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Henry Brooke Apr 2020
Hello you, welcome to my home !
It's a sunny day today, yet have you come alone ?

Listen around to the trees and their green leaves,
hear the slow sprouting boil around gently,
it seems as if this place is simmering :
a true piece of paradise
out of time.

You've come to this cemeteray, the Cimetière Pere Lachaise no less,
to see Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Chopin i suppose ?
Wise man, their tombs are monuments
and they are very sweet ghosts.

But I can see you've stopped your mind just now on a
secondary sepulture, on a winding path few explore
that is my home, this is my voice.

I know it's pretty right ?
It dosen't look half as good in winter, it's so grim,
yet with all these bees, and trees and yellow and sun
and crimson and blue and white, i bet you've never
seen a prettier picnic place.

I died 20 years ago, you weren't born.
It's okay, it didn't hurt much, and when you die
you sort of get to choose what you do,
you can roam around, you can disapear,
you can stay near your grave,
you can even wait for someone dear,
though that's what i think they call hell.

I choose to wake up every summer,
when it gets warm, i get to feel alive again,
i get to wander the park and rush elbows with people
and tourists, i look at the colorful clothes.

When you die you become sort of eternal,
like an idea of yourself
you aren't
you aren't any longer
thirsty or hungry,
nor sad or happy,
you sort of live in the forever
it dosen't feel bad to be honest.

Anyway, you can stay a little longer, i don't get much visits
thanks for looking at my stones,
and don't forget that life is the
sweetest thing
the universe has ever
*Carpe Diem
Henry Brooke Oct 2018
I'm writing to make you smile

hoping you, reading, understands
Im really eager to give out an open hand and hug you

Hello Poetry Reader its nice to meet you!
Weve never met yet, but give me the shape or form you want, Im your mother and you father, your kin and friend. And Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

I sense unlimited talent in you,
did you know we are all quite like gods ?

Yet we are so small
were tall.

Im a young person from Europe irl,
wishing to make you happy.

Im not religious, this is my prayer for you.

Ive never done this, but it feels so good wishing you the best.

You should try it too.

I wanted to write a poem,
but was in one of those moods where
you have the title out before the body.
A Head-only beast.

At least here it is.

I wish you happyness!

See you around,


wanted to try somthing new.

Henry Brooke Apr 2018
Voice of reaon,
calm soothing nerdy one,
quite close to you although internaly
lightly bruised
by his celebrity,
it's with great felicity that
he waves at you
through his blue or brown eyes
you can fell even through the grizzing

and there are cheers as his breath says good bye
and his hand does the peace and love
and all gathered around him
shove friendly for a handshake
milkshake of people and smiles
he's gonna win this race
we are gonna end this
hatred about race

he's gonna fix some thing
he's gonna be good
he's gonna put us in a time
we could't have dreamed of in a milion year
we always wished it come
paradise,  yet fresh here in america
next is the world
next is the world
next is living together

he shook many hands as the ground around us shook
with the foots walking and pushing gently
behind his podium like a bird
he calmly politely turned around
and smiled still as he left with some body guards

everyone was still chanting and it was all so good

we had a messiah
a not bought polition
he was white inside
and every color out
so he walked in the
filled hall like a fruit basket
airs of

he has been shot
**** what is he saying what have I heared
let me fold my glasses what this is absurd
he was our messiah he was the peace
and now a metal piece thrown through him you say ?
now please let me not stay here
oh wow
like his brother
its so sad
its takes my words a away
i didnt want him to not continue
he was ours
we were his
all together on the same
lether swing singing
and so happy and fun just one second ago
his smile still shines on me
and now

now well,
we need to find a solution

but i cant look

i want to protect them from the crooks.

peace and love

rip jfk + rk
after wathcing a video of the Robert kennedy assasination
Henry Brooke Aug 2016
hurt so deep
because it's so true
she caught in two words
what it's like to be two
strangers on a ship
where the cabins don't meet
and the ship is of wood
not glass like the sky
vibrations shaking the tears
out because the cabin
walls are thick
and you cannot
kick a magic trick

oh honesty
how you hurt a man
how you make him
one by slapping back
his crazy hand

oh love
how complicated
how free

oh you
how perfect how true

oh years
how long and stretched

you ate the truth
than hid it in yourself.

you spat it out
like heavy pearl
in my pleading mouth

and I'm here in the kitchen
having read your *******
hoping I had the guts
to make you cry
wanting to kick you
wanting to kiss you

sinking noises.
we need to address this
but not like that
not by hitting the strings
and cutting them with our salt

learning how to play
the satisfying way
without making sad
the one you love
because it's *******
not my fault for these cabin walls
so don't cry
explain with caution
adress the situation

she whispered
"Sinking noises"
and said goodnight.

and I'm wondering if she's right

but in the end
we should help each other
not find ways to
hurt each other
faint hint of truth, it already hurts like childbirth
Henry Brooke Aug 2016

nothing to do
thinking of her
tiny bit of jealousy towards her having fun without me
decided to search for her address
like her house in Google maps
just for fun
and because I'm emotionally attached to it
the view from her window
the tall windows
in the density of this
sunburnt roman city
she's shown me all of it
but never told me
where it was exactly.

Where she is.
I have got to know
in case she isn't anymore

I had already failed
too much houses in Nîmes
too much school in the city centre
(there's one Street opposite to hers)
I had stopped after an hour only.
Now I would succeed.

Nimes on Maps
List of elementary schools
first try.
nope (doesn't look like the view she showed me)
nope again

she was there
you know how goes the saying..
Veni Vedi Vici
I saw  (check) I came  (I can now) I..
Henry Brooke Aug 2016
I made a castle on my own
with sand that you're not supposed
to touch, and help from Friend.
So bad at shaping regular dirt,
here's what it is :
what you dont expect of me.

And thus
Shaped alone,
somewhere in Somewherelese
where nowone could feel me breathe,
not a living thing can smell my bheat,
grew a thing i could not show
because it was Ridiculous.

The people asked to see my secret place
as soon as they saw my strange blue lips.
I was speaking from (not of)
a place that i wasn't ready to ****
Burning by trying to cut a peek.

: Jealousy, or maybe just curiosity
for that lingering perfume that had
now followed me.

They knew they saw The Cave
where i drew that blue tar from,
but they checked and saw they were wrong.
Because they cant even see her,
because shes not even from this island,
and she's a person, not a name ("The Cave").

Now. We are getting to the point.

Oh the pleasure of creating,
the pleasure of sharing existence,
the pleasure of secretness,
of timidity which time blossoms to
die and make place for something
totally different and unrecognizable
from the first formula.
From honey smell
to Honey,
from text to
Voice and Face.

.love from existing on another shore.
.a shore that was earned
.a shore that exists in reality
.a shore that has *******, a ****** no hair in bad parts
and is pretty and flat and hilly yet nice for all i can think
of for now.
.a shore that i learned to love only by
listening to it's every waves
. as shore that's also a cave,
a brook, a damp nook (to the grave diggers
and maggot fillers)
. a shore not swhore
. a thing i threw a flag on
(planting isnt what only counts)

up till now everything did fine,
up till now everything is doing fine,

it almost never happened,
im hoping this thing lives
that the shores stays happy
that she thinks of me.
Tell me what you think ? :)
Henry Brooke Jun 2016
I met a girl I may not meet
I love this girl I cannot touch
I love this girl who lives far away
beyond reasonable doubt
we cant ever say
when it will ever start.
It's getting too close
its like I'm in love with a ghost.
She in a life but
not the one I wish to live.
100 times a think of this
and still we kiss we kiss we kiss.
I'm afraid I'm worshipping a mark
that I will never be able to rub off
I want to be honest and tell her
I want her,
And I'm lost because I can't,
I talked to her because I was lonely,
now I'm lonely because I want more.
That's a little bit my fault.

I told her everything,
except when I cheated on her
from across the sea,
because I gotta get it.
I can't help it.
And it kills me to know she prob does the same.

In tonight's dream we met again
but she was with another man
and all I wanted was to leave
this world of dreams and seal
this deal.

So I'm getting too close to a cold sun.
I let myself do this,
here's to you Vic:

Let's be honest,
Let's share life,
Let's be crazy,
Let's be fast,
Let's be slow,
Let's be forever,
Let's be a show,
Let's be the ground,
Let's be the nothing,
Let's be hole,
Let's be the stuffing,
Let's be a team,
Let's be together,
Let's be supportive,
In any weather.
Let's be happy,
we found each other,

Don't cry because it's mortal,
Smile because it had the luck to be.

Let's be the dirt,
Let's be ****,
Let's be a thousand
more days of luck.
Let's be Juillet and Roméo,
Let's be two strangers in the know,
Let's be an ******,
Let's be my dream,
Let's be The light
that can't be seen,
Let's be that thing
you never touch
Let's be the Light that can't be seen
but that you see,
Let's be that thing you can never touch
but that you touch,
Let's be a walkie talkie,
Let's be one,
Let's be a story,
Let's be sung,
Let's be boring,
Let's be numb,
Let's be worried,
Let's be hung,
Let's be something,
Let's be almost nothing
but still something,
(where already that)
Let's be Sumner,
Let's be winter,
Let's be all ages together,
Let's be lucid,
Let's be wise,
Let's be my sister just came back home really sad from failing her exam and It sort of bring me back from reality. One where you have to sign bills and dreams break in pieces. So now I have to get back in the mood of writing this without failing the general idea. I just reread the whole thing and it seems stupid.
Let's be synchronised,
Let's be doubtful,
Let's be sad,
Let's be mad,
Let's be alive,
Let's have a dream
I'm just realising the only reason I'm feeling good is that I have a dream you.
Let's break the boredom,
Let's melt the chains
and make our own
Let's build
Let's break,
Let's gjxzl
vj jzpa
About that same girl,
This is how what I want it to be
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