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Oh My!

My God's Are As

As Any

Have you


I'm Coming

It's Heaven

At the Spaghetti
Factory we
This glorious
Summer that everyone
Mark Wanless Sep 3
the tower of when

1,000 years ago,is nothing in the
tower of when. standing on
a rock , 2 million years past
the future is present
and the present is last

i saw a child who died last night
and lived a hundred years
the peasant begging on the street is me
i'm rich i give you free
call upon the minutes and die again
the tower of when is why
say what

Verse 1:

A gun's pressed up
Against my head
All the time
In my mind

I see a sea
Of violet red
All the time
In my mind

I feel
A pain
That Ne
Ver fades

I hear
A scream
And then
I see


A million ways
That I could die
I feel them all

I hope that
They will come
Come and
Take me

A million ways
That I could die
I see them
In my

I pray that
They will come
Come and
Save me

Verse 2:

The executioner
Takes my hand
And leads me to
My final stand

He asks me for
My last remarks
But I have none
Just hit your mark

Cause I feel
A pain
That ne
Ver fades

I hear
A scream
And then
I see


Verse 3:

No I don't want
An easy death
I want to taste
My final breath

I want to feel
The sweet relief
That only death
Can bring to me

I wanna feel my
Final breath
I wanna sha ake
The hand of death

I wanna fe eel the
Sweet relief
Tha at

Bryce Jun 8
When the flower blooms
She smiles her pleasent hues
Her juices ooze
Advancing petal and raising shoots

A blubous tower in her youth
She curtsies, twirls in my view.
Sun is out
Air is warm
Run out of school
Look at the swarm

No more rules
No more expectations
Let's go party
And find elevation

Party at the moon tower
Drenched in light
We are all
Getting high tonight
Man I cant believe it is my last summer break, what did i do wasting all that time. The secret to life is never grow up, cuz it *****. but you just got to keep on keepin on!! Happy Summer to all the upcoming seniors!
Chase Parrish Apr 11
Eastward we marched toward the Black-Water Tower.
Every stout hero aloft by their willpower
We knew the bloodshed the pathing would bring
March'd we with willful and unyielding hardening;
March did we eastward,
To Black-Water tower.

Damnable scourge is the Black-Water Tower.
Watching our coming with malice and glowering
Knowing what death it brings
Naught did we cower!
March did we onward,
To Black-Water tower.

First came the rattling,
Then came the thundering
Lumbering hoof-beats grew louder and louder.
Then did the marsh turn alive with a showering,
Splinters of arrows all poisoned and sour.

Bellowed and charged did we
Onward to victory.
Many did fall but were all men of valor.
     Righteous, and honored.Yes, all men of valor.

Death did not leave them fair,
Nor took them anywhere.
Save for the heavens, and memories of ours.
After we burned them, some somber few hours,
March did we eastward,
From Black-Water tower.
This is the fifth poem in my The ****** Journal series, it was also the result of a prompt we had in my poetry discord to write a poem with a unique meter or internal rhyme scheme. I took a lot of influence from Charge of The Light Brigade, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. My goal was to write a completely dactylic poem in the setting of The ****** Journal while portraying a theme of valor. As always I'm up for comments and critiques!
danna22081 Feb 16
It might be said:

Tumbling down my treacherous, traitorous tower,
Of hope I thought was the greatest petal of my flower.
Reflecting, refracting,
Revisioning my thoughts
For the hour of my death was a second from naught.

The flower of petals,
Of dazzling, daunting life,
Of elegant, empathetic love…
I never realised all of such would be tough
To truly clench,
Hold in my eyes,
When every other petal was crowded with lies
Which confidently smiled and smirked in my face,
Convinced me,
To irrevocably love this life with haste,
To grin at the tower, smoothened with glace.

The flower of formidable life,
Of practical love,
Of transposing colour.
Vibrancy spread by its central, salient stigma.
Of secrets,
Confessions of my imperfection,
My disinterest in life,
In simulated lovers,
In sensual, plastic, flexible hardcovers.

And so I glanced at
The departing turret,
The surreal, realistic, reality of life,
Of people who live,
But do not really live,
For the petal which fell,
Decided never decide to give
Its distinctive love to anybody other
Than the traitorous hand which pulled,
Tore, and Crushed its heart,
And left it to stumble upon its death.

He once asked me, "What is love?"
Paige Error Dec 2018
My head is spinning like the vinyl record I bought you for Valentine’s Day.
I thought a break from the stresses of pre-engineering.
Would be good for me but if that means being near you maybe not.
So I’ll just lock myself in the highest tower of my mind and pretend I’m
I’d let you in but I kinda chopped off my hair
On a scale of 1 to Lord of All,
how important is your
your opinion of what others create?

I see you, through these sigils,
pretending every breath you took
is a doctorate.

Did you know you dont have to choose between being the brush or the brush stroke?
You could build boats,
hunt ghosts with broken radios,
climb mountains to commune with the dead,
stare at the stars and make
your own constellations,
or play ukulele alone with a head full of acid.

All I am saying is
there are far better plotlines
than playing sovereign king of the
swamp that swallows you
and believing it be noble.
Shewrites Nov 2018
Wish you were here with me
Gazing upon the city lights
under the starry sky
And we'll hang a lovelock
in the bridge
with our names
engraved on it.
Today was cold
Because of Autumn's breeze
Wrap me around
Your cozy arms
And make me warm
I miss your touch.
I miss you
And ill see you soon my love!

Lots of love
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