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I've always seem myself as
the empath,; the savior;
the bandage on the wound.

Until now, this careful heart
has set aside and ignored
that to which it's attuned.

For the savior has turned
foe, and the bandage ripped
clean off of bloodied skin.

It couldn't be chance,
nor accidental, because
I know that I'll do it again.
I've never been one for burning bridges.
Every time I've tried,
I rebuild to watch it crumple again.

The ashes aren't as strong as the cinder
used the very first time.
But, if I'm honest,

the fragility makes the spiral
much more meaningful.
The frosty morning
caresses the summer-kissed lake
while the fish dance below the waves.
The harvest's breeze
tickles the fingers of the Oak.
How beautiful, the romantic
gestures of an autumn morning.
kakashi's wife Jun 2016
this is questionable
what about the other table?
do they have anything on sale?

what do they sell?
will it interest me?
do they accept debit?
i am only 12
A demon masquerading
as the almighty dollar;
she is cunning,
and she is tricky.
She is beguiling,
and she is illusory.

Deceitful and avaricious,
yet believers follow
aimlessly. To have her
in your possession is
nothing like how it
feels to be stripped of her.

Those who succumb to
her seduction are granted
luxury and leisure;
the pledge to idolize
her mindlessly is
engraved into our brains.

Indigence, starvation;
the deprivation of the
green goddess is malicious.
Free yourselves from the hold
she has on you; from the
worldly power she possesses.
Jathan Hall Jan 2016
Its been a while since I've felt love.
Truthfully the love and affection I had for you has faded.
My thoughts are racing. You're the only one I truly wanna be with, but I can't because I'm numb and can't feel anything anymore. Maybe one day we can start over and have the sparks that we once felt in our relationship.
Horrible writing
Jathan Hall Aug 2015
There was sweat on my brow,
beads of them as I approached her.

I was a young man, still green.

She was a mature woman
like the long blades grow free
in the lush of nature.

My hand in hers
she took me
into her warmth.

Nervous, shy
you could hear
grass grow

in the quiet
of my fear

in the silence
of my lust.

I knew nothing.

As we rolled in the dew of ***
as I fumbled and groped,
in some instinctive wisdom
entrusted myself fully to her.
Jathan Hall Aug 2015
I just wish you were here with me
So my loneliness could just fade away
I just want to be happy with you
I just wanna show you off
You're just a work of art
Wanted by collectors to exhibit
I was merely an artist
That appreciated this work of art
Can we just.....
Jathan Hall Jul 2015
Please allow me to slip into something a little more comfortable
Something like, your mind
I'm stimulated by your kind
Because thought processes excite me
Deep and Wet with the waters of critical analytical thinking
Flowing like the rivers of time
Can I gently caress your intellect?
Jathan Hall Jul 2015
the feelings that I have for her are so strong, or is it just lust that's flooding my eyes.
making me tell those her those lies as I right these weak *** lines.
the lust I imagined was beyond imagination. I imagined us just making love non-stop.
I finally woke up and realized it was lust that basically flooded my eyes.
simple writing (:
better stuff to come.
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