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SelinaSharday Jul 14
Our love fills the imagery..
Of life secrets its colony.
A restful place of destiny.. happiness that is complete.
His excitement splashes from his soul like glitter ever so unsteady.
I apply sounds of stability, that steady the floors of common grounds.
Steps at finding partners' toes. hellos like liquid Golds.
Rich in this. Throne of humble homes.
Laughter going and going strong.
Mentally appealing...
His smiles,
His joys,
with fires.
@H.e.rPoetry2023 s.a.m
Gifts Of Pure happy
Bhill Jun 2019
How deep is real beauty
Skin deep
Mind deep
Social deep
Financial deep
Family deep
Job deep
Health deep
Stuff deep
Visually deep
Just how deep

Brian Hill # 144
Haven't you ever wondered this...?
Joyce Jan 2016
First touch.
So tender with intensity.
First kiss.
So gently your lips are
Our souls so fragility.
We will always have
beautiful memories.
I will never regret.
The day we first met.
I still can see it so visually.
You haunt my mind recently.
I have no control to think
so explicity about your loving me.
Just know that sometimes
all love must flow.
If you can't hold on to it.
You have to let it go.

— The End —