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multi sumus Nov 21
...Here WE are again my Dear another year is past and cast upon me is the shadow of forlorn
and born it has a sense of void and since devoid apart a part of me's amiss amidst this witching hour for which is OUR apt time to be abliss?

 From the beginning i have written to You of my enduring dedication and on multiple occasions have the words been said i Love You...

   i do believe the more appropriate phrase would be that i  (Have)  Love  (For)  You...

   Immeasurable by depth and breadth with bated breath yet confined within this vessel compounded daily as the days pass and hazy are the moments i exist without You and devout through these fleshly temptations exempt by preemptive preparations awaiting tenaciously for the taste of Our  first  kiss.
   Though i must insist on Your understanding as the situation at hand's demanding this same said Love my gift is and in time shall it be sufficiently presented but as for now You see the intent is as an incentive in hopes You will be attentive to the fact that due to Your lack at this current locality the most unfortunate reality is a-all that i have for You  here  
     it must remain...

   And so it is ordained until Your arrival that my Love for You is archived being vital it be known You my Dear alone are entitled to  everything  that i am.

This Love will await You...For as long as must needs be necessary.

      May this day of Your birth be filled with
  boundless jubilation, and be it remembered,

                      You...are greatly Loved.
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