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jeffrey robin Jan 2016

A loveless Nation

( everyone claiming to be so much .... " in love ! ")


But then :

All the movies are about zombies and vampires !!!!

( our true selves appear ! )


The only thing we do


Is to destroy ourselves

We do it openly but not



We call our immaculate hatred

" LOVE ! "

All the better to hurt someone

Despite all the claims to love and respect for

All our fellow poets here

The fact that we purposefully distort Reality

in our works in order to confuse each other

Is a sign of total disrespect and hatred !

This disprepect and hatred

Is our real feelings for each other

Why should a poet give a **** about what your so called lover feels about you

When obvously he or she

Don't give a **** about you )????

Such is our daily dying in the public square !

Muddy ****** uselessness


I love you

(?so ******* what?)

We only talk of love for a purpose !!

Sick and demented !!

But a purpose !!!

( to cause and spread pain )


that's as ugly as we are

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Reading the poetry of the dumb *****

Trying to cram a boy

Into the steel trap vacancy

Of their meaningless lives

While I probe into the lines

Hoping to find a remnant

Of something human

//              //


the gentle power

( creation )

The saint in celestial wisdom

Gazes into the pulsations of grace and humility

That linger amid

The countless assassinations

That are the mark of the world's depravity

dumb **** life !

The loveless pretensions !

( no one is really here at all )


Just a bunch of kids

Getting ready to be *****


By others

And by themselves !


The stream that flows by the cabin door


The pure maiden !


Alive in the healing magic of her art !


The tenderest memories !


And we ALL are there


The young boys and girls !

The sacred words !

The wealth amid the poverty


We DO understand !


Along the broken dream streets

We stumble


Trying to escape madness into the

Hearts of each other

Most trying to find solace

In the exicitment of pain

And the herd mentality

Of terminal indifference


Child !

Be ready to choose

Even l am mortal

And will be here for only a little while more !



Don't get slimed by a dumb ****

And their promises of numbness

As a form of peace !

We are the warriors


The stream flows by the cabin door

See the pure maiden !

Find the love that is true

You are ALWAYS welcome there

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

she walk on egg shells lost in fear


Oh she

In her dying world

She writes to a lover who ain't never there !

He didn't want to die with her

She doesn't have the will to love

So she just pretends

And writes her poems for imaginary friends

In her dying world


Oh yes

On egg shells !

Playing games impossible to win


She opens her door but no one comes in

Cause she never opens her heart


Walkin in fear

Begging for love but won't let no body come near


Lost in her dying world

Lovely little girl she is

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Now that all fear is gone


The mountain up ahead

The gentle child in her arms


We are doing something else


We will war no more



I mean

If ya got nothin to say except what ya did with yer ***** and **** last night

Why don't ya just shut the **** up ?


Is it that hard to just shut the **** up till ya got something to say ?

Stop dying publically

LIVE !!!!!!


After all the fear is gone

Only love

Shall be here

jeffrey robin Jan 2016
(       =      )

||                     ||

oh yeah we

We be goin home


No no more
No no more

These killing games
these killing games

Rich versus poor

No no



Playin no more


Done  with the inhuman

Expressions of humanity

I am what I am

And shall so forever remain

Goin home

You can come with me

And we will just go home

We will go home

And there we will stay

jeffrey robin Jan 2016
(                  )


( born in the eternity )

In the vast fertility

We lie together in the manger


Let us sing  sweet hymns of glory !

>> << ( • )  ( • ) >> <<

my life unfolding IS my name


You do know ( I am sure )

All of us

All of our lives

Are simple stories

In pure unfoldings


Amid all the noise we make

//   ||  \

Unite in real

Or die as strangers

In the war zone called

Your Street


Aren't you tired of all the crap yet ?

How come you ain't tired of it yet ?

jeffrey robin Jan 2016

Out there ?



That's a fine thing to do !


The problem comes when YE call

Runnin round gettin laid

LOVE .... !! (??)  !! (??)


It ain't LOVE

It's runnin around gettin laid is all !!




Is something all humans just gotta do !


Love is universal !

A healing

A holding

A bonding

A binding

It is necessary that we all    LOVE

The family is love

The neighborhood and the community

The country and the world

The universe and far beyond

The universe and all within

This is LOVE



Run around and get laid !


YE still gotta love and be the source of peace

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