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Aug 2021 · 639
I bask…..
Cné Aug 2021
in an omnipresent haze
of cerulean blue
and vivacious velvet petals
where irises swim in lovely chaos
as I mutter several choice expletives
under my breath.
He burrows himself
deeper under my skin
stealing the breath from my lungs
rousing my beleaguered soul
awakening a feral need.
I relish this murky maze of desire
he elicits from me
and hungrily
await his return
It’s been a while since I’ve posted, be kind!
I’m just here to visit
Nov 2020 · 2.3k
Do You Read Me?
Cné Nov 2020
slip your fingers
where longing rages
deep between
my undiscovered

Oct 2020 · 1.4k
Happy Halloween
Cné Oct 2020
With Trick or Treat a-loomin'
and the harvest moon a-gloom'n
and the ghosts and goblins loose upon the streets

You can bet your bottom dollar
that you'll hear a screech and holler
when you open up your door to give ‘em treats.

But beware of werewolves howlin'
and the zombies who are prowlin'
In the shadows in the corners of your mind.

For the scary cogitation
in your own imagination
is the one that you have mentally designed.

So...remember you'r not seeing
any supernat'ral being...
they're just costumes and some make up on the kids.

But be sure and take no chances
e're they start their spooky dances
Give them candy or the ghouls might flip their lids!

Happy Halloween my neighbors
on this night of ghostly labors....
And good luck.  You can't escape it if you could.

They'll arrive in cars and wagons...
dressed as witches, bats and dragons.
And they won't all be from your own neighborhood.

Oct 2020 · 1.5k
Cné Oct 2020
I am summer,
    and sunshine
        mixed with
the passion of
    autumn hurricane.
       I have the
             soul of a mermaid,
                 fierceness of a lioness,
                    heart of a hippie,
                  spirit of butterflies,
              and a mouth
           I can’t always control.
        I slay, I pray
    I dream
of possibilities
      and not the
                Call me crazy but
            I believe wishes
    come true with the
         click of my fingers
             and the flicker
               of my tongue.  
         I am bold;
a woman
       in control,
          unashamed as
                a sinful angel.
                        I am Libra.

Happy Birthday month to all my fellow Libra friends
Oct 2020 · 1.4k
Cné Oct 2020
shall i strip myself bare
letting those committed to jealousy
see the things in me
that were never there
though they won’t bother
to scratch beneath the surface  
to see i have purpose
in this icy netherworld
to live a life in love
so i let go of those  
who choose to
never see me
Sep 2020 · 2.7k
The Moon
Cné Sep 2020
Romantics find her flawless
and the mystics find her wise.
The ancients found "The Huntress"
in her sharp and searching eyes.
Italians say "bela luna"
when they look at her and sigh.
The cavemen painted pictures
as they wondered at the sky.
The moon has many faces
and her light's a work of art...
And to the simple poet...
she is tonic for the heart.

Aug 2020 · 1.1k
Exactly How I Like It
Cné Aug 2020
I’m learning to become adept
at not looking at everything
through a microscope in depth
embracing the moment
when my body sings
the praises of his silken touch
his charms and wicked demands
knowing full well that insomuch
I’m wearing his words as pearls
which is exactly how I like it
Feb 2020 · 10.1k
Cné Feb 2020
Love's only weakness
Is also its greatest strength:
It defies reason

My thoughts on Valentine’s Day
Feb 2020 · 981
Phantom Calling
Cné Feb 2020

You are my midnight madness
A lover in my dreams
A rewinding case of happenstance
That’s never as it seems

Yet still, such lust soaked visions
Fly free into the night
And I refuse to seek the dawning
Unprepared to meet the light

So lost in moonlit whispers
A forbidden serenade
Where echoes paint the shadows
Like a dream in masquerade

And just as waning slumber
Creeps slow around my door
I resist the rising consciousness
Hungry still, wanting more

I revel in our passion
A frenzy cloaked in black
Such sweet intoxication
No cause for looking back

You are a twilight fancy
A relentless fantasy
A ghost that haunts my stillness
A flame that cannot be

Yet, how I love the falling
How the whispers sweetly stream
You are my Phantom calling
Always in my dreams…

Nov 2019 · 557
A Stolen Moment
Cné Nov 2019
A mused thought from gossamer clouds
painted beyond the realm of reveries
of lust, lost in the ecstasy of dreams.
A stolen moment created false memories.

Entwined in labyrinth, I found
fuel of his visions. the sacred place of we.
A captured moment, vaulted deep in mind
only borrowed, like dreams that seep.

Briefly for a time, from whence it smoldered,
a stolen moment never to be ours,
lines confused, shared words, as visions blurred
he disappeared not to linger within the hour.

So short the day, so long the hour
a stolen moment, a heartbeat
unrestrained in erupting desire.
A stolen moment, bittersweet.
Nov 2019 · 1.2k
Oh Weary Traveler
Cné Nov 2019
I'm a creature of the Fey
seeking souls that come my way.
A native of the deep blue sea
singing songs of sweet melodies.

Come to me, oh weary traveler.
I’m exactly what you seek.
No compass, map or spy glass needed.
You need only take the leap.

Siren’s gold, a coveted treasure,
worth the risk for a life of leisure.
And if you chance to know my face,
my hold shall be your last embrace

Come to me oh weary traveler
I’ll obliged to offer thee...
wanton eyes, silky tresses, and
pouting lips, your eyes will see.

I’m unlike a mortal lass
from dreams of longing, I have passed.
I came upon your lonely cries
revealed my beauty to your eyes.

Siren’s gold, a prized treasure,
swells your heart with prideful measure.
So shun the world that you have known
and spend your nights within my own.

You’ll be known by other men
for your great works of voice and pen.
Yet, inspiration has a cost.
for with me, know your soul is lost.

I shall be your secret lover.
I will sway you from all others.
I'll take your passion and your skill.
I'll take your life quicker still.

Cloaked in mist, the Siren’s Gold,
you lonely sailor, you’ve lost your hold,
through the kisses that I give
I draw from you, that I will live.

And though you think this weakness grand,
the touch of death, your lover's hand.
Your will to live, has come too late
Come to me and love your fate.

Nov 2019 · 1.1k
Of You
Cné Nov 2019
I hear your echos on the wind
sweet whisper in the air
The gentle touch sorrow’s pine
a longing to ensnare

Near slumber, my dreams of you
perhaps something you should know
I dream in vivid colors of multi hue
and relish in your glow

Sometimes I hear your laughter
or way you love to tease
or taunt me like the surging
of a deep and watery sea

Images float of mind on seashores
with sand beneath our feet
Or I’m lost within a daydream
in the bend and flow of wheat

And when I’m lost in passion
with my heart or soul exposed
where kisses float like butterflies
or blown petals of a rose

I dream a dream of you
enraptured by your hues
And hope to meet you there
when you are dreaming too
Oct 2019 · 715
Tricks or Treats
Cné Oct 2019
We bask in light when morning comes
yet tremble in the night.
Halloween must be the cause
to give us such a fright.

Ghosts and goblins haunt the streets
where moans and chains abound.
Gouls and vampires lurk in shadows
scared of holy ground.

Werewolves stalk unwary victims.  
Frankenstein is loose.
Ogres, trolls and spectral zombies
hanging by a noose

Gorgons with their "stoney" eyes
and bats with leathery wings
Mummies wrapped in yellowed cloth
with rotting flesh that clings

Pirates, gangsters, space invaders
just to name a few
All in search of "Tricks or Treats"
(or just a head ... or two).

Beware the time when darkness comes.  
Be sure the door is locked.
But most of all, to just be safe
keep lots of candy stocked.
Oct 2019 · 2.2k
You Are
Cné Oct 2019
On the edge of sleep you are the moon
suspended in a midnight sky
shining among all the stars in heaven
A ’twinkling in your eyes

You are my Sunday morning
sharing skin between the sheets
And lazy afternoons
That leave me full, complete

You are a life long journey
A path that leads me home
A fire to stir my passion
The only one I’ve known

You’re whispers in my coffee
Sweet echoes are my cream
You‘re the rage of lustful yearnings
In my silent movie screams

Just like a speckled puppy
You bring me youthful joy
Like a candy coated confection
That leaves me wanting more

You burn with fire and flame
That robs me of my sight
You’re everything I long for
An ageless guiding light

You are a timeless vessel, dear
The maker of my sighs
A keeper of my secrets
The flame I can’t deny

You are that haunting melody
Rewinding in my head
A bold and tasty morsel
That keeps my hunger fed

In dreams…you are the moon, love
Sweet whispers in the night
You settle on my pillowslip
To make all my wrongs seem right

Sep 2019 · 852
Cné Sep 2019
The floating clouds are merciless with teasing hints of rain.
They blossom like chrisanthemums and sing the same refrain:

"There's moisture in our puffy holds. We'll send it earhward bound.
But the drops dissolve like salty tears before they hit the ground."

They move across the bright blue sky and leave us wilted still.
Oh AUTUMN ... where art thou? This heat's a bitter pill.
Sep 2019 · 5.9k
Cné Sep 2019
Wandering witches, wave your wands,
lose your limbs of earthly bonds.
Friday the 13th full moon sings
so flex your power and stretch your wings.

Wandering witches, weave your words
to be the bane of beasts and birds.
Hex the hateful with potions of love
Poke the prideful in crestfallen thereof

Sing sisters sing, into the full moon night
never knowing the demon's blight.
Fearful farce and fallen stones
bury the bad in blood and bones.

A little fun write for Friday the 13
Sep 2019 · 958
Sweet Music
Cné Sep 2019

I will honor you like my wand,  
swirling sweet music all around,
to sing to the stars and far beyond,
all the while our entwined souls
dance on our cosmic playground.

I will play a lover's melody,
mesmerizing in sweet sensuality,
erotically encapsulated
in a harmonizing of intensity,
building pressure as we flow,
climaxing with a brilliant glow.

The stars will open up
a space for us to shine
for a constellation
of our own
lover's design.

Aug 2019 · 2.7k
Cné Aug 2019
It lays silkenly sweet against
sun kissed skin
tiny straps, perhaps strapless
delicate linen softly draped
tender tiny tucks and nips
delicious bows tied at nape

It cascades around curvy hips
‘round a waterfall that slightly drips
sprightly colors all wink as
they whisper and swish
full of giddy and laughter, they flirt
away gloom, rain and mist

Teasing touches wraps around thighs
dancing daisies pause as I walk by
serenely skirt and brush past
with a soft wispy cushion sway
plump full, recline, pause to chat
on a sultry summer’s day

Aug 2019 · 2.1k
Creative Outlet
Cné Aug 2019
painted parted lips
strokes of bold marks left behind
trails of blush on flesh

Jul 2019 · 1.4k
Moonlight Kiss
Cné Jul 2019
Breathing slow, breathing deep
Across the sea of slumber creep
Mists aglow with hidden fire
Sheets the bed with fresh desire

In the shadows of midnight's keep
The blaze is quickened, in flurried sleep
A haunting breath of flash and flame
Creeping ‘round the window pane

Scents that stain the pillow case
On the river of silence race
Swallowed up by raging need
Storms the crown, to plant the seed

Behind the shade of fevered dreams
Piercing truth, in stillness screams
Secrets locked beneath the skin
In visions ripe to trickle in

Broken whispers flutter by
Painting promise on the sky
Naked flesh begins to yearn
As passion flares, the body burns

Trapped in a subconscious mind
The light of day will never find
A fire as hot as is this bliss
Drowning in a moonlight kiss
Jul 2019 · 2.1k
Lipstick Kiss
Cné Jul 2019

It’s only a smudge in his eyes
A smear of lips on paper from skin
When apparent, meanings give rise
For it’s a lipstick kiss on a napkin

A longing for breathtaking kisses
She sends his way to imagine
of their lips in sensual caresses
with a simple kiss on a paper napkin

Jul 2019 · 1.3k
Note to Self
Cné Jul 2019
Breathe the bright moments
in life and hold them.
Let them go gently
as you would
release a butterfly.
For they will come back with love.
Let love come to you
as a soft breeze finds you
in a quiet moment
in a sweltering afternoon.
Love will return in perfect passion.
Grasp passion with both hands
and hold onto it
until you have wrung
all the heat from it you can,
then release it
as a sigh of contentment.
Dwell in each moment
of contentment
as you would savor
the perfect moment in life.
Life, love, passion and contentment
come to us all,
but they stay with those
who appreciate them.
Be the one who appreciates them.

Jun 2019 · 3.9k
Cné Jun 2019
She leans over the sink
weight on her toes
to applied lipstick
in quick certain strokes,
the way a man signs
his hundredth signature
of the morning.

With lips of convictionless curvature
as the lipstick retracted like a red eel
all day she left her mark
on everything she kissed.
Even the air remarks
like intoxicating news
whispered from ear to ear.

Jun 2019 · 2.0k
It’s Good to Dream
Cné Jun 2019

I dream
of possibilities
      and not the
                Call me crazy but
            I believe wishes
    come true with the
         click of my fingers
             and the flicker
               of my tongue.

For you....
Cné May 2019
Locked in your fiery eyes i submit
naked, **** exposed to be exploited
by Your will i lay before you awaiting....
to begin Our intimacy
wanton to please

Breathing in the anticipation
i am frozen by Your hesitation
for i crave                    
Your touch,
              Your lips,
                               Your embrace
in every rise of my *******
breathing deep
my thoughts creep
and time slows

In Your soul, i wish to peek...

Behind the lurking darkness in Your eyes
Is it love or lust hidden in disguise

i acquiesce
my forbidden fruit i wish to bare
the entrance to my sacred chambers
ripe with carnal desire
may it be Your pleasure

To imprint Your sting
forever seared
upon my redden flesh
so that it lingers in tenderness
long after Our journey

Your caress against my flesh
in piercing pleasure resonates
up the curvature of my spine
releasing infinite electric butterflies
i cannot hide

You plunge deep below the surface
infusing Our bodies as One
rhythmically in motion
edging each crest before plunging
deeper into the next
into the depths of brazen hunger

i want to surrender
though my growl cannot be hidden
‘neath the rumble of my heighten instinct
to soar in expletive exclamation
my animal within

my pounded thighs spread wider
below pulsating muscles
beating louder, harder, deeper
my cavity contracts
howling in blazed heat

i scream
through my glare
into Your eyes
of consent again, release me
in the allowance of your’s

Allow me to feel you
as you fill me
emotions untethered
in Your mind
Your body and spirit

The rapture of Your release
i capture
in my mind
my body and soul
anchored to my memory
Our journey

In gaping breath
We fall ...

Entangled in blissful euphoria
Your shivering body envelopes mine
a sweet embrace
a tender kiss
long has it been since I’ve felt such passion
i admit...
A collaboration
with multi sumus
each posting our own.
Thank you multi sumus for the pleasure of including me into your writing world.
Nov 2018 · 3.3k
The Poetess
Cné Nov 2018

She makes love to him with words
spilling ink of passion on paper.
She creates the sensual mood
with each stroke of her pen
splattered on the sheets.
She caresses his flesh
in every love letter.
She kisses up and down his
length in sentences and prose.
She tastes all his masculine scent
without ever speaking a word.
She bites his lip and tilts her
hips in between the lines.
She paints a picture that
makes him hard  for his
release and it only
took her mind.

Nov 2018 · 2.6k
Hot Mail
Cné Nov 2018

splattered in wet ink
sealed with a passionate kiss
deep connections link

Does anyone send postal mail anymore?
Nov 2018 · 4.5k
Man by the Sea
Cné Nov 2018
She sees him
from afar and sighs.
He’s easy on the eyes,
this man by the sea,
as he contemplates,
who he is and who
he wants to be.
She wants to wave,
as she raises a hand,
like how the ocean
greets the land,
but then wonders if
she should turn
and walk away,
and leave him
to his day.
Been waiting..... I thought there would be more forthcoming but I guess not.
Oct 2018 · 1.2k
Just Another Halloween
Cné Oct 2018

The twilight clouds
went scudding past
like witches on their brooms.
The sound of laughter
filled the night
as ghouls departed tombs.

"Trick or treat!"
as menageries filed by...
Filling up their bags with loot
while candy stores ran dry.

Dentists filled appointments books
in brisk anticipation...
Knowing that enamel
would not stand
such laceration.

Zombies stagger down the street
and vampires trip on capes.
Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles,
Frankenstein escapes!

Princesses and knights with swords,
mummies by the score...
Ghosts and goblins saunter by
and darkened homes ignore.

Masks of every shape and type
monsters and the like...
Arriving via motor pool
on foot, skateboard and bike.

Kids of every age invade
demanding tribute thus...
(Oh dear...
here comes another group
arriving on a bus.)

People donning hobo clothes
adorned in eye-holed sheets...
Wearing out the doorbells
on the darkened,
porch lit streets.

Jack o lanterns
hiss and spit
as candles soon expire.
Children head back home
to count their swag
and then retire.

At last
the tempest peters out.
The pageantry is gone.
I look out
at the candy wrappers
littering the lawn.

Another Halloween is done.
I hope they had their fill.
"Trick or treat!"
still resonates
I hear its echoes still.

But... just around the corner
as Thanksgiving season nears...
We hear the spiels and ads
of all the rabid marketeers.

Turkeys gobble restlessly
at axes sharp and keen...
For them...
this is a nightmare...
just another Halloween.

Oct 2018 · 1.5k
Creatures of the Night
Cné Oct 2018

Blood red lips conceal the fangs,
for love or lust, the hunger pangs,
one soft incision, one moment of bliss,
grow limp to the lure of the vampire kiss

Stalk the night in search of prey,
Live in shadow, Sleep by day,
Clothe the world in drapes of dark,
Dead lips scream - enduring; hark!

For love is lost where life is too,
Together apart, romance askew,
A cold embrace, a withered heart,
A resentful love, one cannot impart

Trapped in a corpse, roaming the Earth,
Devoid of humanity, Robbed of all mirth,
To be immortal means to never be free,
Of the torment of life, never rested will be.

Reposting because  rob kistner who inspired this write couldn’t see it posted on my page... ***!
Oct 2018 · 850
Creatures of the Night
Cné Oct 2018

Blood red lips conceal the fangs,
for love or lust, the hunger pangs,
one soft incision, one moment of bliss,
grow limp to the lure of the vampire kiss

Stalk the night in search of prey,
Live in shadow, Sleep by day,
Clothe the world in drapes of dark,
Dead lips scream - enduring; hark!

For love is lost where life is too,
Together apart, romance askew,
A cold embrace, a withered heart,
A resentful love, one cannot impart

Trapped in a corpse, roaming the Earth,
Devoid of humanity, Robbed of all mirth,
To be immortal means to never be free,
Of the torment of life, never rested will be.

Inspired by Rob Kistner’s 10 days of Halloween series!
Oct 2018 · 5.7k
Cné Oct 2018

As passion surrounds me in the dark
Hearts ignited into a spark.
Tongues mate, a ritual dance
Lost in a bliss without a chance

The gentle caress upon my face
Tingling sensations grow with the trace
In a frenzy of kisses long denied
Hungered passion can no longer hide.

Within this depth we are deeply drawn
As sensual desires begin to spawn
Night passion is lost in endless time
As I become drunk on your sensual wine.

Tender kisses placed upon my skin
No fighting desires that I can't win
My soul and heart fly as you caress
Slowly, slowly as we undress

Heat deepens into our senses
Passion tearing ... into our defenses
Your kissing lips move upon my leg
Sending silent urges ... as I beg

Longing boils and starts to crest
As we glide into our ****** quest.
While we lay our bodies intertwine
Intoxicating me ... your sensual wine.

Trembles quake, ecstasy takes control
Whimpers escape my lips, as you caress my soul.
Desire drips, sweat runs down your back
Drawn into passion as our souls attack

Slowing from our quicken pace
Gentle kisses rain upon my face
A blissful aftermath, I’m lost in time
From being drunk on our sensual wine.

Sep 2018 · 3.1k
An End to Summer’s Sway
Cné Sep 2018
When summer ends and it’s fall time,
they'll be no floating with my wine.

No more upon the float I'll lie
amused by moon-lit clouds up high.

No more the current of the pool
adrift around the bank so cool.

No meditations in the night.
No solace, cloaked in inky sight.

And yet, t'is but a price I'll pay
to see an end to summer's sway.

My nightly swims, I gladly cease
to gain the autumn's cool release.

So, for the *****, I nightly glide.
But, friends in thee, I must confide...

I wait with glee for leaves to turn
and for wood smoke, begin to yearn.
In honor
of the last day
of Summer,
though in Texas,
it’s still hot.
Sep 2018 · 6.7k
Lily of the Valley
Cné Sep 2018
There's a flower
that grows
in the darkness.
It actually flourishes
in the shade.

It blooms in spite
of the darkness
when sunlight
begins to fade.

So many reasons
it shouldn't exist.
I wish it’s beauty
could be celebrated
with a smile.

As one of
those flowers  
I may as well bloom,
because it’s gonna be
dark for a while.

There’s a flower
that grows in darkness.
Lily of the Valley is said to be biblical.
Legend has it that Lily of the valley
sprang from Eve's tears
when she was exiled
from the Garden of Eden.
Sep 2018 · 10.6k
If You Are The Ocean
Cné Sep 2018

if you are the ocean
then I am the mist
that kisses the morning
the way I’d want
to be kissed

if you are the ocean
then anchors aweigh
we'll sail through the evening
and on to the light
the daystar is dawning
we'll keep to the right

like Peter and Wendy
to Neverlands' door
we'll sail on forever
and touch every shore

if you are the ocean,
come wash me away
to some misty morning
and there we will play

if you are the ocean,
then sing me a song
of sailors and treasures
and places long gone

if you are the ocean
come wash me away
to a place, together we’ll
forever stay...

Cné Sep 2018

Each body part
sizzled in pure pleasure
in the blissed wake
of your oral efforts
brought forth the waves
of rapturous delight...

                                       Spurs poetic inspiration
                                        in equal liberation
                                        of desires to please.
                                        Bodies transpose
                                        in fluid motion
                                        as brazen eyes meet.

        Savor the voluptuous image before you.
        Indulge your eyes in my carnal halo
        before they roll to the back of your head.

On all fours
knees between your thighs
tips of swollen breast
caress your chest
tasting fresh honey
upon lips in a kiss.

                                        Ripples of ardor
                                         by wet trails
                                         of sensual kisses
                                         suckling towards
                                         the apex.

Breathe in
the slow motion pace
that pulsates eagerness
to the fore tumescing bulge
leaking with anticipation
of viscous lava.

        Tickles of silken hair
        against flesh edges closer.

Emerging subtle grumbles
in deep resonance
betray your impatience .
Hands tightly twine
in tangled hair
to maneuver
the treasure hunt.

                                         Licked lips pause
                                         at the sight of fire
                                         burning in
                                         glazed gazes
                                         before engulfing
                                         the throbbing member.

Plump ruby lips
greet velvety texture
in a slow deep dive.
Tongue curls around
the flavor
in a dulcet embrace.

                                         Moans release
                                         as grip tightens
                                         in my hair
                                         settles the
                                         rhythmic pace
                                         to taste in an
                                         oscillating dance.

        The masculine aroma of heady musk
        lingering there, arouses my appetite.

With my enthusiasm
attuned to
your preferred rhythm
suckling, slurping
surface and dive
in measured unison.

                                          Break of breath
                                          allows tongue
                                          freedom to roam below,
                                          licking, soft kissing
                                          the tender hammock
                                          of testicles.

        Tongue and lips escalate higher
        to mount another assaulting dive
        deeper in the depths
        of the cusp in cavity.

Wetted fingers
probe even lower
circling superficially
as gasp escapes
your heavy breath;
flaming eyes lock.

                                          Finger dips in
                                          with expert finesse
                                          gorging hardened growth
                                          within a wrapped hand.

Thighs tighten
with rocking grip.
Head thrusts onward,
drilling forward
in each dive.

        Salvia slips
        fingers grip
        lips dip

Engorged swell, flesh tightens in an intensity
of volcanic eruption ...


Pace retracts.
Loosened lips kiss tip.

“Soon sweetheart, your time will ***
inside me as we surrender to synergy."

Inspired by Multi Sumus' love...................................lust (act I) with my reciprocation in collaboration.
Aug 2018 · 5.2k
Cadence of the Best
Cné Aug 2018

My mind to frolic, with words of Frost
Slides between and then is lost

Drifting ‘round to fellows long
My thirst is deep; desires strong

Filled with all that Maya says
Flits in and out my meddling head

And ah, when Pablo speaks of love
My heart's aflutter with pure white doves

Around the beat, who else but Poe
A deep dark place I've come to know

I stop to ponder the words worth
As if I've nursed them from their birth

I settle to hear the rambling brook
Where Gwendolyn baits my eager hook

Then ‘long comes Oscar, running wild
I listen like an eager child

When Langston paints his colored hues
His canvas fills my point of view

Not just the finest spinning me
To this state of flux and reverie

For verses drift from near and far
Forever reaching for the stars

Feeding on the gentle night
I languish in the word's delight

Finding rhyme from ‘neath the skin
The place where passion's settled in

To fill my cup, appease my soul
Till hunger's sated, fat and whole

The empty space behind my eyes
Is filled with life's sweet lullabies

And when at last, I lay to rest
I'm filled with cadence of the best

Aug 2018 · 6.9k
In Lace & White Satin
Cné Aug 2018

Souls embroidered with sweet sighs of passion
Musing of nights in lace & white satin
On a vista of flesh, flushed with desire
Riding the flames on a passage of fire

The beating of drums, commanding the night
To the rhythm of hearts, passion ignites
Wrapped in immortal flames of the sun
Burning together, two become one

Flesh upon flesh, a spirited dance
Welded by whispers of love, of romance
Temperatures rise in a fever of lust
Stoking the flames, ****** after ******

Riding the swell, in a race to the shore
Try to repress, but needing it more
Virtue be ****** in the rage of desire
Flames rise in hunger, higher n' higher

Charging the crest, temperance slips
Drawing the reins in a white knuckle grip
Crashing of waves unleashes the flood
Quaking the heart, and searing the blood

Spewing of flames in the crash of the tide
In a warm sheen of sweat, fervor subsides
Energy spent in the throes of release
Collapsing together, the story complete

Aug 2018 · 4.6k
On a Stifling Summer Night
Cné Aug 2018
The evening's still and quiet
and the katydids abound.
The flag is hanging listlessly
as I listen to their sound.

Desultory the summer air,
as though the world awaits,
"Something evil this way comes."
the foe is at the gates.

A feeling of impending doom
accompanies the air.
Nothing moves.
A stifling presence hovers over there.

Like a blanket, smothering
t'is much too hard to breathe.
And yet, my arms are paralyzed
and sword, I can't unsheathe.

I watch as shadows gather
in miasma up the street.
A harbinger of evil
with an odor, sickly sweet.

I feel it getting nearer
and my heart beats fast with fright.
What imagination ...
on a stifling summer night.
It’s the dog days of summer!
Jul 2018 · 17.3k
A Rose
Cné Jul 2018
Who would think a rose so sweet
Would dry and crumble at the feet
And blooms that scent the night and day
Would steal a heart, then fade away

With petals soft and fondly red
Sweet essence fills an addled head
Then turns to dust before the eyes
Leaving naught, but sad surprise

Who would think such thorny vine
Could lift a blossom as divine
And by the stem on which it stands
Could so wrong an offered hand

Such strength and beauty is rarely true
A blessing owned by very few
As 'neath the soil, in winters keep
There sleeps a rose to tear a cheek

Who would think that perfect bloom
Could be a bane, a curse of doom
So fine a sight, yet in disguise
A rose to ***** and blind the eyes
Jul 2018 · 36.6k
As Time Stands Still
Cné Jul 2018

by a dying sun,
lovers embraced
the synergy of one.

morph into one …
to the
of the compliant

azure pools reflect
tie-dyed denim sky,
enchanted dreamers
their love with a kiss nearby.

stars confetti
emptiness of space.
as darkness descends,
swallow all of the light’s trace.

pauses …
time seems to stand so still
the depths of their very souls,
they swim.

Jul 2018 · 16.6k
Is It
Cné Jul 2018

Is it the wave kissing the sand
          or is it the ocean
                   deep from her heart
sometimes gently,
                                  often hard,
but always with passion?

Is it the sand kissing back
        or is it the land
            happily losing ground
with every kiss
             to his eternal mistress,
the occupant of his soul?

Jul 2018 · 4.3k
Missing Him
Cné Jul 2018

She will love him as he is leaving
without pain and tearful goodbyes
She knows he will be coming back to her
She can see it in his eyes

As he turns a smile is given to her
a beautiful vision close she will keep
"It’s only for a little while"
whispers her to sleep

Jun 2018 · 10.4k
Awakening (etheree poem)
Cné Jun 2018
Eyes speak of
Impulsive thoughts.
Combine together
As one, our lust and love.
I hear my name unspoken
In your warm unwavering gaze.
Pressing kisses taste of surging need;
Awakening wild passion within me.
Etheree, consists of 10 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 syllables. Etheree can also be reversed and written 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Jun 2018 · 3.7k
Wine Time
Cné Jun 2018

Synapses fire
Flavors shoot across the tongue
Tasting of good times

Happy Wine Wednesday
Jun 2018 · 41.9k
Paint Me
Cné Jun 2018

paint me
with the wet tickle
of your tongue
lingering with affection
savoring my fervent flavor
in bold strokes
of your obsession

color my essence
in heated hues
sending shivers
down my spine
in anticipation
of your warm breath
against my flesh
with every blissful caress
to ensue painted petals
of animation

with your supple lips
gently blur the lines
of my curved hips
softly stroking
the subtle shadows
of warm depth,
quivering thighs
as I gasp
of breath

plunge in
a primer coated palette
dipping your stiff paintbrush
deep within
the folds of my blanket
a trembling image
of your voracious lust.

craze me
again and again
in breathless
****** glow,
your sensual brushstrokes
gently murmuring
layer on layer
in alla prima flow

delve deep
into my eyes
paint splattering
the passion
of my soul
drizzling silken strands
of love
in their entirety,
polishing me whole

and then
in blissful backwash
the tangled limbs
of your
completed masterpiece
in smiling
sated repose

Jun 2018 · 16.4k
They Flirt
Cné Jun 2018

On the tips of toes
Long necks stretch to kiss the sun
Sultry Sunflowers

Jun 2018 · 2.5k
Arteries of Wine
Cné Jun 2018

Rivers of darkness
Flow deep beneath earth's surface
In viscous currents

When I feel that first tipsy running through my veins.
Cné Jun 2018

Laying in bed all day  
with silky thoughts
in a champagne haze  

An empty glass of water
rests barren on the floor
her eyes light up
as he enters
through the door

With every stride
across the room
whispered lyrics
begin to bloom
In an encore
from the night before
in her memories
now begins
a brand new score  

Thrums echo
as the rythmn keeps
time inside each beat
slight murmurs crescendo
and a long symphonic
overture erupts

He draws his notes
in the cream of her curves
Dismantling her inhibitions
soothing her nerves

Tongues in a waltz
senerading to thunderous beats
in a rhythm more shattering
than the rolling waves of the Sea

Lights flicker
as his eyes roll
visions  of grandeur
in tow breathless
they gasp for air
not wanting this moment
to soon disappear

Driving urgency tenderly drizzle
ending one where the other begins
melting in the stillness  
of tangled bodies and limp limbs

Thank you TSP it’s always a pleasure collaborating with you!
Jun 2018 · 4.3k
Magic Carpet Ride
Cné Jun 2018

Come explore my fantasy with thrills and spills galore.
Let’s check our inhibitions and our morals at the door.

It's colorful and vigorous (No "Fifty Shades of Gray").
The safe word will be "rainbow"...(You won't need it anyway.)

Because this fantasy's a realm where denizens can dwell
In peace and love and kindredship, where greed has lost its spell.

Within this dream of dreams we'll find our secret heart's desire.
And with it will come happiness that sets the heart afire.

A time to wake from bitter dreams and steer a course of grace.
And with this resolution, any crisis we might face.

I’m showing my age with this one,
(like it’s a secret). Lol
Can’t tell me not to dream.
“Close your eyes girl
Look inside girl
Let the sound take you away”
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