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Sliding in and out
And over
Each plane
Watching the colors
Dance around
And play

They hide in plane sight
And convulse out
Right into your face

And spinning
Your brain
Ears are ringing
With the pressure
Of a church bell

My mind is collapsing
In its own
Private hell.
A stroke across the canvas
Creates a life that is new
Maybe not breathing
But the same vibrancy
As you.
Visions flash
But i can't
Make out

The mystery
That is
Spiral in my eyes
Traveling through the
Twisting mind
To find the other

Trying to grab
Everything I can
As I pass by

While drawn to
And mesmerized
The Light
It has been a while
Since I took the time
To write

Let the words roll
Off my mind
And find a place

On the lines

To relax a bit
And let myself

Now all I'm waiting for
Is the melting
Of the snow
Its been a minute since i wrote something and it feels so good to release again!
Air rises
Against pressure

Rounding around itself
Over and over
Till it reaches a state

Of Sublime
Its self
Into the world.
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