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Jun 8 · 700
I'm Not Enough
I guess I'm not enough for you
Those nights I stayed up
Those things I said
The things I did
Never enough for anyone

People will always want more
Things aren't like how they used to be
You can try, and try, all you want
But everything will never be enough
I'm ****** bro, hahah.
Dec 2020 · 231
"You smile too much," they say
So I stop
"Why aren't you smiling?"
"You should smile."
I'm confused
Do I smile or do I not?

Tell me, and I'll do it
Whatever pleases you
I'll smile, even if it's see-through
Even if you know it's a lie
I'll smile, even if I want to cry

If you want me to stop, I will
Your wish I will fulfill
If my smile is annoying
I'll understand
I apologize if I seem bland

But I can't seem to make you happy
You're always so snappy
I come home and wish to leave
I try, and I try so hard
But all you do is disregard

So I'm sorry, I guess I'll try harder
I'll do as you want
I'll be who you want
Just please notice
If my smile is true or not
I wrote this in under 5 minutes, so I apologize if it's terrible.
Sep 2020 · 482
I'm There
A couple likes here, and a few comments there.

All I want you to know is that I actually care.

When I look for your follow, I'm constantly asking "where?"

All these newbies, posting some pics, you follow them instantly I swear.

Not even four hours on the gram, and you follow her.

I'm goin five days now, I ain't no ****** amateur.

I tell myself to be patient, but it's getting harder everyday.

I swear things are turning gray.
Ayee, I'm a fan of an underrated tiktok rapper check ✌
Sep 2020 · 684
As the leaves crunch beneath my feet,
and the trees weep their now yellow leaves.
I'm filled with glee as I feel the cold breeze,
don't let Fall end, please.
Because the weather is nice,
and our house will be warm.
The chimney will smoke,
as the fire is born.
We'll be surrounded by friends,
and our family will swarm.

But you'll hear the pleas,
for the weather to be warm.
It'll come from the families whose clothes at torn.
So if it'll stop them from freezing,
stop the children from wheezing,
I guess you can stop
the cold Fall's breezing...
I wrote this last Fall, but my friend said it was stupid, so I never shared it. I don't care what that friend thinks anymore.
Aug 2020 · 765
May Day
I fell in love, I fell apart in May

I tried so hard to make you stay

But in the end, you just slipped away

I'd hit you up with a "hey"

But you'd ignore me, I was castaway

It's been many months, haven't talked a single day 

Despite my tries, you've ended up just walking away

I tried so hard to make you stay 

But now you've gone, all the way

And I still miss that May Day.
I wrote this earlier in this year about someone I miss(ed) dearly.
Aug 2020 · 334
I'm Obsessed
I'm obsessed with these two boys, that I'll never meet.
I love to hear them make noise, I think it's very sweet. 
They changed my life for the good, and I can never thank them.
I'd hug them if I could, say all the things I've been wanting to say to 'em. 
I listen to them everyday, no matter in what way it is.
It could be in my mind as I lay, relaxing in pure bliss. 
They're in my head and they won't leave, it's getting to be painful, knowing we'll never meet.
Their songs, are telling me to believe, but it's getting hard, I'm feeling defeat...
When I wrote, in like 2018, it was about my favorite music duo, Bars and Melody. They saved my life with their music. They will forever be in my heart.
Aug 2020 · 282
Taking Flight
I used to cry when I’d cut
I wish to die, so what?
Nobody would care
They’d learn to bare

I drag the blade against my skin
And wait for them to fade
No one comes to my aid

I wish to be thin
My head spins
I’m letting the demons win

I regret my life
So here I am with this knife
I’ll miss you
It’s cutting through

Bye bye world
I see the light
My whole life is swirled
I’m taking flight
I wrote this in 2018, I believe, and I was very depressed at the time. I still look back at this poem even now.

— The End —