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Your reputation continues to precede You, yet again another around me has envisioned our time together. A single moment tought within the clutch of sweet repose. We, walking hand in hand frequenting a particular establishment, confirmation of Your height...Your hair, (the hearing of Your existence inciting a much needed hope). A certain marking in detail shown which now makes two that has been revealed so You may be found amongst the many. Although i am uncertain of the later being either pre or post our solidarity, even so, the specifics of Your attire were shared in the dream as well.
   i once heard that when one senses deja vu it means the right path in life has been chosen... i would presume that when such a vision comes to pass we will both immediately know, a visceral sensation that i look so forward to sharing with You.
   It is in astonishment i sit, watching this life unfold before me, unbelief withering away as testaments of our Love are disclosed. They seem to arrive at the very moment when needed most...
                        very much like You.
multi sumus Oct 8
Intimate the sound the sirens call beaconing throughout the inspissate fret...From afar her beguiling incarnation ajacent the horizon her eye's on his billowing bedimmed silhouette reflected upon the face of the deep...

"Come to me" she cried "Let us be as one"

   Casting chaos to the gales he verged athirst and there, before him she lay

...Oh how firm the swell and rich with froth as the tides awash the sands of time and the weight of desires burden wrenched within

   Esurient the turbulence by fathoms and leagues by eddies conceived in tidal she arose to greet him
   Yet gentle the mistral caress upon her surface bare as a wanton air perloined the gasp

   Vaporous emergence sudations occurrence the descention attention to ripple and wave engaged such heavens flash and thunderous peal

   Now vortice coalescence their essence as one the sun so concealed revealed there is none to which could deny the troth twixt communed abiding implored as tantra ensued tsunamic collision the vision beheld but immanent imminence ebb and dispelled their epoch ephemeral memorable (knell)...
   Allusive conclusion and this is the tell

                   my mother a maelstrom

                           father a tempest

   And through their Love they created the perfect storm.
multi sumus Sep 29
Pandora's sweet mewlings echoed throughout betrayals tormentous corridor
   LeMarchand's malefic grin reflecting the depredate and inevitable conquest...

"Are there others?"  
(chagrin as the acrid tears diminish)

   "Yes... but none such as these"

"And from here?"
(hands to quiver timorously clutching his threadbaren cloak)

(genuflect to affix her despondent gaze, with a solemn and laden sigh he replied)

    "... For it be unto the end of earth We shall rove"
multi sumus Sep 16
knight in shining armor (a little rust from all the tears) as here i wait for You my Dear (its clear regardless of the years) for only You to which be squired (straights are dire until transpired) passions pyre set afire (in the moment You are near) if You will hear this voice a whisper (and to heart in which it speaks) again its You and You alone upon this quest that i do seek
multi sumus Sep 9
...what is remembered most?

i would have to say the taste
   Viscous...much like honey in winter as its leaden passage seized the palate whole
   Veiling the tongue with bitter apparitions as its sulferous sting resonated throughout
    Setting the throat aflame whilst rejoicing in its journey, coming to rest so deep within, as if shelter had been found from its own chaos
...One could almost hear the embedding
   Permeating from thence, saturating with hollow and shrouding the awaited soul...

Mind you this, when next Hell is ventured

It is in hunger We shall go
multi sumus Sep 8
Exi'•sten•tial-măă so chism
While-surpăăssing-the-nexus-es•sen•tial-to the
   măăss  of  schisms
Harăăssed  and-aghăăst at-the-vast-amassed
  căă ta clysms
Cannibalanabolism has-perhaps-at-lăăst-manacledamicablecatabolisms>
>Cata|combed-lachry|mal-** lis ms

Cac|o|e•thes-ˈdōō pəˌ mēēnˈ      


a' môôr-endogenous-ˈmôrˌ fēēn>
>Cata|tomed-lac|er|al-hom [i] li sm



Cla' môôr  "homogenous-mor|phiing'!">
Loquaciously-activum ∵ procaciously-babulum
  Pers pi caciously-precocious-by-pabulum ∴

Advantageously avalom⇒solaciously absolom 

while-pertinacious by kavanam-
Fugacious-heinous through apt aplomb...
multi sumus Aug 14
And yes, plenteous are the reservations towards these...latent  indulgences...
      (hnf)  Even your depravity is common [.]


Yea Yea by foster you are found consummate [.]

   Tarrying to wean and wane whilst bereft of ignominy and its tenuous woe [؟‎]...

Howbeit ardent in denial
   Verity remains, swept asunder by the futility of innocence.

 Tell Us, by languishing visceral fortitude, how shall you commence [؟‎]

   Wrought with rotten within...

Volition now deserted as the linn of tumultuous cries binds the wight...

And must needs be said?
   Leaden the cumber of desire
with none to which could succour [.]

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