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Jam Rock Oct 2019
Another ***** driver
Another way to unloosen the screws in my wall
I loosened up just enough
Enough to see the light through the crack in my door
I let you see just enough
Then the door closed
You knocked on it until your knuckles bleed
But you will never see me again.
Keep knocking
Keep wanting me to open that door again.
Jam Rock Aug 2019
My fingers twisted as my palms
Landed flat on the sides of your waste
They danced and danced around the lining of your jeans. They danced all the way threw the loop holes
Finding a way
To figure out your zipper
They got lost fumbled the button
And lost track In the sound
Your lips
Found the way to my neck
I fumbled your pants
They fell
Slightly just enough
For me to see your dragon fly tattoo
Jam Rock Aug 2019
I think I’m good now
Smelling the ocean and picking up shells
I’ll be by the flow of the water
Kissing and licking the salt off my hands
I love it seaside
I love the sun sparkling on the top of the water
I can’t wait to hear that sound
The sound of the water gasping for air as my toes suffocate the sand
How I miss you
Will I see you again....
Jam Rock Oct 2018
I’ve always found boredom to be the creator of genius.
As I sit back and think about how boring life can get.
I stir my tiny pink straw in my cocktail and wonder how infused I am to this habit of putting the key into my ignition starting my car and driving to work.
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to put my key into my ignition and drive my car into a gas station demolishing everything in its path.
The boredom would sure to be gone in the flames.
I would sure like to stir up some **** today.
To get punched in the face and see my blood.
But I will probably just lay in bed and wonder what it feels like to get hurt.
It’s been awhile since I tried to destroy myself.
I’ve been so bored taking it easy
Not getting into trouble
Has trouble forgot I existed?!
Jam Rock Apr 2016
I could be anywhere
I choose to
Smiling as you
After having to many drinks
Jam Rock Mar 2016
If all the stars stopped shinning your smile would brighten up the sky. If Gravity was no longer a thing you would hold me down on earth. If the birds stopped singing and the world went quiet our hearts would play the sweetest melody.
Jam Rock Oct 2015
Can we just sit in silence
and smile at eachother
Can we just sit in silence
And feel the energy
Of the pull to just dive in for the kiss.
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