Plug this one check it on the mic

when I was young I never hurted anyone

making love was just for fun now those days are gone

yesterday was such a simple game we used to play

awe but then let's face it still gets easier today

got to relax in this here rhyme game without no shame

beauty to eye is in a hot beach with hot bitches in my reach

pulling up my Buick to get in the shade

sipping on no magic tonic just simple lemonade

let's get back to the basics and push on the door that's true

perhaps I have bitten off far more then I could chew

playing Spring Love with Stevie B on the radio

shopping for the latest trend for my favorite clothes

got an old Tupac Shakur tee shirt

beats alone with Fat Joe & What's Luv

a slice of a pie as I rise on the scene

I'm your friend the sonic machine

everyone believes in something but what

all this trash on t.v. makes me want to throw up

got to take back to the old school way

when family & friends used to bow the knee to pray

but today you say it ought not be that way

Fetty Wapp blowing up the scene

got cops with blue hats acting very mean

come Sunday everyone wants to be your friend

bet its safe to hold your breath & count to the number 10

De La Sol with Me, Myself & I

got to keep it real no cheap thrill in the back of my car

save your money for the honey that you meet at the bar

why do some people get away with things and others don't
people are people so why should it be you and I appear awfully

no one questions anymore no one has a voice
it's the blind leading the blind soon will fall into a ditch

all the hero's and legends I knew as a child turned into idols of clay
don't you believe in what t.v. or the radio says about you

many seek for solace amidst the inner plight of silence
death is there doormat they squeeze all the love out of you

some seek to drawn there sorrows in a bottle like no tomorrow
the impulse of a hug takes a back seat with cheap lust

why does one equate logic for fear ?
I sit again in the silence alone,

minds that plug for bitter destruction in their brain washed minds
how it rains on the just & unjust...

a tug at the heart will light the inner spark to what I've been waiting for....
man has constructed living pyramids to honor their dead,

the notion of no atheists in fox holes
I don't debate them anymore only choose to love them instead

the walking dead having viscous hanging fangs that bite...
dot the i's and cross the t's

we resign as living socialites in our miniature soldier war
a toast of friends only to discover there is no love in their hearts

there are heads in the street for a burning cause but for what ?
they all claim its a banner of love but its hate in disguise

a lover in life is not the sinner
weak willed tyrants feeling a funeral in their brain

Why is love cheap lust these days get back to the basics
we choose to hide behind the false garb of compromise

Can't we see through all those twisted Satanic lies ?

a tiny seed was dropped out from a farmer's bag
onto the fertile soil in time roots would spring up
through the duration of time we have created a rhyme
a pulse of the heart will light the spark to where we need to go

What hurts you the most ? Is it fear or death ?
the tranquil pier on a clear brisk morn
clouds over hang to bring a pale atmosphere
each of us elapse in our own inner thoughts

reckless wanderers as distant nomadic herdsmen
with all the twists and turns through snap shot variation in a dream
we then come to a better understanding from deeper within
love is the essence of our eternal existence

learn to cultivate honest laughter with a smile
to know all the great while we each our accountable
Oh, Lord, I love you so much
Possessing such a forgiving touch

Praising your name doesn't seem enough
Through past times that were so rough,
No matter where or what I may do,
My path always leads to you

Life is not a mystery to me;
It's all about setting one's self free
Lord, you make me feel whole and complete
Knowing only I can ever cause my defeat

Keep me from all that which is profane
Humble me Lord, in Jesus name
My heart is forever in the Lord
Where all stand fast of one accord

In this world I am but flesh and bone
I no longer wander, I have found my home.

through the duration in time
we have created a rhyme
finding solace amidst the quest of nature
now is the expectant hour

a pull at the heart will light a spark to what we need to know
love has won yet it also has lost humanities heaviest cost
yet these are desolate times yet we settle for ill faded rhymes
The night sky is dark, the stars
and moon can not be seen, the wind

blows cold over my dark and creepy grave,
The roots grow deep into my coffin of death
the dirt is heavy and hard to breathe under
the weeds grow tall above my tombstone,

my name is not readable my face is
forgotten my body is decayed my soul
is yearning to be joined with my master
but I am afraid of the great light I

have to pass through to get to the pearly gates of heaven.
I lie in the dark solemn slumber
of death and life, in a forgotten world,
A world which I once lived in,

a world that forgot me, my dreams and my undying soul
I am the forgotten one, and it grows
harder and harder for my soul to breathe
yet in the distance a portal a glimmer of light

Love at last appeared out of the duration of its illumination
a beacon of light to a much hurting world in need of hope

in reluctance to the search from within
the vase jar still hangs by the window sill
there are voices in my head no whispering
a very faint sound of selfish fervor

inside we hide behind four walls
alone again in the vanquished torment
a house by an ocean sound with quaint colors

the vested remnants of a porch swing hung outside in patio
traffic outside the hallway with squeals of children laughing
memories of salt in the air from the brisk breeze
a tree would often loom basking in the sway

the inner pendulum of silence etched inside
to gaze on the outside with inner tranquility
to bask in the vast breeze would quench my thirst
I'll record these moments on pen with paper

a very faint cry of sadness
one may evoke fear from its madness

angelic fervor with a residue of sweet honey
the fervent cry of birds in sequence
a diseased tree just making it past Autumn
life is made up with moments alone in time

a call to tranquility,
to light the inner spark of what we need to know
Calling from the realm of passion released to intertwine

A challenge to be free is a question of time

There is a brightened light within us all

In radiant sight through its weary decor
A pivotal call to look ahead
The more you sow the less you shed
An armchair memorial onto its beckoning call

In the great distance through its coral light

A brightened spot where a light house piers bright
Through foolish dreams that may shake in flight
An anchor now holds to forget the night
Outside in caged fury as a lantern inside

In fallen leaves asunder which then run away & hide

Just as we know that the sun may rise
Without fail every dawn
We can essentially fully trust in God
In moments of blackened darkness

Yet the light house still stands as a lasting reminder

To always think positive amidst adversity
Through uncertain times leading to caged fury
When the whole entire world seems to be a bit crazy
Quite in a bit in a hurry

The light house still continues to stand


In Ardent Meadows

Fallen dew on the ground in ellaborate form
To subside in timeless appease a call
To delve in the ambiance of its elaborate form
Silence has a clear motive as a delicate appreciation to form;

Silence has a very conclave yet clear motive
As an appreciation to its form
In Ardent Meadows
Some may lay helpless as in a caged fury

Others ponder its forbidden resolution as in some societal social outcast...

Yet service has been negated in its twisted formation
Gone our all the days to frolic in a haze
Being stuck in a hole as a mouse is in its maze
We chase after things as in sifted wheat in the wind

Strong holds approach in its visible light

We have given into evil compromise ungrateful taste
In swollen features in a covered face
Our logic in its tainted form
To appease the solution from its plausible norm

Some may even curse the day they were actually born
To summon a sweltering demise as in a viable solution
A viable taunt within mediocre resolution
In vegetation will reach its nost curious solution

Romancing The Stone

Wandering as in a nomadic tribe blnded eyes

Within its swollen asps in taunt to fear
To carry on in its plausible tear
In reluctant demise one word to its wise
With chosen asps we have such a strong hold of shame

Yet who our we to blame

An army of desolate yet angry men
A given chance at which to humbly depend
Within sweltering heat the blood shed in our street
These are violent times

We then evoke tempers with fire to soothe our desire

Still the story unfolds as the pages are turned
For one heart will soar while the other is soon to burn
In passion or intellect as in its caged fury to fire
A warm desire in logic nor that in heavy fear

For I had shed a single tear to numb it's inner pain

Just not having her in my arms was driving me insane
Romancing the stone never leave a poor heart alone
Every night & every day are troubles are slipping away;


Today I Can See

Today I can see beyond the hidden pain in a dream

In virtual sadness leaving man totally insane
Today I can see a very narrow way
Reflective in a given sense to wallow in a dream
With reflective solemn moments in silent stream

Gone our all the days we used to social frolic in a haze

Today I can see a given sense of pride inside
Yet to negate in its initial humility
A barrage of faint whispers amidst timeless chatter
Today I can see a new monastic way of existence matter

Today I can fully understand the approach that a novice will take;

Some may even stand in horror instead of filled cheer
Today I can visibly see a vision that will accept equality
Many our in the game yet where are the even playing,
Today I can see nobody questions anymore

There is no mutual freedom as it once was before

Others negate biblical truth for what is based in a lie
Today I can see a promise rather the turning of the tide
Where as others simply equate logical persuasion
By which to humbly run away & hide;

Today I can visibly see a totally different story
Some have emmersed in fatal toxic caged fury
Others contemplate the jest or that of some hung jury.

an ocean breeze fills up your senses
the seagulls flock overhead
inside there is something stirring
as if heathers exploding within
shadows block the temptress taunts
alone in the silence,

couples running naked through the sand
happy people with eyes gashed with glee
somber moments were unleashed to revere
a volcanic hot ash experience

does fear grip you the most ?
why does one equate logic as fate ?
burning desire inside yet we still high behind four walls
the chemistry is elusive in its solvent decorum
shades of green Pine embers fallen in a nearby grass knoll

we can escape if we drift
to hear the vast expanse of the Timber Wolf dash
yet never to distinguish right from wrong all is relative
let the time stop now no use looking back at the plough
in heavy burrows as if the fox had escaped through

many today escape through a prison in their mind
only to get locked up in chains
the demise of Satanic laughter filters through the duration
yet hope keeps one alive through the pain
a chance at beautiful brevity loosed in the moment
many swallow the debris of left over road kill

only to infuse a sense of togetherness
as we near this place with whom we seek
perhaps its in the never world beyond explanation
yet we still have a pulse to believe the impossible

Shoot for the stars !

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