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from the sonic youth stand still or else a busted tooth
shadows off perfumed arms stretched among the leaves
getting ready for the back seat stand still or repeat
Madonna a unique performer travel up yonder
exposed the elements shadows to the West
shallow pools dressed up glue a lying fool
save your kisses for a rainbow day onto a lonely day
did you ever try so hard that your world just fall apart

One door woman fresh baked out of the oven
want to go faster everyday but in the oven you will be gone
have you ever needed someone so bad
did you ever fall apart,
the world the magic dart...
every dream a dream we found it hard to believe
One door woman let loose in the middle
up against the wall,

shadows block the vortex of the mind
you robbed me blind..
some where in the distance it's too late for love
stay closer then to call girls go hand in hand
if these 4 walls could talk
take some time to go for a walk
childless claim words insane

take a walk down by the beach
the verdict over there it's too late for love
my sandy beach trying to catch that frisbee far out of reach
simple eyes blown in no surprise
I saw the artist paint with brush,
The setting sun, the lengthening shade
The near and further distant hills,
The valley where the lily shows its blade

And hides the nest of the noble thrush
He painted the valleys with their streams,
The giant oak and the stately pine
The quaking aspen leaves afloat

The evening breeze of summertime
And he left me standing lost in dreams
He mixed his colors in varied hue
As clouds suspended from the sky

From swaying limbs where the robin sings
And the eagles nest in mountains high
Beneath a sky of azure blue
It's here the artist stops and stands

Spellbound, he cannot overcome the spell
The sun, now set, has changed the scene
With different colors in the dell
He cannot match the master's hand
© 11 months ago, chevyvent
Stir The ***

Do you ever feel like you are in a constant battle with the demons inside your head.
strive to greet from places unknown
faces, traces & love...
gear up the votes
loud & clear

to bury my head of times let go
regardless of humanoid traces
spaces, chases & death
we are the humanoid put to the test
tortured by hand the folks should pray

Savor the minty locks dismissed
Split ends we both share
Share the devils plat of disguises
charter the bridge to come sit beside us
below there's a desert come across the river Nile

bridge a gap to hold the mounted deal
great fluid to arched mines
erases, coil & lettuce
Stir the ***
Dom Deliouse
do as he please
corner to each thought to breathe
pick up your clothes a hornet flies abode
my heart is an opened door
lest to I implore
shiny diamonds in the sacred pull
shades of black with a neck tie
living on the edge
love is going through my head
sitting up at night all alone in bed...

He/She knows a fatso
a sure fire way to go
there came up from the projects a Brooklyn youth
holding anger in his eyes he came at a big surprise
with two turn tables with a mic he was ready for a fight
rattle his cage at such an early age all in a haze
piercing back the flames lest I rearrange the all fame game
getting better then most he was lost as a seagull was on the coast
until the day he paid a visit with the savior now he's fined tailored
thinking of a higher power its the hour of power makes him take a hot shower
the important thing he never forgot his roots now he's a loose as a caboose

see ya on the flip side squeeze out spreading his disease as busy as a bee
one hand on the mike sorry that her missed her Twisted Sister it's a brave new world
Emo B in the place to be making sweet rhymes making history
yet for Emo he again lost his way being frail he caved into the system
selling a kilo of ******* to an under cover cop now he hops
to cell block 979 today he stands in line but for the system you can kiss his fat behind
Emo still raps as in a Big Mac attack shooting out flames of gold as you suppose
then one cold morning Emo left for heaven standing in line no more he safely evened the score
although he had such a short life he was gone too soon
his memory reflected back to that late morning in June
Emo be good no doubt your still around playing your favorite song
that's my heart right their

limit tree eye
a passing passerby
with tulips that fly
into the eye we shall see
burning with fire
a gun for hire

Serpico as Al Pacino
go with the flow
came out years ago
carry on then let go
elect new members
place, spaces & traces

Live it up
As if the light of a skunk
braided by the mere notion of goals
barren sea onto remember me
falling down on my knees
love, hate & sweat

so sorry that we met
not so easy to forget...
Atica ! Atica ! Atica !
beat one with a baseball bat
live at each attempt
porcelain tape some call it fate
Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

lover in love that shall we be
in a whole timber lace stretched out upon a place
if its God's will so be it
through a shaded *** in high degree of fire sweat;
old surmount the ancients high
come closer as a head will rise
Christ come down;
join us for tea
heightened alabaster glow
the new king Jesus

Nobody do me like Jesus
grace and joy in our hearts
love a light portal
cast bread upon the pond
Manna for bread..
Jesus, Mary & Joseph
a tear a tear of forgotten cure

Open your heart to keep his spirit
love in spite
an angelic reprise
light & low
my heart stretches to the fold
kiss the lips from the great savior leads
shadows embark on the new hedge cement
come closer
come near
come stretch forth your arms

Nobody do me like Jesus
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