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Getting older I admit I am becoming less cuddly
Or drawn to people who are fussy & bubbly
A lot of the time I don't say my farewells
And I always react badly to being compelled

I hate... waiting in traffic or queues of any kind
Bar-staff who can't serve more than one at a time
Dogs that yap and yap and yap
Public restrooms that don't have a hot tap

Did I mention dogs that yap and yap..?
Well ok, dog owners too not picking up their crap
Kids disrespecting their Mothers
All kids not listening, talking over each other

People who talk to me because I'm sat on my own
Like I need company or my life's been postponed
I would say cinema audiences but then why would I
Go sit in the dark re-breathing other people's bacilli?

I've never been what might be said to be forgiving
You don't stop being stupid just because you've stopped living
I'm at my most tolerant over a long distance call, but
You might say I'm at my best when you havent met me at all

It has been said I have some good qualities
In that I am totally unmoved by All religion and politics
Smiling to myself a great deal through my day
Endlessly amused listening to what people say

So there it is another day spent unfriending the World
Seeking out the shade as Life's meaning unfurls
Old King Log asleep on the bottom
Solitary & nugatory and trying hard to be forgotten
The word DEPOSITION is an interesting word in English. It has a range of meanings and concepts attached to it. For example...

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tabling rejection laying depository
Masha Yurkevich Mar 2019
I'm retired.
I was tired yesterday
and I'm tired again
Macgyver Dec 2018
I look back to when I retired
most of life till then perspired
put foot to rear and not get fired
incurred recurring tasks till tired.

Work every day, enduring each
for sixty five years to reach
a one in two chance beseech
one dozen left to enjoy the beach.

Though now there are long naps to take
avoiding chance lest body break
choke down pills and limit cake
extending time for old times' sake.

So retire thoughts that make you wait
make the leap, don't delay fate
take anew each day, each date
moment to savor, cherish, create!
The calm after the storm
The waters have stilled
Time for reflection
Time to be filled

Too much time for some
Weighing heavily on their hands
A novel thing but unwelcome
As they wish they had more plans

Time together
Dramatic and fraught
Sped by, yes,
But them it overwrought

Yet they yearn for this time
As separated they are bereft
Unable to live apart
Unable thus to rest

The solution elusive
The outcome unknown
What to do for the best?
Best leave them alone.
BSeuss Dec 2017
Dogs are extrovert.
Cats stay inside.
Roses seek attention.
Violets just hide.

I once wanted to change the world with intricate words.
But this small poem, gives me all I've dreamed on earth.
Dream Fisher Aug 2017
I quit my job today
it's like gaining a beautiful freedom,
Wouldn't you say?
To wake up, In a world free from the clock in, clock out
I didn't leave a note, I just walked out
Honestly, I'm smiling with no doubts, no regrets
Even more honest, it's been five minutes,
I haven't even gotten in my car yet.
And I haven't had a chance to dissect these decisions.
I got a wife and son at home, they don't even know,
I don't even know what I was thinking,
Sit down for a minute, I'm getting blurred vision.

I'm taking some time for myself today,
Those bills can stack like dominos,
They fall, I didn't plan to pay them anyway.
I'll play these video games and become a legend,
Sodas will pay me to represent them
I'd be a sellout in a second, that isn't even a question
Just as long as I don't need to get out of bed, then I'll be fine.
It's alright, keep telling myself, it's alright.

I retired from my job today,
I gave my title away
What will I do without this purpose?
What is there, now, for me to seek?
I'm trying not to freak out
Honestly, my nerves are shot, my brain feels so tired
Even more honest, I'm driving home to try to explain to my family
That really I just got fired.
Paul Butters Sep 2016
Ease your way into the day.
Being Mindful is the way they say.
Focus on Now, we don’t have long.
Meditate or sing a song.
For ten long years it’s been pipe and slippers (without the pipe),
And Ages have passed since we were nippers.

Slowly we all fade away,
For time cannot be held at bay.
I wonder what it’s all about,
There has to be another way out.
We die like flowers according to science,
There is no alternative to our compliance.
We may or may not be ruled by God,
But so long as I live I don’t give a sod.

Easy days and a set routine.
Do my best to keep my house clean.
Nice pub lunches four days per week,
A peaceful living is all I seek.
You may say I’m set in my ways,
But I’m contented in my twilight days.

Paul Butters
Sean Hunt Aug 2016
When I see you
Memories are stirred
Breath is heavy with a flood
And it sort of looks like love
But I don’t trust this anymore
I’ve been here so many times before

You make me want to dive
Once again
Into that hedonistic heaven
Where we’re surrounded by
And drowning in our senses
A place where there’s no sound
Anywhere around
There is where I’d  love to live
A little while with you
You seducing me
Me seducing you
And nothing else to do

Nowadays I’m older
The hair that’s left is grey
And I like to sleep a lot
Each and every day
I’m quiet
I’m retired
And I’m feeling free
But I have these memories
And now fantastic fantasies,
All because of you

Breath is heavy
Heartbeat fast
While I wonder whether,
I may have left
The best ‘til last

Here is a Youtube video link for this poem:
I do not often respond to females this way, these days, in my older age.  This lady is an exception :)
Julie Grenness Nov 2015
Retirement and the remote control,
This sounds like a whinge in an ode,
Retired men and remote controls,
Includes, "Who gave old men phones?"
Is this what 'golden years' meant?
Defensible violence to retired men?
You'll be getting good manners for tea,
And not much more from me!
Don't you go T-Rex on me!
I want a  turn on that remote control, please,
You've turned into  a sook and a toad,
My 'golden years' whinge in an ode.
Feedback welcome.
Well you twinged my nerves
as you may be swell
but your words sure taste
like the floors of hell
So how are you ?

You make me sick
with your chameleon schtick
You come on hard
and you leave too quick
So fine you say ?

You're a dull moon hanging
over a fetid swamp
You will o'wisp
as you begin to taunt
So good to here .

I is the first word
from your mouth
Aye I say ever
tis thee out
So kind of you .

Green grounds
out the sills
as you have to say
What's mine is will
No other way .

Here's the bag
of bones you save
the flesh ripped off
the barrel's been staved
So bye bye you .

There's a moment
I take to pause
to pass some more
of  Murphy's laws
So I'll not be seeing you .

I'll not , I'll not , I'll not
be seeing you
Goodbye , Goodbye
to all and you
to all and you

— The End —