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The room was dim, with a little spark of shady blue
Though she could sense the catastrophe prying, she laid herself down there, dully
Her inclination of the prejudice
Left her, drained
Foreseeing a vast ultimate chaos
To an undeniable disastrous end

The night had been too long.
Nolan W Jun 8
If you’d like me to,
I’ll change my world view,
Put down the flaming cocktail,
And put back up the veil,
I’ll go to bed at a reasonable hour
And imitate a face that isn’t sour,
I’ll work a nine to five like the best of them
Till the lights inside go dim,
Put on a suit and tie,
And wait politely to die.
Anastasia May 13
A whirlpool of thoughts spins around my head.
Thinking of words that have never been said.
Playing with children that never been fed.
With the food of wonder, the food of dreams.
While I myself, have it bursting at the seams.
These poor children, they suffer.
And every single day, their lives get tougher.
They starve, every single child.
Their imaginations so mild.
I weep for them, the children.
In their eyes, I see something grim.
A light is there, but it’s growing dim.
Then it fades away, away into the night .
And the children, oh the children the don’t even fight.
whenever i asked my friends to read they stopped at "children that have never been fed." people get confused sometimes, so if u finished, good job! you're not afriad of realistic and dark topics.
As years they did pass I knew In my heart that our years together were
through illness Helen suffered our days were closing
and door to our life together was always wide open
was slowing starting to close the light In Helen's eyes had begun to
and sadly I knew she was losing her fight to live
the days of our life where numbered and fast coming to an end
The days together where fast coming to an end the door to
life starting to close
Don't worry,
Be happy,
Snooze and relax in your rocking chair,
First the hair,
Getting white and receding,
It happens, it's nothing,
Nature compensates.
You tend to get fat,
Diet and lose weight,
No, she makes your teeth go rot,
So you eat less what you eagerly sought.
Decayed teeth, ****,
What a pity,
Don't worry,
She makes your eyes go bad,
Your vision somewhat fade,
See, others can,
They call you toothless gran,
So she makes your hearing become less,
What they say you only guess,
And if you hear anything,
You soon tend to forget and remember nothing.
Life takes its course,
Make of it the most,
Don't worry,
Be happy.
Perdue Poems Apr 8
I sit beneath the willow
As all my thoughts run free
Skipping through the meadow
Of true tranquility

I sit beneath the willow
As winds begin to blow
I feel the stumble of my thoughts
Into the valley's low

I sit beneath the willow
As rains begin to pour
I hear the gurgle of my thoughts
Till thoughts I think no more

A cloudy sky is all I see
A mind of dull torpidity
I sit beneath the willow
I sit beneath the willow
Erian Mar 22
In the light of the day
The burning seizes to sting
As the night shadows
You're the only thing on my mind

The world revolves faster
When the night rises in stars
And my hand in yours

Looking over
The burning still pains
The beauty dims away
As the sun rises in the morning

Your eyes hover
With the light of a starless moon.
you’re not here today...
suddenly, the world seems dimmer
cliché, ik, but nevertheless true
sushii Jan 14
The party lives here no longer,
And happiness has gone its own way.
The shadows are taller,
And there is nothing left for this day.

It's done, I tell you,
It's what I always say.
There's no more fun, and no more games to play.

The sunshine has left,
And the stars seem dim.
There are no memories to be kept,
And the Cauldron of Void is filled to its brim.

It's done, I tell you,
It's what I always say.
There's no use in wishing the rain away.

The children have lost their toys,
And the couples feel no desire.
The music becomes noise,
And burning in their hearts is a dying fire.

It's done, I tell you.
It's what I always say.
I can't feel your love, I apologize for the delay.
Amanda Jan 4
Those who take a second look
At the inner workings of my mind
Are shocked at the depth of the galaxies
The thoughts drifting through mental space confined
Positive and negative words alike
Twinkle like stars in a cold abyss
Vivid memories of laughter and fun
Images of people I miss
On the surface I may seem dim
But if you take the time to explore
The universe inside my brain
You'll see inside I burn too bright to ignore
Tired and can barely think..
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