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Why do these moments feel empty
When they should be monumental
They're ever passing by,
Trying to make me feel settled
Ever conflicting with
These feelings that seem to
Violate my own thoughts,
Hanging on to the idea of
Living in the moment
While I'm far from it

Even when I'm high
I seem to set the bar low

Losing my feelings
Was never a big blow

I have been holding on
To something stronger

Was it conviction, belief or religion
I'll never know

I just have full faith
That everything will work out in the long run

Even when these moments feel empty,
They turn out to be monumental in the end.
Been a long time since I wrote so here goes nothing
I thought I had lucked out,
Of all the things it could have been
It just turned out to be
Yet another listless face in a luckless place.
Here I am
Laying sculptures for you,
While at the same time
Waiting for you
To appear
Out of the blue.
Perpetual blues
When I talk about you now, I feel shortchanged
Even when I hug you, the feeling remains the same
What have you done to my lover, if I may ask?
Who are you really, behind the mask?
Talent was not worth it,
Until it turned into skill
Rise against the odds
To go in for the ****
Thought it was supposed to be silky smooth,
Thorns in a bed of roses lay still
Hate it for the un-nerving truth
Victory accompanied by a sunken face
And a broken tooth,
What once was
A mountain to climb,
Now within my reach
The peak of ascent
Toiling along the way
A threshold to breach,
A view so spectacular
I could live there forever
Alas, the only thing worse,
Than an incoming frown
Is the dream I was having
Of getting to the top
Without ever putting a foot down,
A ghost of perdition
A drunken semaphore of
Nihilistic fortitude
Scarring enough to even put
Any effort in the journey,
Thinking all I had was
What I ever needed.
The blues seems to suit my heavy heart,
May give me the fuel to finally kickstart.


Maybe I'll come back to this at a better time.
Talking to myself,
With a glass of whisky sour
If only love was a cake,
That I'd thoroughly devour
Hard to get off the
intentional high
In a world of unending emotions,
All I know is a melancholic sigh
Quiet uninhibited, this feeling of trance
All I needed is one last dance
Yet here I am
Hopping some brews,
If I fall in love again
I'm sure it'll make the news
The regular life
Now seen as an aberration
Of what used to be,
When we used to hold hands
With the whole world at our feet,
Just like the sky won't stop turning blue
Rest assured darling
I'll always remember you.
Well, never say never.
What are we, if not for words
Trying to find meaning in this world,
But always coming back to the place
Where our pen and paper submerge.
We are all poets, aren't we?
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