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May 2017 · 1.6k
Fake Everything
dj May 2017
Sir/madam genderfluid, xe calls to me
****** heart bricked like a dead battery
news of fear hits xis soul
like an update from mom on your pornhub roll
we're all #1 now there's not much to dread
when good and God are everything including dead

Xe responds defensively to this misty accusation
a biracial silver tongue dry in xis mouth
shame brought to the soy-powered community,
Eye forgot, again, that unity isn't really unity
spoke the wrong hashviolence which proves xheir point -
off with its head & burn down the whole joint.
Aug 2015 · 1.1k
manic pixie dream boy
dj Aug 2015
I met him at a work shop
he was beautiful because he made art
I liked watching him make these things[
he spray painted a big plastic skull gold
he spray painted me gold]
he didn't care where it got

I'd follow him anywhere
because he looked at me with his
piercing eyes and
because he'd hold my hand
and pull me somewhere
wild & new
Jul 2015 · 927
F for Fat
dj Jul 2015
somehow liars are always ugly
I don't know how the universe does this
but **** am I right

you may not notice
(the pointy beak, acne and cancer moles)
but if you really really focus

somehow I'm right
Jul 2014 · 3.3k
Reality Game
dj Jul 2014
Venus sighs.

a camera on your own life
a camera in every room
following your daily routines
from dus(t) until Dawn
your apps have cameras
so you can update your day
like you update your software;
you update your Instagram

The noose tightens.

reality Game
no escape from the fly eggs
grubs in your routine
stitches on your day
you can’t look away or put it down
the reality game show re-union special
happens every time you look down
old reality recap episodes on loop in your head,
etc., etc.

Venus died
and you didn't even tweet about it.
shout out to Laguna Beach; my inspo for this and for always making me ask myself: "is any of this real?"
Jun 2014 · 1.6k
dj Jun 2014
I like, can't even

So annoyed like

I want to die
but I haven't even tried coke
is this poetry
Jun 2014 · 1.5k
You'll Die if You Try
dj Jun 2014
I watched his heart break
it dripped all over his shirt
a dark crimson swamp
I kept my distance.

I watched him fall to the ground
moving his hands across the ground (contact-searching, seemingly)
he had this look on his face of:
“where is it?”.

I thought
“I should help him”
But I knew no matter what
I’d never see those heart pieces.
May 2014 · 1.2k
dj May 2014
it's kin
like that]]
if I left
my earphones in

and forgot
and in the back-ground
some-thing's playin'
I've got
opened too many tabs
can't figure
find out where
it's coming from

to x out of it
Apr 2014 · 747
dj Apr 2014
you dream,
you hope

10w heartbreak, heart-hate,

you dream,
you hope

broken dreams,
night time poetry:

'time you dream.
only words used are top trending words on hellopoetry at midnight April 30th 2014.
Apr 2014 · 2.0k
In Dream
dj Apr 2014
I closed my eyelids.

a unique space-time I've
created. A new world with I
               and you,
and in it we're us;
pseudo pagans
in my multiverse of could-have-been's
wannabe's and forget-me-not's,
there's a million wormholes back thru

it's a glittering new world
where we're happy forever
present-perfect continuity
we'll never need to question or worry
               of it
because it'll be ours to [edit]
a spiritual instagram. sorry for the link.

I'm a believer.
our story is brick-bound & pyramidal
it's worthy of true realness
I'll never let that faith fade.

and all I have to do is stay asleep
seal myself, artery by nerve, in this bed.
eyes closed but moving underneath
and here I'll lay; 1,000 years on
entirely petrified. a fossil of trust.
everything/everyone I had known - gone
fleshy eyes, solid as stone now. Blissfully
(always) unaware of their end. No matter the time,
my (      ) still eternally & happily
               in dream.
Apr 2014 · 763
I.D. Mania
dj Apr 2014
I can't settle on anything as of late

I've got a new shirt
new novelty and new religion
new disposition and new face
daily, day after day
I'm exhausted

I just wish I knew the color of my hair
Last line from "Secret Garden" by Madonna from Erotica (1992).
Apr 2014 · 1.5k
Make You Feel
dj Apr 2014
like the drugs on an alien planet
that aliens get addicted to
that make you feel depressed & sober
instead of euphoric & high

it's always somewhere.
Apr 2014 · 1.4k
Maybe Today
dj Apr 2014
maybe I'll write a poem today
I've usually got something to say,
"it's a bottle of gin"
or "it's the tip of a pin"

but maybe today
I don't have something to say
nothing to share
no forced care

I don't have something to say
maybe next tuesday
dj Mar 2014
xeroxed, RT'd and plagiarized
so many times on so many blogs
tween blogs to republican blogs
to blogs in Russia and
blogs no one ever scrolls though...
original content is prey
but I have a warning for they:

overrated, over-shared
content aggregators beware
the lines you swap can
rot and ware
the World Wide Web
does not care.

original content
original contests
original continent
original controversy
original coordination between strangers
original calvary riding their connection into the battlefield of internet memes; creating nothing and sharing everything

original nothing, nowhere, nobody except facebook "Funny Vidoes!" & "Cool Quotes!". 'Like' pages whose sole originality lies within their own existence but nothing they share. They steal from the rest of the web and re-post what they find for out-of-the-loop troglodytes; often done so in inferior context and with no perspective. The 'refried beans' phenomenon, I call it. I find it fitting because 'refried beans' are a double misnomer. The name comes from 'frijoles refritos' - which means 'well-fried' not 'refried'. They are also never traditionally fried more than once. Yet the name sticks, it gets repeated, it gets re-shared and now that's what they are: refried beans. This phenomenon is why I believe art and all original content eventually become so over-shared and overrated that it's no longer interesting but irritating. These three parts of the poem "Original Content" are separated in abstract authorial presentation. The author has clearly expressed his dislike for the disjunct un-imagination of the internet and presents it as such.

original authors losing control of their audiences who believe they are the creators and the artist's art is somewhat shareable
original miscommunication between web 1.0 and web 2.0 reality
original alphabet they use to type on their keyboards
original grammar they learned in school
original money their gov't printed
original content they re-post
original refried beans
original content
orginal contet
ogrinal cotent
ognal ctt
Mar 2014 · 735
He's Gone
dj Mar 2014
some days he's gone
some days she's here
some days he's here
some days it's here

but on the days he & she are gone
I don't notice it
I don't feel different
but some people do

you aren't entitled to know
if he's here or gone
you aren't me either way

he's gone here to stay.
a poem on gender fluidity. who are you to walk up to anyone and demand to know their gender? one second he's a boy and suddenly she's a girl. gender is an personal act not a political statement. if I don't care to get personal with you don't get upset.
Feb 2014 · 1.4k
dj Feb 2014
heart of the chaos
all the fantasy hovering around one central
gravitational generator
the one sober spot in all the performance
Pierrot's dressing room
*******’s hangover
the blank stare of a newscaster
when the cameras start just a moment too early
the metallic ashes of Challenger

heart of the chaos
rotten teeth on an English Queen
sigh’s and cigarette’s
were had all around
Feb 2014 · 1.9k
dj Feb 2014
Feb 2014 · 3.7k
Gay Bible
dj Feb 2014
the title is meant to be ironic
enough to draw the attention
of the easily offended and
dramatic internet users
who happen to cross this

it's ironic because 'Gay' & 'Bible'
usually come in contention;
words unfit to modify the other
a neon g-string preist is odd
but it ain't necessarily

I explained this.

A sign of the times,
It's my crisis
I'll exist if I want to.
Feb 2014 · 1.1k
Data World
dj Feb 2014
Walking at the
A wall is keeping me
I don't see it
It's there,
This is my life
Pixel trees & beautifully rendered
Around me
Like I'm on a treadmill
Walking in place
The Country-Side on a screen
Behind me as I fake walk
I want to go further
It’s only a scripting illusion
I’m not really moving
Everything else is

There's blinking arrows
A savepoint to my right
I want to go that way

It won't let me
low poly text box reminds
my avatar
you can see it but you can’t have it
turn around to continue gameplay
Jan 2014 · 4.5k
Breakup Except
dj Jan 2014
It's a lot like the feeling
One of those times
When he'd not text me
Or call me back for a few days
This time lasts a lot longer

Like a breakup
Neither one of us specified a
breaking point

I don't want to move on though
that means I did it without you

And we do everything together.
We go everywhere together
I'll go anywhere with you

And the clouds in your eyes
The sun in your smile
Your meteorite soul
You've got me forever.
Rest in Paradise
Nov 2013 · 1.1k
dj Nov 2013
It's coming up from under
Grappling me pulling heartstrings
Yanking me down to

Dance, dance baby!
C'mon lets go crazy, it's our night tonight!
Put your hands in the air
In the air

It's coming up to tear into my guts
I can feel its eyes on me
A scarlet beam of light lined up on my

Throw your hands in the air!
Drank, drank drank drank drank
Pour it up
Ooh c'mon baby

Come and look
It's gettin hot in this club
Grab a body get jumpin'!
Don't stop grindin'

Heavy mechanical breathing
It's so close

It's got a hold on me
This dancefloor is a romantic dream
Let's keep the party goin'!
Tonight is still livin'
Tonight is still livin'

Snarling fangs out now
It's ontop of
I imagine the "ERRYBODY" as a cloaked demon monster from the urinals of your favorite nightclub. *gurgle*
Oct 2013 · 798
The Sound of the Ceiling
dj Oct 2013
I walked the mopped floors
Into God's house
From outside I heard birds
I heard wind rustle & cars
I heard my thought

As I walked into God's house
The channels muted
No one praying today
Not a sound
I sat in the empty wood pews
Clasped hands

I heard the sound of the ceiling
And after twenty three minutes of nothing
I went home.
Sep 2013 · 776
Mom, We're OK
dj Sep 2013
I'm a kid
I'm in trouble
I'm homeless
I'm window shopping

Take me out tonight
Let's see the lights
Let's get in trouble
Let's get lost

I'm a ghost so you better
Squint your eyes
You look so good to me

I'm a ghost so you better
Say your prayers
70mph is just too slow

Let's go out tonight
And do what-ever
Aug 2013 · 1.1k
dj Aug 2013
Gilles rushed into the kitchen and grabbed the knife
slashed it across his throat and dropped it on the tile.

Coming to his knees, he felt a faint relief,
Liquid Crystal Display leaked out of his neck,
and down onto the tiles in a puddle
he touched the mercurial 'it'

It pooled onto the floor and images appeared
an image of a beautiful man with a perfect body
an image of endless money, cash and credit
his childhood home, mother and father.
a kissing couple,
an image of hi-
and seeing these,
he had the queerest of feelings
a false déjà vu

as the last drops of It leaked down from his neck
Gilles finally came to -
a large pool of blood,
and blurry vision
to black.
got the idea from reading about an artist who painted pictures with his blood. he said he "saw images in the red"
Aug 2013 · 1.4k
dj Aug 2013
Singles in your area are dying to meet you.

You don't know them, they don't know you.

Knocking on your backdoor, peering in your windows.

They've surrounded your house.

Come out NOW.
Jul 2013 · 3.5k
dj Jul 2013
a miscarriage
a road to nowhere
an ******
a hybrid
a chance missed
a tarantula's kiss

everything's lost
a sea of critique
a man chained in front of the mirror
a priest reciting an unending bible
everything's lost
because perfection is the goal
and failure is the only hope.
Jul 2013 · 2.2k
Infinity Mall
dj Jul 2013
bored faced, roaming the neon panels
I've got my backpack & wallet
I've got my self

25% off faces looking bored at me
weird convo's about the government
and TV shows litter the bell jar mall

the mannequins look down at me

bored faced janitor
bored faced mom & kids
bored faced teenager working the CD store

the infinity mall echoes
a muffled boredom roar

the mall is everything to everyone
"whatever you want"
"how can I help you"

*I want to go home right now
Jul 2013 · 1.8k
Tokyo Crossing
dj Jul 2013
I'm eyes
in hard transparent plastic
the eye behind my eyes
doing its own viral will
like a demon, an obsessed molestor
I'm in this rush, a stampede of
thoughts like shoulders & breifcases

and now it's totally lost

maybe you didn't think
maybe you wouldn't care
I'd've told you sooner
but couldn't find the word.
Jun 2013 · 679
dj Jun 2013
some-times I'll push my finger
down on my skin, my face

just to check
just to *see
Jun 2013 · 2.9k
Unlimited Text
dj Jun 2013
kids only see txt
they don't have any feelings
only the screens
of their smartphones
they only talk via tweets
RTs & "comments"
low poly skinhead cyberpunks
living in HD premium worlds
it's only diodes
that iphone ain't got no soul -
not like it used to be
it used to be real

they don't have feelings
it's just txts on screens

they dnt have feelings
they dnt hv any feelng
Jun 2013 · 775
dj Jun 2013
I'm not a human or a person
I have no feelings
I'm a happy jar
(I love, I love, I love)
Endless hearts and
Repeating computer images
Breeze by my eyes

I invest myself
In these things I love
(I love, I love, I love)
A glorious bottle
sold whatever else
had been inside

a flash of light overtook this life
a thunderbolt of
I'm not a human
Look at me now
(I love, I love, I love.)
Jun 2013 · 2.8k
Ghostly Swim
dj Jun 2013
An old tombstone
slinking off into the lake behind it
The tiny graveyard
forgotten by everyone who knew the plots
Forgotten by time
Forgotten by the city
Forgotten behind forestry
Reclaimed by nature

The right corner shattered
Erasing her last name forever
Now 'Cynthia Fe-'

Her swimming tombstone in the back
Reaching to the waters
The calm waves splash against it
I bet she was a swimmer.

"Gone but not forgotten"
Sounds like sarcastic graffiti

But can you be forgotten by everyone
And not lost?
May 2013 · 1.9k
Awkward Kissers
dj May 2013
sat in your driver's passenger seat
your dad's porsche
I thought it was cool

a little drunk after a night in Royal Oak
we're on the freeway now
little lights from this mini Tokyo
illuminate and flirt with the car interior

they flash on your face

some Rihanna song on the ipod radio
cars and cars and cars drive by
I look at your face. I look down at my shoes on the floormat

*Maybe we'll get stuck in traffic
May 2013 · 1.2k
dj May 2013
loading more guys...
loading more guys...
loading more guys...
loading more guys...

headless torsos only no fems
under 150 only
white skin only sorry not racist
likes lonely walks not holding hands in public 'cause that's ****
NSA only please

loading more guys...
loading more guys...
loading more guys...
loading more guys...
May 2013 · 987
dj May 2013
Buried in 'maybe'
A throbbing heart toils for a throbbing mind,
Heart beating on its cage of rib -
It's only a matter of time

Ready to bust out of that joint
Make a run for it and

Worked like a slave,
Your blood-pumping knave
Tired, shifty-eyed & opaque

Make no mistake:
It'll burst straight thru your chest
Go running off right before your dead eyes
And you'll never see it again.
A warning from weary hearts. Don't cross them.
May 2013 · 953
Gel Heart
dj May 2013
Sometimes I
I just don't want to do
The things I have to -

My heart's pinned to the sheets
I feel like
I feel 1000 rocks ontop of me

So I
I'll just stay here in bed
Staring up

Finding patterns on the walls
Maybe my heartbeat
Will clear itself up
May 2013 · 2.3k
Happy Birthday
dj May 2013
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you

New birthdays new babi es
Marriages are graduations:
Promotions for bachelors & bacheloerettes

A new morning gone
I'm moving on, I'm moving on

A death, a crash, a disease
Goodbye Sparky, goodbye

Births followed by deaths followed by
Commercial breaks, cups of coffee and
back to more happy, happy
meh. I don't like this one.
May 2013 · 1.6k
dj May 2013
Ever had a teardrop fall out of nowhere?
Like you aren't sad or anything; it's just...

It's almost like
Someone you lived as
In a past life
Still reeling over heartbreak
Or a dredging loss
Breaks thru for a
Apr 2013 · 2.1k
dj Apr 2013
During explosions; during raids
after rapes; after slaughters

the curse needs a b odY
a possession; a sort of doll

as the spectral bots whimper,
infected by the curse,
unbeknownst & innocuously enough
"May god be with ye",
it spreads like ghostly ***
to me
it all seems so
and gor
I've always found those polite gesture-sayings like "May God be with the victims" to be so grossly ironic and darkly humorous
Apr 2013 · 1.2k
dj Apr 2013
A photograph, a raindrop on a rooftop
I want to see you again
You just kind of pop back in my life

Here or there

You're gone again
I'm just stuck in this quiet, stained
glass jar. No sight in,
I can't see out
Like a personal museum
a 24K lip-pump soloist
I wish, I wish, I wish-

A cassette, an old bouquet
I want to see you again
It's horrid and you're not mine anymore

Here or there
Now or ever
twisted nostalgia
Apr 2013 · 1.5k
Fish Blood
dj Apr 2013
not on a lvl
with the rest of animals
(offended I'm sure)
an echo of prejudice

flailing on deck; fishnets, I guess,
are a sort of
Mar 2013 · 1.2k
dj Mar 2013
A dinosaur colluding with the stars
to bring about his own extinction

In the cloud forest worlds of our ancient oxygen pasts

Meteoroid majorette's & atomic attractors
On bended knee praying:

"Oh Heavens, please,
Oh Cosmos,
Take Us home to Him."
nearly titled this "Leviticus"
Mar 2013 · 3.6k
Lunch In the Bathroom
dj Mar 2013
tunnel vision life
everything happening far away
backwards telescope
high school prom
pink & blue balloons

I walked through those doors
off the devil's wagon
like a poltergeist I was either
or a painted blood red target

Alone in the hallways
they laughed at me
a wasp-like
entombed in toilet paper
spit & magic marker
they didn't hate me,
they got me to hate me
everywhere I went their
gummy bioengineered shadow stalked
it was stuck on me all those years

like a bucket of pigs blood to the head
that I could never wash off

but I'm not that loser anymore
Don't worry, dea  r
Lo ve me.
Mar 2013 · 6.7k
dj Mar 2013
I couldn't tell you why
This man is here
Or his purpose -

I couldn't tell you why
I am here
Or my purpose -

But March is cold & unforgiving
and mean
and map-less
and my world has Tommy gun fists
and I'm it's ******* son
I felt tied down & freakish

I wanted to get away so badly

and he had this fast car.
happy march.
Mar 2013 · 1.6k
dj Mar 2013
a shadow geist
out of the passing of time
reaches in me
grapples my heartstrings
tugs me away like a
like a stranded coastliner
and as it goes, I go,

and as you watch
in the darkness of interstellar space
you dim
to all but a faint sparkle
undifferentiated from other stars
but I won't confuse or lose you
I'll remember you

Even if I don't
I'll make something up in
place of the memory of you

I can't help but feel sorry
where am I now
dj Feb 2013
It takes me back
as I sift thru years

of collected basement junk
a rainbow milk hurricane
thru time
I jump into the vortex
emitted from my dust-bound

an old tv I used for video games
sits in a corner by
boxes of board games
& VHS tapes my dad bought me

memories like shoelaces
now untied, I trip on them
an evanescent trip.
The things in the vortex are
warped by time
blended from real things
into memory cards

memories like bodies
in the basement

memories like apparitions
diaphanous & ethereal
but always somewhere in that dark

it's a trip that I'm used to
it takes me
Feb 2013 · 1.3k
dj Feb 2013
we found love one more time
on the floor
in the dark
so happy I could die;
I remember you lost me
-without you
Miles away
   dancing on my own;

with every heartbeat emerge blind
please don't go, push the feeling on
on & on
til the world ends

All my friends over & over
Into the night
Scream, "just dance"
All my friends,
champagne supernova,
patron tequila insomnia
hurricane drunk
a pain that I'm used to.

where have you been

I can't stop
searching for you.
rihanna, daft punk, jlo, dev, lady gaga, deadmau5, Christina Aguilera, David Guetta, madonna, robyn, Cece peniston, telepopmusik, robyn&kleerup;, fisherspooner, Hercules and love affair, mike posner, nightcrawlers, missy elliot, Britney Spears, LCD soundsystem, Timmy t, Julee cruise, kelis, lady gaga, LCD soundsystem, oasis, paradiso girls, faithless, florence + the machine, depeche mode, rihanna, flux pavilion, jay mo

In honor of the club, I offer this poem. It's all titles of my favorite dance songs/remixes.
dj Feb 2013
I want to graduate, first,
I don't want to live here (forever
I'd like to
Move out West maybe

I wonder if he thinks
I'm acceptable to his parents
I'd like to think I am
I'd like to
Not worry maybe
He & Me
Let's get married
Feb 2013 · 1.1k
Whispers from the Dark
dj Feb 2013
vertigo hallway
I make my
way down
tilt-a-whirl dark
eyes of persons
in paintings
my trek
through the dark.

and I hear it--
I've gone
in search
of its source
as it
sounds in the blackness of
dead time
and I see
no mouth making
any noise

as I spiral through ennui
I reach a threshold
disoriented & lost, now,
I die with the dark
and yet,
I still hear them
through the snaps
and crackles
and drafts
of a quiet nightly home
clearer than a bell,
I hear
from the dark

I'm telling you -
almost like a
leaning up-close
to my ear
faintly drawling,
in some unutterable
alien muffled tongue

maddened by noise
I continue
Determined to
source this phenomena
I always end in the same
and as a
metal gate
rolls shut behind
I finally realize.
In the same vein as "Mono" and "Out of the Blue"
Feb 2013 · 833
dj Feb 2013
Lil Kim got her face done
that's how
you can tell she's rich

only richfolk do that
right before
they dive back into the sea

"I'a Dagon"
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