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dani Nov 2020
No matter how damaging the night before was,
waking up to sunshine beaming through the shutters
birds singing as the morning dew drips down from their branches
A euphoric sensation will rush through your body -
You will feel no more suffering,
just in those first moments of the morning.
dani Nov 2020
Do you compare me to your past lovers?
Or am I truly the best you've ever had?
dani Nov 2020
You ward off my demons
My protector of the night
Gathering all my violent thoughts
Disposing of them on my behalf.
It's not fair to me
To sleep without you...
Isolation day 4 - I'm alone with my thoughts. When I'm with you, there's no such thing.
dani Mar 2020
Somewhere in between
Tranquility and the twilight zone
I find myself in a timeless trace.
Unable to find the words
To express my endless love for you -
Longing to cherish you for all of eternity.
dani Mar 2020
Do you believe in the calm before the storm ?


The tranquility after the damage ?
#storm #calm #damage #tranquility
dani Nov 2019
My love for you is not a sunset
Nor the ink in your favorite novel.
My adoration for you is not the footprints along the shoreline.
The passion between us, will never fade.
I will embrace you until the end of time,
Eternally surrendering my love to you.
dani Nov 2019
As I ran my fingers through the clouds,
I painted a portrait of you
Sitting in the middle of the ocean, gazing into the starlit sky
Indulged into a sensation of euphoria,
I felt you there with me.
It was the closest element to your existence
In that moment in time
And for that,
I will never take you for granted.
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