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mottled bookmarks pin  
     tiny fragments of mine.
       pages unfold from within
   and resist to curve behind the time.
       grimaces fade into memoirs.
         suit coats on petit bourgeois
     wink at my shredding guard vest of tin.
           to wipe off those band-aids,
             to slim my baggage sutcase,
       to bury the laundry in silk waters is to see
             it's lifting aloft no casting aground
               so I murmur aloud shunning the clout.
         a biting leech tot under battings of the brick.
               me overlooking my hot spice of a boy
                 is cringy to mimic a sickening coy.
           seems like I'm a worm and blood I eat and drink
                   to transmiss leukocytes all over the globe
                   when my maw is stuffed and my bulge bobes.
         two sides of me rubbed along are two poles.
                 I bite far and I link two organisms
               meds' substitution with itchy feelers
       and a deep chested sweetheart, him I fret.
               when to run my slabber in his blood
             is to dehydrate and self-slenderize me?
     awe-eyed lover man slim'd my tube in size.
           me be loved for a healer then be dumped
         but it's in my cytoplasm and in my blood
   to bottom the gutters as if by dirt under the fingernails.
         a biting thot inside the bloodsucker ***
       seen by people as a nocuous germ.
they may wash their hands with a laundry soap
       everybody is no island, I unrobe my cloth.
     to cut sheets from life diaries isn't tougher any more.
© 4 days ago, Anton   nature  • humor  • personal  • societ
With A Tension Limb

mix tongue you met
a heroic vent...
set a swing with a smile
run that extra mile
the storm of the wild
get back Cadillac
strong in position
trying stike nor missing
flow from the ordinary rap..

come and sit next to me
situation make believe
over a brand new leaf

carry on with the natures belt
shadow in the want for more
balance for the power yawn
in the dark arrived at once

Earth Is Own
cement like glue
eat a grinder still
take that one last pill
nursed by the child like plow
the bitter sower to shower
eavery word to be chard
A Vision Within

bat the ball
one week to disolve...
leaky fan,
toward the character to sell
built upon a city on high
nicely Detroit
a heros grief
back & forth...

two hearts that bleed
The Sound Of Dragon Fly Sing

pressed beneath the barren press
there is a notion built neglect barren test
touch the onion on its press
built together in olive branch to let go at last
you can see them in the sweat of summer time to reflect
there in the system of respect
love is the portion of my joy
love is meant from the love of girl & boy
swept aware the New York mile
borrowed basement pews restore those shoes
onto the grip of a imported French quest
get high on Jesus
you have tried everything else
borrowed basement blues
brain waves chosen shoes
knocked beneath the air of heightened care
bright eye to view just to let me be
pardon the waves in the sea...
Get high on Jesus

swept through skin that train us
in the closure there's the love that binds us
A moment of testing come to change us
without a clue that binds us
shelter in a change that rears us
come close to each other with a kiss
Get high on Jesus

make love not war
sifted through horse to know
Body Wire

stay safe
unite the portion
Egypt immeasurable scene
come to take a part of me
chillin down by the wire
Body wire

What has become with the Earth ?
What hath become her pale sister;
see forth the China reason,
blame it on the heart spring ***** in the ground
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