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R Jul 2016
you've never truly left me, now have you?
  May 2016 R
I think of you in words that don't mean anything.
I think of you in places that don't exist.
To believe in reality is hard because reality is brazen and I've always been meek.

I see you in all the faces I see,
Some have eyes like yours,  some have your hair.
Nobody has a smile like yours,
A perfect melange of shyness and mischief topped with genuineness beyond compare.

I hear you in all the voices I hear,
They all talk like you yet they don't.
They don't make sense to me,
Your voice made me feel like home.

I catch your fragrance when someone passes by,
That enticing smell of cigarettes and cologne.
Now she smells it everytime she hugs you,
It fills her head with euphoria and inexplicable bliss.
  May 2016 R
I always saw stars in your eyes, but now.. my God, they're even brighter. They're so much brighter.
R May 2016
It feels like forever, isn't that crazy?
It feels like it's been so long,
almost like we've known each other
since before the beginning of

How did I find someone like you?
I feel so blessed
  May 2016 R
I've got his pictures
I've got his voice recorded, its cadence
Makes me get insane
As much as the slight wrinkles around his lips

I drew him many times
With 80s songs in the background
I traced his lip line and his tiny nose
I contemplated his pale skin

He's got dark hair and cold eyes
He shows ease and self confidence
But he needs distance
While he talks to me

He won't take a step towards me
Sagittarius guys are always absent-minded
distant and impenetrable. I can't guess
if he knows he pulls my mind like a magnet

  May 2016 R
Not a single
will keep me from living for me
and living out the hopes, dreams, and light
that I have suppressed for so long
at the request of others around me.
  May 2016 R
Unrequited Love
I think I could lie in bed with you forever,
And still lose myself in your eyes every time you smile.

I could kiss you all day,and still need a good bye kiss when you leave.


You're going to completely destroy me, aren't you?
I was so hell bent on being alone and you had to show up.
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