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To Be Loved is To Be Seen
To be loved is to feel like the center of the universe
To be loved is to be held
To be loved is to be heard
To be loved is to be cared for
To be loved is to allow that inner voice to calm you down
To be loved is to allow those suppressed feelings to soar
To be loved is to carry your burdens with intention
To be loved is to see what's called ugly in a new light
To be loved is to feel the chill rain on a hot day
To be loved is to be offered a cup of tea or coffee when it's cold
To be loved is to smile, and really smile
To be loved is to be kind
To be loved is to be cherished
To be loved is to see your reflection and somehow, somehow love it
To be loved is to see yourself in others with light and love
To be loved is to be given the choice to choose
To be loved is to choose
To be loved is to be free
To be loved is to be here
To be loved is to say it, show it and live it

So believe me when I say "I love you", you are to be loved <3
May we experience love that grows beyond doubt, may our hearts be filled with such a feeling that words can never describe it, may our love shine through our every little moments. For now, and ever.
Wednesday was your least favorite day and you died on a Wednesday.
After living for sixty-four years, you became sick and you passed away.
The eleventh anniversary of your death is on your least favorite day of the week.
I thought things were fine at first but then I learned that your situation was bleak.
When you went to the hospital, you had to go under the knife.
The surgeon tried his very best but he could not save your life.
He operated on your stomach and your leg had to be amputated.
But you still died and when I found you dead, I was devastated.
When I learned you were terminal, it was hard to understand it.
Rest in Peace, Mom, you were the greatest mother on the planet.
Nigdaw Feb 4
no sunset tonight
clouds cover the grand parade
of the dyeing of the light
today will end with a whisper
not a shout
we will not notice the passing
of a time we won't remember
to forget
no tears of sorrow or laughter
or regret
nothing exciting ever seems  
to happen on a Wednesday
SelinaSharday Sep 2023
After many working days of giving of myself in love patience and endurance There are joys in the mist  and I'm Thankful
The days past have had their struggles and blessings.. I have been facing the challenges ..
The mentals cares and the growing pains that comes with time experience and rough edges..
I know Sleep has  been  a thing I have chased, and tried my hardest to pin down.. by accidental falls..
Sleep where are you my heart calls.
But yet my days catch her sometimes..lolzz I mean really..
I crave for certain events on days.. its absence quite chilly.
Yet there are many delays..
But this Wednesday I needed Wednesday the rains fell and poured me replenishment to my thirst, and dear love Wednesday loved me.. dearly  gave me the rest I needed.
Wednesday fell upon me, and gave love, like cloud nine times eleven sent.
I tried to hold on to Wednesday and pouted as it had to carry on...
Now its Thursday and as I labor my eyes cry for rest to sleep as I'm pushing and working strong.
This day has been long..
  My off days are Thursday and Friday..
Sunday and Monday may bring, rest and love, flowers, and kisses and sweet misses
of sweet napping's I'll say..
ahh don't delay..
@ selinasharday_rose H.E.R #POETRY 2023 S.A.M Published.
Its about love
Inspiration is that gut feel keeping you awake
Inspiration is a candle in a cave

Inspiration is asking a crush out
Inspiration is confidence when everything turns sour

Inspiration is the silver lining
Of a cloud riddled by self-doubt
A short poem I wrote on Twitter. I thought I had 5 mins during work to write this, so I wrote it in 2 mins.
keni Feb 2021
To be quite honest I don’t know.
I have no apples for tomorrow
I am the pillow of my friends
And the willow for the pests
I am the chipped nail on my left hand
And I don’t clean under my bed
I don’t want you to see me
And I don’t want you to hear me
I just need to know everything about me
To be
Traci Sims Oct 2020
Walking up the rickety stairs,
Patchouli and cigarette smoke
combat for supremacy
Before I even reach the door,
and I step through to see
The everyday undead scattered on the thick carpet like so many corpses blown out of Wednesday Addams' haunted dollhouse.

Maybe it wasn't wise to come.

A cd player informs me that, indeed,
Bela Lugosi's dead,
And I cautiously move into the living room.
Ruby lips and ivory faces emerge from the gloom,
Incurious glances marking my progress
As an acolyte guides me to the Queen of the festivities
Holding court in a corner of the living room.
Her waist-length silver-gilt hair and damp skin like fresh camellias gleam in the candlelight,
A studded black goblet brimming with Jack Daniels
Is handed to her,
A token of homage she eagerly welcomes
   while nodding me forward.
Whispers behind me tell her story,
Of how she's seen a thing or two in her time,
And why her flat stare and Theda Bara smile give glimpses of her bottomless occult wisdom.
As her slim fingers play with a knotted black necklace,
She considers me long before finally declaring,
--"My God, you're an old soul"--
And she pats the cushion next to her,
An invitation to drink deep and close of her dark knowledge.
A cup of something unknown is pressed into my hand
and I sip, hanging onto every arcane word she utters.
Night slowly fades into dawn
and I wake cold and stiff from a kitchen floor sleep
only to see the Queen buttoning the cuffs on her white poplin shirt.
Smoothing her tweed skirt, she steps into her pumps,
Grips her cup of coffee,
And with a cheery wave, leaves for work.
Happy Hallowe'en, everyone!
Payal Dhiman Sep 2020

You were like drops on pine trees after rain
the fog like magic
and the pure drops of melted snow on leaf
when the days cleared you were like the sun and the moon
and I loved you more everyday because
you came like you never left.
Here I am again with Words that means something to you #3 hope you like it.
Payal Dhiman Sep 2020
I walked
down down
in the streets
lightened up to the sky
and I walked
by the shops
by the bars
by the shore
and I
found you.
I am back once again with #wordsthatmeanssomethingtoyou as promised on Wednesday. I hope my words stirs the memories in you freshens the feelings I hope it means something to you.
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