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8.2k · Apr 2018
Beauty and the beast!
SelinaSharday Apr 2018
The beast loving the beast he didnt have
sympathy for beauty and the way that beauty should be treated.
Beauty she didnt have the ******* nature of
reality that means the way a beast should be. Beauty and her Beast
The tender love and affection that beauty needed.
Was often ignore rejected and neglected.
from the beast.
The same way, that beauty wasnt able to
saddle the ******* meaness
and the rocky foundation.
That the beast was used to. To accept him being what he is.
Unloving uncaring ungiving.
because he is better known as this beast.
Beauty and her Beast.
Beauty would often be torn ravished and taken for granted.
While the beast would often feast on the tender meat.
Of Beauty! Ravishing and seeking, beastly taking.
Barely ever having anything descent to be giving.
No kindness no loving ways, no maturity.
Because the beast didnt even love himself.
This beast he be!
Sometimes as beauty would be recovering
she'd reach for him in his rocky
******* places and it would leave her torn.
In tragedy torn ripped places because Beauty.
Needs peace beauty needs sweet relief.
That couldnt be provided.
By a ravishing Beast.
Beasty and her beast.
The way he seeks,, the way he treats the way he harms.
The way he rings alarms.
Beauty would sigh love me! The Beast would say Hate me.
Hate me I am Beast!
My Features are beast My ways are Beast.
My Heart is beasty. For I remember am Beast.
Beauty would cry Love me, desire me, want me,
Cherish Me, feed me nourish me.
comfort me, cradle me.
For I am beauty and I seek love and maturity.
I am Beauty. Do Not Devour me.
But nourish me and treat me kindly  
And Know that I am beauty.
I seek sweet sleep sweet deliverance
For I am Beautiful I need not  a Beast!
Don't be beasty let me transform you into my Prince charming
my romantic knight and shinning armor.
can I kiss the beast and he turn into my romantic beast.

By SelinaSharday.. All Rights reseved S.A.M 2018
hear it on soundcloud
5.3k · Jul 2018
SelinaSharday Jul 2018
Who Am I!
Who am I to be!
Where Do I belong..
Where will I end up..

Why was I designed and what Do I live for.
Wonder why I am who I am..
  Wonder why I do the things I do.
  I wonder why people judge the way they do..
    I ask how people hold on to the judgements and criticisms.
      I often see how people keep others in tight cages.
        I see the hatred and it often amazes.

Even with all the answers......
I'd love some favors, I'd Love some forgiveness..I'd love Grace.
It'd be so wonderful to love others as we love ourselves.
It'd be so Blessed should we let go and let God..
It would be so humbling should we forgive as we need forgiving.

See how we don't all have the same views....
See how we all don't believe the same things...
   See how we each reason and have our own logics.
    But can we all at least see we are all still human beings.
Who all needs those basic Things...
         Love! Redemption. Safety..Trust..Peace,,Understanding..
Food..clothes.. shelter.. and family and friends...
Can we place ourselves in someone elses shoes..
Show some some coompassion..
   consider what if you were me.
Live the best we can with the life we are given..
  Open the cage and let the hated free..
Give them To God let him Be..
What ever it is to them He wants to be.

S.a.m 2018 Protected!
We all have been given Life..we wonder what our purpose is..But can we all just love and let live..No matter what our differences..And Forgive and let others be forgiven.. "let God be God for those that believe he is Who He Is..
4.2k · Feb 2018
Is there A Y.O.U
SelinaSharday Feb 2018
IS THERE A y.o.u!

Confidently waiting
Confidently hiding. comfortably chilling..
waiting On Nothing but Y.U.O to come along..
I'm relaxing in a tub filled with caressing roses.
Me soothingly preparing me!..
Enjoying me and this time getting to enjoy this new me and
who I've come to be.
Working with dedication, personally I'm sure your relating.
As your working On you too. And laboring hard day after day.
I'm not wasting this time till we are found.
Love waiting to unfold.
Its wanting to be released and be yours to keep and hold..
I'm here and sometimes I do feel that lonely.
Knowing your not holding..Me!
Yet I am enjoying this new Me!
I'm confidently enjoying.
I have my family and my friends and them I'm enjoying.
But can't wait to laugh and smile and be loved by Y.O.U.
Wondering thinking of what would it be like to touch on Y.O.U.
You..You.. You.. Feel the touch of you..
In my heart sometimes I have conversation with Y.O.U.
Thinking what If I never be found by you.
Then I'll be content to live imaginatively with you.
My perfected Y.O.U. Soul mate in you..Perfect for me kinda you.
Blessed to be tapping my fingers musically because of you.
Desiring.. confidently praying.. silently hoping there is this Y.O.U!
By SelinaSharday S.A.M. TM 2018
waiting on H.I.M THE most compatible love..
2.9k · Mar 2018
I support me!
SelinaSharday Mar 2018
I feel empowered..I'm here to love on me..
here to support me.
love on some me..
after seeing how others will take me for granted.
take my sweet gentle nature and ignore it.
fail to appreciate it.
Hurt and abuse me
My time I give my attention I give.
Others may play the games of neglect with me.
After I bring the positivity.
My sunshine my smooth uplifting gift.
I've adopted a better spiritual outlook.
Not goin to lay my pearls at their foot.
My love don't belong on the ground.
To be kicked all around.
Nah nah nah no!
I'm going to say the things I've failed to let flow.
I'm going to release my tongue..
Building up my self esteem a useful weapon.
Its about me keeping going, not being injured by the tragic done.
Stop others from trappling my precious rose petals.
I realize the gift in me, some will not get my specials.
I'm seeking to stay focused.
and enlightened, Aware of my spiritual.
As the purest forms of me unfolds.
By selinasharday
S.A.M 2018
recognized this beauty in oneself, even when others treat you so poorly off and aware stand up fot the gift you are.
2.5k · Feb 2018
SelinaSharday Feb 2018
As quiet, sleek and sophisticated as they are.
Cats speak volumes
In meow the nation of humans.
In the space they consume...
   Cats speaks..uniquely thank you's in cat chat hues..
Colored as  colorful as the rainbows...
loving to hide where nobody knows
Cats walk with confidences,, able to leap high over fences..
Able to hold their own.. able to freely roam..
A cat can cruise in packs..... or walk solo as a matter of fact.
They don't need man to tell them they are royal
you can see this in their stroll.
Deep down in their being.. so noble,, mankind is blessed to behold..

The animal kingdom fashioned purposefully..
Striking divinity blessing mankind usefully.
Needed generously..Well now if your
sharing space with a cat do it graciously.
Being gentle feline Angels..even when naughty enough to scold.
A cat has a unique role...Even with their pampered attitudes..
If your cats is giving you attitude and acting rude.
There's logic behind those actions and moods..
Get yourself on over to cats school and learn cats 101.
Figure out the madness causing this sadness.

Don't be a quitter.. never hit him/her...
Do no harm.. Or heavens bells will ring a alarm.
Know your attending heavenly royalty keep your blessings flowing.
Cats walk and move softly gently with grace...
Your blessed when a cats in your place.
Show them love..don't bring about disgrace.
Proverbs 12:10 A righteous man regards the life of his animal.
By HeavensRosePoet aka selinarose!
pets, animals life lessons..being kind to creatures of all kinds
SelinaSharday Feb 2018
Losing you a slow stream running drenching.
Draining down to a slow  finger tips run drip.
It drips..
Before I can ever have even a sip.
Emotions will rip..
We were almost there reaching by finger tips...
Ahh the passionate intimates.
In my silky girly short lingerie slips.
The way its huggin at my hips.
As I desire the taste of your lips.
A romance may be gently dipped.
A touch of yours I want it equipped.
Touch me and whisper ever so low.
Making my river  follow.....
Don't leave me with thirst..
I almost came undone the dream rehearsed.
I painfully reached without you there.
I must now proceed with care...Seek me where,
My lonely places you aren't there.
I know my not being there it isn't the way you prefer..
Try my wine..I can not ideally define...keep my scent within your mind.
I'm that precious Rose you'll find.
Sharday3 Rose
Coming, close to losing that sweet imagined thing.
1.9k · Jun 2018
SelinaSharday Jun 2018
Flowing up to the surface
Submerged under the waters..
Chocking gasping for a bit of air..
swollowing.. suffocating.. On Life..
Just can't even imagine the reasons behind the tragedies...
Of what evils lurks in earthly places..
With the ability to rearrange and change peoples faces.
After all the hearing and the witnessing.
The feelings and the knowings.
All the seeing of evils news....
I didnt realize I was chocking emotions deeply bruise.
Anxiety snatching the ability to breath where its comfortable..
Breath normally..
Panic sneaks its way in..makes me uncomfortable in my skin.
Pulse rushing pulsating.
All of a sudden the sheer emotion of losing.
Can't see another day lighting the way..
Soul feels the falling when you realize
there's so much suffering..
Arms gone limp all passed out..From the exhaustion.
This is when God holds yah in His arms.
Calming down irregular heart beats.
God breaths His air into you. His breath is your air..
as he breath Life back into you.
Resuscitate He is the air you breath.
Without Him you can't breath there's no air without Him.
He pulls you up to this worlds surface..
This worldly ocean called life.
Where day by day moments felt like drowning.
He gives you inspiration and sets within you a song.
Tells you to keep holding on..
The ocean is still there
but for now..I have been brought up to the surface.
hear it on soundcloud copy n paste link below
S.A.M @h.e.r 2018
resurface again
1.8k · Jul 2018
My Gen Z Son!
SelinaSharday Jul 2018
This Gen Z Kid..
This teen of mine..
This Young Man I'm reminded..He's my final Son.
This fast growing radiant dark horse
runnin around under the blaze of the hot sun.
Now He's grown into this tall knight champion.
Radiant chilled dark stallion.

He is unique admired and I'm in awe of His Being.
  @Times I'd call him the hurricane..
Inwardly lays talents that can become gifted fame.
I believe He hears.. That voice of God.
When God calls his name.

This new kinda techno son.. Video emerged.. Youtube is his tv..
This son is Gen Z!
The cusp of millennials the beginnings of Generation Z.

Our Norms and traditions bothers them none. Open free and caring emotional nomes..
In the virtual reality chemistry..
Chilling inside their rooms in the safety of homes.

My Sons a precious commodity.
What technology wiz will he turn out to be.
Gaming entertaining.. mental challenging.
The Sons who'll be parents to the next Generation of Alpha's..
Babies entertained by notebooks of cellphone tablets.
More then societies adopted habits.

Babes that are digital natives on cellphones genetic cultures.
Terminology texted media exposures.
Data and gigabytes.. downloads and high speeds.
Swiping before being taught a first school lesson.
This is the generation..Z The Digital Sons.
Written by SelinaSharday~@H.E.R (C)2018
"New Breeds of our times with even more complexities.. products of growth and technologies.
seasoned by what we dare to add of our own historical beliefs  ahh we better sprinkle in some faith and some beliefs and hold to our seats.
1.6k · Oct 2018
SelinaSharday Oct 2018
My Expressions unclear.
my looks may be a blur..
but regardless of my face..
I'm a Queen to embrace.
Of me completely..
The thorns in my head makes me bleed mentally
Look past my face You may see a deeper place.
In my natural state posed uniquely.
Can you hold every bit of me.
Regardless of looks, expressions, or conditions.

Faceless expressions eyes like weapons.
Provide clues to feelings.
So I'll mask what needs healing
Efforts made to reach the complicated.
Things unseen a task for the dedicated.
Faceless....shielding what I express.
Hidden Knowledge leaking what I'd like to confess. selina 2018 s.a.m
This is what I wrote from facebook after being giving a photo challenge to write on a image given. A woman with  no face wearing a bleeding crown on her head as dripping stains run from her forehead. cultural.
SelinaSharday Feb 2018
****** **** such a tragedy.
Between kin bloodlines abominations of unrighteous unity.
Speak loud and spare not, victims stop keeping it hidden.
A sin so scandalous so forbidden.
This secret is the reason for some insane things.
Punishment on our Nation it brings.
Stop the transgress it’s time to progress
to detest the ugliness of ******.
The sin of ****** put out from us such wickedness
Crimes within the family.
Outcry why oh God why.
Emotions cry spirits die.
Survival with scars somehow.
Child kept secrets at least for now.
Innocent sweet nectar just taken.
Abused shattered then forsaken.
Inwardly hating the humiliation.
Lingering curse.   Bound to be rehearsed.
A bloodline search, unthought-of   curse our generation.
How can we cleanse this crime  from our nation.
Child **** such outrage of wickedness.
Such a corruptible trespass.
Men lusting after little boys. Using them as ****** toys.
Outcry iniquity.  Loss of innocent purity.
Killers of purity, thieves,
bandits doings malicious things in secrecy.
Abused children in mind body and spirit.
Hear their voices silently cry who’s close enough to hear it.
Legal laws. Often with flaws
Putting children in harms way.
Hard to prove it allowing perpetrators often to stay.
Courts judicial systems poor outcome.
Criminals getting counseling with their worst still to be done
It’s a unhealed spiritual condition.
Warriors do our best to rid ourselves of this affliction.
Wrongful unthinkable vexation.
Impure affections of ****** connection.
Between the bloodlines.
Children with Children sexually learned crimes.
Scares of a lifetime.
People wake up let us not be blind.
I beg you I pray.
Let’s do more to protect our children in any way.
Outcry, need to protect our innocent ones. Prayers uplifted, rebuking the hidden crimes.
1.3k · May 2022
Finding Mr.
SelinaSharday May 2022
Poem Sanged
Daddy.Vibes..(written for someone I know and I feel their pain so)
Listen.. hold me close and not far.. plz. hold me close to you.
Don't reach for me and be too far..
I'm just getting to know you and who you are.
i'm just getting to know you.
Hold me close and not far.
Your the reason why i am who i am.
why some things are the way they are.
So hold me closer.
I want that attention..
Oh must I mention i wanna know you.
I'm calling repeatedly.
I know i don't get answers every time. hold me closer.
But its been way too long.
pick up the phone, your important to me.
and I've waited my whole life long.
To kno who you are mr.
Don't wanna seem desperate
But I'm a part of you, you you and
I wanna get to know you.
Mr. busy busy busy I wanna know who you are
pic up the phone.
I want to hear you talk to me.
Mr. talk to me.. oh I'm still calling you.
Something in my soul.
got me callin you. something in my soul.
got me seekin searching
longin to get to know you.
Mr. Come through..
My Dna has much to say..
its in my soul Mr. see about me..
give a care I pray!

Finding a Long lost pops.
by selinashardaye
Been wondering who's Your Pops.. and get lucky enough to find someone you never thought you would... And your soul longs...
1.3k · Apr 2020
The Gift!
SelinaSharday Apr 2020
Throwing Away The gift.. {Poem}
Love this wealthy intangible invisible gift.
Yet you hide it deny it seek to do away with it.
Toss it in the trash like a disposable rag dirtied with stains of, I don't believe this gift.
I don't have time in my life right now for this gift.
The stains of Unappreciative feelings for this gift.
Ignoring the prize of the infancy the baby in this gift.
The newness of  life in this gift.
Like a deadened zombie with no feelings at all to recognize the gift.
How can you throw away the richness of such a gift.
The desire to grow with you grow in you, be nurtured by you of in this gift.
There's  innocent of life in the gift.
The failure to protect the power of this gift.
You dropped it away like disposable trash, Millions of uncountable blessings in the possibilities of a freely given precious value of soul..
You need love for the shattered Soul.. Will you Throw the baby out with the bath water.
It's trying  to Rescue the hearts that walk away from these gifts...
Blinded hearts wounded spirits. Deaf ears that can't hear it, can't feel it.
Can't savor the love of gifts...Stop and try to feel and believe this gift.
Gifts of hearts, Gifts of souls, nonjudgmental.. Precious Gifts to behold.
This is a GIFT!
Selinasharday_H.E.R/Poetry 2020-4-12
hardened souls
1.3k · Aug 2021
"Old Fools"
SelinaSharday Aug 2021
By Sharday
"Old Fools"
Old crudes.. appearing as Fools gold. The Irony. When you offer joy and laughter.. and all the best to offer in kindly spoken joyful chatter.
When you only offered a sprinkle of smiles and sunshine's. A regular day by short easy breezes to fellow online unknowns you never ever met in the flesh and briefly known online.
shared with them smiles and sunshine of encouraging crispy apple finds.  To wish they smile with glee and inwardly are filled with bitter unrest.. Unknown to most of us. We only  see the clown painted hidden face. A true face of sunken holes filthy craters in mold. The corrupt soul waiting to unlease it's misery soon as the old fool see, your joyful positivity isn't gonna stay for the foolery.
How you can't be captured, in the web of rotten hell where the Old fool dwells. Just wash your hands wipe your virtual feet from where you ventured and never again there enter.
A fool full of liquor  and utterly bitter all of its own. To whom you never did any wrong. Yet the fool will claim you have. Is a stalker web  crawler, harassing fool.. Report the stalkers  harassing's  obsessing's  words of hate.  The fools mouth of polluted lies disguised as crafted blind leading the blind sorrows.
A brief encounter online in 14 days causes a fool to write so much **** poor chatter.
Obsessive, stalker, old fool, not your muse, move on fool.
Psalms 18:2 "A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion." psalms 18:2
Proverbs 29:2 If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.
Sounds like a abusive deranged so madly insane. Type foolish, type thang. Can't find a away to stop using you in written metaphors. Like his pictures of he wish he had ******.
Keep virtual 911 on hit report speed dial,
this fool seems a virtual danger stranger chillld.
fools online, bitter, people, wounded, stalker, harassers, using hate, obsessed won't move on type fools.
1.2k · Feb 2022
SelinaSharday Feb 2022
Hey son
what it do!
You know how much I love you.
How did you get so far from me. Hey son between us two you've put quite some distance.  
Feels like seeing I'm mother as your growing up I'm now the resistance.  
Remember I'm not the enemy. Hey son I love you from the Earth to the Moon and the distant Sun.
Hi little Gemini.
I want to see you take your wings  to soar I want to see you fly.
I give you your time, distance and your space. But I  remember when you were a little boy who didn't mind me planting kisses on your face.
Hi son I remember June 20th the day you were born.
From every moment I've helped you grow through every storm.
Hey young Gemini.
It's like now we can't see eye-to-eye.
But you'll always be the apple of my eye.
I know that you're on your way to being a strong young man
Just don't forget I'm here with an outreached hand.
I'm your mom a go hard fan.
With you I've done the best that I can.
Your journey has begun.
Go on now son.. Enjoy Life
I get to see you live and continue to learn and to grow and grow.
@H.E.R_Poetry S.A.M
For the struggling times of growth.. Not a momma boy.. Just out to make their own way.. let them go through the phases of life.. space, prayers and time..
1.2k · May 2021
Morning2Evenings 2
SelinaSharday May 2021
Evenings a lovable sensitive thang.
Opting to pass usual good morning greetings as some sang.
Skipping morning bits.. rushing into the afternoon.
She welcomed the mid day
Knowing  with it a smile was on the way.
She allowed early evening to greet letting things bloom.
Working away late evenings as sleepy eyes rang.
Conversations a quick cute head nodding overhang.
Good nights are like lullabies of verbal hugs sangs.
Wasted evenings are snatching from beneath feet taken for granted rugs.
All to start another night in shimmering thoughtful plights.
Tugging away ribbons in flights.
Meaningful minds quietly dreamin.
As others may be secretly scheming.
Attentions paid to faded good morning hello's.
With hollow tones from yesterdays grading zero's.
Wash rinse and repeating..
Behaviors seems to be overwhelming.
Creativity craves new feelings.
Rare moments  seems to be fleeting.
Evenings are acceptable, noondays are welcoming,
as are the rushing of mornings.
selinasharday rosePoet s.a.m 2019-5-1
Just saying passionate about the passing times..
1.2k · Dec 2022
U Left It raining..
SelinaSharday Dec 2022
It's Pouring Ova here, Its falling..
Just look at the rain you've allowed..
It's raining , it fills my room...
This rain inspires though its pouring lightly..
It increases gently..
You said you can feel it too.
The rain is growing flowers, in my room..
The grass grows with energy..
Pouring within me respectively..
Raining... I can still hear you saying.. its raining for you too.
abundantly.. fun while... dancing meaningfully.
Rain.. Raining excites destiny.. Pouring fully..
Spilling from my room...
Sunlight above the cloud as its pouring.. Blissfully..
So luxuriously. keep raining..Over me..

keep pouring..
keep falling sweetly..
Raining.. Inside.. Raining outside.. Love reigns...Beautifully..

Such Rains...
a Good thang..

SelinaSharday_H.E.R#POETRY 2022......S.A.M
When Love is falling its like refreshing rains thats a good kinda thang...
1.2k · Mar 2018
No Suga..4sum lemonade!
SelinaSharday Mar 2018
Left with no suga for lemonade..
You didn't give me any.
Its the bed you made.

My suga hidden locked away I always keep plenty.
Yet you should've  given me some.
You didn't give me any.
Should things become unraveled undone.

Like gentle flavors
Gifted courtesies.
Texting etiquettes.
Is like a lumpy  preserved sugar cube.
Know that rules in texting has its magnitude.      
Proper mannerisms set for the right attitude.
Like sensual videos from youtube.

Proper texting skills.
Sets the flow for good word adjectives.
If texting don't just walk away.. at least say bye  have a good day.
You were texting me and simply vanished away.
Didn't hear from you till some other day.

No good morning no how are you.
No Sorry I hadn't replied back to you.
The stems that builds proper relationships.
Simple actions that can untie good friendships.
Rude mannerisms, actions, bad timing..too many crazy smilies.
Too much giving, too much doing, way too many gifs cheezies.
Texting at wrongful innappropriate times.
Like at the movies or on a date no good signs.
Manners gone like public phone booths uneeded dimes.

Your rudeness Your going I can't miss.
You have no suga cubes.
Just sour lemons..
Easy to dismiss.

You gave me nothing to make lemonade.
Can't fix this mess you have made.
No suga for lemonade!
By selinasharday all rights reserved..3-2018
texting skills learn some.. like if you were on the phone you wouldn't just hang up,, be kind be considerate.
1.1k · Jun 16
At a Distance (sky)
SelinaSharday Jun 16
When will we.. stop admiringly
stop posting afar,
its impossible to try and reach a star,
But I can certainly shout
to the star above
conversate with it show it love.
In my heart and mind
sparkly hype find..
share my thoughts all in the blind.
A traveler at heart is mine....
I quickly rhyme...
yet truthful a blessed find..
I'll leave and stray away..
keep my attention far at bay...
Good day...hope you like it..
my paper plane..
sent to a moonlit sky..
Registered.. S.A.M shardaysCopy Righted notes.
Your way over there up there.. can you get my paper sent planes..
1.1k · May 2018
Just Smile
SelinaSharday May 2018
Just you smile....
Your troubles are only gonna last just a little mo while.
baby you smile.
You've got a right to smile..
Smile when your feeling blue.. your smile looks good on you.
Smile when your abandoned by your friends.
A smile draws some sunlight in.
Smile in the midnight hour..
daylight will bring the promising hour.
Your smile is a gifted flower.
Oh babeh you can smile.
Turn that frown around.. listen for a hopeful sound. your faith can be found.
When you remeber to carry that smile around.
Oh Just you smile
Your troubles are only gonna last just a little mo while..
Please smile..
Your pains will become only a memory in time for you.
A testimony that you've made it through.
tell others they can make it too.
pass along that smile, looking happy is a fitting style.
Its looks so good on you.
By heavensrosepoet aka selinasharday
Just You Smile.
All rights reserved 2018 S.A.M
The joy from the inside is our medicine.. I want to see you allow in a smile. and feel it way deep down. breath and hug yourselves.. Oh bae just allow your soul to be made whole..
1.1k · Apr 2019
Feeling Myself
SelinaSharday Apr 2019
unwanted yea..
I'm a unloved Piece
Feeling Myself by myself
1.0k · Feb 2018
Adam And Eve The Fall
SelinaSharday Feb 2018
She blamed him he wasn't there while she was searching him.
Alone in the garden. Browsing eyes again feasting forbidden thing.
Told to keep away from.
Alluring be that Serpent seeing her  away from Him searching.
Serpent slithered on in.
Him off working, tilling seeking. Unseeing.
He blamed her, for being off and away searching.
The forbidden thing
She blamed him for not being close enough and not listening in.
Whilst searching for you in my view the forbidden thing came.
She proclaimed.
As yes the Serpent came and convinced me
of the harmlessness of this thing.
Its tempting.
Take eat with me.
As he did eat.
Separation, hardship, incompatibility, neglect,
war and fighting in generations this world it did
Such unnatural things,  they were put out of the garden.
Oh how soon to come things would change.
Woman as day  As  night is to Man.
Hard to find Him the same ever again.
With out heavens blessings and bringing together of such things.
The Fall and
Clashing of Planets
By The SelinaShardaye
S.A.M 2008 All Rights Reserved
The many points of view on the fall.. Modern rehearse
988 · Oct 2018
"Do Drip Drama"
SelinaSharday Oct 2018
"Da Dramatics"

when I hear I don't do drama..
It makes me..
Pull back my hands..
Cover my face again..
Look away.. shy away..
No miracles can be performed here today.

If You don't do drama..
See drama may be rolled up in my sleeves.
As I act out my creativities..
Share my masterpieces,, drama may be what bleeds.

Drama in the sense that.. How I color my days..
How I blur out the craziest of ways.
How I finger paint with audio lyrics..
How I try to make sense of dimensional physics.
Confessions and testimonies,
bleeds from my knees.
And if I have to hide so much inside.
Zip my lips...Be ashamed of my slips.
Hide shades of identity.. Blur what bothers me.
Only offer out the candy..
The weather hasn't always been kind to me.
Your telling me there's no place for me.
because there are days times I need to be
as naked as can be.
And I need you to be naked around me.
To Dance naked with me.
Well I'ma need you to be able to take it.
As I can't fake it.
Drama is musically.. parts of my harmony.
Tamed/drama .. You have to be strong enuff cinematically
With ears of christianity
  Embrace me theologically  and love me.
Don't fear the pets I have chained. On leases beside me.
I'm a soldier dramatically.
Drama does not define me.
But It can be calmed made to behave spiritually.

Except the dramatics as you accept my harmony.
SelinaSharday S.A.M 2018
Drip Drip.. shall I hide my slips.
Shall I only show my dainty perfections..Pretend my roses don't have thorns.
Don't be blown away by my storms.
Don't be afraid when drama performs. Allow me to sound my alarms. I need you to Drip da drama for such is life and life is not without strife.
SelinaSharday Jun 2021
Hoping the sun don't fail by your eyes be seen. hoping light don't fail to show in the darkness where hope need grow.
Reaching where cruelty always strikes mean, as it's stealing comfort where love wants to gleam.
reflecting on a day was born.. and realizing this is where landed earths storm.
Trying to be grateful, and gives thanks. while being punished in sorrowful branks.
Imprisoned and legendary.. worldwide outside or small roomed inside. Your eyes can see whats visionary,. And nothing can steal your imaginary. Till away you go soaring where earthly eyes can't see... man can't understand God forgiving plans... Or how he makes you whiter then snow in his cleansing hands.
For every fed up day..
Just pray .... pray away walls.. scars.. pains and alls.. faith walk  just walk.. and heavenly talk.. God frees the caged lions...Gives them his blessing new beginnings..
Better then where you are.. you are better then what you have done..
your are better then what's said by any man.. Lift your hands.. Clap your hands oh earthly man..
LIFT Your HANDS.. IN WORSHIP LET FLOW God praise from thy lips..
Be ye comforted.. down to your bones...wrapped in psalms 91.. be covered..
selinasharday s.a.m 2021
confined, alone
961 · Sep 2018
SelinaSharday Sep 2018

I keep..
Minding my own business.
in the kitchen doin the dishes..
minding my own business..
keep trying ta forget..
Not wanting to digress..
To where I feel your absence and my loneliness.
Seeing your conditions..
Reminded in my visions
I see your hands through my own hands.
I remember the simpliest things..
Even though your absent finally from my dreams.
I've been seeing you even down to the basics of you.

The unstraight lazy walk the deep sound in how you talk.
I'm still minding my own business I must confess.
I'm a little wounded yet healing.. Coping well with my feelings.
Missing those interpersonal roles.. naughty ways to console.
So old and foundational..
With you so long that our chatting.
It used to get kinda confrontational.
So close I don't think you ever truly knew.
The closeness now makes me blue.
But right now i'm just kinda tired of spiritually seeing..Y.O.U!

SelinaSharday..2018_09 .S.A.M
I really don't like it.. and i really wanna forget..
944 · Oct 2021
Poetry People..
SelinaSharday Oct 2021
Poetic People..
we are not herded sheeple.
We are word lyrics, song makers,  mind shakers,  current speakers, history makers, past revealers..
Word life breathing, comfort givers.
Word Movers, Books of chapters and mental creators of Intellectual content givers.
We teach, subtract and we word multiply in many unique stanza, rhythms and soul dynamic gifts.
Poetry people we can ignite, warm up or cool down to enhance hearts temperatures Spirits our words lift.
Poets are examples of writing freedoms and of all 12 styles and forms of Poetry formed arts.
Sonnets, Ballads, Concrete ode and Prose. and the many mo's are starts.
Poetry People are such a variety.
Best leave us free!
As living Poetry!
Poets, cook, serve, they provide, Poets entertain, make your hearts sang. make your mouth overflow with giggles of laughter, gets your brain on that thinking and reminiscing train.
865 · May 2018
EX'd Out! Or Ex'iting
SelinaSharday May 2018
EX'd Out!
Or Ex'iting
No matter what the who is or the they are.
And Why!
Finding ourselves in the
Ex'd out zone.
Balancing the tender spaces and delictae places.
We must be Ex'iting to fill our hands with better things.
Ex-employee..facing situations where your No longer..
in a top ranking position.
Coping, handling managing emotions.
Being in these tender places will make you stronger.
Failing to will cause you danger.
Being Ex'd Out can bring
Anger, fear feelings of rejection loss of hope..
Despair..pain within, anguish, turmoil, feeling like you can't cope.
Springing up emotions of hatred and bitterness.
Sowered things like unforgiveness..
rage and defeat.
Roots of loneliness and cravings so strong to regain
back again the place you were before all this began.
Soured..Its Time to move forward.
You have to be Ex'd out to move into new beginnings.
You have to Ex'it to seek the things much more perfect.
You don't have to see it as losing.
View it as Time to move to achieve your dreams.
If you needed to be Ex'd out for being corruptive.
Let the just live.
Allow em to live peacefully free from fear.
Free from any retaliation We have no right to rebel.
When someone wants our Ex'its from their situations.
Put your peaceful shoes on.. and move along.
Some Ex's have become harmfully dangerous.
It gives them no right to destroy any of us.
Cry to be delivered from evil..If being Ex'ed causes you pain.
Know the heart needs healing and is in critical condition.
Enter the spiritual ER emergency.
Until you can make a successful recovery.
Ex out all the negative..You have more life to live..
When you Ex'it successfully
Life has much more to give!
Writer SelinaSharday
S.A.M 2018
Constantly seeing more and more Ex's On the rampage. Making it a danger for innocent others. tragedies becoming commonplace. Its times to takes extra measures to doctor up the hearts and minds and prepare the souls for coping with being Ex'd out and or  Exiting the places you need to be removed from.
808 · Sep 8
Wednesday Loved Me
After many working days of giving of myself in love patience and endurance There are joys in the mist  and I'm Thankful
The days past have had their struggles and blessings.. I have been facing the challenges ..
The mentals cares and the growing pains that comes with time experience and rough edges..
I know Sleep has  been  a thing I have chased, and tried my hardest to pin down.. by accidental falls..
Sleep where are you my heart calls.
But yet my days catch her sometimes..lolzz I mean really..
I crave for certain events on days.. its absence quite chilly.
Yet there are many delays..
But this Wednesday I needed Wednesday the rains fell and poured me replenishment to my thirst, and dear love Wednesday loved me.. dearly  gave me the rest I needed.
Wednesday fell upon me, and gave love, like cloud nine times eleven sent.
I tried to hold on to Wednesday and pouted as it had to carry on...
Now its Thursday and as I labor my eyes cry for rest to sleep as I'm pushing and working strong.
This day has been long..
  My off days are Thursday and Friday..
Sunday and Monday may bring, rest and love, flowers, and kisses and sweet misses
of sweet napping's I'll say..
ahh don't delay..
@ selinasharday_rose H.E.R #POETRY 2023 S.A.M Published.
Its about love
744 · Jul 2022
Hearing_My name!
SelinaSharday Jul 2022
Hearing you speak my name.

Is like hearing Poetry@her tamed.

I've been doing well unlonely

With a heart


You can extend your chivalry as you keep free my reigns.

Noting ya ability to capture things ascertained.

Say my name.. say my name again. How it sounds can inventively be explained.

We danced in styled coordinated glitter.

Showers of hanging illuminated strings party designed bling all in silver.

Adored smiles, memories for miles. Lasting Niles. Captured images neatly compiled.

All the while loving your productive styles.

Spoken as if sanged, say my name
731 · Dec 2018
SelinaSharday Dec 2018

You forget
I'm a girl,
you forget,
I'm a S.H.E..
you forget ...
I'm a.. me
you forget
I'm a woman.....
Be a gentleman
Don't be so ready
to lose your patience with me.
Remember to sometimes walk gently.
Don't be so readily available to slaughter me.  
Just because I may seem a little flimsy
sometimes you just need to take it easy.
In the morning when you say your brain is thinking so clearly.
Okay then take it easy remember that
I'm not perfectly always me..
There are moments that I'm selfishly being me and there are times I need you to approach gently less selfishly patiently more gently.
I may be a S.H.E (Emotionally) so let me be.
By.Sharday 12.13.18
being Her.
712 · Aug 2021
SelinaSharday Aug 2021
Heard some poetry it was such foolery.
Read some poetry.
Such deceptions I see, stumbled on some poetry such poor delivery.
I cant believe how the writer does deceive, like a magician with words to weave.
How one holds some  tricks up their sleeve.
The writer spuns delusions, crazy intriguing lines meant to blow minds.
Nothing but foolery.
Found some poetry! Seemed kinda fun to me, but sit back and watch and see.
The writers quite clumsy. Read some poetry.
Such creative illusions of such wicked delusions.
Because the person is just writing confusions.
Things in their mind
about experiences over time.
when Its best to know both sides of those poetic stories.
Or its just untruths or hurts to what that poet grieves.
Just what that poet sees no where near the truth.
Just telling slippery lines like rotten tooth's.
On their mistakes and there pains and sorrows.
That's nothing of the truth, how they discarded beautiful tomorrows.
Discarding friendships,
That where meant to be only friendships.
Now they are writing darkened daggers.
Such old timely closed minded wanna be swaggers.
Writers cruelty worded daggers.
Some Poets write for Healing, some write for pain, some write for financial gain.
Telling stories, good, bad, sad, foolishness after having gone mad, just ta complain.
No truths in the splattered stains of poetic slains. Its the closed minded, failing in love without you kind. writing to teach the blind, and forgetting leaving wise lessons behind.
Beware of the blind leading the blind poets the assumes, the know its. With hidden motives.
Up their sleeves, writing poetic lined deliveries. Read some poetry not by skilled/knowledged hands I see.
Oh found some poetry. Quite deceptive to me. maybe wounded souls they be.
by selina sharday_H.E.R#POETRY
your a wounded writer telling one side of your darkened truth when it takes both sides to know real reality, yet you write your wounded side of things to ruined the other. Things we readers often see when reading poetry
689 · Feb 2018
Ø It ain't safe Ø
SelinaSharday Feb 2018
Ø It ain't safe Ø
Rejoice for every missed soul a bullet fails to slaughter..
Anguish and sorrow for every soul  bullets used to masecure.
Bullets..weapons of war.. used for hunting of innocent humans.
Others giving resistence saying rights to carry over rights to live.
No Rights to be protected..from demented minds and unholy mentions.
A Country that fails to nurture and keep safe its citizens is perplexive.
Can't  relate to being (safe).. Homes Ø safe.. schools Ø safe.. work place Ø safe!
It ain't safe!.. America we aint Ø safe!
WithOut God in your Space!
By selinasharday
ma-secures, slaying shooting innocent victims, killings school shooting, work place killings assault weapons laws,
SelinaSharday Mar 2018
Bye Bae!
Your so sweet your so kind.
Bye my boo.
always admire you.
aye aye.
waves and smiles..babe.
sorry you didnt want me around bae..
still smilin cuz in my face you seemed so sweet bae.
I'm walking with..
comforted in what I'm use to, my old ways of working building and creating it hasn't failed to keep me company.
a coat on my cold shoulder..
with it I've grown fonder.
At least now I don't have to wonder.
if its me..or if it's you.
who dunno what to do.
about the harmful ways we fall into.
sunlight so bright appears as a new connection.
a bright new friend.
I want to let its light in.
sunlight come hold my hand.
A glow..willing sweet without demand.
winks.. blows kisses my old boo.
wishing the best to you.
I've ******* gloomy and doom.
Tucked them up away in a locked off room.
Hope just kissed my cheek.
Loves dancing teaching me new steps at my feet.
Peace is feeding me dreamy new treats.
and doubt has fled from my door.
As I'm handed a broom to  make sure losers can't enter any more.
Fly swatter in hand to chase out the pesty flies of despair.
Losing we are no longer a pair.
No worries ex boo.
I'm gettin over you.
Text me again.. bae just text me once more again..
Call me again just Once more again.
Never mind we'd just probably repeat the same steps all over again.
Destiny get a hold of run away desires.
Ropes tie away unwanted admirers.
Hey hey.
Bye bae!
selinasharday rose. S.A.M
After losing days will come that are waiting hoping, desiring to be reached just once again.. to reach back just one more time.. But keep company with new friends.. And you will survive again.
643 · May 2018
Storm Come!
SelinaSharday May 2018
Surfacing Tides-Storms Come
It's so dark !
I'm whispering
Where fore art thou Oh my Lord!
My soul only seeking this Why.. Oh God how, Lord why!
My God from where did evil get in among us.
Please help!
I am smiling I look normal I am holding conversations, engaging
at times small giggling.
She seems alright. Am I ok!
The Tides roll ashore upon the beaches sand.
I feel sane ok.
That Pulling me away from the shore line this tides withdrawing,
I'm drowning at bay.
I dont feel safe, I'm Lost, sad, angry, questions, tears sobs drowning.
Lost at sea.
Lord reach for me.
The tides pushing me back to the shore line.
Things seem a little fine. a touch of peace of mind.
Socializing, guessing playing investigator.
People chatting family saying comforting things.
I seem to be breathing.
At times hearing things seeing things feeling the weakness,,
The helplessness.
Watching the tides subsides.
sanity, reasons logics, I don't know the whys or the hows.
Killings are happening on local tv scenes.
Tides are low,,
Then they are high.
We wonder where and when will each soul rest.
lookin up to a storm in the sky.
each one has a reason why.
The storms come.
s.a.m selinasharday
searching, losing, dealing, the grieving times, the tides, life storms
623 · Apr 28
Stranger to This
SelinaSharday Apr 28
Such a manly man very rare
Dripping with forbidden
Complexities bringing out the besties in me.
Touching places imaginatively.
At thoughts of beauty.
Guilty guilty..
Diamonds sparkly out shining reality.
I was driving to the store for some seasonings and something refreshing.
As the sunlight kept appearing rays of bright.
Pulling down my sun visor.
The heat of the evening. Gets hotter temps are steaming.
As my mind starts to reflect.
Trying hard to redirect.
Flowery thoughts best to forget.
Walking down grocery store isles.
Looking for black pepper, and onion powder.
As emotions inside scream for hearts attention gets louder.
I need to get some tomato sauce, parmesan cheese,
Feelings leave me alone please,
hearing that voice "come here baby I'm recalling.
Woman quit running suga your stalling.
He states I see you truly I've been going thru my own
lonely thangs I'm a man. Living day by day
working hard laboring with these hands. Meeting life demands.
Your cool such an Angel Brush me with cool wings.
I do compel.
I admit I fail. Just need water from glowing wells.
Mercy for me..
You run away from me.."
Guilty guilty ..please forgive me if I trouble.
I'm shopping isle hopping escaping. All I want is to find my own paper.
That will belong to the words I scribble on it by my own flavor.
Pen courting simple free good dots careful no out of the line spots.
Finally at the register ready to check out.
Tempting treats thoughts to grab them mind plots.
Don't grab any candy junk at the register. Keep it moving.
Guess who's entering.
As I'm exiting. Beautiful luxury manly casually strolling up to me.
@SelinaSharday_H.E.R POETRY S.A.M 2023
615 · May 2019
I'm Separated
SelinaSharday May 2019
That means there's a problem..
There's a problemo.. knockin at your door...
Problems.. and mo problems
and your not good at solving them..
Or some one don't want them solved.
And/Or somebody tried..
And/Or somebody has lied..
And/or issues have been
allowed to slip and slide..
And drama has come along for the ride.
Someone with you had taken a chance
On Your love and on you and their romance.
And now you don't want to stay for the dance.
Someone took a risk..
And now its come down to this..
Separated twist.
How are you opting to fix it..
Its worth it.. Or is it.
What you do.
Will tell us a lot about you.
Separated. "its complicated'. Ex rated.. notated..
Kindly stated.. You ready now.
To make it even more complicated..
Your offering yourself for friendships.
Things to sink awaited ships.
Losing rings.. Coated and dipped..
I can not risk, the fellowship. A friendship..
Fix it fix it..
Until then don't add to the mix.
Until you can say single.
Divorced ready to mingle..
So The Word Separated..
Is Kindly Notated.

by selinasharday_H.E.RPoetry ..s.a.m 2019
so When they began with oh Its complicated..or or I'm separated. and they checkin you out like your so pretty
570 · May 2018
Some Men are Like....
SelinaSharday May 2018
Sweet Men are Like... Rare flowers..those like Jade Vine,

Gibraltar Campion, Franklin Tree, Kokai cookei,  and the

Chocolate Cosmos rare and unique hard to find kind

that will not adapt to the principles and

culture of a insensitive rough society. Equipped with

good values that often seem extinct.

  Decent and unique men are like..cotton candy, strong visual yet rugged look,
sweet sugar treats melts in your mouth., lightly

won't leave you over filled with heaviness and drama.

Some men are like first class planes...takes you flying high and the ride is exquisite,

stimulating personal, makes you dream big..are

accomodating comfortable, treats you with class.

A wanted man is like.. soothing running waters,, able to quench your heated passions,  fulfil

your hungered needs, satisfy your mental thirst, and ruffle your straightened sheets, tackle your

energy and substain a stable environment.

A Good made from the best of fabrics, has quality material,  has stamina, drive and

strength sewn in, wears his smile day and night, because contentment with just one and only one

suits him wisely and justly.

  A good man has been modified to fit his specific woman all her imperfections, and shortcomings

fit his model and he is equipped to handle them.

In a good man the perfect mixers have been stired blended and folded into his batter.

That when baked to right temperatures brings out the best in his Lady,

hides her sour, and covers her blemishes.

making what was less more better, and completing her short commings and she comes out smelling divine.

  A awesome man..In the mist of battles  with his woman is like a  scattered rain storm.

Can come loud hard or soft and lightly..

but afterward washes in sweet healing cleanses they both can

benefit from and still grow.

Career bachelor Types of men

Some men are like..Hoarders.. they  collect all kinds of women

never letting go of more than they know what to do with..

Many screaming for their time and attention.

Investigators...Some men like to spy and see what this one and that one is doing..

Gamblers..They take big risks, put lots at stake and take foolish chances..Leeches...

They hang on you like your all they have and **** you dry of most of your

resources, clingy, jealous, needy, greedy...selfish inconsiderate leechers.

  Con artist..They give you a great speech about want they want..

how they will give their all and your all they need.

It sounds sweet and genuine but he's lying. Like Flies... buzzing in your ears..

humming annoying, bothersome, pitiful.. pesty, nosey, going

from place to place spreading nasty germs..reading posting,

bragging think they the stuff when they are just a bug a boo fly and a lie.
Some men are like..Toads big stuffed and lazy..just want to hop on you ***** you.

Do you get all they can from you..Big lazy and have lots of

time of his hands to rib bit rib bit get all you have.

And are crap seekers. Always ready  to swollow the energy from you.
Some are Huge liers.. about their past, relationships, friendships, and hardships..

telling lies for sympathy..In the end you'll hate you allowed him to waste your time..

Just my saying by me and my sayings..


All rights reserved 2013 S.A.M COPYRIGHTS
Men in their varying degrees
556 · Feb 2021
"Poetic Commenting!"
SelinaSharday Feb 2021
"Poetic Commenting!"
It's Awardingly, deliciously, famously, stunningly, breaking newsy, Absolutely, Jubilantly, happily enjoying reading, this caring saying, type thing.. thing I be reading.
You gone need some wipes..
As I drizzle word writes.
slobing, goosing, spicy types.. word condiments ahh yeah compliments..
#on poetic worded trays. Of sautéed covered portrays.
You want more I know it. Deliciously shared blessings... Complimenting expressions.
We read, we write we excite. Then comes the coated candy explosions..
Got Sum, Give some, need sum..   reap some.
Appreciative funs.
Some after reads of applauses, where we add to the collective plates.
Telling the writers of his/her greats.
And ahh that moved me yes.. Ahh I felt that yes,,
Oh thats a--maz-zzing yes.
You did yah thing,, word bling.. sadly amusing, happily oozing, sorting and telling, wow all kind of juicy wordings..
I'ma put some sauce in my complimenting.
woot word cooking, sizzling starred shakes  soothing and replying..
By s.a.m Sharday 2021 Much Work to be Done!
SelinaSharday Sep 2021
Ok Ok so.. Lemme go..
I'm about to be pushed so.
Over the edge from Nice and Pretty.
Cute Woman Queendom, sitting quietly.
Gone  and push me.
Unquote just prose.
I'm coming with ink dropped worded sorrows of long awaited ****** blows.
Rock some sense with unpinned fellows. Leave ya crying Oh there she goes!'
I'm not feeling these fingered twisted rhyming lines. I need to break free of this kind.
Hit that like button utubers redundant pushin.
That constant cries style influencin.
Bossy commenting well im in my feelings.
Gonna speak my own mind. Nothing of nicety whines and rhyming fines.
I need to Grab and twist foolishness into mental jabs and knock out some bull* fist of
Minds mental blocks.
Brain washed dead locks.
Of what should be cute friends. Taking away my time on romantics.
Due to blows behind our backs fighting instead of igniting.
Social caves for love drought hungered non slaves.
Assisting in climatic mental dynamics.
To sooth dehydrated souls. In a long over spent Pandemic.
Wiping tears by phones lines, from pictures of systemic vlogged services.
Sick of the youtube beefs in the youtube streets.
Where everybody is against somebody.
Haters be gone!
Battle backs from controversies wrong.
Too many Vlogged accounts operates from inner hates.
Not in the club of rejoicing from online down falls.
Cause the wicked want to judge Advocates for the wounded  by spilling of pains.
Not understanding why a caged bird sangs.
My venting.
Is where I release for healing.
Haters would never seek to help others be free.
I can see why the angry delivery.
Why the rough words from ones mouth flow freely.
Why A vloggers delivery may not be for you but rocks for me.
But has its place in society.
So Let them be.
Stop, anxiety we can move in better differential views.
Keeping hate on back burner stoves, waiting on smoked signal cues.
Or there would eventually be an explosion in corruption.
And like a mass event would be just wasted consumption.
Don't Judge. You can no longer even tell your
striking and causing unneeded reactions. Obsessing.
Boom Boom speculations are not factualization..
Drop your theories of conspiracies.
If you think your standing rejoicing at others down falls,
Soon your own drama will be called.
I'ma sit back and stay paused stay clear in my empathy
and watch rise the cleansing of opinionated hands.
The truth for nonjudging fans. The Tv social media free lands.
A Creator's channels  rights to their own fans.
Clear of hateful bandits and tyrants!
Nuff time on spilled rants.
SelinaSharday rose s.a.m 2021 9-3
The Vloggs and the sobs, the bickering's. I've just been watching! Seems we should be excepting the ways of peaceful ****** boxing wrestling rings. The Defense to the offenses lets survive the rumblings.
549 · Jun 2018
Cyber Kids R Us!
SelinaSharday Jun 2018
Cyber Kids R Us!

Your Facebook took over my Myspace..
I had to Tag you on my Tagged Place.
Your so Tagged.
I Googled you and was wide eyed to my surprise..
I found you world wide web styled.
I found you had gleefully Twittered beautifully.
I searched you on Instagram.  
And like dang Peeps on your page going ham.
And on Skype! Your tag line is so hype.
So your on my laptop. Owwee Bop bop!
I can even touch you on Imvu.
So owee baby @Yahoo..
Let me stop Twittering this thing.
Instagram @ Instagram strings.
Its making me google eyed.
Has my Facebook all hooked.
You have places and video's I ain't even looked.
It's like your my new Candy Crush game.
I'm all lit by your social media fame.
Yet I'm the Unheard girl lame.
But I wanna dine in your Cafe
or play on your Poker holdem staff.
Being your follower is such fun.
Add me to your Snapchat.
I'd be so down with that.
I am so here to Comment you've peeked such interest.
Gosh I made you a collection in my Pinterest.
But its a shame how I over looked your Youtube.
I feel a bit *******.
Your such a Gift I need ya to know.
Long as we don't end up on Bill Cunningham show.
we can stay surfing on this web thing anywhere we go.
Oh I'm not a virus...
Just a cyber Kids R Us...

By selinasharday the HeavensRosepoet.
aka Heavens.Ebony.Rose #H.E.R
All rights reserved..S.A.M
if you repost plz post with credits to Author. Me!
went over to Myspace
oh its been taken ova by my FaceBook
I'm all shook!
I can finger twitter on yahoo till I'm
Google eyed. All over my Facebook..
Instagrams my lil nook..
529 · Sep 2021
Over done
SelinaSharday Sep 2021
Over the quiet distant moons @Pretty soon
I feel it coming like a long awaited cartoon.
That stallions ship.
passing in moonlit flights, rearing its engine again.
Telling me stories on the how's where's and when's.
Rewriting my pains repeatedly. What was The beautiful love story.
In all of its old glory.
That was now used to be.
It I will not let recapture me.
H/I/M wanting me back wanting me to believe again.
Never again want, a need to back  up and pack.
No more sad dreams of hopes I can't get back.
H/i/m Lied lied once,  lied more then twice, became uncountable.
Excuses timed out. Good wishes and desires @undiscernable.
Actions ought to show out and speak of our good intents.
Honorable, let me show you my good deeds.
If I want better.. How can I  u-turn back to where I was lost.
Be it I'm a lover of commitment, giver of faithfulness equipped for stabilities.
logos of inner peace, removing foolishness at all cost.
Patiently listening.. full ear on learning. having hands full of pleasantries.
No room to be considerate of your unreasonable pitch.
Come now shut down
turn it down.
Cut off hustles handles of  this hopeful switch.
Computers on a sudden glitch...
Must be time to release turn up your frown.
Let us accept these fields are pleased as we realize its over.. DONE.
selinasharday H/E/R 9/24 S.A.M
520 · May 2021
Can A Sista Roll Wit Cha!
SelinaSharday May 2021
Good morning sunlight!
When you get up in the morning
to go out to work to struggle to fight.
To see you is such delight!
No matter what your personal strife.
Your about that earning a living to make a good life.
Your a man.. Of passion love and support.
Your dedication who could abort.
I admire, Your stability the strength and fire.
Keep laboring hard staying on your grind.
Doing what you need to to have peace of mind.
may our lil naughty behaviors be forgiven.
As grace puts us in a better needful state within.
Meaning keeping emotions in check
spirit cleansed to come correct.
Your passion I can't resist and
your way seems so perfect.
A friendship I can't reject!
If your fat or thin, You'd still be adorable and lovable.
So hard to scold.
Just wanta keep you your so superfly ...
Your so handsome I like your style I won't lie.
Creamy brown sensation
you rock my inner nations,
Hey Mister can a Sista..
Just roll wit cha.
From day One I knew.
There was something special about you!
sharday3.. the rosepoet..
hanging out with u, chilling with yah, can i hang tight wit cha.
512 · Jul 2018
It's On Baby!
SelinaSharday Jul 2018
It's On Baby
"By the Poet Stevie G"

Now the air is clear

No smog left in my atmosphere

I can get down to my writing

Omit the arguing and fighting

I really miss what I enjoy to do most

That's to write poetry and song

Not to brag or boast

But I'm in my comfort zone with pen in hand

And creativity blooms from my pores and glands

I love to write because passion drives me in that direction

Did you notice I said love

This is not a temporary affection

I'm going to put things into perspective

And prioritize my objectives

To write the words that readers want to read

And at the same time fulfill stevie g's needs

So bare with me while I write away

This is for life it will not end today

As long as I have motion in my hands

I will stimulate the many minds of man

Of the things I have encountered in time

Love, happiness, sadness, joy, hurt and pain

Of all these things stored in my mind

Love reigns above all things

But I'll leave that for the love poems that are to follow

For they are much easier to swallow

Does this poem have a direction

Well, you tell me

I would love to hear your perception

I welcome all feedback so bring the noise

No matter good or bad I will remain poise

I laid off writing for a while to rearrange my situation

But I'm back now so eighty six the vacation

I'm bout to get jiggy wit it

So excuse me if I get a lil ignant

I'm a huge lover of love poetry

But I'm bout to write some **** ya'll don't know of me

So expect some new **** to drop

And when they drop their gonna be blazing hot

So keep your eyes and ears open for the new coming of me

As the saga continues written by Stevie G
By My friend n Poet Mr. Stevie G..
499 · Mar 2018
On today!
SelinaSharday Mar 2018
Wondering if this is the day
Maybe you decided to just slip away.
You haven't called this morning to simply say.
Have a good day bae.
I call but there's no answer.
Guess your too busy today to be there.
Guess today you just don't care.
Emotions are left suspended where.
Just hanging somewhere.
If you find it difficult to say goodbye.
Still doesn't mean my heart won't cry.
When ever I thought we were doing great.
The sweet way we like conversate.
Seems we be getting along well able to relate.
Next thing I know you'd say you'd call me back in a few minutes.
And it'd be many hours after pushing me to the limits.
Feelings of us ending revisits.
Feelings of losing is like dying.
Shallow emotional Breathing.
Then your calling  like all is fine again we're talking.
Never admiting.. Pulse and respirations needs to be taken.
Palputations..Resuscitating.. Rightly breathing breaths shaken.
Thoughts of leaving. who will be the first to make it a goodbye.
Resuscitate before its too late...Beautiful conversations are all a lie.
Stumble.. rocky.. deleting..unfriending..unbelieving ..Today!
By SelinaSharday all rights reserved. S.A.M 2018
should you get those gut feelings someone you like is leaving..should be leaving or you should be leaving.. even if it seems good appears good like all is good.
493 · Feb 2022
SelinaSharday Feb 2022
Waaater... wataaaa, waterrrr, running..
It represents healing and cleansing..
save(nurture) my nativity.. save my mentality save the soul in me.
My heart strings..
thoughtful gentle things.
My purest form it brings.
I can submerge in it all worldly activities..
hide me.. soak me, soak my actions..
cover reactions..
got some  water.. get ya some..
waterrrrrr, she's a wave of satisfaction. she's a mathematical a mystical rafter.
Shelter to seek after.
Water sets me free... water brushes.. water blows my knowledge.
It sustains my power...
Water is the mother of soul.
water cleanses makes us whole...
Ohhh Ohhh Ohhhh water..
drip drop waters what you got.
good what ya got..
It's everything...
Listen to It's.Water@soundcloud !!@It's.Water by SelinaRos3y
The poetry flow on water.. from birth to life surrounded in water, relaxing, hydrating and nourishing.. The water we need. To the symbolic spiritual supernatural Gift of water.. and the water we be.. The water of Life we need..
488 · Nov 2021
Bae came through.
SelinaSharday Nov 2021
My bae came through..
Took me down turned me side ways.
Taking care of my sweetest needs for enriched harmony.
Feeding my rhythms lustfully.
My bae took care of me.  
Calming down my liquids flowery.
In love with his delivery.
His controlled abilities.
Happens beautifully.
And well I'm feeling satisfactory.
And well he's enough to handle me..
Yep Enough ta handle me..
488 · Apr 2018
3 A.M Mental Passion!
SelinaSharday Apr 2018
The many ways he is legal.,Legit and lit..
With 3 A.M to finish it!
He ever so slightly gives..
Her a passions mind hickey. savory
Like shivering kisses mind hiccups.
unspoken...................................attention given.
Make's her shiver he's a mental ******* giver..
Make's her mind moist and inquisitive.
At the sign of any confusion.
It's his  penetrative foreplay.
Its the lyrics used to seductively play.
Tools He uses..their selective differences.
Just before 3 a.m.
She floats adrift softly melting H.i.m.
Talking  everything  comprehensively through.
  Rocks her mindful  emotions.
Mind Fkin sweet potions.
non-trivial notions.
Following every word she's relaying.
All before the 3 a.m. relating.
By day he's catering appetizers of verbal compliments.
Sharing of the days events.
when they are away from one another.
They are texting each other.
By evening.........
his texting feels like gentle
                                                                ­    whispering!
Making His next text something she's craving.
Neva leaving her guessing what He is doing.
Neva askin her wyd?
                                             Mental interactions are tender touchings.
                              Mind F
kin..   A tender kind of existing.
                                                       ­    As they both be falling.
By the time its 3 a.m.
Oceans colliding.. erupting.. exploding. mental explosion.
3 a.m. dammn she's already had many ******* heightened chills.
Body follows every moment. No hesitations so receptive.
They are such Intellectual souls..
The body is prepped it always follows.
3 a.m Anything Goes.
By 7 a.m exhaustion so good sets in.
Physical resting  so sweet.. yet mentally he's ready with a grin.
Just to start a new day all over with her again.
by selinasharday 4-2018...H.I.M (he is mine)
Mental whispering, detailing finishing sweet tempting mental savory things Prepping for the emotional and the physical.. intimacy colliding.
476 · Jun 2020
Protest WWW..Global
SelinaSharday Jun 2020
Protest WWW..Global
Our Cries World wide..
From the USA even to the Mother lands..Africa..
Cries reaches US.
Paris France. Vancouver Canada, Germany
Visions and dreams have shown my stove is burning..
I often wondered what it could mean.
There's a fire in my kitchen, the center of where I live.
Theres a burning. In the heart of the land..
The place that feed my family.. food to survive..
As I look around my land now right in my homeland. There's fires burning..
In the hearts of man. From Injustices in the land. The killing OF another Now George Floyd Openly. Strangely for the world to see.
Now cities are burning, grenades are throwing, rubber bullets are shooting..
At us in our pains. They are arresting any and every one of us. Why..
Because we are Bleeding, so they arrest us. because we don't wanna go home.
Suffer in silence unseen. Hurt and die in our sorrow.. Obey curfews.. Used as tools to control.. what needs to be seen.
Our rights to be heard, our rights to walk it out, shout it out, All day and night with each other.
See us we want to protest, stop shooting your rubber bullets, because we don't wanna hide behind closed doors. Between 7 and 11..

We are risking Our Lives for this cause.. Risking Our health for Liberty.. Equality. Marching until our feet are bruised.
For the Rights to be free, Our Lives Matter, Our Rights matter, Our Equality Matters.
Our Humanity Matters, Stop Killing Us, Trying to Silence us.. STOP And.. Prosecute The guilty for abusing Us.
Overthrow The Powers in Authority That rule with cruelty to humanity. Especially to People like me. I want the rights to Express myself Openly, Our tears for the world to see. I want all people to have liberty.
In Our Pains why must you treat us so roughly, so disrespectfully. rubber bullets, gas grenades, smokes and flares, We people are already wounded, already feeling down, already fed up, already exhausted, already disrespected already getting killed.. You won't lift us up give us a  caring hand.. Us against those racist against us.. Way Over fed Up.
We are Thanking every color in America and world wide.. that Protest On Our side. Thank You.
Willing to fight and be heard and demand for changes for our kind, and all of mankind.
That's been denied..
Justice for US.
Teachers, Inspiirational Speakers, Leaders, Poets, Comedians, Leaders,, Entertainers, People, Speak Up with fire and Passion.
476 · Apr 2018
Dance wit Me...N.A.K.E.D
SelinaSharday Apr 2018
Dance wit meh naked..
Could I share my inner fragility,
show just how fragile I can be
If you were rich and I poor. would you embrace me at your door.
Would you abandon my empty.
Hold back your sympathy
Be blind to the goods I bring.
Would you, could you, dance wit meh naked.
                                                          ­                          wrapped in,
                                                             ­                            empathy.
                                                        ­                      the state I'm in is a basket of the complicated.
                                                    ­                       my hands appear naked.
Can I hear your music..Will you lend me a cup of stability.
twirl me around in your confidences.. allow me a cup of comfortability.
Parts of me come wrapped in simplicity. Adorned with gifts of invisible charms.
Chased your way by outside storms.
                                                         ­ Oh would You my Dear One..
Be able to take it.
The fact that I appear naked.
                                       Could you still..In fact will you still...
                                                        ­                                                      Dance with me N.A.K.E.D!
N ecessity
A cceptable
k eepable
E ndurable
D iamond .................................................................­ the rough.
And know theirs flaws in the both of...u.s
S.A.M 3-18
being open transparent, vulnerable and exposed yielding flaws and all.. void of the material the financial the quality is deep within your soul.
469 · Sep 2021
Seasons. and Lessons!
SelinaSharday Sep 2021
The outside.
is hot and humid..
brings such sweat type bright.
I 'd like to rush to a welcoming blue watered pool.
From the the suns glow.
Realizing it brings out my inner temperature, don't want to show.
Sunlight why can't we be friends.
Show me how to bath in my own heated agitations.
Do You ever what to not be this heated fiery inferno.

Chase the wind ask it to be your chilled comforting pillow!

If you Turn down the flames..
  Then you wouldn't be you.

Untouchable you.
I could learn some lessons from the sun.
And not chose to always run.
    Think I can ever appreciate a summer time wink at it and rest and all be fine.
Summer I wouldn't say you were mine.
I'd be cheating on my winter time.
        Coolness and breezes reaches my inner personality.
The way I like to warm up not cool down.
            snuggle  romantically under covers kiss and hide.
Enjoying heated coffee by tiny sips to comfort.
Winters My man.
With ear muffs and gloved hands.  Tossing snow ***** as snow covers the land. Adoring the seasons.
That matches me for all types of different reasons.
Sun I appreciate when you take it easy!
at 50 to 60 degree temps.
                              Lessons I've learned from you.
The calmer side of you!
Sun hmm I do appreciate you.!
Our similar seasonal temperatures.. such fun.
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