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  Dec 2021 SpiritHeart67
Poly Via
I run around
My day full of distraction
Just to forget
I get home  
Reach my bedroom chamber
Please just forget
Felling a bit triggered
“Come on try harder”
I tell myself
To forget
Finish my rituals
Shower, brush teeth, clean face…
Hoping that my body has forgotten
I lye in bed
Close my eye
Tight with intent
To forget
As I squeeze my pillow tighter
I can’t Forget
The wanting
To be engulfed by an embrace
Please forget
The need to be held
Let it be faint
Away from my memory
My body won’t let me forget
Like a ghost that Haunts I can feel
The hair texture
On your body
Can’t equate the number zero
The empty space beside me
Breath in
Repeat to one self
  Dec 2021 SpiritHeart67
Poly Via
No I’m not in love
I just love your touch
Rather it be an embrace
Rather it be A slight Graze
My back, my arm
Neck and face
You do ever so gently
And with such grace
I love your kiss
Lasting for a moment
It feels everlasting
Faith restored
In the power of
Something so simplistic
Such as this
I’m not in love
It’s definitely not that
It’s the power you gave back to me
You make me feel desirable
I love the chemistry
Manipulating my brain
In the most positive way
A perfidious lover
You most definitely
Are not
Generous Is the atmosphere
You create
To make me safe enough
To know that I’m not in love
And yet…
I am loved
deceitful and untrustworthy.
"a perfidious lover"
(Just in case anyone was wondering)
SpiritHeart67 Dec 2021
Ask yourself a question? What is at the root of every conflict?

Go deeper.
Personal rights?
Still deeper.
Correcting error?
Keep Going.

At the most fundamental level
every conflict comes
from the inability
to understand
the other person's perspective or position
and to respect their right
to think, feel and believe
as they choose
(instead we attempt
to negate
and eliminate
these things).

Everything else,
including that listed above,
all arise
from this root cause.

Now ask yourself this.
What would the world
be like
if this root cause
of conflict did not exist?
I can't say in all honesty that I know the answer to the question that I've asked here, but I would love to hear yours in the comments!

I do know, if 100% of the beings on this planet had the ability to understand the other person's perspective or position and to respect their right to think, feel and believe as they choose,
100% of the time, there would be no need for the concept of 'Personal Rights' to even exist.

It would be a non-secretar and moot. They would not exist as a SEPARATE object because they would be the given way of life and the fundamental root cause would no longer exist.

It's a Nice Thought
SpiritHeart67 Nov 2021
As she leaned in
the small of my neck
I felt the Blood
in my vein
Pulse forward
to meet her Lips
by the Pounding
of my Heart❤
SpiritHeart67 Nov 2021
When a thing is done
as a means to an end
Any meaning that thing
might have had,
Is ended.

Doing the right thing,
for the wrong reasons,
brings much worse calamity & destruction
Then doing a cataclismically wrong thing,
For all the right reasons.

When we do right,
with cruelty & ill intent
Lifetimes are spent
covering it up.
When we do wrong,
with pureness of heart
Lifetimes are given
to making it right.

The 1st is paid for with Blood,
The 2nd with Spirit
And both eventually come due.

The World we are living in today
Is that time...
SpiritHeart67 Nov 2021
When you let
people places
and things
around you
be themselves
Rather than
your will
upon them
is when
we finally
find peace.

It Feels
Really Good
  To Just
   Let Go...
SpiritHeart67 Oct 2021
Knowing the Outcome
does not preclude
your Participation.
your Participation
Determines the Outcome.
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