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Susie Nathan Dec 2019
Taken for a ****!

So I was dumb
Naive and young
A spliff in the park
After school
In the dark

1990's just innocent teens
We giggled,  had fun
That's where it begun.
My girls and I, we
fancied these boys.
They invited us to
To meet them.
So we went along.

Puff-puff-give, and
Traffic lights.
Thrilling blowbacks
And a kiss on the sly!
We played on the swings
Did childish things.

We danced about
Free at heart
singing along  
To top 40 songs  
Recorded on cassette
played on a
Sony walkman
Sunlight mist
Light a spliff
Lay down
Learn to drift
go enjoy the summer
Jinsen Jeanne May 2015
Naw motha fkka I
Ain't hot ****
Ain't pompous
Knock nitty gritty
With ****** up kids
I got uh
E mergency
Kit put together
With pipe and tape
From the basement
You need gum
Got a leak
Motha fkkn leaking
Unstable, collect
N assemble new
You wit half ya
Bodyweight in staples
BMI justified
With baggage n
Fix its
It's only a problem
When ya round
Motha fkka I
Ain't hot ****
But I'm one
Of the most torn
Up turned up
******* in the pound
Bombastic sensations
Comin from all sides
A ******
No hater
Trouble you
Trouble me
What's it gonna be?
Depends on your visage
****, I could turn it off
N I do do on occasion
If ya kickin without
The free body vibes
I visit, permission
Can't be a thing
I do wut I want when
I do cause I trust me
You r basic n
Chastened n rope
N chains to the brain
Stuck on level
Seth ***** said
In time you lay stone
Work hurt sometimes
You must crumble
Breakin down
The mortar with
Nightshade in
Spray as pesticide
For the vines tangling
Strangling your
Home, it's unknown
If I gonna grow in
The right way but
I trust me so if
I'm so grown I outgrow
Then I gotta go
No hate
3 reggae doobies sat on a wall.
One of them was seven feet tall.
The second was short, and fat.
De **** was tough, n' carried a gat.

All of a sudden, a doobette walks by.
De tree doobies wanna giv'er a try.
De bluntz lean in a little closer.
Each givea whistle lik a poser.

De female spliff dismisses deir plees.
De doobies cut 'er off n' get on deir kneees.
Dey beg, and dey beg, and dey cry.
But she turns away and says, "nice try".

De doobies jump back, onto deir wall.
Didn't get how she resisted their call.
A new baety walks by, to test their luck.
Hopefully dis spliff will be down to ****.

The tall one walks around front.
She waves her hand, shooin' dat blunt.
The fat one takes a shot, talks derty.
Clearly she ain't in da mood to be flirty.

Da gangster ****** roll takes a shot.
Literally, he ******' shot 'er bumba clot.
De doobies flee, as the doobette falls.
Dere goes 3 reggae doobies who sat on a wall.

*Respect women. You never know when they might save ya life.
It'd be jokes if the doobies were all cats instead. Right?
My boy has a spliff and I don't
I ask him
Bless Me Up
He say yes.
Blessed man
She don't wanna speak to me.
Me mind is hidden under a cloud of darkness.
Dere's a feelin' of inner struggle.
I must release reggae.


I rise out of me bed in terror.
Me dreamt of a lonely island boy, lost at sea.
Could you imagine, no friends, no food.
No reggae release.


I'm trapped in a reggae box
I can hear me boy screamin', but I can't find 'im.
I call for 'im, "JACO! JACO, MY YOUT!"
I must release de reggae.


The room is a maze, no exit.
Could me premonitions be true?
Could me boy truly be lost?
No reggae release.


Me vision's too cloudy.
All to be seen is rat-like faces, cringing.
Their snouts snort and sneer to a reggae beat.
I must release de reggae.


The floor falls from under me.
A lizard's heavy gizzard appears below.
Crooked, sharp teeth shining tru de dark.
No reggae release.


Colours upon colours.
An indigo man stabs, then rapes a magenta woman.
Until the reds, and greens, and blues, explode from her stomach.
I must release de reggae.


I catch me breath. I'm in me room.

Safe and sound.

Jeez, what a bad trip, still?
Dat was a silly weekend mon. Hehe
Jah kidding? One hit?
Tought you wuz a reggae mon.
Go home, ya eyes red.
Tried to tell him! I ain't even high!
Wet paper rolled in a cone
Pack the kush in, dry as a bone
Make a filter from a baseball card
Fill er' up and pack it hard
Roll the tip up real tight
Lick the blunt and giver a light
Puff it, puff it, pass it to a friend
With ******, the good times don't have to end!
Instructions on how to roll a joint, essentially.
Rollin fat kush ****
Red lights on zig zags
****** haze got me high

Puff puff and pass it
Spark it and blast it
****** haze free my mind
Short but sweet, I really liked writing this.
*Changed the title, had a better plan for it
Me in da wrong place at da wrong time.
Headin' down da alley on me way to pick up me 'erb.
Suddenly, Big Boy 'pears round da corner.


Da Big Boy grabs me and take me lunch money.
'ow am I gunna get me 'erb now?
He beats me like me papa did.
Jus when Big Boy gonna trow da final punch...


Da boys arrive for battle.
Spliffs in der mouts.
Vengeance in der eyes.
TruckerWithAPassionForReggae grabs da Big Boy.
'olds 'im down n saves me reggae life.
Blunt Blastah Mastah punches da Big Boy.
Don touch me boombastic buddy he says.
DertyBeatzFromDaStreetz goes in for da **** with a ***** reggae kick.
Reggae Mon Offishal gets me kush cash back.
Me in da clear.

We killed a man, but our flame of friendship burnt bright that night.
Like our spliffs, the light was jus' right, mon.
I'd like to thank the accademy for my reggae king nomination. I'd also like to thank the reggae boys, because without you, my reggae dreams would never become a reality. God bless you Isis.
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