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The Gift
Each step that we take
Make no intent nor escape
Shade of grey, let go the parade,
Love is for certain
Stand by the curtain
Lift whole in a rage
You better act your age
Tender words light the course
Through the eyes that touch the elements of the sky
Through every step that we take
Follow...follow, eager & stake....

Bridge the gap across the peril escape,
Shades of black, green & blue
What are we to do ?
Cross eyed cat with the little boy blew,
Shade of grass green & blue
Shape, lest we triumph to spread out beyond the stand;
Look deep, stand still & repeat
Love for certain
The Oz behind the curtain
Tap your heals three times,

There the king can greet
Hungry ?
Take a seat !
Below the tempo
Treated, many words to go & swell
Many are going to hell !
Obey The Cross That Jesus Suffered Although It Will Cost All You Claim As Yours !
Each of us must learn to take a part in the dance be part of Christ's vine by his design
Although it will cost all you claim as yours the sacrifice is small beside the treasure
Eternity is a very long time so with words I create in a song for you to get along
Heros are all golden when hearts are unfolding to the message of grace upon your Peyton place
there can be no other way no other escape from the ways of faith explore a bit further

Sadness must be erased when you look at the full blown glory of Christ's face set a date
Remember to pray and say out his name each and everyday do not be afraid he is their
every idol word that was said out of context he is fully aware when he comes with a blaze of glory...
Sharpen your eyes bend your bows make some glorious noise to unfold the mystery
God is sovereign he is a perfect gentleman doesn't force his way on any man you understand

Bit by bit one footsetep at a time a sure fire way to climb til at last you reach the gate heaven's door...
let his glory fill you up in the peace that passes all understanding its in his well giving
I stand forgiven as a sinner don't ever call me late for dinner wait it gets much better
take my hand precious Lord lead me on let me stand I am weak, worn & torn
through each storm through the night let me breathe give me sight take my hand precious Lord
lead me onto each new valley built in the continual brevity of its cosmic mystery

Jesus you are the lover of my soul with hearts to unfold you are worth more precious then gold
Each day is a gift you get my drift through vast peril mountains I may climb was created by a greater design...
The night is far too spent although the days are long I will evoke in a song to grow fond
Barriers we have to cross with no escape no tragic loss we will shine we are his child
although for the moment I exist as a vapor then I am no more I will press on through each storm
Violation to the innocent without any incident his will stands president from any harm

If you have a voice learn to rejoice with quaint laughter prepared for the great here after
with words to capture he was their in the graden searching in the way of fire with eyes free
Touch his tender hand he alone is what you can depend my faithful longing friend
Gives cadence to a child like faith sought with tender simplicity come and sit next to me
Early I will seek thee down on my knees a reason to breathe Judas betrayed him after the garden...

Christ was their in a whisper torn blemished in the midnight hour searching for one sinner
a pull at the heart would light the inner spark to where I needed to go listen to the wind blow
your very fragrance came onto me through a dream with a tender smile known to see
lovingly your hans sits beside me takes the sacles from my eyes so that I could see
Mary watched as he son was thronged with blood dripping off the side

From the inner silence of the lamb he was there
In welcoming to the world to share
Within the multiple of words the mouth speaks
As a heart beats through the passage of time
To every poem that was ever written
To every burden ever lifted
To rivers crossing where people living
Sometimes loving other moments giving
In storms that were outside brewing
What is the significance of this love
In painted pictures from above
To every soldier in a battle
To every cow amidst the cattle
Not a second glance at any real romance
A field of dreams throughout our head
From both fire and ice will make you think twice
Perhaps another chance at a roll of the dice
When every kingdom comes thy will be done
Shadows in the shining morn if there's a rose it bears a thorn,

He was there in every circumstance
When they tried to throw stones at her
He was there drawing a line with his finger in the sand
It is my hope that some day all will understand
A glance at the past will tell us of our future
Amidst the inner pain & uncertainty
Through shadows in a field of dreams
In moments of solace amidst the pain
A light moved out upon the street outside
A day that wasn't meant to be
Thorn crown was pulled upon his head
Those shouts of intense anger from the mob
There was only one who would help him back on his feet,

A light that brought only a few to greet
Let us not run away & hide
Each one of our sins was placed on that cross
To lose the battle now would end in tragic loss
Father please forgive them for they know not what they do
He said the prayer now the rest is up to you
That cross that broke a sinful world apart
With his blood-soaked crown with spear in side
To show the whole world he had nothing to hide
The summoned cry brought about healing in the sky
Watch the free angelic dove fly!
Ann Marie Soulier (ne´e Hyland) passed away peacefully at her home in Wolcott on Saturday, Nov. 28th, surrounded by loving members of her family. She was 86. The second daughter of the late Frank and Delena Hyland, and sister of the late James and William Hyland, Ann is survived by her two sisters, Elizabeth Parenti and Mary Dudzinski, as well as her brother-in-law, Harry Dudzinski, and sisters-in-law, Gloria and Evelyn Hyland, all of Bristol. She also leaves behind her beloved children: Marie Barrett and her husband, Mike, James Soulier and his wife, Beth, Elizabeth Thisdale and her husband, Joe, Carol Roy and her husband, Doug, Leona Chamberlain and her husband, Dave, and Mario Vitale. Ann was affectionately known as "Nanny" to her 14 grandchildren: Paul, Avery, Shane, Kylie, Matthew, Bobby, Cory, Christopher, Marty, Todd, Michael, Tyler, Michelle, and Jimmy; and to her beloved 14 great-grandchildren: She also has many surviving cousins, nieces, nephews, in-laws and friends whom she loved dearly. The family would like to extend their gratitude to her special caregivers, Alicia and Eliana, who made a difference in the quality of her life and became like family members to her. Ann had an impactful presence. She loved Jesus, family vacations at Hampton Beach and Black Point, coffee, music, painting, doll-collecting, and her best friend of over 80 years, Nancy (Nan). She retired in 1999 from Superior Electric, where she was a cherished coworker for nearly 30 years. As mechanically adept as she was in the workplace, Ann was equally adept in making her house a home. She ran a tight ship during those years doubling as a homemaker, where she kept her loved ones well-fed, raising them to be resilient and to always have a sense of humor and a love of family. She believed in prayer and loved her son Mario's poetry. She also loved videography and was known to document family events using a camcorder starting in the 1980s. Always with a keen eye to see one step ahead, she kept copies of these moments on VHS for all of her loved ones to watch in the years to come. She will be sorely missed here on earth as she joins her parents, her brothers, and her grandson, Shane, in heaven. Friends and family are invited to attend a Mass of Christian Burial for Ann on Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020, at 10 a.m. directly at St. Matthew's Church in Forestville. Burial will immediately follow at St. Joseph Cemetery in Plainville. There will be no calling hours. The family also plans on having a celebration of life ceremony for Ann sometime in the summer of 2021. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations can be made in Ann's honor to the Wolcott Volunteer Ambulance Association, 48 Todd Road, Wolcott, CT 06716. To leave an online message of condolence, share a memory or a photo, visit Ann's memorial
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About “AKA "Ann Marie Soulier", Mario Vitale's Mom !”
The *****

widows peak
stand still another week
living through the barbed wire seek
one, two & three

Wanted to rush the piece
from the roof barbed wire
There she walks in
Count to the number ten

There she walked in, "The *****" !
having a bout with whiskey
Wait entire works in store
in walks the *****

thinking through the barren sea
kisses, ***** & breach
listen to the walking
pieces, love & stream

The *****, walks into so much more
she paid her respects through the thunder roll
caged, pleasant & gathering
My love reaches so much more

She walks further to ever before
kisses, love & romance
Journey To The Center Of The Earth
Why do we even care ?
the notion of the left at ease
Shadows in the brazen eyes
Journey to the center of the earth...
A breach to put
love is for certain
got to wait for surgery
Why don't people let me be ?

Thoughts of living in the make believe
love is gifted along with laughter
Gather round my friend on some mother hen
lover's left from the count of ten
shouts of grace spread about the fan
lover's left to race upon our Peyton Place

Left to ever release
Given a solemn peace;
Journey to the center of the earth
perched beneath the timber & squeeze
Shouts of joy
A brand new toy
filled up with a noted ploy

A pierced love in tender means
through the trees
the honey nor a mere breeze
shadows for ego taste
from my head down to my toe
Hurt Out Of Spite

Billy Joel..sought out of control face the eyes of the window,
after years ago
merger on the phantom leap
shaded pillars brief
share with each other compare to speak

lift the cover of the toilet seat
stand still & repeat
wishing well
dropped the pen many years ago

love sought the merger

Society Like a cold clap in the dark you lit a spark of what I was waiting for You hide behind the false hidden garb of compromise can't you see the lies Having long hanging viscous fangs to frighten each other A line is being drawn in the sand when will we understand The pusher on the street knows to well the score is in sight All of the money is tight waving empty beer can to cash them in A solo of sorts to summon the eager minds that plug destruction To get food stamps & disability insurance in you pocket Burning flags in the presence of the socially elite doomed to repeat A challenge to be set free is a question of time my one solution is using mind We work in the factory laboring for that legal tender While pulling out of the grocery store you get a busted fender One needs a heart saturated with truth to stand the test of time Standing in line at the D.M.V. kind of bothers me We as a society have treasured a rose that was sent before us Send the troops home there is no good reason for them to roam The casualties are enormous for a stated cause that's plain atrocious Merciful one come take this chip off my shoulder stop the senseless fighting Yet are nation grows a bit colder from all the anxiety from within Another chance a which to begin again stop the riots in the street With abortion as a plan when will we be able to understand A fetus is a living breathing human being inside not some instant jello Society is filled with people that hate that is their lasting fate Become a beacon of hope to a lost world in need of love This true expression of faith is sent to us from only God above
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