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5d · 26
The Elite Class
And its gods
Hold us down
And thrive on

Our ability to
Not see past all
The lies and
Carry on with our lives
6d · 158
Bleached hair
Dark and gloomy
Time for a change
Get out the chemicals
Get out the spray

**** all the cells
And then let them heal
Now the vibrations
Are clean and clear
I was going through a rough time in my life with too many bad vibrations so i decided to change them and bleached my hair and now i feel a lot lighter and positive vibes
6d · 48
Time to play a game
It is called life
The rules can be
Whatever you like

Be who you want
Do what you shall
Go where you can
And learn what they tell

Go beyond the horizon
Get out of your home
Feel the excitement
Tremble your bones
There is no such thing as boundaries, you can do what ever you like, there is always a loop hole.
6d · 29
Beings #4
The world is brighter
And becoming more clear
As i come to the conclusion
That there is more than just here
They are out there and want us to return home!
Mar 28 · 98
Black Muddy River
We all meet up
Down by that old
Black muddy river
To see all the angels

They come to bless
Us through the night
And gift us tea and wine
And open up the sky

So the heavens can sparkle
And enter each and every
Persons eyes
And open minds

The cosmos bring us
A night of love, friends
And memories
All during that night by the

This For all the dead heads out there that know that lifestyle partying by the old black muddy river. Song is the same name too
Mar 28 · 37
Harmless Hippies
Let us dance and scream
We aren't trying to be mean
We just want love to live
And form and breath
Mar 28 · 120
Mountain tops
And bird songs
Keep my soul
Moving on.
Mar 28 · 33
Look at earth
Our home gone thrown
Into the trash
Not sparing a bone
Mar 25 · 67
They control us all
Telling what to do
We do what they want
And we cannot refuse
Mar 21 · 26
Thump thump thump
Jump jump jump
Twirl twirl twirl
Hurl hurl hurl
psytrance vibes lol
Mar 20 · 83
Day glow Vibes
The Day glow vibe
Has a certain high
That can create
An entertaining mind
Mar 20 · 421
Sunny breeze
Almost free
To run around
And be me
Mar 14 · 77
Beings #3
In the right state of mind
They paid me a visit
Took me to their home
In another dimension
Mar 14 · 28
Beings #2
We were not the first
And we are not the last
But one day Generations
Will begin to clash
Mar 14 · 34
Out over the horizon
They tell us what to do
But what we don´t know
Is they are inside us too
Mar 14 · 236
Standing on a timeline
Baffled and confused
Where did we go wrong
And what shall we do
Mar 11 · 36
Meditation #3
Straighten your back
Fill your lungs with air
Dive into yourself
To find what is there

Steady breaths
To reboot your system
Open your eyes
And balance your rhythm
Mar 11 · 27
Laying down
Looking up
Figuring out
What is what

Time moves slow
But everything zips
Right past me
Wish i was somewhere

More relaxing
But relax i can not
I must buy more stuff
N start out souring again

And when i crash
I smack the ground
But with me gone
The world goes around.
Mar 11 · 26
Blood rushing
Can hear it
In my ears

Pressure pumping
Unwelcomed company
Whispering in my ear
Playing with my fear
Mar 11 · 108
Sitting on that ledge
Thinking about the end
Losing the edge
About to lose a friend
Mar 8 · 69
I run and bounce,
Scream and shout,
Then shut down
And out for the count
the come down
Mar 7 · 99
The City
The City, stands tall
As i stare up
I am surrounded by walls
Making me feel small

So i grab my bag
And take off
To the world
Which i belong

To the desert i drive
Where i stand
Above everything
Considering life
Mar 7 · 16
The place i call home
Nobody looks around
With judgement in a bone

They welcome me here
They even embrace me
They ask me how
I have yet to go crazy

I tell them that it's too late
My mind is gone off with
A different parade
But i love being stuck in this place
Mar 6 · 89
Meditation #2
To the sounds
Of Life
So smooth and calm

Breath in
And out
And let all your stress
Become gone

Let your mind stretch out
And greet your surroundings
And see much more
Than just the horizon
Mar 6 · 13
Closed eyes
Shows true minds
As you experience
The cosmos

Sitting in empty space
Drifting to not another place
But another face
As I experience my past mistakes

And as I exhale
I am relieved of the weight
Of stress and hate
And open my eyes
To a better place
Mar 6 · 59
Up and down
Left and right
Swinging from
Side to side

Jump, kick
Twirl and spin
Dancing on rooftops
Let the whole world watch

Sing, Scream, Shout
Let it all pour out
Dancing refreshes
The Mind
Had RHCP stuck in my head so decided to create a poem that matches the vibe
Feb 28 · 143
Winters End
I hate winter
Yes i do
Simply because
There's nothing to do

But I love the time
When it's nearing its end
And the sunshine
Returns to the land

And its rays show
The true beauty of light
As it shines in my face
And beautifies the thing
That I hate.
the only time i love snow is when the sun is shining off it and it lights up everything else in the world.
Feb 28 · 59
I wait
For those days
When the earth is warm
And the sun shines bright

I wait
For the earth to dry
And dirt becomes dust
Kicked into the sky

I wait
For the sky to show
its festival colors
as we drift into the night

I wait
For that day
I can comfortably
Go outside
Winter is the worst season at all because i am isolated inside. Summer i can be as free as i feel.
Feb 27 · 63
Nag champa
Soothes the soul

Disperses the energy
And brings upon a world unknown

Sacred meditation
A time to be alone

Ultimate reality
Is where i belong
Feb 22 · 26
Lift Your Head
Speakers jumping
To the thoughts in my head
Producing emotion
Throughout the land

I was down but i lifted my head
Looked at the sun
With his plasma dreads
He said to me
No need to be sad

So i picked myself up
And kept playing those jams
Now my spirit lives without dread
Feb 22 · 23
Spaces Thread
Ripple in the space
As the thread of time sows.
Producing a future
For all us to own.

Yet pull on the strings
And they become strung out.
The world falls apart.
Feb 22 · 18
Red Sea
Wiggle and wiggle in my dreams
Though i am yet not asleep.
The rippling of waves on the ceiling
And the tide of the walls closing in.

Yet the sea is red
A Blood Red Sea that it is
Not only drowns but desperately burns at my skin.

So I sit and suffer in this hellish abyss
Thinking of all the sins i didn't did
Thinking am i mad for these thoughts
But what is making me mad is the money
With what i bought.
Feb 19 · 138
1/30th of a second
Is where i have been
Exploring the limits
Of our fellow man

To experiment with
The twitches and jerks
Go inside minds
To see what works

To see this mush
Tick like a clock
But just like a clock
The mind must stop
Feb 15 · 31
Trickling down off the dirt
Flowing into itself
It moves with pure bliss
But roars with anger of the past

The true sound of life
As it collapses
Into its own self
And spreads out as it please

And all of creation
Thrives off this magnificent,
Ancient product
Of nature's own tears
Feb 15 · 26
What the **** is this,
All these **** lies
Filled into big books
To control your minds

Half of these facts
Aren’t facts at all
Let us go back
To the discussion before

What is truth?
Is there any truth at all
Or is there only questions
To fill the halls

To take up your mind
And drive you crazy
Now the universe makes sense
Just maybe.
Feb 15 · 28
Happy Heron!
Happy Heron!
Everyone screams
Thousands of people living in trees
Music shakes the earth
Through the night
And people dance with no fright
Thousands of heads
Brought to life
Everyone screams
Happy Heron!
Feb 14 · 83
The American Dream
Time to leave
Break the screens
And find our true eyes
To live the dream
Leave the clean
And head out for a ride

The American dream we seek
To go out for a week
And look for some **** to rise
Get drunk under the stars
Stare at mars
And smoke all the grass i can find

For the American dream
Is were the real people meet
And talk about the times
To do drugs with a couple of thugs
And meet again up in the sky

To discuss the cancer
That grows in our homes
And molds itself to the young
That has done went
And ruined their minds
And destroyed them
Of their good times

For they will never understand
That long travel across the land
Looking for those great friends of mine.
The American Dream has never changed, Hunter S. Thompson layed out the ideas of the american dream that cultures today will never understand.
Feb 14 · 37
On the Road
My dream is long
And spread out wide
Across the nation
For a ride
People sing
And people greet
Me and my band of hippies
They send us on
Singing songs
Of life on the road.
Feb 14 · 71
What is Truth?
What is truth?
That is what I was asked
To ask myself everyday
To wake up and look
At the world in a new way
And to walk along with a smile
Strapped to my face
Not forcefully
But enough to make a day
Feb 13 · 32
Let me lie underneath the pines
And settle out my things
They bounce around
Up and down
Trying to **** me
And as i let them attack
I sink further into the grass
And try to become the same
We are all dirt
And that is what we are worth
So just let me sink.
Feb 13 · 130
Lay me under
Noodling through space and time
On a steel wire line
Lost inside
But straight ahead i see the road
Swiveling out of control
Tossing me off into unconsciousness
That hard stop hit abyss
And as I lay there lone and cold
Waiting to hear what has been told
They tell me i won't grow old
Put me under with the rest of the world
Jan 4 · 37
Oh That Smile
Oh that smile
Still up when your down
When they won’t listen
And you wanna frown
But that frown stays upside down
I wanna know how

How do you deal with disgust
And the disrespect of fools
And not lose your cool
I wanna know how

To deal with brats
Day in and day out
As I sit back and watch
I wanna know how
Jan 4 · 42
The Unspoken Thing
Oh the feeling, its glee
To look around and see thee
Many smiling faces
All seeing the same thing.

When time lines up
And makes us all one
Everyone knows
The Sync is here

But no one to speak
No need to think
Everyone is synched to their peers
The Unspoken thing is here

Oh the joyous feeling
Of a fantasies reality
Bumping on down the road

On the bus or off the bus
Everybody knows.
Are you tuned in?
Dec 2018 · 100
Phantoms of the Smoke
Twirling with the wind
Spiraling upwards through air
A dance of its own because of no cares.
A lifeless being
Yet a being is not
A simple bi-product
Of burning this stuff.

Yet beautiful she is
Yes I call it a she
Because in my mind
She is only a tree.

Not a threat or harm,
Or worthy of the bearing arms,
She loves to be burned
Under the glowing stars.
And as the silhouettes dance in the night
I watch them live a freely life.
The Beauty of smoke rolling off into the air

— The End —