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Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
The average person
Says "I love you" more times each day
To their favorite
Than to their own family
Chaos Theory is nobody's friend.

It will do the sensitive math on just about anyone; in constant loops, patterns, fractals, and repetitions.

This can lead to the butterfly effect:

A butterfly flapping its wings in China can cause a hurricane in Texas (or NYC, for that matter).

It's simply when the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future.

To what does this measure?

That perhaps the present is already the future...
Carlo C Gomez Mar 24
The sun has her heart on setting, and so takes an impetuous bow.

The mountains open trees like umbrellas, to which their budding wildlife gather under.

High above the lamplight district, a cluster of crows assemble on a wire, taking a vote over which direction to take wing.

The grumpy locomotive steams ahead, hissing at its schedule and the possibilities of further rust.

A lady of style, turning on her heels from the salon, swears to the heavens she'll get even if anything ruins her hair.

And you, just this morning...

waving goodbye to me from an upstairs window with a smile, but silently praying I will return to you alive and in good health.
Carlo C Gomez Mar 13
If it melts faster
than ice cream on
a summer afternoon
it isn't love

If it sticks to
the roof of your mouth
like peanut butter
it isn't infatuation
Whether we toast to your pain, my pain, or no pain at all
What seems to matter most is drinking the pain away
Readers can see the pain
Writers can scribe the pain
Artists can sketch the pain
Physicians can ease the pain
Loved ones can kiss the pain
Music can drown the pain
Food can comfort the pain
Laughter can endorphin the pain

What remains?
The pain—always there
No matter what we try
Physical or mental or emotional
Can blend into all of these
No matter how, it’s there
It’s there, it’s there, it’s there
Suffering our own is tough
Trying to understand the pain
In someone else’s shoes...
Even harder

Pain wants to yell and scream
Or be silent and groan inside
So why do we care?
Because of empathy
Lend an ear to hear to listen
To comprehend
To have compassion

We may have no answers
But catching someone else’s pain
When they want to throw it
Even for just a moment
Time offers a chance for relief
Just knowing we are heard
No structure here. There’s a lot of pain on this site being shouted out quietly.
Running away from yourself

Shows you have the strength to run

And it’s ok to run away for a while

Just make sure you come back
We all experience this at times. Don’t be too ******* yourself or anyone else for that matter.
Carlo C Gomez Feb 22
If it lives
Man will **** it

If it burns
He'll eat it

If it happens to be
Make believe
He'll then imagine
All the ways he could
**** and eat it

He lives and dreams
Merely to destroy
Carlo C Gomez Feb 16
one matter
which part of us
wants something
it's the heart
that most often has to pay
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
solved in the glow
from a lone firefly's lantern
only ignite
new torches
to continuously
bug us
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