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Nov 2020 · 50
dani Nov 2020
No matter how damaging the night before was,
waking up to sunshine beaming through the shutters
birds singing as the morning dew drips down from their branches
A euphoric sensation will rush through your body -
You will feel no more suffering,
just in those first moments of the morning.
Nov 2020 · 63
Constant Comparison
dani Nov 2020
Do you compare me to your past lovers?
Or am I truly the best you've ever had?
Nov 2020 · 311
Sleeping On My Own
dani Nov 2020
You ward off my demons
My protector of the night
Gathering all my violent thoughts
Disposing of them on my behalf.
It's not fair to me
To sleep without you...
Isolation day 4 - I'm alone with my thoughts. When I'm with you, there's no such thing.
Mar 2020 · 614
dani Mar 2020
Somewhere in between
Tranquility and the twilight zone
I find myself in a timeless trace.
Unable to find the words
To express my endless love for you -
Longing to cherish you for all of eternity.
Mar 2020 · 77
The Storm
dani Mar 2020
Do you believe in the calm before the storm ?


The tranquility after the damage ?
#storm #calm #damage #tranquility
Nov 2019 · 90
dani Nov 2019
My love for you is not a sunset
Nor the ink in your favorite novel.
My adoration for you is not the footprints along the shoreline.
The passion between us, will never fade.
I will embrace you until the end of time,
Eternally surrendering my love to you.
Nov 2019 · 424
For You
dani Nov 2019
As I ran my fingers through the clouds,
I painted a portrait of you
Sitting in the middle of the ocean, gazing into the starlit sky
Indulged into a sensation of euphoria,
I felt you there with me.
It was the closest element to your existence
In that moment in time
And for that,
I will never take you for granted.
Nov 2019 · 91
dani Nov 2019
I remember those woods like the back of my hands,
A place so familiar
yet different with every passing season.
Nostalgic for the place that built me.
Outgrown but never forgotten.
Oct 2019 · 93
Ring of Fire
dani Oct 2019
Nights like these are the hardest
When I'm in a constant revolution of doubts
My mind wanders to the extreme
Wondering if I am even enough for you
On my best days
I know you have had better
But you are the best I've ever had
I won't let you go
Jul 2019 · 207
Every Step Of The Way
dani Jul 2019
Love me wild,
But let me free.
Keep me in arms reach,
But don’t hold me back.
At all times
Remind me that you are there
Watch me grow
Give me inspiration
Feed me the essence of life
Give me a reason to be wild,
Be with me
Every step of the way
Jul 2019 · 229
dani Jul 2019
The past is throbbing in the back of my hippocampus
Bringing back redundant memories
They are not wanted
My brain has been saged
Cleansed from the unwanted presence
My soul has been purified
Jul 2019 · 219
Hurricane Warning
dani Jul 2019
Together we were fire on fire
A hurricane, beyond powerful.
A force that could have destroyed any obstacle that stood in our way
But you broke off from the eye of the storm
Separating us into two -
Winds blowing in the opposite direction.
Jul 2019 · 235
dani Jul 2019
You're my addiction
But the thrill of euphoria is yours
Jul 2019 · 233
dani Jul 2019
The sun is setting for me while it is rising for you.
My day is coming to an end as yours has just begun.
My love for you arose months ago, and it will stay for years on end.
Jun 2019 · 133
Love Conquers All
dani Jun 2019
Doubts will creep into our mind
Constantly reminding us of the distance
The ocean between us, separates land
But it will never separate our souls
In the end
Love conquers all
Jun 2019 · 208
dani Jun 2019
The right person can give you such an overload of serotonin,
A feeling that medication could never suffice
Jun 2019 · 113
dani Jun 2019
You need to have your heart ripped out of your chest so viciously
To the point where you question if love still exists...
Until you find the 'one'
They will reveal every little element that was lacked
They will show you what 'love' truly is
Jun 2019 · 103
dani Jun 2019
Love varies from each individual
No one will ever interpret 'love'
In the same manner
Quite frankly,
Love cannot be described
It is an indescribable feeling.
If you are lucky enough,
You will feel it for yourself when the time comes around
You will know exactly the crazy things love can do to you
Jun 2019 · 299
dani Jun 2019
The way that you say my name is the sweetest sound to my ears
The echo of your soul soothes me in unimaginable ways
dani Jun 2019
I see home in your eyes and I am violently homesick
May 2019 · 91
dani May 2019
I have made myself vulnerable to you
Willingly handed over my life
You hold it in the palm of your hands
I am counting down the days until you tear my heart
Into a million pieces
I pray that you have the decency
To spread the ashes of my most important *****  
Into the body of water, I adore the most
Spread my ashes in the ocean
May 2019 · 85
dani May 2019
The earth's inner core is pulling us together
Craving for our skin to touch,
Igniting our bones
Our naked souls
Have been longing for each other
The center of the earth
Dragging us closer to one another
Every time it revolves
May 2019 · 110
The Ocean Keeps My Secrets
dani May 2019
In the middle of the night
I walked down to the ocean
Knee deep, I whispered to her
Confessing my innermost secrets
"He has given me another look on life
and he has taught me how to love again"
In that moment there
The salt in her body turned to sugar
and the ocean tides brought me safely back to shore
So I could fall back asleep in your loving arms
May 2019 · 209
Treat Me Like A Tulip
dani May 2019
The right one will inspire you to bloom
Just as the tulips do in April
They will not shelter the daylight
In hopes to forsee you wilt
The right one will want you to thrive
To grow strong,
Flourishing with magnificence
They will stand there speechless,
In awe of you and your beauty
You bring out the best in me
May 2019 · 106
dani May 2019
Goosebumps rise to the surface of your skin
As my nails gently scratch your bare back
Your steady hands
Cup my face
As you kiss me,
You tell me all of the pretty things
I want to hear
I can't help but fall
Into an ocean
Of affection
Your body is taking over me
Finding its way into every crevasse
I'm surrounded by your presence
I have been thoroughly submerged
Soaking my skin
In your love
May 2019 · 867
The Haunting
dani May 2019
Your eyes lured me in
I was drowning in your ocean
Your sins are what seduced me
You would kiss every inch of my scarless body
Unaware, that in 1460 days
I would be inundated in them
Due to your violation

Your body
Was my promise land
You confessed all of the pretty things
I wanted to hear
I inhaled you
You were an addiction,
An unbreakable bond

You let your darkness into my life
It seeped in, consuming me whole
It was beyond contagious
You infected me.
I should have put myself in quarantine
Isolated myself from you when I had the chance

I saw the devil in your eyes
So beautiful, yet so dangerous
You stripped the purity from my soul

You got a rush of adrenaline
When you laid hands on me
My scars gave you a sensation of euphoria
Your sick mind made mine ill

You reminded me of how useless I was
Every day I woke up feeling unworthy
Your words left bruises,
Permanently engraved in my soul

You used me
In unimaginable ways
I was manipulated to give you pleasure
I was nothing but an inanimate object in your eyes

You never saw me for who I truly was
Unfaithful was your middle name
You sought thrill in other women
Who weren't me
May 2019 · 197
In you, and you alone
dani May 2019
I have put all my trust in you, and you alone.
I have willingly handed over my heart to you, and you alone.
I have dreamt every night of you, and you alone.
I have fallen in love with you, and you alone
late night thoughts while you're sound asleep
May 2019 · 105
A Penny For Your Thoughts
dani May 2019
Lend me your thoughts.
Open up to me and
disclose your innermost feelings.
Use your words and
guide me into your soul.
Express your emotions.
Let me be one with you,
For just a moment...
If you please.
May 2019 · 4.2k
I'll See You In My Dreams
dani May 2019
You whisper to me so elegantly
As you kiss my forehead
My head on your chest
Falling asleep
To the rhythm of your heartbeat
"Sweet dreams, my darling..."

As our heavy heads hit the pillow
We each drift into our own state
Of unconsciousness

* * *

4,728 miles from each other
Time zones which feel as if
We are light years apart
You are falling asleep,
As I am wide awake;

The only thing that you can say
Through the electric current is:

"I will see you in my dreams, my darling..."
long distance
dani Apr 2019
Your eyelids flutter
When you dream
Buried beneath the surface lies
A crown of green
In a sea of blue

You kiss me slowly
And my heart beats fast
When our eyes lock
The world is nonexistent

It is just you and I
Against the world
How I would describe your eyes
Apr 2019 · 423
dani Apr 2019
L’eau tranquille
Je me perds
Dans l’infinité
Du reflect d’un moment
C’est quand tu es
Dans ce moment l’a ;
Le plus vulnérable
Tu t’es trouvé

Still waters,
I lose myself
In the endlessness
Of a moment reflected.
It is when
You are in that moment there;
The most vulnerable
You find yourself
Apr 2019 · 657
Where Do Balloons Go?
dani Apr 2019
Ever since I was a little girl
I have always wondered
Where balloons go
When we let them out of our grip
Surrounded by nothingness
In wide open spaces
We watch them float up into the air
So elegantly
They move so nonchalantly
Without a care in the world
They don't know where
Their final destination may be
But I wonder
Something I have always wondered
Apr 2019 · 469
dani Apr 2019
Helplessly falling
After an accidental encounter
Unexpected, and
When our eyes coexist
I see galaxies,
Each constellation appears
When my eyes are laid upon yours
Apr 2019 · 145
Our Nature
dani Apr 2019
Our love is easily taken advantage of
We don't ever get back the love
That we give away so easily
Without any given thought
It's in our nature
To put others
Before ourselves
Is it time to put ourselves first?
Apr 2019 · 343
dani Apr 2019
You left me with open wounds
Bleeding out, day by day
Here I am
Waiting for someone new
To apply pressure for me
As I am unable to save myself
But at the same time
Too scared to open up to anyone else...
My heart physically can’t handle
Another relapse
Too fragile,
Too broken,
Too much hurt
For one person
In their entire lifetime
Apr 2019 · 161
In His Name
dani Apr 2019
Never go running back
To what broke you
You are strong
Fearfully and wonderfully made
To be elevated
In his name
Apr 2019 · 127
dani Apr 2019
Your name
Is Biblical
Apr 2019 · 230
dani Apr 2019
One day
You will understand
The sensation of euphoria
You will feel nostalgic
For this day;
Without even realizing it
Apr 2019 · 477
Torture In Ten Words
dani Apr 2019
To guard your heart or wear it on your sleeve?
10 word poem
Apr 2019 · 171
Finding Joy In The Journey
dani Apr 2019
Find what you love
And let it consume you.
Allow it to set your soul on fire.
Pursue what makes you happy.
Find joy
Along the journey
Apr 2019 · 1.6k
I Crave Intimacy
dani Apr 2019
I crave intimacy
Not the type that subconsciously comes to mind -
The connection
Between one soul,
To another  
Bleeding pure, genuine
I crave fidelity
An enduring exchange
I don't want to be physically touched;
I want to feel my internal organs
I want to embrace it  
Savoring every moment
Whatever pronoun relates to you
Apr 2019 · 278
Every Little Detail
dani Apr 2019
You sleep so soundly
So unaware
Of your elegance
Your chest
Goes up and down
As the tides go in and out
Your face pressed gently
Against my tearstained pillowcase
Your arms,
Wrapped around my waist
Pulling me in
Ever so closely
With every breath you take
While your unconscious mind
Drifts into your own state of trance
I pay attention to every little detail, even when you sleep
Apr 2019 · 249
Love Bites
dani Apr 2019
Caressing my neck
As you indulge on my skin
You know my weakness
Erupting my blood vessels
Marking your territory
On my body
Claiming it as your own
Apr 2019 · 228
Scientific Art
dani Apr 2019
The body replaces itself
Over time.
In 7 years
My skin will be rejuvenated
In 2555 days
I will be reborn
Your DNA will no longer be left
As a trace on my body
We become essentially
A new person
Cells become replaced
The pain will no longer be
On my face
Nor my hips
The scars will fade,
My skin will shed
Along with the feelings
I once had for you
7 years ago
Apr 2019 · 1.2k
Used and Abused
dani Apr 2019
You dined off my demons
My flaws are what kept you afloat
You sipped on wine
As you absorbed all of the blood
Out of my raw corpse
You left me
Unsteady, powerless
On the cold, hard ground
Without me
You would have
As you move onto your next victim
I pray that you have an allergic reaction
To her blood
Apr 2019 · 3.0k
Dedicated To Us
dani Apr 2019
Women are unconsciously unaware of their powers
We are all filled with so much passion and affection
We could move mountains with our souls
If they were set on fire
Foreign factors will try to creep into our minds
And convince us
That we are worthless
The reason behind it
Is that there is nothing in this world
That could truly carry us women
We must empower ourselves
dani Apr 2019
I still remember that day
I saw your smile gleam
and your long brown hair flow
in the warm Hawaiian breeze

The ocean pushed
those pretty shells to the shore.
I heard your sweet laughter
when you saw that little blue butterfly
land on my nose

I had never seen your beautiful,
big brown eyes
filled with so much
and wonder

I sat there just watching you,
dance in the glow
of the sunset

You leaned down
and whispered to me
“my love for you is never ending”
and I smiled

this world went dark.
The warm breeze turned cold
and your eyes filled
with tears

It had taken over your body
and locked you inside.
It was a constant battle every day
but your smile kept growing bigger
and your faith never faded away

This thing had pulled out your hair
and wore you down.
I felt helpless as I watched you slowly
fade away…
All I could do was scream
“let go of her”

And one day,
it did.

Tears rolled down your cheeks
As you placed your ring on my finger
and whispered
“my love for you is never ending”
and I smiled

I watched as you drifted away
with that blue butterfly,
in the warm
Hawaiian breeze.
Why does God always take the best people from us far too soon?
Apr 2019 · 527
Wings Are Meant For Flying
dani Apr 2019
She didn’t understand herself
Her mind was in a state of pure chaos
She didn’t understand the powers
She had deep down inside
Her soul was burning
With an igniting flame
But she didn’t understand what to do with it
She didn’t understand right from wrong
Her wings that made her fly
To the highest of heights were cut off
And burned
Her head was in the clouds
While her feet were on the ground
Constantly having the desire to fly
But was unable
Not understanding why
An outside force was dragging her down
Which made her think the worst of herself
Without her vibrant personality
She felt nothing
She would try to fly nevertheless
And would always come crashing down
Constantly hurting herself
Making it worse every time
She was left broken, beat up, and bruised
Feeling unworthy
When all along it was you;
Who didn’t have the capability to fly
In the process of healing myself...
Apr 2019 · 266
Ocean Eyes
dani Apr 2019
Your eyes resembled the ocean
I would forget how to swim
When I would stare into your soul
I would find myself
Swallowing water, choking
As water entered my lungs
Unable to say a word,
You stood there and watched
As I slowly became one
With the ocean

— The End —