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By: Manuel Hutchinson and Glenn Currier

Politics on a Facebook page

Replied with such rage

I sat in shock

for we’d held her at baptism

kept her overnight tucked her in

like good godparents do

all the tender moments we knew

but now a pinch in my soul

my heart’s racing pace

felt like a flight from grace.

I didn’t expect the monster to rise.

The taste of bell flowers is so sweet,

Even the devil smiled at me.

He caught my soul asleep,

As he picked up the double edge sword.

I should have never turned my back that day,
I made a commit to walk on heaven’s grace.
But chains on my feet prevented me to walk towards faith.

I’m living with my eyes closed,
Is this what happens when you embrace the pain?!

Rolling along
Singing a song

it felt so good to be high in joy

not since I was a little boy

was the air so free

but then the email dripping with sarcasm

cut me deep with its slice of sad

like dad used to do when he was mad.

I thought I’d forgiven the cuts

but now I’m in their clutch

the cape of this demon covers me

I’m bound in anger without a key

I got the whole wide world, in his hands

I got the whole wide world, in his hands.

I got his tears weeping in my hands.

I finally understood

Vengeance doesn't make you a man.

Now I reaped what I sow,

Loved how he burned my soul.

He said is it to late to confess my sins?

"God let me be free! I'll never meet Lucifer again"

The truth is unfortunate,

Because only the creatures of my past life answered him.

sins of a little boy

clipping the wings of toys was the joy

watched angels descend

they never knew
I was the one who poured that bleach at her baptism.

this is only one monster under my bed.

All my life, I never chose to open my eyes

When I did, I saw the devil

As he came for his

All rights reserved.
©Glenn Currier ©Manuel Hutchinson

First collaboration poem! All thanks to Glenn with his amazing skills and mind. Feedback would definitely appreciated, thank you for reading!
what a kind word he said.
made a bullet rupture my liver.
my skull cracked in two.
It all started with
I love you,
I love you too.
If you would of told me this was wrong,
I would of told you this is right.
I looked into his eyes that night
He told me he would never let me go.
By his side I felt safe,
They say love is blind,
I say never judge a man,
You will never know what you may find.
Ravens, Doves, and a Cross.
Watch the truth unfold.

From that day on,
He captured my soul.

Now there I lay with my eyes closed
Watching myself, dead. In disgust
Not because I wasn't moving, but because
I wasn't moving on up.
To the sky. Now I finally understood,
I was deeply in love with the devil in disguise..
And to think it took 7 read texts, 3 missed calls
for him to find me.
teardrops fell to my face as he placed his hands on my neck.
They didn't tell me love is this powerful.
" I want to be with you forever "
Words I will always dread.
He wanted to be black and blue, just like me so he put the gun to his head.
Even though I was born innocent
The gunsmoke filled my spirit.
Blinded me, is what came from the sky
Whispered a soft lullaby...

God if you gave me one more chance,

To turn back time,

I would take everything back that night.

When I looked into his eyes.

Please hear my cry.

I never knew these words had so much power,
I pray that you equip me with strength,
I know I ain't your best child
My hands are too close to the fire.
I'm still learning how to keep faith
So please shield my heart with your armor.
Forgive me for I have sinned,
I didn't listen to the clear signs
All I want is one more chance to do it right....

And here I breathe,
A brand new life.

Here I release my new poetry with a story. Feedback would be appreciated please. Let me know what you think! Thank you.
This is my 10th time,
Looking myself in the mirror.
It's a shame to say,
My reflection just get's blurrier.
Yesterday, I saw an image.
Everything was so foggy...
I couldn't tell if it was me,
Or the Devil.
My eyes were indeed blood-shot red,
Mom used'ta tell me,
"Don't ever hide monster's under the bed!"
I finally understood,
What she meant.

Thank you for reading, feedback would definitely be appreciated. More poetry stories coming soon!
We are the underground poets of the universe.

We write to ease our pain from our own shadow,

We clothe our flesh, feelings & emotions into written sins,

Mask our aspirations to repent,
Dreams may be unholy, yet it is the highest liberation.
                  Over generalized written statement,

feedback would be great! Thank you.
Sweet Liberation!
A word to listen to.
God told me,
Can only be plucked from his apple tree.

I would love your feedback from this short piece. Thank you.
Love became just a stranger to me,
I came home one night,
And all of my belongings has disappeared,
I never knew, silence could be your worst enemy.
A newcomer to this type of pain,
I will never look at another visitor the same.
Yet, this slithery, silent, serpent still creeps..
Clutching on my throne..
I'm praying to hear God's voice..
But the echo of a closed mouth
Is too profound.
I never thought love, would make stranger in my home.
This is the lonely life of being alone.

Feedback would be appreciated. Thank you for reading.
How can I love unconditionally,
When I haven't been conditioned to love?

An innocent Angel.

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