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Jay Jimenez Dec 2021
I looked up and seen the stars
They were dancing inbetween the clouds
Did they ask to be let down
Into our vision
No they didn’t want to be seen
They were here for us to wonder about
Are we alone
Are we truly home
Is my home here
Or amongst the stars
Bored here
But it’s like hide and seek and you still haven’t found me
Look to those stars
Look at me
Sliding over the clouds
The rain will fall
I’ll fall on you
You can
Jay Jimenez Dec 2021
We are all apart of this beautiful nightmare
The stares never would fight fare
I use to dream under those abandoned stairs
Wrapped up in a blanket from somewhere
I guess I truly never cared
As long as the drugs were around to share.

Do you see me fighting
My demons are winning
I’m unaware I’m hurting
I’m curating my own death

I’m shuffling in the corner
The only light I share is from
My lighter
I wish I could just dream
But my eyes are stuck wide open
Can you hear the demon
It’s laughter
Or is this my own personal nightmare

Do you see me fighting
My demons are winning
I’m unaware I’m hurting
I’m curating my own death

I find solace I’ll be saved
Before I dig myself my own grave
I pray to God he will share his grace
And get me out of this miserable place

Do you see me fighting
My demons are winning
I’m unaware I’m hurting
I’m curating my own death
Jay Jimenez Dec 2021
I almost forgot about you today
But I was switching my music on my phone
And hit that stupid pothole
The one we hit together when your coffee spilled everywhere
I never understood why it takes so long for potholes to get filled and fixed.
Instead they let other little potholes form
Until the whole road is a ******* mess.

I was looking down after my head smacked the ceiling of my car and I noticed that coffee stain, it was like a little piece of time was locked away deep in the fabric of my car seat. I wish I never hit that pothole.

I would’ve been able to slowly let you fade from my memory, until someday I’m
Gone and the only thing left is that small coffee stain on my cars seat.

Someone else will get the car and wonder what happened for this stain to get there, they will have no idea it happened on a day when a man was deeply madly in love with a girl.

They’ll wash it away
They’ll just fix that pothole

The memory will never exist
Jay Jimenez Sep 2021
I hear a ding as the door opens to the diner
My beard itches a little so I scratch it
Out of the corner of my eye I see a child spill their crayons.
One rolls under the table
Lands by my foot.

I pick it up dust it off and hand it to the waitress, everyone thinks it’s so sweet and tells me how nice that is.

The whole diner thinks I’m so nice, but inside I feel like a

Over Easy Egg on white toast.
Jay Jimenez Oct 2020
What would it be like if I could dance on your heartbeat. As I sit back and watch you smile at me, I can’t help but think about how this all has to end, my heart is dancing in the corner alone while yours is on the dance floor calling me over, I wish I could place my glass of punch on the floor and come join you. But my heart is elsewhere. I’m trying to break the news that the love has faded but I don’t want your heart to stop and never dance again. I don’t want to make the music end.
Jay Jimenez Apr 2020
The tide rolled in
as our toes formed in the beach
I thought about us running away,
after each wave
our footprints disappear,
my anxiety rushes as you come running out the door.

my hands loose the keys
they fall to the floor
and all I can hear is slamming doors.

we ran away
the only evidence we ever were together
is washed away
ask the tide
where we hide.....
Jay Jimenez Apr 2020
Sometimes I chew on my lip so hard
that I make myself bleed,
I can taste the Iron
as Iron and Wine is playing

All the invisible strings
making us dance like fools
and sometimes we fall down
and the invisible strings help us back up.

I get so frustrated that I cant grab my string
cut it off
and Finally
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