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Serendipity Jul 4
The memories
of late October
torment me
like trick or treaters
for more candy.
Cné Oct 2019
We bask in light when morning comes
yet tremble in the night.
Halloween must be the cause
to give us such a fright.

Ghosts and goblins haunt the streets
where moans and chains abound.
Gouls and vampires lurk in shadows
scared of holy ground.

Werewolves stalk unwary victims.  
Frankenstein is loose.
Ogres, trolls and spectral zombies
hanging by a noose

Gorgons with their "stoney" eyes
and bats with leathery wings
Mummies wrapped in yellowed cloth
with rotting flesh that clings

Pirates, gangsters, space invaders
just to name a few
All in search of "Tricks or Treats"
(or just a head ... or two).

Beware the time when darkness comes.  
Be sure the door is locked.
But most of all, to just be safe
keep lots of candy stocked.
Cné Oct 2018

The twilight clouds
went scudding past
like witches on their brooms.
The sound of laughter
filled the night
as ghouls departed tombs.

"Trick or treat!"
as menageries filed by...
Filling up their bags with loot
while candy stores ran dry.

Dentists filled appointments books
in brisk anticipation...
Knowing that enamel
would not stand
such laceration.

Zombies stagger down the street
and vampires trip on capes.
Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles,
Frankenstein escapes!

Princesses and knights with swords,
mummies by the score...
Ghosts and goblins saunter by
and darkened homes ignore.

Masks of every shape and type
monsters and the like...
Arriving via motor pool
on foot, skateboard and bike.

Kids of every age invade
demanding tribute thus...
(Oh dear...
here comes another group
arriving on a bus.)

People donning hobo clothes
adorned in eye-holed sheets...
Wearing out the doorbells
on the darkened,
porch lit streets.

Jack o lanterns
hiss and spit
as candles soon expire.
Children head back home
to count their swag
and then retire.

At last
the tempest peters out.
The pageantry is gone.
I look out
at the candy wrappers
littering the lawn.

Another Halloween is done.
I hope they had their fill.
"Trick or treat!"
still resonates
I hear its echoes still.

But... just around the corner
as Thanksgiving season nears...
We hear the spiels and ads
of all the rabid marketeers.

Turkeys gobble restlessly
at axes sharp and keen...
For them...
this is a nightmare...
just another Halloween.

Cné Oct 2017
There is no chill like autumn's air
to brace a poet's soul.
The thought of chocolate on the stove
speeds up the evening stroll.

My dog must stop to sniff the air
and savor scents afoot.
While I must simply watch my step
and where each one is put.

The signs of Halloween abound
for "Tricks or Treats" is near.
How wonderful to take a walk.
I love this time of year!
Damian Murphy Apr 2015
Day turns to night, crowds on the road,
Bonfires ignite, bangers explode.
Fireworks fly high, burst in the air
Dogs bark and cry, smoke everywhere.
Chinese lanterns float way on high
Flicker and burn, light up the sky.
Candle-lit pumpkins that terrorise
With wicked grins and evil eyes.
Cobwebs, spiders, vampires and bats
Ghosts and monsters, witches black cats,
Skeletons skulls, crosses, tomb stones
Look wonderful haunting most homes.

Children galore take to the street
Knock on each door, play trick or treat
Costumes vary, monsters and such
Some quite scary, some not so much
Bags big and small, buckets or tins,
Carried by all to keep treats in.
Getting goodies at every door,
Bars and lollies and so much more;
Monkey nuts, gum, fruit and sweets too  
Money from some, a coin or two.
Kids excited, loving it all,
Each delighted with their own haul.

Halloween treats like colcannon,
Barmbracks with a ring in each one,
Traditional games for everyone,
Snap apple great Halloween fun.
Scary stories of days gone by,
Horror movies to terrify,
Howls and screams, nervous laughter,
Many bad dreams for weeks after.
There is no other night like Halloween,
People more frightened than they've ever been.
A great occasion for young and old,
Cannot wait for the next one, truth be told.
Happy Halloween to all #poets and #dreamers everywhere >:)
Irate Watcher Nov 2014
I dressed as me
for the party.
What do you do for a living?
I am a poet twinkled
calloused eyes
between disbelief
and comic relief of
fake heroes marveling,
spitting out punch
cause it tasted like grease,
their business cards burning
in speechless canopies.
Those grieving batmen
pleasuring the guilty,
wasting precious time,
Oculus Rifts on their eyes.

You should be going to more events like these and...
Didn't I see you at the Belvéderé party? and...
You should be getting drinks with people twice a week...
It's the only way. (I think)

What is this table?
Is this free wine?

Oh and...
I wasn't asking what I should do with my precious time.
I am asking what you don't do...
and why?
You say you hate to trick,
but that it's the only way to get treats.
You probably were the kid that
filled your pillowcase with
doorstep pumpkins of candy,
abandoning the suckers like me.

But life isn't Halloween all the time,
just one night.
And lies are not costumes
we can sell on ebay
when we are done tricking people.
They eat us alive.
Trick n' die.
Life in LA (A series)
Elioinai Oct 2014
Do you have anything for the poor?
My pants are ***** and tore,
Give me money to buy some more
A very old lady told me today about how she celebrated Halloween as a child, and how her children did. She said she always wanted to be a bride and would make her costume from her mother's curtains. She would receive coins and maybe popcorn *****. This was the poem she said, or something close to it.

— The End —