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9h · 32
Man 9h
not every man wants the same thing
but most men want, similarly
and whether it's as grand
as the vision their minds portrayed
or as to if it sees their hearts splayed
their soul is on display
and it can be a vulnerable proceeding
and so far as in love goes
like life, it is fleeting
better to have had it
and lost it
then to have gone on living
and never known it
Man 9h
we're holding out hope
and pulling for you
here, in yankeeland
and our grandfather's would have gone
then they invented the a-bomb
and pushed big red buttons
into every world leader's hand
and we can't pretend
chances aren't slim
that you win
but we're pulling for you,
in yankeeland
May 8 · 187
Wild Hemp
Man May 8
if the world had eyes
i would bury my fingers
in their sockets
and squeeze till blood had welled
and poured over down my knuckles;
what do they see anyway
May 6 · 381
Man May 6
words erased
are words well expressed
with this silence
that everyday copulation yields
it's not nihilism
but acceptance
over what you cannot change
May 2 · 448
What I Know
Man May 2
just someone
desperate to be loved
and not taken advantage of
May 2 · 41
Before Being Better
Man May 2
what is peace
a prelude to conflict
the calm before the storm
one crisis
to the next
the human memory is limited
how blessed we are that it is
with how awful life can be
May 1 · 45
James Joyce
Man May 1
i already know the answer
but not the why
just to know
i'll survive
or guilt
built up inside
something to hide
back when i wrote disguised
and omitted, comparably to have lied
outside, my mind
dark thoughts that linger behind
lying just a skip away in the subconscious
the past haunts
the trauma that binds
the things i have still yet to find
Man Apr 30
it was, first sight
and my heart was alight
my head was spent between pages
and lost in thoughts
leading a sad kind of celibate life
not that hands didn't reach out to hold
but their grip would feel loose
because only yours would be tight
wounds from abuse
stitches with a rusty needle
threading like barbed wire
i am bleeding
pulling them out
but i put them there
so i'll be alright
i've always been waiting
and feeling like a pathetic fool for it
so i just try to better myself
as i worsened
Apr 30 · 98
Man Apr 30
self serving, desperate
i must look off
Apr 30 · 121
Flickering Lights
Man Apr 30
was it hardened amber
encasing an extinct flower
another blunder from another man
time and time again

not a care in the world
then yours ends suddenly
and preventative measures could've been taken
if you knew them,
but you know ash
and ebony sky
and obsidian nights
like city streets
cold and unnerving
Apr 26 · 45
Atomic Bulletin
Man Apr 26
take the hill
the man with the whistle
hollers, up and over
i can't remember
my mother's face
and the photo
my wife gave
is tattered to shreds
a bayonet stabs
my brother to my left
bleeding, crying out for god
clammy hands
clasping my rifle, muttering prayers
shells drop like the most
magnificent rainfall
gas creeping
like fog hanging
in humid air
Man Apr 26
mastodons roaming
birds tweeting
in a coinbase
fixing the 22nd century
for feudalism
meta minded
and then there's the real problems
Apr 26 · 41
Man Apr 26
to keep sane
the war breaking out
this paper bag
my thoughts
stifle and catch in my throat
the cause age old
synth in my ear
carpe diem
and rage into the night
Apr 26 · 80
City Morgue
Man Apr 26
i remember
you blowing me off
and acting as if nothing happened
and then not talking for a week
and acting like nothing happened
Apr 26 · 55
Ado Adieu
Man Apr 26
no, i care
but i have to end this
and thoughts of you
it's not a love you wish to pursue
Apr 26 · 242
Peter Pan
Man Apr 26
i'm glad
i got to see you light up
and smile
even if it was brief
Apr 26 · 55
Creature In The Sky
Man Apr 26
i don't have animosity
or anymore resentment
girls will be boys
boys will be girls
it's a mixed up
messed up
Apr 26 · 38
Man Apr 26
vain, narcissistic, materialistic
addicted to pain
playing around with
different sexes
and i love her
bright are the stars
dark is the sky
and even though they shine
it doesn't matter much to me

i got something to say
words that aren't mine
sweet lovely death
lovely death
one last caress
and you can
claim this carcass
another cadaver
for your collection
Apr 26 · 35
Man Apr 26
i was never someone to you
i was something
Man Apr 26
i've censured myself
and censored myself
over what others might think
what those i love might
for their worry
their judgement
for pride
Man Apr 26
cut me down
to pieces
with your
half baked love,
your heart of dough
will it ever rise?
Apr 26 · 44
Man Apr 26
you're a broken person

and i hope you mend
Apr 26 · 57
Catering To Comfort
Man Apr 26
this thin veneer
i hide behind
is broken
but for a question
as to it

not that anyone
cares to make anyone else,
asking what's real
Apr 25 · 171
Dean Martin
Man Apr 25
scour the score
the poetry that liters
from hearts forlorn
you're reaching out to me
Apr 22 · 832
Man Apr 22
in disguise
an angel weeps
having fooled even herself
in thinking she had fallen from
Apr 13 · 257
Man Apr 13
i am a hard man to love
not taken to it easily
and falling out of it,
just as difficult
Man Apr 12
past things that mean nothing
and do nothing
in the ways and means
of entertainment or pleasure
or even interest
and all food is gruel
tasteless, mealy gruel
i have meaning
i know myself
i know what i'm working toward
but what good does that do
for bills
for positions still out of my reach
simply by merit, or connection
competent, and true to a fault
i can't figure anyone else out though
Apr 12 · 39
So I Cry
Man Apr 12
i don't want this
choking down *****
why do you make me feel like this
i don't want to part
i don't want to say goodbye
but you don't want
to be apart of my life
Man Apr 12
it was easier
as kids
i didn't let
my mind get overrun
with what could be
but not now
when we can be
but it's me
Apr 12 · 56
All Wrong
Man Apr 12
does it come out wrong for you
it comes out wrong for me
but i try to take the time
to mend what i say
into what i mean
but you never did
so i stopped
and let it all jet
out long
Man Apr 12
i am full of red flags
the difference between you and i
is i look at you
and see them too
but i can still look beyond them
Apr 12 · 55
Man Apr 12
went to the gallery
i'd shown you
it was nice
you would like it
was all i could think
Mar 30 · 80
Man Mar 30
i don't care about your man
or blowing me off
just need you
can't you understand
Mar 30 · 62
Man Mar 30
i am sorry
i'm not mature enough
to appreciate your situation
and you are too immature
to get out of it
both still kids,
who feel too strongly,
with longing

i am so lonely
Mar 30 · 58
Man Mar 30
a lot of times
i feel i need to prove myself
constantly trying to
improve myself
and lose myself
in pursuing
maybe i need
more focus on my health

i can do it
Man Mar 30
friends, family, strangers
can insult and badger me
and it doesn't do all that much
maybe a little red in the face
but i address it
i don't know what it is about you
but i can't stand it
to stand up to you
but now
treatment demands it
and you will do what you do
although i obsess over you
and love you
and the loss feels only as my own
i know you're losing too
Mar 29 · 62
Man Mar 29
i'm upset
because of x
you always get angry at y
i'm upset
Man Mar 29
loved you
for over half a decade
i've never gotten what i've wanted
who i've wanted
and you think i'm upset
because of some boyish *******
of impatience
Mar 29 · 41
Regret Regret Regret
Man Mar 29
when you
don't get what you want
you get kind of mean,
you think being mean
is the best thing
to do
if I upset you
and that's been a thing
throughout the entirety
of me
knowing you

you are ready to detach
at any moment's notice
and show
no care
to it
even though
it hurts
you say all these things
but they're just words
where's your actions
but it's all on me right

my episodes don't matter
my feelings on the matter
whether they differ
they're wrong
and i'm
the sadder one
Mar 29 · 50
But I'm Sick
Man Mar 29
the nihilist says
she prolonged the inevitable
the pessimist says
just do it
and the optimist
is happy
for all you did
Mar 29 · 37
You Reached Out
Man Mar 29
and opened up
so many wounds
why talk anymore
say anymore
wrestling breath from this body
and puking forth
vile thoughts
cause i have episodes too
cause my life is stressful too
not that you would know
Mar 29 · 55
I Wouldn't Either Lol
Man Mar 29
i'm here
always here
you could reach out
if you cared
i wish you would
Mar 29 · 77
The Things What Kill
Man Mar 29
Paul, John, Joseph, Joe, Jill
mention every name
don't ever know
why time
is better spent with them
Mar 29 · 39
Man Mar 29
found your daddy yet?
cause i got a me ****
and her son loves me
and her man is oblivious
he's nice but
he's just an idiot
leavin her unsatisfied
wants me to give her
another kid
yea well um uh
you see
i don't know
if that's me
keep clapping them cheeks though
could go for weeks
between and below
think you're a ******
i'm a freak
Mar 28 · 164
Man Mar 28
staying up
milking it
but you don't
see me
as a joke
Mar 28 · 58
You Are So Scared
Man Mar 28
of literature
how long have you stood
in the background of my life
your drawings,
they all have their backs turned
hiding their faces
Mar 28 · 56
Man Mar 28
central park
can't stand
to be in others' sight
Mar 28 · 41
Who Even Am I
Man Mar 28
first school dance, six
having "***" next
and driving at eight
staying up all night
on the job site
and now i cough black
coke, lsd, psilocybin, ****
scratches down his back
wreaking of *****
ah, to be sixteen
in misery, in poverty
but youth has that specialty
of feeling free
even chained
and schooltime
i didn't try
and did a slight bit
above average
**** if i applied myself
thought i deserved the scholarships
instead of scoffing
getting higher
than everest
my problems have consumed me
Mar 28 · 74
Man Mar 28
i want this to stop
Man Mar 28
this is not my world
or my people
freak on the outside
and when you get a glimpse
through the peephole
see what i hide
find out it's just as
ugly on the inside
ain't no one
like you
in this life
no one has it figured out
deep seeded insecurities
full of doubt
when i look at you
i see you
when you look at me
you see what i see
and i hate me
so it's just as easy
to hate through
that lense
and your perspective
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