.
Hope i'd get a note from u. @oh I used to.
Try to Ignore it when Its quiet cuz of u.
cuz no matter who peeks at my page it aint you.
Oh the thangs u sent a woman thru..
Now I see I'm not friends with you..
extended with no conversation.
Hesitation. Escaping, caress this nation...
Flirtation, whats ur hesitation.
Whats that, hey whats that..Figure that..
I used to wait on it from..
Yeah u..
I Use to.
ooh you.. used 2be.. what I use to BLUSH TO
Jun 22 · 84
SelinaSharday Jun 22
7 The law of the Lord is perfect, [e]converting the soul;
The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple;
8 The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart;
The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes;
9 The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever;
The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.
10 More to be desired are they than gold,
Yea, than much fine gold;
Sweeter also than honey and the [f]honeycomb.
11 Moreover by them Your servant is warned,
And in keeping them there is great reward.

12 Who can understand his errors?
Cleanse me from secret faults.
13 Keep back Your servant also from presumptuous sins;
Let them not have dominion over me.
Then I shall be blameless,
And I shall be innocent of [g]great transgression.

14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
Be acceptable in Your sight,
O Lord, my [h]strength and my Redeemer.
Allowing His grace to cover our faults our sins and knowing His will is to cleanse our way,
Jun 11 · 99
SelinaSharday Jun 11
Phone rings..Guurll.. hey sis!
HRU hello... todays crazy yo.
Girl sit down tell me, yes I know
I know the stress, its crazy today right..
yes, I knowa.. ..
Today just ain't the day..tell me bout it.
Lord let me just Pray,
I can not Adult today..
I'ma be actin like a child
throwin temper tantrums and it wont be mild.
Sis let me say this..
I can hear the stress in your voice,
The mood in your tone.
Like Hey Leave a sistah alone..
Seems like every thing came to drive ya insane.
Gurl I feel ya pain..
Now here's the thang..
You  can chose to vent it.. Come on now vent it..
I 'm hearing you..
Nah your not threw there's some mo inside of you.
Get it all out.
Yah that's right, I heard that, fo real, Oh The nerve, see now,
whattt's , Girl naw,, shut up.. ah hell no.. Say what, Oh no she/he didn't.
Wonder whats that all about,
SHOUT, get it all out. tell em..
Now here' u sum.."What eva's, "this isn't gone worry me's", "I don't have time for it" and  some "I'm done, I'm over its". Put on some  new fits.
Because we  gone drink a glass of.. In my own world Juice, or  sip some tea of Sleepy time I Got You Tea", And or  have some, My life is blessed with Peace Fruit slices...
Add some cheese and crackers of..I'm a Queen and In control snacks.
As we sit back and put our feet up, ready to brush ourselves off of all those wacks.
Ain't got time for that's..
Listening to some rhythmic melodies
Of its all about me's.
As The tunes fill the room. Gone get your rest on, hang up the phone.

selinasharday 6/2020
These r some trying times were are in
Jun 6 · 154
Protest WWW..Global
Protest WWW..Global
Our Cries World wide..
From the USA even to the Mother lands..Africa..
Cries reaches US.
Paris France. Vancouver Canada, Germany
Visions and dreams have shown my stove is burning..
I often wondered what it could mean.
There's a fire in my kitchen, the center of where I live.
Theres a burning. In the heart of the land..
The place that feed my family.. food to survive..
As I look around my land now right in my homeland. There's fires burning..
In the hearts of man. From Injustices in the land. The killing OF another Now George Floyd Openly. Strangely for the world to see.
Now cities are burning, grenades are throwing, rubber bullets are shooting..
At us in our pains. They are arresting any and every one of us. Why..
Because we are Bleeding, so they arrest us. because we don't wanna go home.
Suffer in silence unseen. Hurt and die in our sorrow.. Obey curfews.. Used as tools to control.. what needs to be seen.
Our rights to be heard, our rights to walk it out, shout it out, All day and night with eachother.
See us we want to protest, stop shooting your rubber bullets, because
we dont wanna hide behind closed doors. between 7 and 11..

We are risking Our Lives for this cause.. Risking Our health for Liberty.. Equality.
The Rights to be free, Our Lives Matter, Our Rights matter, Our Equality Matters,
Our Humanity Matters, Stop Killing Us, Trying to Silence us.. STOP And.. Prosecute The guilty.
OverThrow The Powers in Authority That rule with cruelty to humanity. Especially to People like me. I want the rights to Express myself Openly, Our tears for the world to see.
In Our Pains why must you treat us so roughly, so disrespectfuly. rubber bullets, gas grenades, smokes and flares, We people are already wounded, already feeling down, already fed up, already exhausted, already disrespected already getting killed.. You won't lift us up give us a  caring hand..Us against those racist against us..Way Over fed Up.
We are Thanking every color in America and world wide.. that Protest On Our side.
Willing to fight and be heard and demand for changes for our kind, and all of mankind.
Thats been denied..
Justice for US.
Teachers, Inspiirational Speakers, Leaders, Poets, Comedians, Leaders,, Entertainers, People, Speak Up with fire and Passion.
May 11 · 79
Another Mother's Day
SelinaSharday May 11
what I got for mother day

Ah What I got on yet another Mom Day
some air and some imagination, hopeful wishes at bay.

some invisible, un -acknowlegeables, some written unperson-ables.
A happy M day not much else to say..
As If i am some kind of..
Never there fa you kinda motha/*****.
Don't do nothing fa ya Kinda motha..
Trifling otha kinda, something or other type motha..
What I did get and have is.....the spirit of let down.
A gift of  no consideration.
A quiet shadow of you ain't that important or relevant.
The failed chance to say oh you shouldn't have's.
The missed moments of awe how sweet of you's.
The crumbs of no gratitude, from self absorbed tudes.
And a simple say anything I'd come off as rude.
I'm unseen, unheard, seen as old fashioned old school old ways.
Blinded shades, wisdom ignored, prayers stayed, unappreciated days.

Thanks for the little tab bits of invisible cards...hmm really
Thanks for the symbolic s of traditional materials,..untouchables
Those just tryna say I lov ya so's...(walkin in them shoes)
The absence of it can at times pain the soul.
Never one to ASK FOR MONEY OR GIFTS...Do I! wee bits..
By surprise be nice to discover how It'd feel to get the what ifs.
To be given the  unexpected gift, how heaviness might lift.
How solemness n sadness may suddenly shift.
It's not the material of a gift,, It's the showing of
heartfelt bliss. Spiritual Uplift.

I sit and it makes me recall..the six times, six souls, six plights..
To sow, to plant, to till the ground,
to labor, to sacrifice, to pray during those daily fights.
To feed, to nurture, to yearly grow.
Unselfishly..regardless of the needs of me.
By Grace of mercy heavens kept me.
So I can be..still Mommie, unperfectly.
Happy Momma Day 2Me...

Oh whoa,, ignore the typos I already know' so its the way i still want to flow..
Apr 15 · 132
SelinaSharday Apr 15
Here I give ya This Mood.. Now take this mood...
This way I'll seize the moment.
With it I'll go on and choose.
MAKE MY MOOD, Into a Rose..
You have many levels its like viewing into your many windows.
Take My Glance.
Dance with this Chance,
Consider the gift of this chance.
Sparkles in my soul makes glitter in my eyes.
My Hopes they are gems ready to glow float and rise.
It may catch you by surprise, But to me it's no surprise.
The Gifts are filled in my heart such delicacies.
Oh@H.E.RSuch fine interwoven textures, such hard to reach levels, such a place of intricacy.
Yet so many more places of creativity, idealistically.
Such a wonder, lovable intricacies Eternally.
Who Is, S.H.E@R. Just a Glance
being invisible until when.. u get,,.
Apr 12 · 1.4k
The Gift!
SelinaSharday Apr 12
Throwing Away The gift.. {Poem}
Love this wealthy intangible invisible gift.
Yet you hide it deny it seek to do away with it.
Toss it in the trash like a disposable rag dirtied with stains of, I don't believe this gift.
I don't have time in my life right now for this gift.
The stains of Unappreciative feelings for this gift.
Ignoring the prize of the infancy the baby in this gift.
The newness of  life in this gift.
Like a deadened zombie with no feelings at all to recognize the gift.
How can you throw away the richness of such a gift.
The desire to grow with you grow in you, be nurtured by you of in this gift.
There's  innocent of life in the gift.
The failure to protect the power of this gift.
You dropped it away like disposable trash, Millions of uncountable blessings in the possibilities of a freely given precious value of soul..
You need love for the shattered Soul.. Will you Throw the baby out with the bath water.
It's trying  to Rescue the hearts that walk away from these gifts...
Blinded hearts wounded spirits. Deaf ears that can't hear it, can't feel it.
Can't savor the love of gifts...Stop and try to feel and believe this gift.
Gifts of hearts, Gifts of souls, nonjudgmental.. Precious Gifts to behold.
This is a GIFT!
Selinasharday_H.E.R/Poetry 2020-4-12
hardened souls
Oct 2019 · 308
SelinaSharday Oct 2019
What's my texting character/personality..
well is it like Type F..
Hi, good morning.  hi, hello,
good evening, wyd, goodnite..predictable..
Boring kinda wmtt..aka wasting my time thing..
Or its it a  type D:
hey, hi  ****, hey bae, hi handsome/beautiful
Gifs on kidding
**** cold text, no warm up,
no get to know you richer.
No full sentences.
One word replies mostly,
No time no efforts.
Boring kinda u **** chat history.
Or a C type..
for attempts at times to be creative,
feisty, interesting, warm,
a lil chatty sharing new things sometimes.
Or  B type text buddy for the ability to show real interest,
by just calling you up
and have get to open up fun convo.
And send cute make my day words and positive things.
Finally a
A-type of  text friend..
No time for idle boring chit chat
usually when one can
they have a true vibe of saying interesting
lil comments
that gets you to think,
reflect, open up, share, feel motivated,
makes yah smile, blush,
feel liked, cared about, special,
want to know more,
want to share more,
and look forward  to touching basics.
A fun caring worth keepin not deleting chat history log.
The 3 E's Of
Effort, Energy, Evolving
By selinaSharday
Thoughts of
Give credit to author when sharing
Sharday3 RosePoet#H.E.R_POETRY S.A.M
how do you text, we all fall into these categories at times off who we texting how our moods are.. yes!
Sep 2019 · 138
Have me have me nots.
SelinaSharday Sep 2019
Have me have me nots.
Tear drop..
for something good I have not.
Tear drops..
like my feet with no socks..
plop ploppity sloppily tossing feelings like keepsake rocks..
something cherishable something good no longer got.
I lost it Singing love me, or love me nots..
Adornments of pretty frocks..
hair curly in cute **** locks.
Forget me or please forget me not.
A position to be in brings chilly shocks...
I'm just a thought away.
I'll tease myself this way..
my friends only a call away..
a text away..
a prayer away.
Maybe someday
just a touch away..
I pray..
Oh for goodness sake..
Be just a hope away

Call me and say
oh I was just super busy.
Doing me my way..
how is your day.
By selinasharday3
Is this it.. have yah have yah not.. love me love me not..Or is it just some time spent away.. hello.. oh ok..
Aug 2019 · 369
SelinaSharday Aug 2019
I'm guessing its time for me..
To be on free.
Looking like its time..
I have no friends of crystal beauties.

Nothings Controlling this beauty.
Soulful MAHOGANY bouncing freely.
My dynasty holding back vocal assurances.
Some kind of circumstances.
The Blocking of chances.
No One speaks...
As I deny anything that'll excite me.
People are Muted.
Emotions are flowing so diluted..
I don't want to Mingle, If I'm muted.
I'll go hide my fences ..I'll go build more fences.
I'll get lost in starry far away skies..
Catch tears should they fail from eyes.
No messages, no replies, no mascara smearing my eyes.
water colored surprise..
Open wide these eyes...
Look for me.. she's this confused brown beauty.
UnMute me.
whispered Prayers for me.
No cavalry seeks.
Wells rushing at my feet, dry land separates me.
I'll turn to my praying wall.
I don't want to cause a downfall.
People I've set free, Heaven sooth me...
I'll turn to my praying wall.
I'll return to my praying wall.
Nothing here for me..
Nothing Here for me..
Mute Me from Misery...
Unmute me for my chosen destiny.
Hurry and come find.
Behind all I've been hiding.
Is this all naturally me..Growing rationality.
If Not release me, UnMute Me..Bless my destiny.
I have tried to protect me for so long.. and finally I feel so secluded..I've tried to reach out, but now I feel just muted..
Aug 2019 · 230
"Tim2".."Time3" by cedd
SelinaSharday Aug 2019
By Mr.E.. To SelinaSharday Ros3y
Life is a fraction of what time could be.
Standing in the midst of what things could be.
Waking up with her is not hard to conceive.
Enduring the pleasure of what might could be.
She's thought about to this world as status quo.
But no one ever truly knows what makes her Go.
Her beauty is only elevated by the consensus of her
smile as you sit back and wonder.
All the worthwhile what makes this woman so formidable.
Sleek and agile though she's instinctively intelligent sensual and fragile
She endures a man that would be more than just handsome.
With a smile for she needs a man to be there ready even when things are not so mild.
To be all the things she needs to make her want to stay awhile.
With the entire package of a grown man and not a child.
by E.

Her smile is like hands that transition into time.
That flows thru you like numbers trapped and embedded in your mind.
Like a soft melody that rings & chimes.
Even for the existence of being the very first time.  
I induce this parade of getting deep into the crevices of  your sublime.
Even when its hard for you to Let go the thought of doing that at any given time.
I plan on treating u with the benevolence of class & respect that reassures your mind.
And not having any regrets even when we travel into this mystery in time.
As I foreplay this moment of being with someone so fine.
Captured by the thoughts of her laid-back and sipping wine.
And her knowing that we could do this more than just one time.
As I played with her intellect and she starts to unwind.
keeping those thoughts she could explode at any given time.
By Mr.E
Words from Poet MR.E being Ceddie;to H.e.r Sharday Rosepoet
Aug 2019 · 184
"Cope_Almost keep Hope"
SelinaSharday Aug 2019
I almost fell in love but I took it buried it with my pen.
Tried to promise to not let it surface again.
My brain forced my logic to creep in.
I just dived back into paper with pen.
I wanted to watch your beauty its like a rainbow.
I reminded myself one day it would turn to winter cold ice and snow.
You walked by me close enough for me to feel the
warm beauty in your shadow.
I told myself it wasn't what could comfort my tomorrow.
You became my beautiful songful muse.
I realized that began to leave me feeling a bit confused.
Bubbles forced themselves out from my harmony they sparkled
they did rise.
To you it was no surprise.
Those bubbles left colorful tears in my eyes.
I begged mercy to keep away any kind of calamity.
Fight away the passions that dazzle to drown me.
Trying to break free..
stringed like kisses planted all over me.
Trying to break free as you  decided to hide from me.
Rise from the tracks you left all over my body and its
Maybe it was all a jar of unnecessary lies.
Now seeing empty messages unsent replies.
Dreaming about weird unsorted things.
Recalling fingers with no rings.
Giving freely inconsiderately of me.
Almost I almost walked away from me..
Things deserved that are best for me.
I remembered I could cope.
Wait on what's good for me, I remembered there's always Hope.

By SelinaSharday S.A.M All Rights Reserved 2019
.Something said as creatively as could be..who are they.. us we that privately be..trying to stay out of unnecessary things
Jul 2019 · 170
"I'll Call Ya Back"
SelinaSharday Jul 2019
I'll call you back.. to the beach..
watch the waves collide at my feet..
Feel those caressing moon tides as they pull at me..
almost taking control..
Makes me feel dizzy that kinda dizzy we enjoy..
Nope I'll be away on the bay..You'll what?.. You'll call me bac
I ain't feelin that.
I'll be caressing sweet sandy candy canes..
As sugar treats call my name..
Can't sit and wait on your returned call
It'll chase away my flow for the winds call..
I'll call you bac...
I'll answer it If I..
am feelin like crashing a high.
From my beaches dramatic sigh...
Allow a misty tear to part my eye..
umm hold on go on Do yo own thang..
I wanna run and catch a ball
Even if I trip on this beach sand and fall.
wow you'll call me back
I aint feelin that.
Wow I'm away enjoying this moment of expressing it all.
Wow..left my call on hold.
yah take me for a fool how bold.
Wait hold that
Ignoring that returning call I'ma bow.
At the beach enjoying it all now.
Lolzz my writers Gears are On..plow plow..
Pack up and come along or I'ma leave  yah sayin wow.
I aint feelin that..
you ain't got to call me back.
by selinaSharday
Always saying.. hang on.. or wait i'll call yah back.. hell no.. I won't be answering.. unless i..
May 2019 · 577
I'm Separated
SelinaSharday May 2019
That means there's a problem..
There's a problemo.. knockin at your doe...
Problems.. and mo problems
and your not good at solving them..
Or some one don't want them solved.
And/Or somebody tried..
And/Or somebody has lied..
And/or issues have been
allowed to slip and slide..
And drama has come along for the ride.
Someone with you had taken a chance
On Your love and on you and their romance.
And now you don't want to stay for the dance.
Someone took a risk..
And now its come down to this..
Separated twist.
How are you opting to fix it..
Is it worth it..Or is it.
What you do.
Will tell us a lot about you.
Separated."its complicated'. Ex rated.. notated..
Kindly stated.. You ready now.
To make it even more complicated..
Your offering yourself for friendships.
Things to sink awaited ships.
Losing rings.. Coated and dipped..
I can not risk, the fellowship. A friendship..
Fix it fix it..
Until then don't add to the mix.
Until you can say single.
Divorced ready to mingle..
So The Word Separated..
Is Kindly Notated..

by selinasharday..s.a.m 2019
so When they began with oh Its complicated..or or I'm separated. and they checkin you out like your so pretty
May 2019 · 250
"Not Now.."(edited)
SelinaSharday May 2019
I can't hear anything your saying right now
Not now
I'm  busy doctoring my wounds..right now.
Don't  speak to me hush somehow.
Not now.
I'm hurting I've done some waiting.
And Now.
Not now.
My heart is bleeding right now.
So not now
I gave you space..gave you time  and now.
I gave you my logics through rhyming.
I gave yah me I am poetic chiming.
Yet you tire of my flowers of poetry.
Aye So that's to tire of me.
Let go now.
I am poetry.
Thematic delivery.
So not now.
I don't hear you...not  Now.
I can't hear you now.
I'll bow out right now..
Go away somehow.

No longer taking how yah disallow.
Lack of conversations to raise a brow.
Sorry for you,.. just not now.
Time I've needed was a must.
Because I Just needed some trust.
So Not now.
If you text I won't get it..
Not now!
Feed up with it all now..
May 2019 · 163
"Poetry Hasn't"
SelinaSharday May 2019
Poetry hasn't seen me since, I can't even recall when.
Its been wondering when, I'll pick up pad and pen.

It has six
ways it can fix.
Poetry has broken tears.
Emotions held back for years.
Poetry has many funny bones.
It just needs a poet to laugh with it On and On.
Oh poetry
It's been hiding holding back its delivery.
Hearty Poetic Bone.
Poetic Highs and it's lows.
It's been hiding it's hidden sorrows.
Without a Poet  no one would see out side of the window.
No birds would go where others simply will not follow.
Knowing the secrets of conceived mysteries that flows.
Telling stories of what I see of poetic pearls.
Gifting words filled with verbs.
Poetry tickles. Lifting all that's fickle.
Poetry wants us to come back.
Writing soulful lyrics mostly telling facts.
Returning to Poetic flows..
Apr 2019 · 298
Eve's Morning2Noon
SelinaSharday Apr 2019
Eve's a lovable sensitive thang.
Opting to pass usual good morning as some sang.
Skipping morning bits.. rushing into the afternoon.
She welcomed the mid day
Knowing  with it a smile was on the way.
She allowed early evening to greet letting things bloom.
Working away late evening as sleepy eyes rang.
Conversations a quick cute head nodding overhang.
Good nights are like lullabies of verbal hugs.
Wasted evenings are snatching from beneath feet taken for granted rugs.
All to start another night in shimmering thoughtful plights.
Tugging away ribbons in flights.
Meaningful minds quietly dreamin.
As Other are secretly scheming.
Attentions paid to faded good morning hello's.
With hollow tones from yesterdays grading zero's.
Wash rinse and repeating..
Behaviors doomed to be failing.
Creativity craves new feelings.
Rare moments  seems to be fleeting.
Evenings are acceptable, noons welcoming,
as are the rushing of mornings.
selinasharday rosePoet s.a.m 2019-5-1
creatively expressing and carefully attending to evenings
Apr 2019 · 83
SelinaSharday Apr 2019
show you my struggles
show you my pains.
open up show how I survived my hurricanes.
show my glories show you how I live my stories.
show you my love and my heart real veins.
Open up allow a peek of sorted things.
See how I put away my weapons, lock up my cries.
knowing I have bottled up tears from my eyes.
Hide my insecurities,
show things that keep me in prayer on my knees.
Uncover the things I adore.
Ask you in to come with me life to explore.
Ask you for your patience, Tell why I do  away with fears.
Put up rocks I use to build fences, let ya climb my walls built over years.
Ask to see your hidden rooms.
Deals with every one of your hidden dooms.
Search you down for your scars.
bring about my medicine jars.
Manage  your disappointments,
As we plan a future for better events.
Show me your souls window what grounds you eternally.
Show me what nurses you by design.
Allow me into your heart, help us to intertwine.
Me the strength the root of your tree..
Show me lingering responsibility.
captivate with what last longer than physicality.
@H.E.R_Poetry all rights reserved 2019
Look see i'll show some things, keep some things reveal some things.
SelinaSharday Apr 2019
Who's to say whats a good or bad poem.
The beauty of a poem is in the eye of the beholder.

What each individual can derive from it and relate to about it,

what each heart perceives from the logic/non-logic  of whats written.

A Poem may be super dope to one and not to another.

As readers we can encourage but lets not discourage..

Write on poets or simply writers. (if you must say your not a poet)

When One say's I'm not a poet.. hmm why not?..

What ever you write can pen on beautifully writing comes in a huge variety of styles..

Be free and expressive independently...  
Express on..

Who can tell the branch you can never grow up to be a tree..
Who can say ...
You will never expand creatively.. I see no talent in thee..
Encourage the seed the dirt and the tilled soil..
Be grateful for the air the wind the rains..
and all the contributing things that will make an existence blossom into a great visual expression.

@H.E.R_Poetry S.A.M 2019
The judgement of other writers, and judging others creative expressions should not be a Poets drive..A Poet will do best to Inspire, motivate, encourage, excite, and entertain in may different ways there is a audience for all things..
Apr 2019 · 319
SelinaSharday Apr 2019
has left.
he can be
any identity
Its Poetry
All things don't come in pretty little packaging
Apr 2019 · 1.1k
Feeling Myself
SelinaSharday Apr 2019
unwanted yea..
I'm a unloved Piece
Feeling Myself by myself
Apr 2019 · 148
SelinaSharday Apr 2019
silent reads
reflections are lonely
lonely rhyming
Feb 2019 · 384
"Lonely Mist"
SelinaSharday Feb 2019
I'ma be real.
I'ma  keep misty real..
And allow how I feel to ease my time to chill.
They say misery love company.
I can't find any company for me.
To be chilled in this misery.
Moon light I see you shining..
I see your light.
Your romantic glow Flows to ignite.
Yet I'm sorrowful and gloomy.
And your shining your glow in this night.
I can stay busy achieving..
Fancy technology  and mazes of comforting.
I can temporarily forget my lonely.
Until happiness comes to temporarily tease me.
There's no where to run..
I'm afraid to play with the glow call fun.
Right now I'll keep this reality.
Two steps dancing with.
Patty cake darkness mist.
Till I tire of this...
Feb 2019 · 332
Beautiful Mess
SelinaSharday Feb 2019
What a wreck such a mess.
Some say This poetry is such a wreck.
She shared a beautiful mess.
Some say I have no words for this mess.
Poetry needed a way to be released of its stress.
Other saw her Poems as a awful mess.
The village gave poetry such loneliness.
Gone and forgotten poetic protest.
Some said the Poems were flawless.
Others said They couldn't tap the keys for such dialect
It's ok curtain will cover, windows will close on Beautiful Mess!
s.a.m 2019 protected
@risky messes..creative challenges..
Feb 2019 · 107
SelinaSharday Feb 2019
Reflect Now
Ya may not think we are worth it..
It's so not perfect.
Yet were about to wreck it.
We've been enjoying the tune of it.

Even with no jewels around my neck.
Things don't have to be perfect..
Reflect before we reject.. Us just yet.
You don't seem to wanna reflect.

You don't need nobody else.
Would ya rather be placed back on the shelf.
I can handle me all by myself.
you've kept returning all by yourself.

6-ways to amaze.. Touching my soulful ways.
keeping our secrets, and cherishing our days.
I can't see all your silver trays.
I can only simmer in the glow of this maze.

With no conversation to measure.
No diamonds to treasure.
I can't even call you when ever.
I want to reflect in my solemn weather.

Show me what.. you've neva..
Come on bae... it's now.. not when ever.
I need ya to reflect..
Right Now I reflect all by myself.

by selinasharday rose.
its now not when ever..reflect Its easier to reject..
Feb 2019 · 242
SelinaSharday Feb 2019

Such formality
Such normality
So back to reality.
Saddened by my delivery.

Yet I found some chemistry.
Wish One would confer with me.
Give me time I'd like to be exemplary.
You may not be aware due to my delivery.
Give me time.. give me rationality.
Remove the formality.

I can handle goin back to the normality.
I wasn't quite ready..
but keep the sweet gifted beauty.
Seen in this Rarity..
known as my melody..
The true gift of Being Me.

ShardayRose..S.A.M 2019
a poor delivery.. not really who I am.. or poorly shown who I can be..give me the chance to confer.
Jan 2019 · 214
Lemony Days
SelinaSharday Jan 2019
Lemons are lemony and kinda pretty..
A bit sour. But bright and glowy.
Like Lemony days
With a Chance of sugar
Its takes a while just to figure.
Where and when to apply sum sugar.
Apples some aren't ripe so leave them hanging high
Some days are ready and good for preparing Apple pie.
Oranges nice sweet  round and juicy plump.
But Rolling around on
em can be wack and make things go bump.
A variety of cherries..
Can be good on days of pleasantries.
Laughter is good with a bowl of fruity goodies.
Lemons  oranges  apples  and cherries.
Makings of goodness makes for days of
Better weather..
Slushies and Icees no matter where ever.
Especially when a day is Lemony.
You can make it sweet and juicy.
So no worry should a day be lemony.
By selinasharday@H.E.R
Create your days make the best of your days.. spiritual.. mental and physical.
Jan 2019 · 115
SelinaSharday Jan 2019
I cast my pearls before a blind man.
I assumed he could appreciate my open hand.
Some share diamonds
   with blind men scorpions.
Assuming they are worthy champions.
Poets offer gifts freely at broad doors.
Usually these are doors that can't understand metaphors.
Poor hearts some just can't relate.
They can't consume a healthy poetic plate.

There are those that will say speak plainly to me.
Keep it easy and elementary.
But for a poet there's revelation in the mystery.
Often we feel they just don't get me.
The less you read write learn or explore..
The less you want to dive into the brains deep shores.
I could give you a plain white flower.
Or I can decorate it give it colorful power.
If you don't understand the reasons.
That there are beautiful things in all the seasons.
And how every dish has its flavors.
How every emotion is relevent enhanced with its vapors.

Then I will just have to understand..
and pull back my gifted hands.

I'll give you a 1 and not a 2..
I'll give the less and let that do for you.
I'll keep my poetic expressions.
You'll not slander my word therapy notations.

My gifted juicy stories.. will be like vibrant leaves.
Bouncing freely on strong big trees.
Ready for the picking,
for those that love reaching.
Those that love climbing.
Those that love giving, sowing, planting and achieving.
We all will keep glowing in sunlight..
Rays of knowledge colorful simmering delight.

Yes sometimes we try to share some sunshine..Even with the blind..
Some chose to stay blind.
But if you could get to feel the light.
Would you still put up such a fight.
Poetic liberty is justice for me..It sets the captive free.
Poetic Therapy is soulful,
bringing every emotion possible.
Unveils or conceals situations of lifes mystery.
By SelinaSharday..2019..S.A.M
casting of pearls
Dec 2018 · 107
Altered Attitude@Tude
SelinaSharday Dec 2018
Has me feeling low and down.

Like I can't put my finger on..
what's behind this mood.
its funky and its crude.
This sleepwalking downer mood..
Dang it dude..
I think I may know whats behind this
don't want ta do nothing
slow burning attitude.
Thanks a lot dude..
You've successfully. uckedUp my mood.
Stolen good mood..
Dec 2018 · 393
SelinaSharday Dec 2018

When that man wants you,
Is there for you.
and doing the best that he can.
Tell him.
Just say it.
Tell him.
I love the way
that you eat.
The way you sleep
I love your hands
I love your feet.
I love the way that you love me
I even love your big round belly..
Just say it.
Say I love the sparkle in your eyes
That I want you look that glows like the sunrise.
Tell him that he's gorgeous.
That he's your rock.
Your stability.
He's such a blessing just to see.
Just say it.
Build him up.
Don't be stingy with the ingredients.
You can add to his cup.
Build him up.
With more than just teaspoons of Grace
Bless him with tablespoons of words.
That can bake his confidence.
To high levels.
Spoiling his ego making him walk with glee and assurances. Wherever he may go.
Make him reminisce and daydream.
On the words that pours out of you like a stream.
Oh just do it.. just say it.
Whatsoever things are good give him a good report
You should be able to find the beauty in his actions like
the ways that he supports you.
Again I say give, love, support.
Just Do It.
BY SelinaSharday S.A.M 2018
uplifting, motivating, giving, revealing, speaking and loving
Dec 2018 · 135
SelinaSharday Dec 2018

Tell her that she's beautiful.
Build her up!
Tell a woman that she's lovely and she's a Queen even if the attraction isn't there tell her.
she's amazing tell her she has a beautiful soul tell her she's oh so wonderful.
Someone is attracted to her
so be aware.
Tell her she is wonderful even when her beauty isn't something stunning.
Build her!
Because somewhere to someone she is beautiful
to someone
she is attractive
to someone
She'd be a blessing.
and if you are to be her amazing
Just say it build her.
Tell her she is beautiful
Tell her she's amazing
Tell her she is the sweetest thing.

Compliment her.
Just say it adore her just do it build her up.
Just do it.
Remember that somewhere Someone would be happy to love her..
Bless her.
With words you can give like a tree.
Adorn her with ornaments with the sparkling diamonds of your words.
Uplift her and her smile should warm you.
Her glow should bless you when she adores you.
Just do it.
Just say it.
And look past everything else and watch her be her most confident self.
Because you didn't hide your words on the Shelf
You placed them in her where they can grow.
So Just Say It.
by selinasharday S.A.M 2018
SILENCE MEANS not giving not saying anything leaving others with nothing when they need uplifting. so just be a blessing
Dec 2018 · 693
SelinaSharday Dec 2018

You forget
I'm a girl,
you forget,
I'm a S.H.E..
you forget ...
I'm a.. me
you forget
I'm a woman.....
Be a gentleman
Don't be so ready
to lose your patience with me.
Remember to sometimes walk gently.
Don't be so readily available to slaughter me.  
Just because I may seem a little flimsy
sometimes you just need to take it easy.
In the morning when you say your brain is thinking so clearly.
Okay then take it easy remember that
I'm not perfectly always me..
There are moments that I'm selfishly being me and there are times I need you to approach gently less selfishly patiently more gently.
I may be a S.H.E (Emotionally) so let me be.
By.Sharday 12.13.18
being Her.
Nov 2018 · 433
@Good Morning!
SelinaSharday Nov 2018

Morning  break of dawn.
Morning cold breath of winter air...
morning warm cozy  bed.
Mornin Man of symphony that brings a smile like
Cinnamon flavored coffee.
Morning  new day sent to me..
Morning heaven of glories  
I lift and rise because of thee

By ShardayRose
இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—
wintery mornings
Nov 2018 · 167
@Reading... "Ink!"
SelinaSharday Nov 2018
@Reading... "Ink!"
As I stop to stare.
I see a title where.
I wonder what it means..
I pause from browsing to read.
I see what ink drops bleed.
I decide to click open and proceed.

I read what ink drops bleed.
The brilliant thoughts. emotions, and seeds.
Allowing my thoughts and emotions to feed.
Drip drops I'm reading..
Where black and white words are leading.
Succeeding to the end.
Cleverly where it all soon ends.
I'm left with a vivid mental picture.
As my feelings were captured.
A door I entered.
Reading gives me clarity.
Exploration, I let my fingertips reply.
I comment, like and love.
The title that caught me up above.

Such a beautiful layout, drops of ink spread all out.
This dear ones is what readings all about.
Ink drizzled inks in drops.
Spreading magic, removing doubts,
Let your fingers show you where there, leave some plops.
Let your fingertips drip drop plops.
Give some love where you are reading.
So more drips and drops will be succeeding.
For the love of ink drops please keep on reading.

SelinaSharday Rose@H.E.R
Those black and white cleverly laid ink drops, ink drips and drop fancy, funny, clever, deep, stirring, moving, emotional, shocking, touching amazing, soul moving ink drops.. don't leave them unwatered unnoticed in a  
dry drought. spread some ink drops..plop plop plop.
Nov 2018 · 204
Get! Past Face..
SelinaSharday Nov 2018
Get! Past Face..
Take a time out.
Ta get into meh..
Get inside my head..
Before you get into my heart.
Doing it backwards don't make me not depart.
Know me!                      

How do I really feel
How do I sort this out.
Getting to know you.
Do You really give me that opportunity.

Trynna feel like I am close to you.
Do you make me feel welcomed inside of you.
I'm feeling a come on lets get it let's go.
Sweeping me off my pillow.
When I'm ready to relax and chat.
Telling me it's time to go.
So I hang up and just go.

You haven't spread the right ingredients on the table.
Give me a festive meal I can recieve I'm capable.
I feel I've just been given the page with introductions.
And excerpts from chapter one.

And you say I'm the One.

I'm here with my time willing to give gentle speeches.
But I feel no reaches.
Reach out, reach in, see blindness isn't gonna bring a win.
What do I do for you,,
Do I feel like I've known ya a lifetime.
I'm left feelin rushed and outta time.
Me to chapter two.
Don't assume I'm want me to be.
History provides deeper clues.
People's heart and minds make life changing adjustments.
I'm spiritual, clever and ready for better assignments.

Patience in my shoes.
Get, Ta Know, Who walking in these shoes.
Having paid a lotta dues
I'm easy to love..
Easy to Love..Fun to love..Worth it to Love.
...She's a reach deeper above.
What your viewing on her surface.
Its just the face.
SelinSharday Rose.. S.A.M ALL RIGHT RESERVED 2018
You feel you know me, I feel hurried by you.. get past the surface..get past the face..give me time I need.
Oct 2018 · 1.1k
"Do Drip Drama"
SelinaSharday Oct 2018
"Da Dramatics"

when I hear I don't do drama..
It makes me..
Pull back my hands..
Cover my face again..
Look away.. shy away..
No miracles can be performed here today.

If You don't do drama..
See drama may be rolled up in my sleeves.
As I act out my creativities..
Share my masterpieces,, drama may be what bleeds.

Drama in the sense that.. How I color my days..
How I blur out the craziest of ways.
How I finger paint with audio lyrics..
How I try to make sense of dimensional physics.
Confessions and testimonies,
bleeds from my knees.
And if I have to hide so much inside.
Zip my lips...Be ashamed of my slips.
Hide shades of identity.. Blur what bothers me.
Only offer out the candy..
The weather hasn't always been kind to me.
Your telling me there's no place for me.
because there are days times I need to be
as naked as can be.
And I need you to be naked around me.
To Dance naked with me.
Well I'ma need you to be able to take it.
As I can't fake it.
Drama is musically.. parts of my harmony.
Tamed/drama .. You have to be strong enuff cinematically
With ears of christianity
  Embrace me theologically  and love me.
Don't fear the pets I have chained. On leases beside me.
I'm a soldier dramatically.
Drama does not define me.
But It can be calmed made to behave spiritually.

Except the dramatics as you accept my harmony.
SelinaSharday S.A.M 2018
Drip Drip.. shall I hide my slips.
Shall I only show my dainty perfections..Pretend my roses don't have thorns.
Don't be blown away by my storms.
Don't be afraid when drama performs. Allow me to sound my alarms. I need you to Drip da drama for such is life and life is not without strife.
Oct 2018 · 1.4k
SelinaSharday Oct 2018
My Expressions unclear.
my looks may be a blur..
but regardless of my face..
I'm a Queen to embrace.
Of me completely..
The thorns in my head makes me bleed mentally
Look past my face You may see a deeper place.
In my natural state posed uniquely.
Can you hold every bit of me.
Regardless of looks, expressions, or conditions.

Faceless expressions eyes like weapons.
Provide clues to feelings.
So I'll mask what needs healing
Efforts made to reach the complicated.
Things unseen a task for the dedicated.
Faceless....shielding what I express.
Hidden Knowledge leaking what I'd like to confess. selina 2018 s.a.m
This is what I wrote from facebook after being giving a photo challenge to write on a image given. A woman with  no face wearing a bleeding crown on her head as dripping stains run from her forehead. cultural.
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