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I'm sending winter a letter..

Dear winter today I starting viewing old pics of you..
Desiring you just a glimpse of you.
Oh How I miss you.. winter cool brew.
Send me your sister autumn
To let me know your gettin closer getting near.
Year long I wait the time your here.
Just a cool breeze, a hint, a touch..
want to warm up in ya so much.
These years I'm away from the snowy visions of mountains,
No scenes of others skiing.
In fun snowy snow ball fighting.

I'll display social profiles.
In fun cute wintery styles.
Viewing you winter brings me nice smiles.
Haven't felt your cold breath in such a long while.
I miss wearing my winter cool digs.
My cute boots
my winters suits.
Winters the closing of a year,
Signs of a new ones opening is right here.
Oh winter fun celebrations you bring.
With holiday feasting..
Families dancing and singing.
Its cold outside.
Lets cuddle up inside.
Dear winter,
I'm waiting..anticipating..
The seasons changing..
Winter oh winter be happy when you get here.
I know your getting near.
Hugs from a winter born child...
With a cool temper a soul that's mild.
Fashion for winter style.
Soulful creative lovable, huggable. now adult grown child.

Credits to [email protected] 2019
oh winter come on...
SelinaSharday Sep 11
Have me have me nots.
Tear drop..
for something good I have not.
Tear drops..
like my feet with no socks..
plop ploppity sloppily tossing feelings like keepsake rocks..
something cherishable something good no longer got.
I lost it Singing love me, or love me nots..
Adornments of pretty frocks..
hair curly in cute **** locks.
Forget me or please forget me not.
A position to be in brings chilly shocks...
I'm just a thought away.
I'll tease myself this way..
my friends only a call away..
a text away..
a prayer away.
Maybe someday
just a touch away..
I pray..
Oh for goodness sake..
Be just a hope away

Call me and say
oh I was just super busy.
Doing me my way..
how is your day.
By selinasharday3
Is this it.. have yah have yah not.. love me love me not..Or is it just some time spent away.. hello.. oh ok..
SelinaSharday Aug 15
I'm guessing its time for me..
To be on free.
Looking like its time..
I have no friends of crystal beauties.

Nothings Controlling this beauty.
Soulful MAHOGANY bouncing freely.
My dynasty holding back vocal assurances.
Some kind of circumstances.
The Blocking of chances.
No One speaks...
As I deny anything that'll excite me.
People are Muted.
Emotions are flowing so diluted..
I don't want to Mingle, If I'm muted.
I'll go hide my fences ..I'll go build more fences.
I'll get lost in starry far away skies..
Catch tears should they fail from eyes.
No messages, no replies, no mascara smearing my eyes.
water colored surprise..
Open wide these eyes...
Look for me.. she's this confused brown beauty.
UnMute me.
whispered Prayers for me.
No cavalry seeks.
Wells rushing at my feet, dry land separates me.
I'll turn to my praying wall.
I don't want to cause a downfall.
People I've set free, Heaven sooth me...
I'll turn to my praying wall.
I'll return to my praying wall.
Nothing here for me..
Nothing Here for me..
Mute Me from Misery...
Unmute me for my chosen destiny.
Hurry and come find.
Behind all I've been hiding.
Is this all naturally me..Growing rationality.
If Not release me, UnMute Me..Bless my destiny.
I have tried to protect me for so long.. and finally I feel so secluded..I've tried to reach out, but now I feel just muted..
SelinaSharday Aug 14
By Mr.E.. To SelinaSharday Ros3y
Life is a fraction of what time could be.
Standing in the midst of what things could be.
Waking up with her is not hard to conceive.
Enduring the pleasure of what might could be.
She's thought about to this world as status quo.
But no one ever truly knows what makes her Go.
Her beauty is only elevated by the consensus of her
smile as you sit back and wonder.
All the worthwhile what makes this woman so formidable.
Sleek and agile though she's instinctively intelligent sensual and fragile
She endures a man that would be more than just handsome.
With a smile for she needs a man to be there ready even when things are not so mild.
To be all the things she needs to make her want to stay awhile.
With the entire package of a grown man and not a child.
by E.

Her smile is like hands that transition into time.
That flows thru you like numbers trapped and embedded in your mind.
Like a soft melody that rings & chimes.
Even for the existence of being the very first time.  
I induce this parade of getting deep into the crevices of  your sublime.
Even when its hard for you to Let go the thought of doing that at any given time.
I plan on treating u with the benevolence of class & respect that reassures your mind.
And not having any regrets even when we travel into this mystery in time.
As I foreplay this moment of being with someone so fine.
Captured by the thoughts of her laid-back and sipping wine.
And her knowing that we could do this more than just one time.
As I played with her intellect and she starts to unwind.
keeping those thoughts she could explode at any given time.
By Mr.E
Words from Poet MR.E  to H.e.r Sharday Rosepoet
SelinaSharday Aug 14
I almost fell in love but I took it buried it with my pen.
Tried to promise to not let it surface again.
My brain forced my logic to creep in.
I just dived back into paper with pen.
I wanted to watch your beauty its like a rainbow.
I reminded myself one day it would turn to winter cold ice and snow.
You walked by me close enough for me to feel the
warm beauty in your shadow.
I told myself it wasn't what could comfort my tomorrow.
You became my beautiful songful muse.
I realized that began to leave me feeling a bit confused.
Bubbles forced themselves out from my harmony they sparkled
they did rise.
To you it was no surprise.
Those bubbles left colorful tears in my eyes.
I begged mercy to keep away any kind of calamity.
Fight away the passions that dazzle to drown me.
Trying to break free..
stringed like kisses planted all over me.
Trying to break free as you  decided to hide from me.
Rise from the tracks you left all over my body and its
Maybe it was all a jar of unnecessary lies.
Now seeing empty messages unsent replies.
Dreaming about weird unsorted things.
Recalling fingers with no rings.
Giving freely inconsiderately of me.
Almost I almost walked away from me..
Things deserved that are best for me.
I remembered I could cope.
Wait on what's good for me, I remembered there's always Hope.

By SelinaSharday S.A.M All Rights Reserved 2019
.Something said as creatively as could be..who are they.. us we that privately be..trying to stay out of unnecessary things
SelinaSharday Jul 29
I'll call you back.. to the beach..
watch the waves collide at my feet..
Feel those caressing moon tides as they pull at me..
almost taking control..
Makes me feel dizzy that kinda dizzy we enjoy..
Nope I'll be away on the bay..You'll what?.. You'll call me bac
I ain't feelin that.
I'll be caressing sweet sandy candy canes..
As sugar treats call my name..
Can't sit and wait on your returned call
It'll chase away my flow for the winds call..
I'll call you bac...
I'll answer it If I..
am feelin like crashing a high.
From my beaches dramatic sigh...
Allow a misty tear to part my eye..
umm hold on go on Do yo own thang..
I wanna run and catch a ball
Even if I trip on this beach sand and fall.
wow you'll call me back
I aint feelin that.
Wow I'm away enjoying this moment of expressing it all.
Wow..left my call on hold.
yah take me for a fool how bold.
Wait hold that
Ignoring that returning call I'ma bow.
At the beach enjoying it all now.
Lolzz my writers Gears are On..plow plow..
Pack up and come along or I'ma leave  yah sayin wow.
I aint feelin that..
you ain't got to call me back.
by selinaSharday
Always saying.. hang on.. or wait i'll call yah back.. hell no.. I won't be answering.. unless i..
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