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1:47 AM

My eyes lay wide open, conscious won’t let me sleep.
I’m new to this silent killer,
Before I shut this world off I’m seeing,
                   I'm already soaking up the pitch black,

Yes. It’s my dirtiest pleasure creeping up again.

One more attempt to connect with my subconscious,
But the hatred within is so beautiful!
Born with no voice,
Words is the only choice I have.

… Her Words… Birthed my soul.

Project story in the making, please let me know what you think and feel free to message me!
I never thought,
             Never seeing your face,
             Would be so beautiful...

Your smile crept into my world,
Cold, lustful, nights
Shattered just by your words.
A simple message, interpreted into a brand new soul.
As an young man, I always believed in God,
I just never knew love was born with no face.
One of main reasons that's why I bow my head on every plate.
Humbled to a broken heart,
Her words gave life and it made amends...
To my broken heart...

Project story in the making. Stay tuned!
Jesse J Gray Jun 2014
Stress Is all I think about
The Hard times and the good times
Never last
Its in the past
Loosing control
Don't be a fool
Your just using me
Just like a tool
Feeling Blessed
I have no idea what went wrong
I loved you for so long
But my heart isnt here
I promised I'll always be there
Don't fear this feeling
I call love
God gave you that feeling from above
Letting my mind wander for hours
Waiting for you to bring me that one single flower
Don't tell me whats wrong and Right
I'm not going to stop without that fight
Fighting,punching and staying strong
with all my might
Voices telling me to obey
I don't care what they say
I was young when i wrote this. I was going through a lot and was really depressed and couldn't be myself because of my religion so I wrote a book full of dark sad and depressing poems.

— The End —