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I S A A C Apr 14
swinging in the lilac flowers
listening to sza for hours
forgetting my ivory skin is solar powered
shedding my old skin before i devour
every moment on the horizon
succeeding no longer trying
law of least effort, divining
law of impermanence, time not wasted on crying, trying to cling
driving, light is dreadfully dim
but i keep my finger on the pulse
feeling the moment
I S A A C Feb 4
get your hands off of my mouth
feel the smoke in my lungs while you burn down our house
ashes litter my hair, scratches litter my skin
drowning in this love drought
watching the new cycle begin
is love as destructive as a fire?
why is my heart as malleable as tin?
I thought it was ok before the light started to dim
Anggita Aug 2022
I followed a boy on his impromptu journey to the forest (or at least what I once thought it was).

he walked with a nonchalant disposition without saying any word. his gestures demonstrated it all.

it’s ludicrous that I reluctantly stepped forward to the vast and dense forest in front of me. I was not scared at all. I discovered amity within the zigzagging branches and peace in this endless labyrinth.

and after a long and intense journey, the dazzling sunlight captures his figure: his tanned skin was wrapped by falling leaves, laying down at the top of the rock (in which I always wonder to see what he’s dreaming).

for once in my life, never have I thought silence could be so much pleasing as that.
TheBrokenQuill Jun 2022
I find peace in the dimmed light.
Expectation does not ever set you free,
not of the others, not of thee.

Upon the fall of but a pair of eyes;
the last drop of comfort dries.
Their tinted lens, stare into my soul;
eating my thoughts and planting their own.

I find the abyss in myself,
as I, find myself, in the abyss.
I find peace in the dimmed light.
I find peace in the dimmed light.
In solitude, I find myself.
A celebration of solitude.
Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, if your sun is shinning; my moon is rising:>

bet you once that was my aim
in vain right now what a stupid shame
my mother still loves all the dears you see
betraying my path doesn't betray my home or me
even if the future remains unknown
that 'so be it' reading made myself clear and shown
sun brushes can't harm me anymore
because the dark you call a liar is my amore
mock me hiding behind my classic rhyming
well I'm taught respect  
even when bold my so called mundane writings
and *******

Anggita May 2021
yesterday my thoughts lost in the pines
i heard a rustling of leaves crooned
the sunlight sheepishly trespassed between the thick branches
and I stepped forward, and I slipped
then I stood up seeing the hollow
it was left ajar
although undeterred, I was afraid
of uncertainties thrilling my veins
suddenly my body flitted like water roaming in a drainway
my mouth spoke an unknown language
of pain
and ache
unfamiliar faces cherished my appearance
it was vague, not that dim
and they said I was born.
Raven Feels May 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, a hell in heaven:-\

is it the truth that we are miserable?

because my tears are dry and I'm tasting the hellish invisible

love---a feeling not for me to be soaring

hate---a being I am destined to be drowning

not of others yet nonexistent in my life but own

the numb and empty teared my veins into the cored bone

north kills south

east kills west

never had my archer aiming the unknown quest

am I a devil???

if I want to surf the hells

yearning a scar and pain just for a feel a meaning to my cells

Àŧùl Mar 2021
My head feels heavy when
I get a lot of hair,
Or when I've an unsuitable pair.

My sight grows dim when
I get a broken heart,
Or when I see an unusual art.

My breath feels stale when
I get mouth sores,
Or in the morning I've just opened my eyes.
My HP Poem #1917
©Atul Kaushal
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