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Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Your light will dim if you let it

You will have whiplash from the metaphorical car crash resulting because when that light is turned off you have no way to see the road
No way of making out which direction to go

You will not make it very far

The light will come back on only if you allow it to

And with it sense of control and confidence

You will be seeing clearer again in no time
Mood lighting is okay indoors every once in awhile but when your on life's road having good visibility is essential
altair May 2020
you put out my light,
with your thumb and forefinger

so i took a match from the box
and watched,

and waiting,
for a yellow flame to erupt

but the light
no longer existed
Poetic T Jun 2019
A cradle of civilization
          where we walked proudly.

Now a tarnished echo,
         of what we stood

                                  tall from.

A light house of our birth,
                      which showed us

that no matter the distance,

the light always illuminated.
           Dimmed, but we know
            where we came from.

Let the lighthouse shine radiant.
showing  us that this cradle isn't

Let it shine brightly and show that Africa
is a lighthouse, a birthplace of humanity
         and let it once again cradle us.

For we were all guided from here.
          This is everyone's birth place.
Quin Rosenheart Sep 2018
Faded smiles

Grey skies

Black water

Darkened eyes

Sleepless nights

Dimmed lights

Hopless fights

Last goodbyes
Payton Jul 2018
The boy with
amber eyes
destined for
glorious things.
And all those
he met could
he had a special
in his eyes.
but the girl he
dimmed his
she fell for another.
Sequel to "Velvet"
Mel K Oct 2017
And I told him:

You let that girl get too close to the burning core that made you

So she put out your fire
Because after all,
That's what people do.
So many times our fires were dimmed or  put out by people we loved. Don't let them steal your shine. Sometimes people are afraid of your fire because they don't understand it. Like I said, people put out fires, that's just what they do.
Pineapple Isle Aug 2017
I'm low on energy
But I've got fire in my heart
I want to wake up from this sleep
My head is filled with water
The fire can't reach my mind because my head is filled with water. It stays below in my heart and has dimmed. It needs oxygen so it can grow and evaporate the water. The water makes me feel heavy, low on energy, and in a fog.
K G Jan 2017
Born within a terrible mess
Nothing lasts in your sleepyhead
Music dashes your thoughts to bits
By some sort of gnawing loneliness

Your composed of broken bones
Dethronement shifting within control
Enclosed are senses so unknown

You are now a means to an end
Though your wonderful view is hidden
The shine lifting you, bent and dimmed
By some sort of gnawing loneliness

You're beautiful across the room
With the skunk next to you
Though you'll never discover
That I could be your lover
it's ok May 2014
The stars were once so friendly,
dancing with the moon to radiate on each
satellite, plant, galaxy solar system
The stars were once so bright,
But that was before they saw a bitter life form
And they dimmed a little
They met the city lights, and saw they were
least important with such beauty,
A planet with stars of it's own,
which lead the stars to dim enough
But then the far away suns noticed
Hatred, and the beloved planets
not being taken care of,
water sources being drained,
Fake satellites being place all over,
The forbidden moon having
Earth's stolen elements stabbed into
Planets hid, and now
All the stars are all a dot to twinkle
Still holding onto that last piece of illumination
and lately, the moon seemed a little dimmer
How many times
How will you write
About a glorious light
It's mighty bright
When will you realize
it's worse off than you
                                        Let me be when I stargaze
            The sky will look back at me and reminiscence
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