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annh Mar 2021
La, I am an honest deceiver,
For whomsoever shall lend his lies to me,
Will be repaid threefold in pretty devilment.

Channelling Stoppard, who imitated Marlowe, who emulated Virgil. Originality is nought but petty thievery. ;)

‘You must be proud, bold, pleasant, resolute,
And now and then stab, when occasion serves.’
- Kit Marlowe
George Krokos Jan 2020
It seems that as long as we have all got some money to spend
there are those who their friendship in some degree will lend.
The value of people though isn’t due to their amount of coin
but what they have to offer to benefit others that will enjoin.
From "The Quatrains" on going writings since the early '90's
xtine Nov 2019
if you would be willing
to lend me some of your time..

i can prove to you  
that i'm worth more than
just a spare second to say hello

i can show you
that i don't deserve the role
as an understudy for those who
can't be there for you

i will make it known to you
that i am not someone you can dispose of
after you've gotten what you needed from me

...but ***,
how will you know all these things if you won't
lend me
of your time
What hurts is when you pour so much of your time and effort on people you care about, but they don't do the same for you.
Sharmila Juliet Jun 2019
With the hurt my wounded dark soul
With the hurt my wounded dark soul
Seeking little bit of the light to enlighten
Seeking little bit of the light to enlighten
To enlighten the dark my wounded soul
Seeking little bit of the light with hurt

Pour on me some of your light
Pour on me some of your light
Lend me your little stars to brighten
Lend me your little stars to brighten
Lend me some of your light
Pour on me your little stars to brighten

Delight me with your favour
Delight me with your favour
Let me feel high with every right
Let me feel high with every right
Let me feel high with your favour
Delight me with every right

Enlighten my hurt dark soul
Seeking your light to brighten
Wounded me, feel little bit of high
Pour on me with little favour
Lend me some of your stars
Let every right delight me
Poem Format : Paradelle Poem
Paseal Joe Mar 2019
It's so glaring,
yet we've been ignoring,
the cries and screams
from the floor above,
while claiming to mind our business,
we've ignored the sounds of things shattering,
and the painful groans and moans next door.

The signs are obvious,
while we pretend, we're oblivious,
if only we'd stretch a hand,
we'd save the little girl upstairs
from being molested repeatedly
or the boy next door from more trauma.

Oh, lives are being shattered,
how could we go about our day's work, ignoring?
hopes are being destroyed
yet we ignore daily
following up busy schedules,
forgetting the world around us.

Who would play the savior?
who would lend a hand?
who would raise a voice?
who would show some love?
who would protect them from so much fear?
who would say: "all hope's not lost"
We are the ones who keep quiet and claim to mind our businesses when these things happen, we've forgotten that our kids/ siblings could be victims too if these abused victims, turn out to be abusers too because, about 50% of the abused turn out to be abusers. Let's not judge, let's say 'NO'
Gianna Nov 2018
if i fell for you because of your eyes
and how they held galaxies from afar
how did i get my heart broke by the way
you wouldn't lend me a star?
please don’t go
Sueño Oct 2018
Why does inspiration hit you at night
Is it because you’re alone and feelin no light
Or are you sad and not reelin’ it in
Is she the pull,
The  trigger that’s clean and driven .
A string to a heart
Will it hurt as bad
Will this one fade
Can you show me a safe side to this blade .
(Can you show me the safe side of a blade)
That’s the ignorance asking
Blind fold chatting

Two sides to every story .
You only get one taste of glory
Opposite pole
A different attraction .

Fatal compassion
Tasteless crash
Too much
Too light
Blacked out night
April 282018
Rebel Heart Mar 2018
If I had nowhere else to go
Left alone in the cold dark world
Would you lend me a place on your skin
To call my temporary home?
(A snippet from one of RH's old songs whose lyrics and arrangement I just got to read through. It's one of my favorite pieces and hope to hear it one day.. ~BM)
purpu Nov 2017
lend me other rooms
leave my mind extending
willingly i take
but consciously i'm fading
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