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DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, a hell in heaven:-\

is it the truth that we are miserable?

because my tears are dry and I'm tasting the hellish invisible

love---a feeling not for me to be soaring

hate---a being I am destined to be drowning

not of others yet nonexistent in my life but own

the numb and empty teared my veins into the cored bone

north kills south

east kills west

never had my archer aiming the unknown quest

am I a devil???

if I want to surf the hells

yearning a scar and pain just for a feel a meaning to my cells

Äŧül Mar 23
My head feels heavy when
I get a lot of hair,
Or when I've an unsuitable pair.

My sight grows dim when
I get a broken heart,
Or when I see an unusual art.

My breath feels stale when
I get mouth sores,
Or in the morning I've just opened my eyes.
My HP Poem #1917
©Atul Kaushal
Hannah Dec 2020
I just wanted you to hold me
But I guess it was too much for me to ask.
You were too busy worrying about my past.
And I was left there wondering how long this will last.
I really just needed you to embrace me in your arms.
But instead, my news to you didn’t sound an alarm.
I was filled with guilt to the rim.
Hearing you say I made a mistake made my whole world dim.
The sparkle I once had with this world was lost.
I was in pieces falling apart.
But you didn’t seem to care about my heart.
I really just needed you to embrace me in your arms.
But I guess it was too much for me to ask.
Alicia Moore Jun 2020
One day
I hope to
breathe in
without feeling
in comparison.
Is the world any brighter
    than what I can see,

    Everything is so dim
I'm unable to see any glee,

  Stuck sitting here wondering
how the world is suppose to be.

Silently crying my eyes dry
    as I'm lost to the fray,

Because the world is quite chaotic
     thinking what can I even say,
    Wish I could see some color
but all I see is this world of gray.
Clelia Albano Jan 2020
Memories full of aching
branches of a ghost tree
sometimes a dim light
captures my eye, and
while I walk on the way
to it the arrival has a
brush with dark forces
turning off visibility
It's like being constrained by
a puppeteer controlling every
step, monitoring every move

And you know you can't trust
And you know you can't blame

They say you create your destiny
We are told we are responsible
for all the faults and flaws
success and glory
wealth and health
But how can we create our
Destiny if the others' agency
is unpredictable in this
chess game they call life.
Ok life is wonderful but sometimes it is hard to go through a lot of trouble
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
You were my angel in blackest days
Smile the only light
Think my world would still be black
If you had not of taken away the night

Darkness seemed to fill
I knew
Life spaced out by sobs of punctuation
The monotonous dullness of time
Provided color and fluctuation

How could I dim the sky?
The one?
Had put the sun in mine
Hearts are setting in the distance
I'll forever remember your shine
My earthangel
Xant Sep 2019
As the lights went dim
I found myself adrift
into an altered reality

And that's about
the furthest I can get,
away from this harsh
How I feel when the stores are closing for the day
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