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Jul 27
The Earths Day
It's getting evening time for the Earth to prepare for resting as
9 p.m. approaching. Ready for sleep sleeps restoring from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 11:00 and 12:00 p.m. As sleep restore, the sneaky deeds of doers are rushing to do their ***** Deeds.
Under the midnight cover of Darkness coming out of weeds.

As so much is going on.
The winds are calling from nature strong.
By 12 midnight and 2 am.
The Earth is turning over.
From sleepiness as she is awakening hearts so they are praying.
Those who feel her by 3 am awakens from sleep by the 3@ms
Earth shifts and turns before daylight dawns. Many are yawning.
Shaking the sleep so prayers are pouring.
The Earth Night Angels have been battling. Evils that hide in the wee hours of darkness start their running hiding and falling.
It's the 4@m the Earth is preparing in praises for the promises and hopes in the newness of a lighted blessed day.
By 6@m the earth is glowing she's washed her face, and she's blessed by grace.
Standing even when turmoil somewhere with such disgrace.
It's ready to work ready to shine planting hopes and love.
Comforts from above. Let's fight let's stand my Earthly Children and animals. Plant life, and all that exists.
It's Your day, as are another day closer,
Let's live, let's remind ourselves, in every moment shine.
Smell the flowers,  keep going, moving, growing, The Earth is still standing.

Love, Joy, Peace @H.E.R
All within the earths day
Written by
SelinaSharday  58/F/Long star
(58/F/Long star)   
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