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Bhill Jan 2021
Eyes Closed

what do you feel, when you close your eyes
do you see the world, in an odd, unique size
how do feel, when someone says they care
can you feel the passion, when they are not there
open your eyes and see what is true
experience the frontier, that is offered to you....

Brian Hill - 1/2021 # 27
Bhill Jan 2021
as words escape from their hidden space
their meanings are free and open to embrace
as they descended from the keeper of words
they have to decide if they were nouns or verbs
take just a minute and try to understand
language is different and tough to command
some words in English, sound just the same
THEIR objective is THERE and THEY’RE quite the word game....

Brian Hill - 2021 # 16
Bhill Dec 2020
Disturbance - Rant

in the depth of today's disturbance, there is an escape
the overwhelming evidence is in the art of discovery
learning how wrong or how right you are by the intoxicating evidence
evidence, that both sides seem to have and believe
that my friends is where a disturbance dwells
in the mirror, you will greet the only someone that can change the outcome...

happy holidays and may the image in the mirror be the one you expect

Brian Hill - 2020 # 351
Who do you see in the Mirror?
Bhill Dec 2020
Brain Blow - Rant

nothing displeases silence as quickly as the noise
I know this sounds, literally crazy, as I try to regain poise
my mind was reduced to simple thoughts as I opened up from sleep
sometimes I know my brain just goes, with words that are too deep....!

Brian Hill - 2020 # 350
Sometimes it happens
Bhill Nov 2020
Good Riddance

it’s Thanksgiving day in a year that has ******
we haven't had fun, in that you can trust
it's really about over, and we all need to cheer
2020 is behind and absolutely will disappear
be thankful for the doctors, scientists , and all
be thankful for tomorrow and hope you don't fall
be careful, have some fun, wear a mask like you should
give this year the ******* and good-riddance for good...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 324
Bhill Nov 2020
it seems Prez Grinch, has a job to commit
it's that time of year, we have to admit
turkey pardoning is indeed a big thing
Prez Grinch just loves it as he thinks he's a king
the turkey is chosen and brought to the garden
it struts and it clucks and Prez says ”Your Pardoned”...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 322
Bhill Nov 2020
Met his Match....

it seems Prez Grinch has met his match
most people agree he needs to dispatch
it won't be long before our man Joe steps in
and cleans up the mess that was not a win-win
I'm told, that in history, this story will reign
I'm hoping we learn from all the insane
let's learn to be forgiving and get back our pride
and try to all be, on at least the same side
I love this great country but hate where it's been
can we all just agree, at least try to begin?

Brian Hill - 2020 # 320
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