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Jun 13 · 119
By: Manuel Hutchinson and Glenn Currier

Politics on a Facebook page

Replied with such rage

I sat in shock

for we’d held her at baptism

kept her overnight tucked her in

like good godparents do

all the tender moments we knew

but now a pinch in my soul

my heart’s racing pace

felt like a flight from grace.

I didn’t expect the monster to rise.

The taste of bell flowers is so sweet,

Even the devil smiled at me.

He caught my soul asleep,

As he picked up the double edge sword.

I should have never turned my back that day,
I made a commit to walk on heaven’s grace.
But chains on my feet prevented me to walk towards faith.

I’m living with my eyes closed,
Is this what happens when you embrace the pain?!

Rolling along
Singing a song

it felt so good to be high in joy

not since I was a little boy

was the air so free

but then the email dripping with sarcasm

cut me deep with its slice of sad

like dad used to do when he was mad.

I thought I’d forgiven the cuts

but now I’m in their clutch

the cape of this demon covers me

I’m bound in anger without a key

I got the whole wide world, in his hands

I got the whole wide world, in his hands.

I got his tears weeping in my hands.

I finally understood

Vengeance doesn't make you a man.

Now I reaped what I sow,

Loved how he burned my soul.

He said is it to late to confess my sins?

"God let me be free! I'll never meet Lucifer again"

The truth is unfortunate,

Because only the creatures of my past life answered him.

sins of a little boy

clipping the wings of toys was the joy

watched angels descend

they never knew
I was the one who poured that bleach at her baptism.

this is only one monster under my bed.

All my life, I never chose to open my eyes

When I did, I saw the devil

As he came for his

All rights reserved.
©Glenn Currier ©Manuel Hutchinson

First collaboration poem! All thanks to Glenn with his amazing skills and mind. Feedback would definitely appreciated, thank you for reading!
what a kind word he said.
made a bullet rupture my liver.
my skull cracked in two.
It all started with
I love you,
I love you too.
If you would of told me this was wrong,
I would of told you this is right.
I looked into his eyes that night
He told me he would never let me go.
By his side I felt safe,
They say love is blind,
I say never judge a man,
You will never know what you may find.
Ravens, Doves, and a Cross.
Watch the truth unfold.

From that day on,
He captured my soul.

Now there I lay with my eyes closed
Watching myself, dead. In disgust
Not because I wasn't moving, but because
I wasn't moving on up.
To the sky. Now I finally understood,
I was deeply in love with the devil in disguise..
And to think it took 7 read texts, 3 missed calls
for him to find me.
teardrops fell to my face as he placed his hands on my neck.
They didn't tell me love is this powerful.
" I want to be with you forever "
Words I will always dread.
He wanted to be black and blue, just like me so he put the gun to his head.
Even though I was born innocent
The gunsmoke filled my spirit.
Blinded me, is what came from the sky
Whispered a soft lullaby...

God if you gave me one more chance,

To turn back time,

I would take everything back that night.

When I looked into his eyes.

Please hear my cry.

I never knew these words had so much power,
I pray that you equip me with strength,
I know I ain't your best child
My hands are too close to the fire.
I'm still learning how to keep faith
So please shield my heart with your armor.
Forgive me for I have sinned,
I didn't listen to the clear signs
All I want is one more chance to do it right....

And here I breathe,
A brand new life.

Here I release my new poetry with a story. Feedback would be appreciated please. Let me know what you think! Thank you.
Apr 27 · 374
A Boy's Cry.
This is my 10th time,
Looking myself in the mirror.
It's a shame to say,
My reflection just get's blurrier.
Yesterday, I saw an image.
Everything was so foggy...
I couldn't tell if it was me,
Or the Devil.
My eyes were indeed blood-shot red,
Mom used'ta tell me,
"Don't ever hide monster's under the bed!"
I finally understood,
What she meant.

Thank you for reading, feedback would definitely be appreciated. More poetry stories coming soon!
Mar 31 · 263
We are the underground poets of the universe.

We write to ease our pain from our own shadow,

We clothe our flesh, feelings & emotions into written sins,

Mask our aspirations to repent,
Dreams may be unholy, yet it is the highest liberation.
                  Over generalized written statement,

feedback would be great! Thank you.
Mar 10 · 253
Sweet Liberation!
A word to listen to.
God told me,
Can only be plucked from his apple tree.

I would love your feedback from this short piece. Thank you.
Love became just a stranger to me,
I came home one night,
And all of my belongings has disappeared,
I never knew, silence could be your worst enemy.
A newcomer to this type of pain,
I will never look at another visitor the same.
Yet, this slithery, silent, serpent still creeps..
Clutching on my throne..
I'm praying to hear God's voice..
But the echo of a closed mouth
Is too profound.
I never thought love, would make stranger in my home.
This is the lonely life of being alone.

Feedback would be appreciated. Thank you for reading.
Jan 31 · 2.1k
All I needed is a hug.
How can I love unconditionally,
When I haven't been conditioned to love?

An innocent Angel.

Jan 7 · 883
I remember my first 1,062 words,
Every syllable written with an sketch of my pain,
I remember the days
Where "words" helped me ease the pain.
         in this sentence I can't complain.
I owe it all to the lines
The truth into somewhat,
Only POETRY understands..
How it made me a man.
If poetry was your mouth piece
What would you stand

Age does not mix between the lines.

-Words are powerful, don't stop writing.


                                                  ­          ©MH
A little something for whoever is reading this. You will continue to be a great writer if you keep writing. God bless.
Jan 6 · 207
Show Me A Sign
God gave me a broken hand,
Reality is a paradox,
SEARCHING for a way
Out the box.

-Until then, I'll be sleep walking
Through the matrix.

                                                       ­                 ©MH
Jan 3 · 693
Tease Me (MK Poetry)
1:47 AM

My eyes lay wide open, conscious won’t let me sleep.
I’m new to this silent killer,
Before I shut this world off I’m seeing,
                   I'm already soaking up the pitch black,

Yes. It’s my dirtiest pleasure creeping up again.

One more attempt to connect with my subconscious,
But the hatred within is so beautiful!
Born with no voice,
Words is the only choice I have.

… Her Words… Birthed my soul.

Project story in the making, please let me know what you think and feel free to message me!
Jan 2 · 142
MK Poetry (Page 1)
I never thought,
             Never seeing your face,
             Would be so beautiful...

Your smile crept into my world,
Cold, lustful, nights
Shattered just by your words.
A simple message, interpreted into a brand new soul.
As an young man, I always believed in God,
I just never knew love was born with no face.
One of main reasons that's why I bow my head on every plate.
Humbled to a broken heart,
Her words gave life and it made amends...
To my broken heart...

Project story in the making. Stay tuned!
Dec 2018 · 506
I'm stuck in two different realities,
It's crazy what a blind eye can see,
Time froze on that path of new beginnings,
A whole new life.

Haven't had the time to write, I'm learning how to make time for the things I love, which is poetry.
Nov 2018 · 853
Strong Woman
A Strong Woman,
Repairs a broken home.
Blessed with the kingdom keys
Opens a door to follow the path of your dreams.

A Strong Woman,
Is molded by her struggles
Salvation keeps you walking, towards the King's light

A Strong Woman,
Embraces her inner beauty
Love thy self & the insecurities;

A Strong Woman,
Gives essence to the world around her,
There she shows respect & power.

A Strong Woman,
Finds courage,
Motivated by her downfalls
Picking up her crown.

A Strong Woman,
Is passionate,
Steadily driven by what she loves
Letting nothing stop her.

A Strong Woman,
Births a new soul;
Her sweet lullaby heals
The unwanted cries..

A Strong Woman,
Touches a meaningful purpose to life
Walking towards, the Kingdom's light.

I believe we all have an strong woman in our lives we look up to. Feel free to comment and check out my page for more. Thanks.
I forgot what “happy” feels like,
The sun and moon drifted away,
Left in the darkness, lost all my hope struggling to turn on the light.
I scream for a new beginning,
Walking down a lonely dirt path in reverse
No one, can hear my pain.
Lord knows, I’m tired of feeling this way.
They told me, Love is beautiful
  Three years with my eyes dried out,
Numbness is nothing but a wicked potion.
All of my emotions,
Only thing that is left is my spirit, hanging on that thin thread.

                                  ­                                           ©MH
Love is powerful, please don't take it for granted. I believe people should show more love in this crazy world. Make sure anyone you love, know that you love that person. It can heal a thousand lives, in that one life. Comment if you would like, thank you for reading.
Nov 2018 · 178
The First Step
Wish I never, fell from grace.
My once pure soul,
Is slowly rising above hate,
I've been fed nothing but scrapes,
And I'm still living on that same empty plate.
Clouds turned grey, ever since that day...

I guess that was the beginning
of learning how to walk by faith.

My personal journey.
Comment if you would like.
Oct 2018 · 205
I Believe I Can Fly
Send me an angel lord, to stand by my side..
Angels are blessings from the past life, so they never say goodbye.

Send me an angel lord,
Help lead the blind
Show me, what I need to find
Guide my destiny into permanent salvation
Please show me the way of life.

I prayed, I prayed and asked god
" Life has got me living on a clipped wing,
How can my soul be free ? "
I need an angel from you God
Make this cold heart sing !

God told me,
In order to send an Angel
I need to believe, I can fly.

Happy Sunday everybody! Hope everyone has a good day.
Oct 2018 · 305
Not A Poem (Book Release)
Hi, just trying to get my poetry book noticed on amazon kindle. This isn't a poem.
It is actually an very interesting read, please check it out!
Thanks and have a good day everyone.
I can feel it in the air;
Closed doors and little words spoke.
Life became a silent whisper,
Has infidelity banging on my door step
He waits for me to fall asleep, so he can smoothly slide right in.
Fornication is a misplaced sin,
When it comes to marriage.
Love is the worst weapon to use
I knew I was being used...
God have mercy on our home!
It's once beautiful face
Has now so many scars...
I told her,
Till' death do us part.

If you liked this poem please check out my page for more, share, and comments is always welcome. Thanks.
Oct 2018 · 1.7k
Morning Inspiration
A New Day,
Is like a breath of fresh air..
Inhale the peace of life
Got through the pain already in the night
Keep your chin up to the sky
As the sun shine...
Your spirit and soul feels energized !
You better smile
The Sun ..
Wants, Needs, to light the fire inside you.

So Breathe..

Exhale the problems of yesterday..

Sometimes we need a new atmosphere
To reflect, direct our life...



Old poem! Have a good day everyone.
Sep 2018 · 271
I Will Survive
Throw everything at me,
My wings has been crushed from the hands of a dark horse
He held up my will
As His life brought up an unstoppable force
But throughout all pain and sacrifice,
I will survive,
I will survive.

Leave me without a home
Watch my faith
Make amends with my broken soul
I bow my head in hopes of seeing a brighter day
But smoke still circles the pathway.
Even though I scream to the sun
With weary dried eyes
I will survive,
I will survive.

You may stab me with your words
As you know, it is my worst enemy
My pain is discreet
Stand firm by what I believe
" Lord is my shepard, I shall not want! "
--What is evil ?
He does not know the remedy.
Disguise is incognito
Words do not match the book of my story.
You can mix, burn, or rip the pages up
I shall keep on writing..
I will survive,
I will survive.

Examine the road of my life
Can God hear my cries ?
Who knew envy could create dark filled nights,
I am like a trapped prisoner who only wants freedom for his rights..
Searching for my clipped wings
So I can one day fly again..
Until then, Write me down in history
As that lonely lost soul..
I will survive,
I will survive.

Sep 2018 · 617
The Streetz
So many strange fruits,
       In the streets.
Black bodies living in the sewers
Africans hanging from the apple trees,
Used needles on concrete,
Blood has a new home build with tears,
It's sad to say,
It's sad to say,
Children are born here.
They wonder why life became so rotten.

Sep 2018 · 216
My Pride.
My pride, closed my mouth shut.
My pride, is wrapped in a chain towards my luck.
My pride, ripped the curtains off the wall
My pride, has me walking alone, oblivious to them all.
My pride, couldn't even make me shed a tear,
Death is real.
My pride, why couldn't I cry ?
My pride, flips a frown when I keep my head up to the sky,
My pride, shrinks my insides to dry.
My pride, sometimes, breaks my heart.
My pride, sometimes, I do not want.
My pride, kept my soul in shame.
My pride, keeps my spirit in the rain.
My pride, oh I wonder why you make me feel this way,
My pride, no matter what you say,
My pride, I will you put you aside,
And be thankful for what I have today.

We all have times when our pride does get in the way, this is just my story. Thank you for reading.
Sep 2018 · 280
A Short Breath of Hope
I shall pass through this period of life,
This pain is only temporary,
So I only have one more chance to do it right !
Take a step towards freedom,
Picture that distant smile,
At the end of the light.
Please lord, let me shine !

Sep 2018 · 901
First Day (Chapter 2)
Is like the first day of class to me.
A vow to never speak to strangers,
Even the word of " hello "
Puts my soul in danger to escape my own reality.
My best friend, anxiety tells me to become nervous from that one syllable,
Keep your chin down low
And never speak on anything after it.
" I hope the teacher never picks on me to speak. "
Wish I knew,
About insecurities on the first day...
I hide all my pain,
All my struggle,
Into a mute that could never enunciate, or a quiet boy lost in space, too scared speak a word.
And it's only the first day.
Stuff all my frustration, god given patience into
A voiceless, half broken man carved an empty space they call
A Desk.
Written at the top is a list of found things I claim to be desire, which is truly lost
Monday... Through... Friday...

Then again, therapy came in & science class became my favorite,
Everyday I'm working on figuring out a formula
Of how I can slip out of these chains
And be just like the cool kids, laughing, having a deep discussion, remembering how it was on the first day of school.
From this day forth, I scream hope.

I believe this part in my life is when I truly started to learn and really try to become a better person. Even though the road was very different and difficult, I am so determined to become someone's inspiration by my story. In order for me to do that, I have to change. Thank you for reading. Comment please.
Aug 2018 · 1.7k
No. (Chapter 2)
Acceptance to become a introvert forever,
Became a oath under my broken tongue.
Only spatting out short and simple words I can fluently produce..
" Its going to get better "
" You won't go through this long "
The therapist said,
As my body language feeds yes,
But my eyes screams no.
    " I don't ever want that feeling again ! "
Said my spirit in compliance with my eyes
I'd rather, be my own best friend than to make friends..
I'd rather, close my mouth about my fears than to be judged by all my peers
I'd rather, walk home by myself than to walk with someone else.
Not knowing I was walking towards my innocence to the B L I N D.

I'd rather say no.
I made the decision to become trapped inside my own world.

Wanted this to be longer, but had serious writers block please feel free to comment if you read, it'll be a spark of motivation ! Thank you.
Aug 2018 · 1.1k
Chapter 2
I get pulled out of class every Tuesday and Thursday to basically face my fears. The nice, warm, voice of the speech therapist smoothes my anxiety as she begins to tell me about how she can help me and shows me how our body is like a seed, water is the soul and our minds is like roots on a tree. My spirit feels safe. Then, she pulls out a passage to read....

(The room was filled with laughter,
The room was filled with laughter,)

Instantly, my nervousness comes back and I begin to choke on every syllable and adverbs. I sigh in a hopeless depression because I'm trying my best to fight against ... Myself.
The speech therapist tells me to try again... No matter how many times I messed up it seemed like she was always  there to guide my way to increase hope even though I felt powerless. I never stop trying. This moment made me feel like everything will be alright and I can push through anything, even though it might take alittle time because of what I have, as long as I keep trying, I can take that fear, destory it, use it to my advantage in the future and maybe be an inspiration to others that went through a similar situtation.
Welcome to chapter 2.
Feedback would be definitely appreciated, feel free to look at chapter 1 on my page. Thank you all for reading
Aug 2018 · 462
I am still a poet
I don't have the best vocabulary,
Surely dont know anything about rhyme schemes,
If you asked me I couldn't tell the difference between a simile or a metaphor.
Ballads, Sonets, Triplets,
Doesn't really help me write more
I've been through it all and sometimes I don't have time to finish writing.
But I am still a poet,
Respect my story.
Aug 2018 · 523
The Talk. (Chapter 1)
I never understood,
Why I was going through so much pain..
I was a absent minded, quiet boy who finally steped up and speaked,
Got laughed at by all my peers,
So I sat down, in defeat.
Hypnotized in silence thinking about how words is now my number one fear.
Sticks and stones may break your bones
But words can NEVER hurt me ?
It can crush you, maybe not physically
Mentally, it felt like a heavy handed, boxer's punch
Hitting my soul in the 1st round
And he's down for the count.

-I get pulled out of class before the bell rings.

Feedback would definitely be appreciated.  Rest of chapter 1 is on my page. Thank you all for reading.
Aug 2018 · 2.4k
The Decision (Chapter 1)
Smirks, chuckles, and evil grins filled the atmosphere,
******* my pure, vibrant, childhood
Into a deep darkened abyss,
My voice is stranded..
My spirit walked away, lost in the shadows...
All I can say without messing up is,
" Hello. "
I would love to say more but
Words is my worst fear.
I may smile in the hearts of athousand men,
But when I take a look in the mirror
I don't picture my reflection,
I visualize that dark filled day in 3rd grade,
And Again,
And Again...
No one will know about this quiet boy,
Who sits in the classroom..
Who wimply screams...
I chose to remain silent.

Inspirational quote of the day:
Do not be afraid, to speak up. You never know strong your voice will be.
Aug 2018 · 1.4k
Reading Class (Chapter 1)
Sitting in an overcrowded classroom,
Heart rate bumps as if it was a machine gun
And EVERYONE in the classroom is taking turns..
I have this Illusion of me speaking properly
With every punction down to the teeth..
Even though my mind can see these words clearly
My mouth speaks differently...

" It's only a book.. "
" I can do this -- " Thought process interrupted by the person next to read..
My eyes then became glued to the people watching over me..

( Insert joke here. )
I wanted to say,
I wanted to say,
I wanted to say,

Words is my worst enemy,
Please don't judge me from the way I speak,
All I want is someone to take time to understand me,
Maybe if I had that one ear to listen
I could of been free
And it wouldn't take this long to speak clearly.

In reality,
The room was filled with laugher.

Aug 2018 · 208
Chapter 1
I was born in a world full of voices,
I've been quiet ever since darkness swallowed my day,
The room was filled with laugher...
My only choice was to


Let the story begin.

Aug 2018 · 2.0k
Lord I just ask you to guide me, in this pouring rain.
Praying for a change
All I feel is pain..
My life on this earth feels so alone
Everyone I love has met you
Don't have anyone else to hold.
I still don't know why you chose my life to suffer this way.
Broken hearted, ashed out blac & milds, emptied bottles,
Lost in a cycle..
Im praying to be strong, like my mom said
So I'm still fighting.
Living blinded, sometimes I do feel like screaming for help
But no one reached out a hand
When they knew that I fell.
Blessed that I now have an umbrella
To protect me from the rain
Im still holding on
Cause the season has never changed.
No one really heard of this pain
Cause we all sinners
We too focused on the hopes of fame.
But that's just the flick that starts the flame
How could we hold our head up in the pouring rain
One day I shall release my spirit
Into the sun
Then reunite with all of my loved ones.

Throwback poem I wrote when I was in a storm with no umbrella.
Aug 2018 · 947
Who am I today ?
What I thought I saw yesterday,
Is not who I am, the man of today.
The sun came and
Shined a pathway to heavens gates.
It would indeed be a blessing to
Touch God's beautifully crafted key,
And feel
The presence of the Lord's grace
Calling on me,
Guiding me,
Inspiring me,
To become A Man Of Change.

Lately I've been feeling like I'm going in the wrong direction by the decisions and thw consequences that follow after. I pray that lord keeps me on the right track and keeps me from evil. I want to be what god shapes me to be. I believe he is shaping me to be an inspiration to change.
Aug 2018 · 1.4k
Follow The Footsteps
I want to be this MAN called
Motivation !
Lace up my shoe strings filled, with inspiration.
Adversity is crushed on by the soles beneath my feet
This man has a strong voice,
One that makes the ears bleed !
One lesson from his story,
Will give power and confidence.
He was guided by the lost, humble to the found
I want this man
To go the full 12 rounds
They said this man shoes were too big.
Keep on walking motivation !
It shall be filled.
Look up to the crowd
And you will be surprised how many eyes will follow.
This man you say ?
Will be a step closer,
If you focus on a better tommorow.

Jul 2018 · 343
A Walk In The Rain
Did you hear about the small boy
Who smiled...
In the pouring rain ?
Legend has it, he was an angel from God
That got soaked with change.
Some people say
He only can been seen
When you walk by faith..
Oh what an amazing sight to see !
A small boy, wanting a Man's strength...

May 2018 · 229
Beautiful Butterfly
Hey Beautiful Butterfly ,
Ready to fly right into the sky..
Please don't slide into your cacoon
That growth and strength of energy
Is exactly what I need.
We can hold our passion of being
                     F    R    E   E  
Created on God's tree,
Certainly, Certainly,
Time is on our side
I would love to paint your wings,
So you can flourish right into the sky,
Beautiful Butterfly,
Sometimes I can't describe..
How high you take me.
So take me higher,

I know you have a desire to takeoff in those wings,
So God made you an Angel.
Glide right into my arms,
And we shall fly away, together.

Apr 2018 · 188
Waxing Gibbous
Another night with my eyes closed,
Time froze at 11:59.
Wish I can wake up and see the light
Maybe God's light will shine
So bright..
And help me smile again.

Apr 2018 · 2.3k
Personal Prayer
How many times I have came to you with my head down ?
How many times have I been frown upon ?
I am sorry ,
For all my sins
Which I knew I was wrong.
I am sorry ,
For the prayers I said which I could not follow.
I am sorry,
For following my word, instead of yours.
Lord I didn't know what you had in store
For me, a blind eye who couldn't see
The signs as the trails and tribulations put my life to shame.
Now therefore, I became a lost soul
Who has no mother to hold,
Who has no place to go..
Find my journey to the lords palance
So I can be accepted, and reunited,
With the one & only
Who will finally love me.

Feb 2018 · 257
Change This Weather
Lord please change the weather ,
This unfortunate pleasure only feels like cloudy raindrops
Every thought drops onto another sin
Never thought this rain would bring all this pain..
Lost all my friends . . .
Couldn't locate them in the fog,
Going through all these trails and tribulations
No success,
No rest,
No open hand to pull me out the mist
Now I'm trapped under a wicked storm
And the weather is still gloomy
Can't picture this life with sunlight
Even though God's children is always blessed
It feels like I failed every test
To see through the rain.
               Lord come save me
From this everlasting darkness.
Thjs is the thoughts I've had when I'm feeling extremely down. This is what it created
Feb 2018 · 287
Valentines Away
On this special day,
Hope rises,
As the passion for your embrace melts into love comes my way.
The thoughts
Of your sweet round face
Makes me believe I took a flight to see you yesterday,
Looking out the window,
Longin' for your kiss
Feenin' for those dancin hips,
Getting a taste of what it really means to live in bliss.
No tests,
No fights,
Just peace.

The strength of this newly placed heart
That we created,
Only sinks deep,
And deeper,
Makes me believe we belong on the heart-filled picture.

                       U & I,
            Happy Valentine's day.           ©MH
Feb 2018 · 233
My Eyes Are Red
My eyes are red,
When I'm in love with you.
You make me believe in my dreams..
This life, only I bring,
Only plants the seed,
With the tears I weep,
Pain that's deep,
I can't lose
Misguided by the decisions I make,
Embraces the evil,
That only grows inside me.
My eyes are red
Can't you see ?
Save me, lord
Save me.
Feb 2018 · 194
Flight 860
I, never been on a plane.
I've always been scared of,
Reaching to the clouds in the skies,
Looking deep into fate's eyes,
Watching Angel's walk by
As God tells me to
" Just fly. "
I wonder, how

We, can get.
Comments please, thank you.
Jan 2018 · 220
I saw 2 Angels fly by
Looking out the window,

                I wonder,

Will I ever get a clearer picture...

                                                  ­        ©MH
Jan 2018 · 135
I pray for a new beginning,
I pray for a sharper mind,
I pray for a better understanding in your name,
My spirit is broken,
Because its not the same.
In the picture
But I'm outside the frame.


Time for change.                      
Jan 2018 · 339
The Pond Drifts Elsewhere
I sit at the park,
Puffing toxic smoke ;
Inhaling the pain i weep alone.
My life, indeed is like a rolling stone.
As the sun shines,
I became blinded,
While I exhale..
Where is my hope.
Dec 2017 · 257
Untethered Soul
One day,
I was sitting alone in my room.
God spoke to me and said
Son, you are blessed !
These years of darkness and feeling depressed
Will soon be put to rest
And you then  shall have a new life
Risen through him.
Can't you feel power of his word running through your veins ?
Can't you feel the energy in his real name ?
It's time to change he said.
My love for you has always stayed the same
I know all your pain
I know all your struggle
My arms are still open wide
To reunite you one day with your mother.
As the sun rises another day.
The journey of truth is really opening my eyes to a wider view of this world. Just sharing my pain to pad. Comments please. Thank you.
Oct 2017 · 269
Are You On The Right Path ?
You gave me this one of a kind feel
Now I shall show you what's real.
You gave me a breath of fresh air
Now I shall show you the trail where love is really hiding.
I'm tired of walking the same path
In the cold
No one offered me a warm jacket I can hold.
B U T !  Guess who got blowned on the same road I faced defeat on ?
I thought I was headed down the wrong
Not knowing this is the path that God has me on
Faced with the struggle and built up with so much pain
I couldn't even see the blessings
Building uphill
I just have to keep walking, scratching..
Seeking God faster..
Until I master the way I step on the concrete

We always have that doubts on whether if this road you are on right now is leading you to the right direction .
Watching TV,
Gave me dreams.
Heh, it's funny because
It's just what it seems,
An illusion of reality.

Oct 2017 · 387
Empty Seats At My Funeral
I want to have an empty funeral.
Praises of God,
Voices filled by the scripture,
No tears, but celebration over my now dead fears.
Can you hear the silent weeps
Placed over my dead body dressed in a great white suit ?
I'm ready to be at peace with my roots.

Hear the lullaby of the soft paino taps
As the preacher, that is God
Gives a sermon about my life,
Which is now blessed in righteous.
Mourn over the healing,
The ones alive can't cope with this feeling.
My spirit is released to the sky
I am one with christ's embrace,
Can't you see the huge smile on my face ?

The final chapter is written
Speak all my pain and struggle to all the empty seats at my funeral.
Hoping that one voice
Echos into hearts of millions
That will,
Hear it.
Come, fill in the seats
And watch my casket close
Finally at peace
As I share a new life with my mother.
She's the only one that came to my empty funeral.
God bless all of you.

Oct 2017 · 319
Force this smile,
But it only lasts for awhile,
Hiding from my peers
As I shed these tears.
My true feelings inside,
I hide,
I refuse to let them see my crying
Cause slowly I'm dying
What's the point of even trying ?
Holding in, I break down
My heart has a frown
So let me be
Get away from me
I sit alone and cry
When will I die. ?
Very old poem i wrote in my high school days. Laughed at how cheesy i was.  But its all good, im glad i got through this time and kept on writing.
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