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After many working days of giving of myself in love patience and endurance There are joys in the mist  and I'm Thankful
The days past have had their struggles and blessings.. I have been facing the challenges ..
The mentals cares and the growing pains that comes with time experience and rough edges..
I know Sleep has  been  a thing I have chased, and tried my hardest to pin down.. by accidental falls..
Sleep where are you my heart calls.
But yet my days catch her sometimes..lolzz I mean really..
I crave for certain events on days.. its absence quite chilly.
Yet there are many delays..
But this Wednesday I needed Wednesday the rains fell and poured me replenishment to my thirst, and dear love Wednesday loved me.. dearly  gave me the rest I needed.
Wednesday fell upon me, and gave love, like cloud nine times eleven sent.
I tried to hold on to Wednesday and pouted as it had to carry on...
Now its Thursday and as I labor my eyes cry for rest to sleep as I'm pushing and working strong.
This day has been long..
  My off days are Thursday and Friday..
Sunday and Monday may bring, rest and love, flowers, and kisses and sweet misses
of sweet napping's I'll say..
ahh don't delay..
@ selinasharday_rose H.E.R #POETRY 2023 S.A.M Published.
Its about love
SelinaSharday Aug 21
It's getting dimmer.. times I can't see my way. so dimmer.
Heated Temperatures going off, only if I could find a way in the heat to simmer.
my soul's control is getting thinner.
I want a future, a life where I can be a final winner.

I'm in tunnels with barricades.. where my life seems to fade.
This is such a horrid maze.
Sometimes a speck of light allows a glimpse of the sun.
  Tiny moments My faith rises for in my mind I get to run.
Yet up come darkness, and barricades, reminding me I'm in a dungeon beyond.
It's going to take spiritual downpours.
Filled with powers to keep my sanity behind these doors.
To enlighten my mind,
from cruelty lurking round about the hateful kinds.
Only heaven can shine its light in this darkness.
I need it more than ever I must confess.
Freedom from Darkness...
Walk my feet through the Barricades.
  Pull me higher, Oh Yes higher. As I denounce all evil.
Trying to bury me against my will.
Oh Mercy on me let thy Peace be still.
in prisoned spaces
SelinaSharday Jul 27
The Earths Day
It's getting evening time for the Earth to prepare for resting as
9 p.m. approaching. Ready for sleep sleeps restoring from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 11:00 and 12:00 p.m. As sleep restore, the sneaky deeds of doers are rushing to do their ***** Deeds.
Under the midnight cover of Darkness coming out of weeds.

As so much is going on.
The winds are calling from nature strong.
By 12 midnight and 2 am.
The Earth is turning over.
From sleepiness as she is awakening hearts so they are praying.
Those who feel her by 3 am awakens from sleep by the 3@ms
Earth shifts and turns before daylight dawns. Many are yawning.
Shaking the sleep so prayers are pouring.
The Earth Night Angels have been battling. Evils that hide in the wee hours of darkness start their running hiding and falling.
It's the 4@m the Earth is preparing in praises for the promises and hopes in the newness of a lighted blessed day.
By 6@m the earth is glowing she's washed her face, and she's blessed by grace.
Standing even when turmoil somewhere with such disgrace.
It's ready to work ready to shine planting hopes and love.
Comforts from above. Let's fight let's stand my Earthly Children and animals. Plant life, and all that exists.
It's Your day, as are another day closer,
Let's live, let's remind ourselves, in every moment shine.
Smell the flowers,  keep going, moving, growing, The Earth is still standing.

Love, Joy, Peace @H.E.R
All within the earths day
SelinaSharday Jul 14
Our love fills the imagery..
Of life secrets its colony.
A restful place of destiny.. happiness that is complete.
His excitement splashes from his soul like glitter ever so unsteady.
I apply sounds of stability, that steady the floors of common grounds.
Steps at finding partners' toes. hellos like liquid Golds.
Rich in this. Throne of humble homes.
Laughter going and going strong.
Mentally appealing...
His smiles,
His joys,
with fires.
@H.e.rPoetry2023 s.a.m
Gifts Of Pure happy
SelinaSharday Jul 10
"In A Poem "
Can't hide now..
Somehow you trippin on account..
Stepping in full hearted..
Its always on yo mind.
My Nicety.
My friendly..
Don't rush this kindness.
Don't allow the blindness.
I need to match up with You..
But I'm clear headed..
I get your melody and its like magic.
But I won't take it for granted.
Your niceness is so so sweet.
Your limousine, and your beautiful things.
You ride me above near clouds. I can see the city below.
But Im still careful of where I let my harmony flow.
Its not too late to stand up and get yo balance. I want romance.
The taste is yummy, let me sit you down.
let us both unwind..
Your hopes are so high.
I adore it.. Sigh..
allow me to show you what it takes..
Its so obvious I feel your rush.
Don't run and make me play catch up.
This gotta  align for the both of us..
Ok My spirit loves its freedom.. Keep me feeling free..
Even with you flowing with me.
We are both complete individuals.
No going ghost.
Lets take a bite of unity on a count of 1, 2, 3.
Lets take a Toast!
To our purity, our kindest, our Niceness.
Genuineness. Lets not worry we won't be together.
Quietly, silently in unity.
Inspired POETRY
Poem by selinashardayH.e.rPoetry
so cool people, vibes slow down
SelinaSharday Jun 30
Cry,-sob, wail, shed tears, snivel,
quall, lament, bewail, bemoan, moan,
howl, keen, whimper, weep over, lift up the voice, complain.
I was out walking, just glancing
around in a scenic and colorful(online) place
I walked into a (online) museum.
Inside were huge displays
being awesomely displayed in colorful arrays.
Some with dark shadows of greys.
Some with much to say some with very little.
After walking and gazing, viewing,
smiling being so excited I went into a carnival zone.
What a wonderful place to stumble upon.
Music and festivities so much for the eyes to see.
So much to explore even ****** creativity.
There were games that brought out the Little girl in me,
I started to make some friends among this exciting place,
people of all sizes and colors.
Time would come to go back home,
but often into this new found place
I would come play and rome.
There were times some would just follow me around,
some would tell me what a lovely friend they had found.
Yet I always kept my feet on the ground.
Life has taught me one day those you think
are friends won't be around.
They just leave with an empty sound.
Even when its happiness you share,
some will become jealous and choose not to be there.
Some are spiteful and choose not to play fairly.
I tried to spread myself like love around
never was mean nor murmured an ugly frown.
I set up my own unique boutique and
said come one come all. Let us be friends
let us share. As a friend I really do care.
Coming and going always knowing
that outward my heart was pouring.
Somedays the show was boring some
days it was exciting, mentally challenging.
There came a day some bully from
no where knocked me to the ground.
Felt that tear start to wail.
But I held on like a little girl who's
gotta be strong and I adventured on.
Some friends asked things I couldn't give
so they would began to privately strike with silent meaness.
Tears started to mount.
I put my heart into my own show
began to feel good and to grow in this great wonderful show.
Many came to read what I'd proclaim,
many came to sup from my cup and greedily drank it up
and only a few would come and say why thank you.
While the takers, the easily shakers,
the down right haters came and
quickly went never a moment spent.
To build up, or lift up felt you had to be quickly sliced up.
Or your somehow taking from their show,
they forget God gives blesses and multiplies.
There's no reason to be haters or spies.
I felt their jabs and stabs hoping I'd be a failure.
Most failed to be the friend they claimed to be.
They join your team and fail to simply post.
The tears Fell
Thought to just hang on to a few
close friends from this museum within.
After all on the outside I had my life.
The more that you do some came to bully too.
Some just up and walk off leaving you no clue.
The rains came winds blew look
around no ones still standing with you.
A blow, in the storm a twist to my arm,
a knife in my back, a slap in the face,
a bitter taste, I'm lost in this race.
How much more do I take?
This used to be such a friendly beautiful place.
Just make some new friends
Tears are falling I can't hold back,
Cry,-sob, wail, shed tears, snivel,
quall, bewail, bemoan,
moan, keen, whimper,
weep over, lift up the voice, complain.
This is why I know what it is
To Weep
In the Virtual Museum
Some of FB, Insta, Twitta, A few of them.
Sorta gaming Social Oceans.
Beware swims..
By SelinaSharday of S.A.M All Rights Reserved 07
DISCOVERY, social media's online findings
SelinaSharday Jun 16
Hi, Hello
How are you,
ask yourself how much do I want to..
get ta know huh better..
do you want to..
Your invited to enjoy my atmosphere step into my journey.
I want to get to know a side of you I dont know..
so I can touch your soul..
..CALM MY MIND and calm your mind
get to know you better..
so I can touch your reality.
Touch your emotional.. side
do u want to touch my pages of funny poetics,...  honey..
my emotional side..
I invite you to touch me free
I'm just Selina Sharday Rose.. yea
come  touch my rose petals.. their like musical sheets.
feel me breath,  touch my heart, touch my mind.
ask can you touch my heart,
invite sharday to browse your mind..
put your hands over over my pages.. keepin me company..
its all in the policy.. touch my poetry.
Thank you... for Touchin my friendly..  touchin my pages.. I'm poetry
I'm more then what you see.. Read me.. Stay within my policy@her.poetry..
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