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Deluging emotions
Drunken By Words
Depicting the heart's state - In
Discomposed scribbles
Double Dutch those delineation-yet
Desirable to devour more.
Sharmila Juliet Jul 2022
I don't want to
forget any fragment
of your memory
Even when
I don't love you anymore.
I want it to stay as
A wish,
I wanted to be my destiny.
A happiness,
Once I Cherished.
A Pain,
That I overcome,
A path of blighting,
I should never walk in.
Sharmila Juliet Sep 2020
We never promised
Forever together.
But, somewhat we
Both know, other
Than us our hearts
Will stay together
Sharmila Juliet Mar 2020
I wish
I could learn that trick too,
The way you wipe your every lie
With your sweet kisses
My Love!
Sharmila Juliet Feb 2020
Silence can be song too
When eyes narrates the
Heart's state.
Sharmila Juliet Feb 2020
Love rain when flows
Flows down your my memories
Memories floods with longing
Longing heart flows like rain
Rain drops soak me with your love
Love that you don't remember
Remember me do you in your dream?
Dream that we adorn together
Together hearing sound of rain
Rain will bring back our love.
Format : Daisy Chain
Sharmila Juliet Feb 2020
While speaking in the
Silence I painted myself
Full of loneliness.
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