I forgot what “happy” feels like,
The sun and moon drifted away,
Left in the darkness, lost all my hope struggling to turn on the light.
I scream for a new beginning,
Walking down a lonely dirt path in reverse
No one, can hear my pain.
Lord knows, I’m tired of feeling this way.
They told me, Love is beautiful
  Three years with my eyes dried out,
Numbness is nothing but a wicked potion.
All of my emotions,
Only thing that is left is my spirit, hanging on that thin thread.

                                  ­                                           ©MH
Love is powerful, please don't take it for granted. I believe people should show more love in this crazy world. Make sure anyone you love, know that you love that person. It can heal a thousand lives, in that one life. Comment if you would like, thank you for reading.
Wish I never, fell from grace.
My once pure soul,
Is slowly rising above hate,
I've been fed nothing but scrapes,
And I'm still living on that same empty plate.
Clouds turned grey, ever since that day...

I guess that was the beginning
of learning how to walk by faith.

My personal journey.
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Send me an angel lord, to stand by my side..
Angels are blessings from the past life, so they never say goodbye.

Send me an angel lord,
Help lead the blind
Show me, what I need to find
Guide my destiny into permanent salvation
Please show me the way of life.

I prayed, I prayed and asked ***
" Life has got me living on a clipped wing,
How can my soul be free ? "
I need an angel from you ***
Make this cold heart sing !

*** told me,
In order to send an Angel
I need to believe, I can fly.

Happy Sunday everybody! Hope everyone has a good day.
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I can feel it in the air;
Closed doors and little words spoke.
Life became a silent whisper,
Has infidelity banging on my door step
He waits for me to fall asleep, so he can smoothly slide right in.
Fornication is a misplaced sin,
When it comes to marriage.
Love is the worst weapon to use
I knew I was being used...
*** have mercy on our home!
It's once beautiful face
Has now so many scars...
I told her,
Till' death do us part.

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A New Day,
Is like a breath of fresh air..
Inhale the peace of life
Got through the pain already in the night
Keep your chin up to the sky
As the sun shine...
Your spirit and soul feels energized !
You better smile
The Sun ..
Wants, Needs, to light the fire inside you.

So Breathe..

Exhale the problems of yesterday..

Sometimes we need a new atmosphere
To reflect, direct our life...



Old poem! Have a good day everyone.
Throw everything at me,
My wings has been crushed from the hands of a dark horse
He held up my will
As His life brought up an unstoppable force
But throughout all pain and sacrifice,
I will survive,
I will survive.

Leave me without a home
Watch my faith
Make amends with my broken soul
I bow my head in hopes of seeing a brighter day
But smoke still circles the pathway.
Even though I scream to the sun
With weary dried eyes
I will survive,
I will survive.

You may stab me with your words
As you know, it is my worst enemy
My pain is discreet
Stand firm by what I believe
" Lord is my shepard, I shall not want! "
--What is evil ?
He does not know the remedy.
Disguise is incognito
Words do not match the book of my story.
You can mix, burn, or rip the pages up
I shall keep on writing..
I will survive,
I will survive.

Examine the road of my life
Can *** hear my cries ?
Who knew envy could create dark filled nights,
I am like a trapped prisoner who only wants freedom for his rights..
Searching for my clipped wings
So I can one day fly again..
Until then, Write me down in history
As that lonely lost soul..
I will survive,
I will survive.

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