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It is people and human beings that can't,
Under the spell of gods that invented their principles
Based on some... Games.
În whom to put your trust and why?
For how long?
This must be Gold of the old,
Of the oldies and goldies lives we had
She is this and that!
He is that and this!
Oh, Lord this wonderful experience.

How could I not love the world.
Wasting my existence
As I Have to understand,
I Have to understand all of you.
Your needs, primordial,
Always, your needs...
Your needs!
How could I not love the whole world!
#Still dreaming of the Holy stuff?
When things we're made of start speaking
And our ears just can't believe it.
To leave forever
As your cursing business
Was probably more unfair.

To Leave forever as your love was greater than Hell!

How can that be
Existing just like that
With no purpose or meaning
Will make many feel good.
The results of such an honour?
The results of the killing and slughter?
The results of what still aches at the brought back of a memory?
Mentioned a ghost:

And probably much more
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