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Kitten Yvad Sep 9
having opened
doors in my heart

your golden flecked
eyes grow large
and my soul feels small
sitting in the firey obscurity
of two hazel moons.

the scathing repetitiveness
of my thousand tiny emotional
choices to care, to love you;
from afar

Pretending my proximity
to you can ever maintain
distance within these walls
i'll leave soon but I
now call home

and you twist my insides
when I just wanna hold you
and tell you its alright

invisible to your moon
light i think you know
queer and tired and complainy
Mark Oct 2019
Flower bloom, Summer's end.
The past looms, no wounds mend.
Vicinal tomb. Please pretend
All is well, everything' fine,
And there is enough
Time is a flat circle,
Not a straight line...
Seasonal shift. Darkness find.
Self-cannibalistic, sequestered mind.
Life and death, nature's rhyme.
Final breath; peace from mind.
of what is a love poem
for me, to me was

always cyclical
first noun
then pronoun
then nothing

noun loves me,
pronoun loves me not

noun loved me last week
prounoun loves me not this week

noun will love me evermore,
pronoun, poe-no, nevermore

a name is a noun
a pronoun is a substitute

for matters of love I announce forevermore
only call me by name
no substitutions

even cycles must end,
only call me by noun-name,
JP Goss Sep 2018
…and quite becoming, disillusionment.
Old and young children are holding their legs
At the terminal of a new life,
Vexren4000 Sep 2018
Humanity is being reduced,
To nothing but a shadow,
Of the greatness it once had,
Cyclical progression of man,
Shows that we rise and fall.
When will be the day,
That humanity only rises above our past,
Instead of becoming it?

TB Dentz Jul 2018
I climbed to the top of a mountain
And rolled back down in a barrel of oil

I threw a plastic bottle in the ocean
Just to see what would happen

I visited the tropics, both of them
And littered in each one

I am the creator of worlds
And I am the destroyer
ZWS Jul 2018
Stapled in blue light harmony, I abuse my silence, thinking in a way that could be construed as past tense
Slaved to my sand castles that were taken by waves
I'm a kid on the beach giving way to tourists' enclaves

Seaworthy and daft I **** my own gun, a habit I tell you is nothing but fun
I smoke myself to death on this boat that lies rest to my wake
Waves I've created I tell myself I'm obligated to break

I promise the hinges of my door are stressed for holidays sake, and everybody's got a piece of advice that they need to take
It's always as transparent as wishing on a birthday cake

There is no salvation in my morning slumber, whether I hear birds chirp or horizon rise
Car sounds are just as good of an alibi
As childhood dreams are for validating highs
Hannah Elizabeth May 2017
deep in the pit of my stomach
sits a small but heavy rock.

like water at the bottom of a broken well,
it sits, and sits, and sits.

but unlike that water, it does not evaporate.
It will not evaporate. It cannot evaporate.

the rock in the pit of my stomach sometimes feels like homesickness.

that’s how I describe it:

an intense longing for comfort, for ease,
but no respite in site.

one year ago
i thought i was at the brink of escape.

the rock would escape the well.
i would escape the rock.

i was foolish.
you cannot not run from rocks
in the pits of stomachs
so engrained into the lining
that they are fully a part of
who you are.

one year ago
i thought i was at the brink of newness, freshness, wholesome beginnings

i was to be born-again
i was to be crying, screaming into a new life
i was to be able to breathe without fluids
drowning my lungs with expectations.

life cannot be born again.
life cannot be restarted.
life cannot be a clean slate.

each atom i have is different from the atoms i was made up of last year
but they've seen all the same ****.

there is no escaping
there is only moving forward.
Sean Flaherty Jul 2015
"We'll see."
(Thirty-two team,
two kyoo-bee,

a full-starting
O-, and only
two-guys on D.)

played-with, in poetry.
War, on, inside-me.

Implying-unstable, infer-me,
infirm the insane,
and a stain,

for shame,
part of race, don't,
myself, run-in.
Tryna buy-my-lunch. (&)
*******'s brought a gun-in.
Element'ry school, and all you wonder's where the fun's went. (&)
"Probably in another-empty-bag of
eaten-Funyuns." (&)
Probably, blue-blew fireworks, with fingers-off...
stumped-him. (&)


Wonder, beauty, why you cryin'?
if you'd drive?"
Bought-in, you did! To
all-I've-said, ugly and

"Wouldn't cough too much,
with tube-in!
You're mouth-dry."
July Five. CJD makes-me.
A bad brine, mine.
"Brother has died,

North Hampton,
on the way to
Love, the fam.
Will it be too late t'jam?

If I leave, you, now, from where I am?"
I leave now, from where I am. So,
[Leave now!
From: where I am!]

Leave now, "from where?"
(I'm already there.
Or did we come
the other way?)
"I'm getting there,



Despite the **** blizzard.
Why am I afraid to say
"it" isn't.
I'm a Wizard.
Are we set,
I'm a lizard,

walking water-cans.
Bet you coulda. Know I woulda.
"Bye," I ran.
Ogled-over noodles,
with the
I'm always glad to read you.
Wrote to your-self, I am

THE man, I am
THAT guy! I'm not?
"You are."
I fry.
These-frilly vegetarian-victims.
I ripped flesh from bone, before my dogs,
had to sic 'em.

if you don't like the channels you can clickclick-click 'em.
If I'm showing off my *****! "Better go-head."
See? Hawk-my-****, and

Didn't happen to 'bic' him."
D'you know
how to pick 'em?
Cuz I take hit, like you

And, I turn-it.
And I make you
*******-on my
it comes, with.
Now, Fall! Back!

Cell-tough, in round-III, so
convert, or burn-winnin'. "Comfy-
When-sinnin'." In-system,
Preferably would, and should-be:
Bobs. Newhart and Lee and "the
Third. " "Cornball." Griffin.
Racist, your second-choice, whiffin'.
K-battin', ten,

Hear it in the heat, soul-hissin',
lion-sun, bathing,
and she-glisten.
Cast me, to an
island away,

"More pills, son?"
Try'na name
your brand,
Of volley-*****.


"I call them the
And this-league: ***.
***. Arr.

Fantasy. Cyclycality. Football. And, all Bob's, thought-of, that rhymed.
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