the violin was playing out in the corridor then a faint drawn out sound
in walks in a passing fare maiden skin pale and fainting from the heat
an exquisite bar was serving drinks down at the Prior Square experience
a glance to the left you can see the scenic view of the ocean with seagulls

remember me in times like these the pressing heart to a sweet homily
there's power in a song as it hit the strings
elps one get along sought after cadence
do not be afraid of a vision for it will teach you of what is to become
silently at night in my bed I dream of a demonic presence taking me away and dropping me

Breath deep through each attempt of extravagance yet at a glance it fades in the sunlight
Brandished through the ivy dressed with a taste of salt pete sipping tea alone
we stand erected to embrace its logical persuasion through the village gate
best to comtemplate the given addage of brevity along with a glimpse of cadence

At night the villagers get together for a dance to celebrate the order of the day
pier long in the deep manifestation of an audience plagued with vast new ideals
decor of decorated lavish attendees in the Prior Square holing hands
times like these are but far in few between

This Is The Real Me

how does one become a poet in a shit hole of existence
we run a muck through the give and take of sought through cadence
I'm bipolar, suicidial & psychophrenic
I've been hospitalized for an extensive stay
suffer in silence through depression deep in thought
yet in group I seek comfort for being mindful of my actions
groping my way through the enterprise
days I have panic attacks sweat episodes
this is the real me

I see two cats at the edge of my bed that aren't there
see the eye of the Alan Parsons project on my door
I'm manic one moment and bipolar the next
take a good shit that I scream inside for help
I'm in classes seeking help for my depression
was denied social security three times

what the fuck am I here for
for I exist as a vapor then I am no more
lingering, unfolding & loving
I have a good heart
yet I wear a pamper do to falling shit that comes out my stead
I'm wrapped up with emotions
yet I'm continuing to play on the one guitar string I'm being dealt.
haven't worked since 2015
living off of my mother's help for now
I'm telling you the truth this time no sugar coating it.

Lift Up The Banner Of Love

lift up your heads don't be misled
through days of reached cadence let loose
don't be a reck lose to the shoes
yesterdays news will sing its blues
we must be willing to choose
light of all knowing laughter with peace
spreading the great news with dancing feet

columns of pillars languished as gold
beautiful notion of time to unfold
heroes block the vortex of the eye
a straddling passerby
why does one equate logic with fear
all should draw so ever near
all in fun with good cheer

beautiful duration of a souls fixation
tempers of fire blowing up in its fullest desire
a pathway to peace with sorted dancing fet
a good way to meet & greet
love has languished promises bares a promise
in the long run filtered through the sun

Look at the greatness of Mother Nature
Springtime wakes the tree
a dream, a bud, a flower
Inside the fruit a kernel
A visual precious hope
Through Believe comes Perseverance,
Through Perseverance comes the Faith
And Faith then foster Hope
All fruits of Love and Beauty
out of a spring loosened to ports unknown
we then scramble for existence
there is a direct revelation
carbon copy bandits
in it's cool wonder to be heard
love laughs to an explosion of sorts
a great report to suffer alone

here I lie on a bed of roses
some may decline to tickle one's noses
but by choice one is explosive
the following of a great explosion
keep everything quite clean
get a part of the scene
love is a science needs to flow
choose which way you should go
love is here to stay
do not be afraid

a lot of different  bigotry
its not a surprise its not a shock
orchestra of the shit
what possibly can take place in Korea
the current developments of nano
police brutality
whenever your being distracted ultimately you should have been paying attention
let's get back to what we know to be focusing on
if a man wants to build a wall to keep people out somethings wrong
"Fetching water with leaking bowls
Filled with lots of lost tadpoles
Coal bad governance unending scroll
I am indifferent about shit hole."

It's on point
that's no doubt
we fight, bitch & pout
yet through a glossy field
in rich ardent plains
I'm cool like that
a real fat cat
the cry of relief
through the elegant bed sheets
in times well spent in thought
I'm cool like that
trigger the harmony
In it's longevity
things are getting a bit heavy
are you all ready ?

through the duration of time to think sublime
heroes are made through like hellos
the wrestling with the window
one to embark on its solstace
throughout the duration of time so fine
with love to climb upon
long lines formed in desolation
burst inside with appreciation
live long &  prosper
keep your mind in heavenlies
illusively through a dream
meadows are plain in view
horizons of beautiful personifications
each door we close there's always one opened
search your heart to help impart the meaning
believe in hope
so far to cope
down to your last thin rope
love has hope we can share
let's look above to the heavenly love
sare with others a brand new you

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