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Bhill 17h
The Tree...

How long have you been here

Thousands of years I feel

How did you get here

A little bird left me here

And you have survived all that nature could thrash you with

Yes, and I will be here for more and more, or until...?

Brian Hill - # 232
Respect Trees
Bhill 1d
Suddenly the ridge top was glowing
The lightning glittered the sky with sudden bursts
Sudden bursts that let you sneak a peek as to what was coming
What was coming appeared to be a mountain top assault
Assaulting us visually with dancing lights and rolling outcries
Outcries of thunderous clatters far in the distance
How far away was this commotion
Count it down
One one thousand, two one thousand

Brian Hill - # 231
Do you count it down..
Bhill 2d
Mornings have become a starting point
A starting point for everything
I mean everything

Don't start out without coffee.....

Brian Hill - # 230
Start it up...
Bhill 3d
As I neared my predetermined destination
The angst and wonderment took over my exhaustion
The climb was currently a very near memory
A memory, that seconds before, was a very physical and emotional demon
A demon that kept telling me ”You can't do this” ”You lack the discipline to go that route”
”Demon be-GONE” I repeated to myself
I can do this...!

Brian Hill - # 229
And I did
Bhill 4d
How do you know
Was it ever enough
What thundered feeling into your life
Did the accepted circumstances ****** you
You were always outside of the limited space
Limited by the imprisoning power of mindless perceptions

How did you know?

Brian Hill - # 228
Do you know if you know or how you know?
Bhill 5d
Absolute beauty
Emerges in diverse forms
What is your favorite

Brian Hill - # 227
It comes in all forms
Bhill 6d
After reaching the top and catching your breath you realize
You realize the view you are about to see could not be seen from below
What more do you need?

Brian Hill - #225
Get to the top...
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