What Easter Really Means To Me

The pain that he had felt that day in the garden. Knowing full well that he had to go to the cross. As they spit in his face with blood gushing out his flesh yet he pressed on. Having stopped briefly for a good samaritan to go further to carry his cross.Jesus Christ died almost 2, 000 years ago. On the cross for all the world to see. What was his prayer what was his final plea ? Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. He said the prayer now the rest is up to you. Just imagine having to wear a crown of thorns upon your head ? Having large nails go through your skin into this bone with blood gushing out. Spear in his side. Those many lashes that he took upon him by the Roman guards. Still he endured the pain knowing full well he had to die to fulfill his great mission. By taking all of mankinds sins upon himself. Happy Easter Everyone & God Bless You (Poet Mario William Vitale).


Paris est grandiose
Je vois Paris en une fleur d'avril
d'un jardin bien soigne
Dans sa couleur rosee je le vois

En la saveur du vin
le plus delicieux du monde
je bois la finesse de Paris
Dan son bouquet je le bois

Avec la degustation
de delicats fromages
je me transporte a Paris
Avec je me transporte a toi

Je demeure a Paris
guand je visite un muse d'art
et guand je lis un poeme d'amor
Dans ces moments je suis a Paris

Cette cite est tous les
que nous admirons dans l'art
Elle est la culture dynamique
L'art pour l'art meme..c'est Paris.

When the anarchy of darkness fell,
A man stood in the wing of hope
As benign self imposed subject of life he said,
"The downward trend of heartaches may yet unfold"

In essence of the life he led,
but not fulfilled...
Though man still seeks the thrill of happiness untold
Essentially in balance and in element of time

God only knows the end and means to follow
Love has but two faces-secure and ambivalent
Man is intimate with both, but finds perplexing
Therefore, do not between thyself, for the eyes of

Love shall guide thy path of righteousness
Suddenly, greatness will be thrust upon him
He'll know not why, since the mind and the heart
Bare many complexities

But she'll be there, the very apocalypse of that
Sudden greatness
And the multiplying days of depression will
Begin mounting in reverse

Instantly he will find that without sustenance
Of love
Life hath no meaning

paint a picture on the canvas of the sky
feel the slight breeze as it passes you by
A quaint encounter with the king of kings
fill are hearts with song precious Lord

faces, spaces & spiritual help
The light of illumination
precious Lord take my hand
lead me on this barren land

for I am weak, battered & torn
give us righteous judgment to discern
we have come to far not to turn back now
there is no use looking back when your hands on the plow

Send forth your holy warring angels for protection
the mighty sword of the spirit
Bring to each of us the Holy Spirit
shape are hearts and minds to be conformed to your image

God be merciful to us a sinner
quench the evil darts of the wicked one
we don't know the hour or the day
so don't delay come to are aid

The dark velvet blanket begins its descent
Sprinkled with stars gleaming
like diamonds on display,
Shadows cast their images over mountains that surround me,
Like hugs ancient warriors they stand guarding me like a king;
And I feel loved.
I lie in my bed nestled under a great cottonwood,
While the mountain breeze caresses as a mother's tender touch,
Sounds of night merge with my own inner thoughts,
And we are one.
Night creatures wake to start the second shift
My soul is at peace,
And I feel God.
I am part of this time and it's a part of me.
A marriage of a kind for all is in perfect balance.
Natures plan of existence begins its restful stage,
Would my mentor understand that I failed myself today
Surely yes !
For he has set the scale of life to balance in the end.

This is a time of rebirth, a time to counsel myself,
A time of reflection and meditation,
A cleansing of my heart of the days burdens,
Of self criticism without shame.
Could I ? Would I ? Did I ? And why are all clearly defined with understanding
Night is my solace, I lie wrapped in the cloak of God's protection,
With the mountains my companions,
The creatures my brothers and sisters,
Yesterdays hurts are only a thought,
Todays burdens only a memory.
Problems of tomorrow are quite retrained
As the soothing sounds of nightfall
Lull me gently, oh so quietly to sleep;
And I feel loved.

The Heat Is On

The Heat Is On

In valiant days of ore,

The most brilliant flare of ambiant excursion
A slight glimmer of radiance;
With time well spent in thought,
Yet still marked on a blotted page fully intact;

Although the twilight sin had tainted my inner vision,

We have drawn a paradox in the sand

It is my hope that someday we will live to understand

The heat is on within its timeless hue,
What are we in our society willing to do
A brilliant note of sorrow in our timeless facade display;
With chosen idols we have openly embraced along the way,

With sand sifted through an hourglass,

Faces in the window with pain in the night
The swift reflection of an image caught in time;
Among ellusive ventures caught up in rhetoric sway in ambiance,
A soft answered displayed in words in flight;

To forget the night deep within endless plight,

A word spoken in the fullest of night;
A reflection of an image caught up in time,
Among ellusive ventures caught up in rhetoric ambiance,
A sought after display of words in flight;

To forget the night deep within endless plight,

A word spoken in the fullness of time;
We mix words through our own agendas,
The heat is on so adjust your fenders.


When Words Are Not Enough

Let us seek to be fair in the grand scheme of things

Lazy diamonds too cheap to ever order a side of onion rings;
Let us never relent until the fat lady sings,
Many as of late have grown irrational & disturbed,
They ignore the mainstream as if one hasn't heard

When words are not enough,
When society makes you want to quit & give up;
Never relent in ever giving up on the fight,
Fly off with the captain leading a vast army in white;

In fancy decorated briars dressed in decorum filled hue,

What are we as a society willing to do;
As if some caged rat that was hidden in a tiny hole,
There has to be a bitter end in this toll
Some just put on some good music to let the times roll;

Others ponder a certain way of escape,

Heading off by the Dune's on the Cape;
Others simply take their time to bake a cake,
Many take out their pillows & sleep too late;
Still clearer heads have prevailed,

While some have found theirs lying in the sewer;

There is a vast army of heavenly host just waiting to deliver,
In life the less that you give your a taker...
When words are not enough speak with actions,
For out of the course of actions speak louder then words;

A nirvana of help would evoke some tender solace,


The March Of Rhymes

Although the mere thought of sun has tainted my vision

Was there something else you have been missing
The hero calls to yonder shore all alone;
As if a stray dog was in search of its bone,
The march of rhymes lives among a passing few;

A papal pew decorated in the vast ambiance in love,

With a certain crimesome tide to come undone;

Just after a police chase we will run to & fro,
Amidst the delicate fragrance of a passing ego;
Within smiles of vast chartered words,
A center of reflection in the pryamid of choice

Let us linger throughout the madness & rejoice!

A pleasant smile still we knew all the while;
A sore vexed temperment on the loose cannon,
With the march of rhymes will succeed so many times;
Out of mere laughter we can derive its inner pain,

A delightful fragrant scent of fallen early morning rain;

As swift bullets fly through the ambiant sky,
Some settle for a peanut butter & jelly
That instead a nice ham on rye;
The march of rhymes sings as time passes by

Sometimes its just not enough but for to give it one last try?

Let Your Words Be Few

Faces in the window storms in the night;

That very encounter with saving truth
Then marked on a blotted page intact,
To dream then to soar ever higher then before;
In light of visualization toward inner hindsight

The swift passerby should challenge the system

Yet through the challenge we can agree;
Perhaps this life is just a make believe?
Change your thinking & change your life,
Amidst the given strife one can think twice;

Sometimes it will just take a roll of the dice

Still let your words be few,
At night at church amidst a papal pew
What are we as a society to do?
The fatal onslaught of abortion in our papal borrowed pews,

A vast notion of thought by which to heavenly ponder,
Perhaps its the intent of love toward our call up a yonder ?
Let your words be few in the climax of time;
Inner pain,

Where the whole entire world is totally insane!
W.O.R.L.D: Weird

No "Orgasim", "High" or "Climax" Will ever reach the peace that passeth all understanding. You maybe sitting on the sidelines of life today. Thinking what's the use in going on ? Well, Jesus Christ died almost 2,000 years ago today. On the cross of calvary for all the world to see. What was his prayer what was his final plea, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do". He said the prayer now the rest is up to you. You maybe hooked on heroin, porn & gambling. Take everything to Jesus that's what's he their for. Ask him to creat in you a clean heart and renew a right spirit within you. Repent for your sins and turn to Jesus Christ today he is a friend that will stay with you until the end. Share with others the good news of his saving grace. (John 3 vs. 16) Amen

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