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Apr 2015
the allan family story, brian’s easy to TEASE

you see brian allan was walking around the canberra city with a trolley full of groceries

because doing that caqn really help the poor as well as the young dudes who were poor,

you see brian preferred poorer people because they were cool and loved really loud music

and what brian had to realise that his brother and parents are helping the poor better than him

you see brian was treated like a cool kid by men who want to help the poor, and an easy target

by the young dudes his own age, yeah the kids played AC/DC OR JUDAS PRIEST OR IRON MAIDEN

really really loud and brian’s ,mate george taught brian that being poor isn’t a wish, it’s a catastrophe

and brian wanted not to be poor, so he played basketball, in which he trained at the woden basketball courts

and he also played ten pin bowling where brian won a lot of medals, brian was a real sports boy, and also

loved to be a cool party dude and brian was passed off as an easy kidnapping target by the ghost of ted bundy

to **** all the family person out of him, forcing brian to tie himself up, brian hated being known as the easy target

ted said, you are tying yourself up, to help the poor people, allow them to listen to heavy metal and not get in trouble

by conservos, and save the hooligans brian, and if you ever try and be a ****, i will bash you, brian, and shove another

poor man’s soul in you, ted said, we need to help the poor and having you ******* protects the poor people, and we need

to let criminals out of prison, you see brian allan, your like us, now man, every time a criminal gets caught, i will trap your mind

into feeling sorry for those hardened criminals, yeah this will be easy to trap mr brian allan, it’ll be easy to treat you like an easy

target, till you realise only ***** do help like this, you see brian, your mates are playing their characters from shows like prisoner

or the brady bunch or kings wood country, and in the process we will bully brian allan forcing ted bundy to die and have his ghost

force brian allan for the rest of his life, saying brian allan, the only family perrso you are, is a family person to a tease, don’t be

liken US, brian, you see brian’s parents and brother helped people the proper way, but ted bunny’s ghost is saying brian helps

the poor by tying himself up and this made brian allan wild, a real giant in the backyard, so to speak and when brian was trying to

be an adult going for a nightly swim making a lot of noise brian’s mum sprayed the hose on the giant in the back yard, like joan the freak

ferguson on the show prisoner because she was worried that brian was becoming an easy target to teasing like this

WOOSEY WOOSEY WOOSEY, and ted bundy’s ghost made it hard for brian to lock his door and forced him to have little visitors,

making brian allan dodge a kidnapper at the charnwood inn and making brian scared that his drinking mates were teasing as brian

say no to a joyride in a car, and on the way home from the gym, you see a kid asked me to buy him a pack of cigarettes and i said yes

and the shop assistant called him a total *****, and the kid laughed, because he was trapped by ted bunny’s ghost to laugh at me

ya know, tease brian allan, and now brian allan battles ted bundy’s voice makes a voice in my head, your like us now man

brian allan is like ted bundy’s mob, he doesn’t want it, but he has no choice heh heh heh

stay with the poor, allan boy
Written by
johnny georgy brown
   Andrew Name
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