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Cné Nov 2019
I'm a creature of the Fey
seeking souls that come my way.
A native of the deep blue sea
singing songs of sweet melodies.

Come to me, oh weary traveler.
I’m exactly what you seek.
No compass, map or spy glass needed.
You need only take the leap.

Siren’s gold, a coveted treasure,
worth the risk for a life of leisure.
And if you chance to know my face,
my hold shall be your last embrace

Come to me oh weary traveler
I’ll obliged to offer thee...
wanton eyes, silky tresses, and
pouting lips, your eyes will see.

I’m unlike a mortal lass
from dreams of longing, I have passed.
I came upon your lonely cries
revealed my beauty to your eyes.

Siren’s gold, a prized treasure,
swells your heart with prideful measure.
So shun the world that you have known
and spend your nights within my own.

You’ll be known by other men
for your great works of voice and pen.
Yet, inspiration has a cost.
for with me, know your soul is lost.

I shall be your secret lover.
I will sway you from all others.
I'll take your passion and your skill.
I'll take your life quicker still.

Cloaked in mist, the Siren’s Gold,
you lonely sailor, you’ve lost your hold,
through the kisses that I give
I draw from you, that I will live.

And though you think this weakness grand,
the touch of death, your lover's hand.
Your will to live, has come too late
Come to me and love your fate.

Cronedrome Sep 2018
Now that you’re here
I have dreamt my cure
Before you came
I tried everything
Holes in my skull
And scalpels
And probes
And terrorised
Each time I tried
The fire
The cup
The blood and the Knife
But the loss
Of innate heat
Is the basic condition of life

Before you came
I considered the seasons
Took note of the winds
But extreme cures
Are what's needed
For extreme ills
Now that Im yours
Now you are mine
Now that you’re here
I have dreamt my cure

You hold in your hands
So small and so white
The end
To this history of medicine
The key to release
Me from this ******
And lifelong plight
The event of my body
The broth of my brain
Your eyes and your beauty
Your beautiful mind
And your beautiful shame
This merging of elements
These tears in the rain
My Fire, my Earth and my Water
My Air
Now that you’re here
Now that you are here
Mollie Grant Aug 2016
Alice said "eat me" and I complied.
I dined on her dreams
and got drunk on her laughter
and grew to be too much for her in the end.

I wish she would have warned me
that the ways in which she changed me
would leave me alone at the bottom of
the rabbit hole–

I think one time I used to call it home down there.

— The End —