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I think the dead always get
The last laugh

I worried so much
Over so many things
When it was always
Going to work
Itself out

In the end
When the sky is blue
And the day is open
The vibes are good
Waiting to be chosen

A long hike ahead
It might be
Or just another day
Chilling under the tree

Whatever it is
I chose today
I'll pop a cap
A fly away.
Elizabeth Dec 2017
Take me away to that secret place
Where consciousness transcends all time and space
Somewhere over the rainbow?
Well, that I really don't know
That doesn't much matter
Although it's without a doubt within the realm of the mad hatter
Color is candy and music is air
And everything you see has just a little more flare
Light me up and help me to see
That everything in my life is ultimately a reflection of me
Love is not an action but a state of being
The birther and seed of all other feeling
Divine by default
No need for redemption
My spirit has never known such peace as this
Being embraced by the source of all there is
Hannah Mar 2017
I see
swirling colors
all around me,
they are moving
to quickly for me
to focus my gaze.
I am
in another dimension,
following fractals
through space and time.
I feel
the world around me
moving slower,
speaking to me
through patterns and colors.
I am
lost in fields
of iridescent flowers,
following the path
of my ancestors
to the holy
tree of knowledge.
~ Inspired by Terence McKenna, and his book Food of the Gods ~
mark david Apr 2015
Hello Mr Shroom man
I ask you how things are
Hello Mr Shroom man
I ask how things should be

You return to me with, 'Look,
Inside yourself you're shook
It's a reflection of the state
Said shaking's  shall negate
The atrocity around...'


'...How you choose to engage
Your emphasis on form
I'm sorry that's ok'
JP Mantler Jan 2015
The earth was grounded
Everything was grounded
And for that matter
It was a matter of colour
And perception
Which had helped me
Search for the connection

I cried in joy at all
And the sounds of all
Which had brought me closer
To the peak of which I had came

My head was a river
And the burning tears came
Within the joyous excitement
I was ecstasy as they were
Creatures of purpose
Immersed so deep
Questioning the way of the sheep
Sheep who conform to this reality
Without so much as a peep

They might begin to realize
Just what they're missing
If they saw the world through my eyes

I wish I could share this vision
With more than just words
This reality is derision
This mockery for the birds

Some may call it escape
Looking at the world through open eyes
But when your pupils begin to gape
You can see through the lies

So partake and open yourself
To a world of beauty and wonder

These are my trippin' bawls
I hope they make you ponder
carbonrain May 2014
there's nothing a clock can tell you that you don't already know. but me? i can tell you anything.

just ask.

there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to see the teeth you have on the outside. those ones that make others hurt on the inside?

let's just go back to that reality we agreed on as a species, ok? maybe then we'd be able to move along...

...we could, but someone always gets hurt.

put those teeth away.

and you? you think that solving a problem will make things better?

you're forgetting someone.
you're forgetting something.

you don't have all the answers, you just make **** up you ******* liar.

but it's not lying to you, is it? no object is lying to you?
but it's not lying to you, is it? you don't consider this a lie?

it's OK, because you convinced yourself of your lie. you made it true and shared the core "knowledge" so others believed you. that's a lie.

— The End —