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May 13
Your eyes lured me in
I was drowning in your ocean
Your sins are what seduced me
You would kiss every inch of my scarless body
Unaware, that in 1460 days
I would be inundated in them
Due to your violation

Your body
Was my promise land
You confessed all of the pretty things
I wanted to hear
I inhaled you
You were an addiction,
An unbreakable bond

You let your darkness into my life
It seeped in, consuming me whole
It was beyond contagious
You infected me.
I should have put myself in quarantine
Isolated myself from you when I had the chance

I saw the devil in your eyes
So beautiful, yet so dangerous
You stripped the purity from my soul

You got a rush of adrenaline
When you laid hands on me
My scars gave you a sensation of euphoria
Your sick mind made mine ill

You reminded me of how useless I was
Every day I woke up feeling unworthy
Your words left bruises,
Permanently engraved in my soul

You used me
In unimaginable ways
I was manipulated to give you pleasure
I was nothing but an inanimate object in your eyes

You never saw me for who I truly was
Unfaithful was your middle name
You sought thrill in other women
Who weren't me
Written by
dani  19/canada
   Peter Garrett
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