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dani Apr 2019
You dined off my demons
My flaws are what kept you afloat
You sipped on wine
As you absorbed all of the blood
Out of my raw corpse
You left me
Unsteady, powerless
On the cold, hard ground
Without me
You would have
As you move onto your next victim
I pray that you have an allergic reaction
To her blood
Myemail Dec 2016
Brought to the brink
Then hesitation

Surge of euphoria
Then relaxation

Cast worry aside
Then realization

Dreams built fast
Then demoralization
Madeline May 2014
no matter what I say or do
all i can do
is want to die
feel the feeling slip away
so that some day
i wont be taken advantage of
that maybe someone can love
or perhaps i could find the respect
i should already expect
looking at those pills
they are beautiful which kills
the girl who is taken for granted

— The End —