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Man 1d
there's Creeque Ally
and Mama Cass leant against the ground
it's the aftermath
and Brian Jones is smoking a joint
Jim Morrison mid-laugh
it's passed to Marley
Mercury sipping fermented barley
Ray Charles is calling
down to a Cobain
flailing on the floor
with half a brain
listening to sweet sounds
courtesy of Courtney
now the Teenage *****
has a new Hole
cause the angels are calling
Lennon's a lemon
shriveled, sour, and way past ripe
him and god have a gripe
cause there's still no peace on earth
and the war's not over
despite wants
and there's still african children
as fat as you are, gaunt
and the bar sinks lower
as poverty sees no solution, only taunts

only the reaper gets richer
Apr 27 · 110
Geese Fly South
Man Apr 27
down falls the old growth
to be cut to pieces

dropped into the ropes draped
towering, it is now laid to rest

the forest floor becomes a new bed
dread before, what comes next
Apr 19 · 461
Tobacco In The Pipe
Man Apr 19
if i can get past
this torrent my twenties
has devolved into
i know
life will be beautiful

if fate permits me luck
time will yield
happiness, amid the muck
it's a gamble,
let's roll the dice
Apr 12 · 72
The Family's Behind Ya
Man Apr 12
what is it to be 40
twice the man, you were at twenty?
four times the man, you were at ten?
is it being wiser
and having your means meet the end?
finances sured up?
with no need, for to be the miser
a divorce or some
perhaps a strong marriage
polyamorous loves
to your heart's desire
addictions? vices? troubles stifling?
death breathing down your neck
to the thumping of your heartbeat
beads of sweat, gather
and run off your chest
like your shoes on the concrete
you are dying
even while you're living
and you know one day
it'll be your last
cause we only get so long
and time goes fast
a baby is born
the next afternoon
an old man is buried
tomorrow could never come
would you ever know it?
Apr 9 · 201
Man Apr 9
his teeth were rotted out
but he left no time
for regret
for there is no regress
from the state he finds himself in

how it had come to this
boy, he didn't know
fervent drug use
frequenting their misuse
forget it
for tomorrow, is another day for worry

humbled by his lack of knowledge
beset, on knowing's acquisition
further than the last day
faster too
father lost himself to his ambition
Apr 5 · 218
Elysian Fields
Man Apr 5
i am on a disk
and the pale, blue dot
is paler than ever before
above me
is more blue
a simulated sky
and a basin we've come to call
our shores

untethered and undeterred

there's a tree in my yard
whose roots reach
the barriers of our world
they long to touch
that void
that would see the waves
we tide
frozen still
Apr 1 · 95
Man Apr 1
on the wall
hung a clock
melting in the day's ire
running toward the ground,
it ran fast sometimes
and occasionally
mind numbingly sluggish

in the washbasin
the rags i wore
soaked in a soapy stillwater
waiting for the wash
that these tired hands
must do

these blemished hands
how they hurt
strained from work
like the oil stains
on his shirt
they are worn
they are torn
and are without comforting
though his resolve is strong
his will is weak
from the havoc wreaked
from a life of low pay
struggling to live
week to week
knowing you deserve better
Mar 30 · 217
To My Chest
Man Mar 30
we love
but why do we?

how much easier it would be
only to satiate the needs
forgetting the foolish notions
of something more
the drug induced states
merely staring into your eyes
brings on
brings me
to the brink of sanity
because this tired duet
cries to die
but i can't bring myself to do it
knowing if i cut out your heart
they'll be no beat beneath my breast
you'll have come with one
but you'll be taking two
when you take your scalpel
to my chest
Mar 28 · 158
Heavy Fog, Thick & Dense
Man Mar 28
the cigarette smoke
laden in the air
threw the pattern seeking portion of my brain
and i saw you
as free as i had always thought of you
without the hardships of this harsh reality
it made me sad
to think of you
with how you were at the end
but you're happy now,
with hope
Mar 28 · 182
Colorless Existences
Man Mar 28
to the man donned in black
to the woman with no spine
and a broken back
you work in slumber
with eyes unopened
to life's beauty
you have only spoken
brief talks betwixt dreams
stiffened, when awoken
of thoughts that linger a ways away
in a land of virtue
reminiscent of tolkien
Man Mar 28
and i fear when seasons
and anything in particular
its rooted far from rational explanation
reason removed, because i know
change is good
and those things that come with it
i know, i know
twelve thousand fold
for how long have i been told
fearing of change
is folly
when life is change
odd and strange
as paintings by dali
Mar 28 · 180
Douglas Firs
Man Mar 28
a church bell rings out in the distant fog
that hangs over our morning today
to and fro the birds chirp
with songs more intricate than the ear can hear
dew droplets rest on the ends of spruce leaves
their sprigs, shaken, from the rain weather greeted it
and whether storms lie in wait
only time can tell
Mar 26 · 233
Drop A Signal
Man Mar 26
she was a wireless broadcast
that was when i was a receiver
now i'm pickin up zilch,
she's not a long repeater
Mar 22 · 239
Rifts & Chasms
Man Mar 22
i loved you undeniably
i'd have done anything for you
if it were possible, to have taken all of space
and place it in your palms
all you needed to do was ask
but rifts between us
grew to chasms
while the one-sided nature
of our relationship
instilled with newfound courage
from friends and family
i took to it a thumbtack
and listened to the popping hiss
that sounded
we were done
Mar 22 · 464
Love Seldom Seen
Man Mar 22
there are more things in this life
than love
though it seldom seems it
with love itself, in scarcity
the norm are hearts hurting
and in these times
getting close can be a death send
read and write and dream
of times better suited to the casanovic tendencies
that consume you to no end
when the plague is dead
and we have become
but even handicapped, love lacking still sullies you
so put it to the side
just for now my friends
Mar 21 · 138
Man Mar 21
the first days of spring are upon us
and the rebirth is apparent in things all around us
from the leaves slowly growing back
to the grass, in need of mowing from growing fast
squirrels nibbling on juniper berries
the scent in air, sappy tar carried
with pollen intermixed
your allergies amiss
though still fortunate for the spring
Mar 17 · 218
Begotten Fortunates
Man Mar 17
you leave your home
because of oppression
and in your new country
you flourish, doing well in this life

generations on
they have forgotten your struggles
as they learned hate
they have forgotten their origins
as they learned what it is
to be the xenophobe
to be the oppressor

to see your triumphs tarnished

you begotten fortunates
taking all you have for granted
slanted views, courtesy of that you've been taught
so some say it isn't your fault
but we know better, eh?
all your wealth could not stuff the gaping maw
that your soul cries out to fill
and so this is what you reap
when seeds of suffering do you sow
Mar 13 · 80
From Haiti to France
Man Mar 13
how many protests have you watched now?
how many devolving into riots?
via violent actors, on either side
what was gained, for those we lost?
was it in vain?
did the pay outweigh the cost?
or was our venture defunct?
would civil disobedience had been better sought?
or a more brutal insurrection,
to rival those we've been taught?
just do like they'd wish
and lay down and die
Mar 11 · 204
Man Mar 11
in this moment
our coalescence
as we become
still separate
but joining together
all the time
Man Mar 11
say what you want of me
i'm true to myself
and how i feel
tell me i need to be better
cause you're right
that i should do more
i should
that i could be more
i could
"what do you want though?"
enough cheddar to see myself fed
i'm no dairy farmer
but cream has filled my head
and now i'm sinking
cause the light man
is now heavier than lead
Mar 11 · 152
Man Mar 11
olive green
tight fitting garbs
drab and mean
old men who jaw
we're a caravan
of death
we march to a beat
of bullets let
i'm running far first chance i get

christ, i'm in the army now
Mar 11 · 682
When I Am Silent
Man Mar 11
when i am silent
and say nothing
it is because, there is nothing to be said
or nothing of value worth saying,
look into my eyes
they say all i need to

and how much need be said
for things we both know
or do you just want to hear them aloud
so we can both revel in it
relishing the sorrow we both wrought
Mar 11 · 856
The Things We Strove For
Man Mar 11
in endless pursuits
of things, only proposed
that lay in adornment of
destiny's stony brook

adjacent, to our hopes
these objects of desire
of longing
they languish, as we slave on
for naught much more than to live
to have enough

they are forgotten in our dark times
in our moments
where light leaves us,
and are brought back
with fresh life
Mar 1 · 91
Rolling Blackouts
Man Mar 1
writing in fugue states
distress, take me
and give me dizziness
only to see black
what mistake
made me so
today, was too late
that i should have notice before

the body falters
Feb 27 · 162
Infernal Machine
Man Feb 27
compatriots, let your voices sing
like an unchecked choir
let words be the pitfalls
your opposition face
and in their fall from grace
at attempts to smear you
hold to each of them
those things that endear you
for a friend is but a stranger
that met you on a good day
with a bright disposition
and an enemy
is simply
someone you've not really met yet
Man Feb 24
the dove
labored by his own beak;
the last breathed breath

lungs are filled
with the salt of the sea
**** to the shackled, the non-free
do you care, or is it a play
to see what you can get
breathe in
what's left
of the clean we polluted
divinity diluted
of air cleared, not yet
Man Feb 24
rims rolling, underneath the machine moving
on a path beaten

legs of one leaving, they look good

she had a packet of sugar, what was it
she sought to sweeten

tarter than battery acid, acidic lady
who makes the mood, placid

you try, gathering to go after
to follow this feeling, disheartening

this love was a disaster
but you want more, mayday man
maybe, today
you'll get her
Feb 23 · 147
Corduroy Secrets
Man Feb 23
there's secrets, hidden beneath the corduroy
a world of wonder
where admission varies
guest to guest,
it's a game of guess
at whether you're let in
or you're like the rest,
corduroy's the fashion though
for sure
they'll be others
that hold you high up
just to push you down under
Feb 22 · 160
Fearing Fear
Man Feb 22
do you fear fear

a nail biter? a bedwetter?
or are there other compulsions
you cling to

step out, from the stale shade of the dark
that consumed you
no longer does it
feel the warmth that the sun casts down
sometimes, it's all one can do to beat the blues

this road of life is rocky
and it sees us all stumble
you chart your course

stick to it

as a blade meeting grindstone
water's introduction to limestone
Feb 22 · 308
Gurney Straps
Man Feb 22
the next time i dream
i want to remember i'm dreaming
so i can soar
so i can fly
and alter its reality to my vision
to terraform the mind
but who says you must take the reigns,
there's lucidity to you now,
but must you wrestle control?
Feb 21 · 135
Loves Of My Lives
Man Feb 21
if you spy an opportunity
to help someone change
for the better
urge them to take it on
and offer assistance where you can

be the positivity you wish to see

but at a certain point
you may have to accept them
for who they are

we are all of us, limited in this condition
Feb 21 · 269
What's Your Trip??
Man Feb 21
she said she couldn't believe i was real
but really, i was made in a lab
where they proded and poked
till this thing came out!
want me to do a little dance for you!?
balance on my dome?
swallow a sword?

find an exit off the interstate
Feb 19 · 474
Star Reacher
Man Feb 19
you have an impressive physical physique
but what of your consciousness
can you say the same
your capacity for tenacity is unparalleled
though your vain attempts at kindness,
feats to astound
a charismatic prowess
a star reacher
rested on the ground
your head's in the clouds
at your own allowance
and there's no coming down
Feb 6 · 145
Far Off
Man Feb 6
far off
the jets are being gassed up
preping for launch

far off
the infantry train
in anticipation, for the battle sure to come

far off
the navy men scan the seas
waiting for a blip on the radar

far off
a marine is receiving shock training
and practicing what it is to be dead

far off
icbms with nuclear payloads are capped
their ignition sources itching for flight

far off
but not so much
Feb 4 · 228
Honey Hydrocarbic
Man Feb 4
in her clenched hand
she held a rose,
recently wilted
i saw its thorns
dug into her palm
like wire barbed

small and unassuming
gasping for breath
she had the heavy scent
of gasoline
each iris was a match lit
and she laid her gaze on me

let me be your fuel,
burn me down
and lament over the ashes
Feb 3 · 238
Man Feb 3
how do you get a boilover?
you can turn up the heat
add more water
or increase the pressure

of course, you're using a melting ***
so there might be some difference
in how much you'd need of each, respectively

no past recipe can really offer preparation
the water's not the same
the temperatures' change
and pressure varies wildly
from kitchen to kitchen
Feb 1 · 330
Camel's Back
Man Feb 1
no more guesses
not another assumption
you tell me what's on your mind
let me know what you need to function
but i just can't grasp at straws any longer
you let me know
when you're feeling stronger
Man Feb 1
ash world wishes
stacked high dishes
gluttony's their missus

countless stolen oil barrels
countless good men, turned feral
their dreams and hopes
made sterile
off the poison of falsehood

how does she cope
mother of one
on her own
without others, none
bills need paying
her pain needs staying
where is her life
has she become
nothing more
than mom?

older man with a near toothless mouth
a troubled man, whose prospects
he is without
values, virtues, and beliefs
he hates himself more
minute, day, week
when did he peak
and out from in
he's always been afraid
to be genuine
he's not himself
he's never been
i don't think he'll ever be
in the end

neither will
cause one is dead
and the other dies
a much slower death
their lives amounted
to be the selfless work they put in
though i got to meet mom and dad
i never knew them
i hope there's a chance to meet
once again
Man Jan 31
all the people i know
have stained my brain
with their misery and their woe,
don't they know?
i have them too
but i would never shovel them on you
it doesn't seem the right thing to do
when i could give you all love
and give woe the shove
i work it out myself
though there's still pain on the shelf
it's below me, not above
i have pain
because all i give is love
Jan 31 · 372
Man Jan 31
seated in the briney blue
hear me
i can't help but think of you
as something on the way out
salinity increasing
water's quiet whisper, bursting to a shout
no real attempts at ceasing
what we know in time will come about
here's to the future refugees
here's to the dead sure to die
here's to weather we knew once
to the tears surely to be cried
and one for the men and women in charge
Jan 31 · 454
Best Of Friends
Man Jan 31
i open up to you
though at times, you make me regret it
we're friends, it's true
and yet, every now and then i forget it
you're here for me
and i'm here for you
so i wish your love for me
weighed as heavily
as the pain and trauma
Jan 31 · 469
Wine Drunk
Man Jan 31
merlot leaked from my neck
white fog clouding my vision
my chest tightened
i fought back
the urge to fight
and greeted the night
which exploded
into blinding white light
Jan 31 · 871
Light Of The Bleak Night
Man Jan 31
she walks a line
straight and defined
though her values are crooked
her beauty is divine

and in her smile
the sun
brighter than a thousand bulbs
of the electric kind,
she is the moon,
lending to the bleak night
light, typically removed
Man Jan 31
it was a cuckoo who flew the coup
took wing from his nest
off to push out eggs, like ***-pa
just another everyday coup d'etat

leopard leaping from his perch
pushing onward toward his prey
a small friend to no feline
trapped in a quick sand
left only to bay

you are these animals
Jan 31 · 147
Man Jan 31
writhe under the boot,
a heel you were born to
its imprint pressed onto your cheek
a mark you'll bare no matter the distance
in the pursuit of liberty
in hopes of justice
just for a chance at happiness
where did our virtues go?
were there ever any at all?
Jan 31 · 305
New York, New York
Man Jan 31
the clock read 4 am
in new york city,

one hell of a city

i was at a little coffee place, still open
it was one i frequented often, when in the sin
a place of pity
when you look closely at the people or inspect the buildings a bit nearer
some street blocks you need just look down
but i'd bought a cup for a nice young fella out on his luck
he'd made the pavement his pillow
and as he talked my ear off
on physics, domestic politics, and stocks
i thought of what little difference
it made to so many
whether it was him or i
calling my stay on the straightaways
and the little that made us separate
Jan 31 · 264
Insipid Greed
Man Jan 31
its all franchises
as far as you might see
burger joints, taco houses, and pizza parlors
dot the horizon

the whole lot
greasier than the pan
than the canola oil, a whole can of pam

its warehouse-sized stores
full of disgruntled
shuffling cheap trash
package to shelf
packaged for the shelf
in anticipation to sit

listen a while
under the low murmur
of the machine humming
you can hear ma n pop wailin'
Man Jan 31
mucus-like slugs, thrown to the wayside
ejected, from a chamber waist-high
a prideful ******
once full of lust
now listing for the coming
Jan 31 · 521
Social Media Is A Cancer
Man Jan 31
story, after story, after picture
to craft a life
you don't live
to portray yourself
as something you're not
authenticity is of no concern to you
and everyday you do more to confirm
that to nothing
do you stay true
Jan 30 · 218
Seated At Home
Man Jan 30
i loved you
hell, i still do
though now its more a distant love
where i'll see you grown
and blossom on your own

it was nice to be close to you while you let me
and on some nights the thought of you
lingers on
hey, that's life though
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