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So We're standing there beside Ourselves staring at the reflection-reflecting on what's expected of life and the objective-objecting the current-current of emotions flooding the stream of consciousness and still quite confident in the concomitance (an obvious consequence of the confluence)
   Envisioning it's possible that the psychological obstacles are optional as illusions viewed inducing delusions are optical and the convoluted concluded solution is optimal
   Essentially the intensity of the propensities are intentionally sufficient but eventually given the complexities that are vexing and seeing the connections in the sections protecting the collective being-being that as it may-May (and all that-that implies) imp lies...
work in progression
(prose in "con's")
...."falling in Love" carries the connotation that one could climb out...
Have you ever taken into consideration the geographical location persuading - the cultural accentuations obtained and often berated
                                  (the place in which!)
               We're currently residing and situated
                                  (the "state" We live!)

The vernacular is what We're saying...
yllacitammarg cihpromanA
    tor/sion/ed          /vern/acular!
             ^                       ^
  CUL/t u r/AL PER/spect/IVE•
Shoulder cold turned

Mewl and weep
As shards accumulate upon the stone

Be it not by chill thy heart it slumber

For in its rest you shall prevail
Knight has fallen

The heir howling and cold

We hear in the dark

Awaiting the rise of the mourning son
... even the smallest of flame burned long enough will need tending...
...provocational issues

with the occasional conversational misuse by anfracting solecistically ;) All these (pro)nouns (ad)verbs and adjectives

Eschewing (v){1} conservative (adj)[2b] preservatives (n)•1•

And artificial (adj)-3- additives

Issuing adages

Just trying to be imaginative
But you had to give a thumb down on Us to be profound and honest We're rather glad you did

It tells Us you've been paying your dues in the form of attention perusing contention
(the contents obvious intent is contemptive) the strike was preemptive "oh wait! did We mention?"

Now that We have you

A moment so as to - speak of unity in this community and in hopes of what is wrote
you'll see what you do to these

   Poets and poetesses
   With emotions exposed some things you should notice is

Astonished byyy your admonishment!
Of accomplishments!
Seeking comments with!

Opulent compliments!
The problem's the obstinence stifling ones confidence

Questioning competence!
your not needed for that 'cause it happens quite often since - being artists expecting perfection through written expression at times its perplexing
              "The words aren't connecting!'
                     "This meter is vexing!"
                 "And what should come next!?"

Not what you expected...

•• *cite Collins Spanish Dictionary
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